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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have got 2 quotes from dealers
    for the XL with mats and 6 CD changer - 25600 (excluding tax,title and tags)
    for the XL with VSC,brake assist, traction control, mats, power sunroof, anti-theft and 6 CD changer ) - 26995
    This is in the northeast.
    Please let me know if the "Price is Right"
  • dwcdwc Posts: 6
    brown3, I think I saw your car at Champion last week. It was out back in the make ready department, door was open so I got in a took a look. It was great.

    Got a price from Champions internet department and the salesman tried to sell me a extra package for stuff I did not want that added $1781 to the MSRP. I finally got him to understand what I wanted on the car and he got back to me with the window price and said it was as low as he could go. Only after I reminded him that he was contacted through one of the online auto shopping services did he agree to even give me the so called invoice price. He still insisted that I must come in to talk to his sales manager before he could come off of the MSRP. I was so mad that I just hung up on him

    I than called a friend of a friend at a out of town dealer and he called me back in about 15 minutes and said he could sell it for 1 1/2% over invoice. I got the LTD in the same colors as yours with VSC, Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, NAV, mudguards, wheel locks and 5 piece floor mats. He located the care through Gulf Coast and traded for it and had them add only the items I wanted.
    It will be in in late November.
  • doc15doc15 Posts: 37
    "Bad rap salesman get"..........??????? Oh Please, May I suggest the following article to you. It's excellent
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Sorry you had to deal with that particular salesman, he is a nice guy but not the brighest bulb in the pack. Some salesman know how to deal with internet requests and some don't. But instead of hanging up on him you should have asked for his boss to call you instead as you are the customer.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    800.00 over invoice on XL.

    Anyone do better?
  • toyavytoyavy Posts: 1
    How about $31K + tax, tags, proc fee for a XLS, Navi, VSC and floor mats. If the Edmunds invoice for this car is right, that about invoice or less than invoice from what the dealer says. :)
  • cc123cc123 Posts: 5
    What about taxes and registration from buying out of state? I live in Michigan and am looking at purchasing a Ltd. from another state as well.
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    Congratulation on your upcoming purchase. What model and who are buying it from?
    It was incredibly simple to buy out of state. We paid no tax, title, or registration fees to the dealer. He gave us a 30 day temporary plate. When I received the "Certificate of Origin" (which is the Kansas equivalent of a title) I took it and the bill of sale to the local Secretary of State office. I applied for the title, registered the car and paid the taxes and registration fees.They issued me my new plate and the Michigan title came in the mail a few weeks later. Make sure you get a 30 day temporary plate as it took a good three weeks to get the Certificate of Origin.
    At our Southeastern Michigan dealers, we could not come close to the kind of deal we got in Hutchinson, Kansas. We saved thousands of dollars, hope you can too!
  • cc123cc123 Posts: 5
    I'm looking at a 06 Ltd. Phantom Grey/Graphite, VSC, CF, V2, Wl, no NAV. from Fitzgerald Automall in MD.

    Got an email reply from the dealer who said they do out of state transactions all the time and that I'd only have to pay $19 for a 60 day temp tag and tire fee + $99 processing fee. Only MI taxes and registration would be added after that. Sounds pretty much like what you described.

    Took a look at Travelocity and found regular $79 flights to Dulles. The dealer said he'd meet me at the airport and I could drive home from there (495 miles).

    This is much better deal than I've been able to find locally although I haven't been "hard shopping" yet.

    I expect to purchase mid to end of November and if I can't find something really close to this deal locally by then, I might just have to jump on a plane. Doesn't really sound like too much of a hassle to save a couple of thousand bucks?
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    Check out I bought from them and got a nice deal.
  • My 06 Avalon Limited that I ordered close to two months ago finally came into the dealer yesterday. I went and picked it up and i love the car. I got the indigo blue color with graphite interior w/ NAV, remorte starter, spoiler, VSC, Dynamic Laser Control, Carept Floors/Trunk Mats, and Wheel OTD 37000. The car looks amazing, and the color combination is great.
  • "This is much better deal than I've been able to find locally..."

    Could you tell us what price you were quoted at Fitzgerald Automall?

  • That's a great deal!! I paid a few hundred more than that and don't have the remote starter, spoiler or wheel locks. I have the same color combination and it is beautiful!
  • At the Fitzgerald Automall web site you can see their "no haggle" prices for Avalons. They hold to that policy, at least in my case.
  • Just took delivery of XLS titanium silver with graphite interior, VSC, 6 cd changer, floor mats, remote start and moonroof air deflector. OTD cash price was $33,200 including 7% sales tax. Then got $2200 trade in for 1991 V6 camry with 100,000 miles. Final deal was $31,000 with the trade. Bought from LaRiche Toyota in Findlay, Ohio. Sales people were professional with no hassle and no attempts to sell anything more than we asked for. Couldn't be happier with the buying experience and with the quality of the automobile.
  • cc123cc123 Posts: 5
    $32888.00 + TTL and a small doc fee. Deals are plainly posted on the fitzmall web site; you don't have to send an email for a listing. Also a very attentive and polite staff.
  • FYI, I also bought an XLS from Champion. The only options were VSC, mats, mudguards, and wind delflector for sunroof. The pricee was $30,380 + TTL. I was offered this price up front at first contact, I was not told the price would be MSRP or anything like that. It was simple, pleasant, and all by email until delivery.

    I was also given the opportunity to purchase the various warranty and appearance packages amounting to about $4000, but said no. There was no pressure. I did ask for a better price for a 7 yr. 100,000 extended warranty, and he dropped it from about $2100 to $1600, but that is still significantly higher than I would pay.

    I had also contacted Calvert in San Antonio which was slightly less, but not worth the drive South. Classic was slow to respond, kept sending me form emails, and I fannly dropped them. After I had taken delivery they called asking me if I had bought a car yet. Maund was out in space somewhere. I just assumed they really don't want internet business.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    There is no "Calvert" Toyota dealer in SA - think you mean "Cavender"? Interesting that Maund wouldn't deal - they have by far the best prices on 2006 Camry LEs in SA and Austin - no one can touch them.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    yes Maund does advertise the lowest price on LE camry but they also recently got thier hands slapped for not having any cars availabe at that price, i believe they call that bait and switch?
  • We are getting ready to buy a 2006 Avalon XLS.
    I am going to contact the Champion Toyota dealer in Austin.
    You said that your experience with them was very pleasant. That sounds good. Could you tell me who sold you the car. That is the person that I would like to talk to.
    Thanks for any information that you can give me. I know that you must be enjoying your new Avalon.
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