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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,847
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  • A 2005 model would work perhaps a demo. How would I find such a model? I'm located in central California and could travel to LA.

    Thank you.
  • joe369joe369 Posts: 61
    If anyone lives in the area, I highly recommend you try Sunrise Toyota in Oakdale. We just bought a 06 XLS over the weekend.

    Not only do they have an extremely large selection of virturally every toyota model (except Prius), but the sales tranaction was EXTREMELY pleasant and only took about ten minutes.

    There was a never mention of rust proofing or undercoating or any of the other BS by the salesperson. The finance manager asked it once while we were going through our motions

    Before Sunrise, we went to Smithtown Toyota. I thought they were rather pleasant while I was still shopping for a car. But boy did they change when we actually set down with them. This one particular sales person actually told us to leave and that he cannot do business with us when I offered him about $500 over invoice....
  • I'm trying to figure out the pricing difference, if any, on the "full lthr. vs the perf. lthr."

    I can see the appearance difference. But why do some colors, like "pine mica" come only in the "perf. lthr." and not the "full lthr.?"

    Also, the Sirius sat. description says the installed radio head handles the Sirius. No need for a separate head unit. Is this true for the "factory installed" Sirius?

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    What is a good price to pay?

  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Jlopinto, here is my take on your questions....

    The perforated leather only comes on the Limited models, as they have both heated and cooled seats. The color of the exterior makes no difference, if it is a Limited then it has perforated leather.

    Both XM and Sirius are options now I think; both require a Toyota add-on module if you want the satellite radio. The existing head unit will handle them, but you have to have the module. It can either be factory installed or added on later. Of course, you have to buy the actual Toyota module if you want it integrated with your factory radio head. You can buy it online and have your own local radio shop do the install if you wish.

    I have XM, and after only about six weeks feel that I will never have another vehicle without it. Am buying an another unit to add to my home sound system. Satellite radio is a fantastic thing, well worth the $$$ in my opinion.

  • Thanks for the response.

    Did not realize that about the "perf. lthr." seats only in the Limited.

    I have a Sirius on my Honda now with a separate Panasonic head unit. I wonder if my "module" can be used with the Toyota factory head? Where can one get further info. (other than from dealers)

    Thanks again.
  • Bought a new 06 Limited Avalon with NV, VS, CL, CF for 34K plus Taxes (6%). Sticker was $37705. Dealer in Evansville, IN (Kenny Kent) was extremely helpful, professional and had no no-nonsense over the phone Quote. Took twenty minutes to paper work and out with the car. Will strongly recommend anyone considering a new or pre-owned Toyota to consider this dealership.

    Dealer in east end of Louisville, KY (like many others) wanted me to come to showroom to "see and talk". After firm agreement about the price, salesperson brought papers with nearly $800.00 of dealer commisions added to agreed price. Not only did the guy wasted my 45 minutes, but also lost my business as well as trust. Wonder when will these dealers learn that business needs to be done honestly and with trust.I think Edmunds should not list such dealerships in E mail, that use internet simply to try and play old game of wasting a customer's time.
  • Hi i just wanted to know if anybody knew the current money factor on an 06 avalon xl and the current residual on botha 36 month and 39 month lease. THanks
  • I just ordered a Titanium/Graphite Avalon Ltd with floor & trunk mats, sunroof wind deflector, and window tint. MSRP $35,031 OTD (including the outrageous sales tax of 7%) $33,996. The Blizzard Pearl color would have cost an extra $187 plus tax.

    I used the internet folks at Kuhn Morgan Toyota in Tampa. The only car buying experience I have ever enjoyed. Completely no hassle. Expect delivery in less than 3 weeks. Also includes a full tank of gas and I'll probably get a few dollars back from the tag transfer fee.

    I arranged an e-loan for 60 months at 5.45% The finance guy at Kuhn Morgan thinks he might be able to knock 0.25% off that rate. Either way I'm felling pretty good.
  • tampabob - What did you pay for the vehicle before various taxes and title (as they vary greatly across the country)?
  • I don't have the specifics with me. From memory I recall a $125 tag fee and $499 dealer fee. I will get you the specifics tonight. Also, the OTD should have been $33,966. My mistake. There have been other posts to this message board about the our Gulf States Toyota overhead ($1000+?). It seemed to me the salesman put down the OTD price and worked backwards to the invoice price. The only fixed fee on the form was the $499 dealer fee.
  • Here's what the dealer purchase order looks like:
    Vehicle & Accessory Selling Price: $31,369.93
    Dealer Admin Fee: $ 499.99
    Sales TAx: $ 1,962.20
    License, Title, Tag fee: $ 125.00
    Lemon Law fee: $ 8.89
    Total: $33,966.00

    The Kelley Blue Book ( has the following info:
    Invoice: $29,757.00
    DEstination Charge: $ 580.00
    Add'l Freight (SE Toyota) $ 55.00
    SE Toyota Admin Charge: $ 585.00
    Floor Mats (invoice) $ 171.60
    Wind Deflector(invoice) $ 107.80
    Window Tint (estimate) $ 199.00
    Total $31,455.40

    So I may have caught a slight break if I got the mats & deflector I think I got (2 are listed on

    Let me know if this is helpful.
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    I believe you will find that perforated leather is unique to the "Limited" model. In other words, a "pine mica" limited would come with perforated leather, whereas a "pine mica" XLS would come with solid leather. The perforated leather has to do with the ventilated seats which are only offered on the limited.
  • I paid $24,990 for an XL Toyota Avalon. Only 3 options. 6 CD Changer, Alarm, and Matts. Ordered the car and it only took 2.5 weeks to arrive. That price included the dealer's destination charge. I only had to pay tax, tag, and title. I think this is a dam good price based on my research and time. I bought it at Kuhn Morgan (Precision) Toyota in Tampa, Florida on Fletcher Avenue.


    Tampa Gator
  • Any opinions on buying a 6 year 100k warranty with no deductible on the Avalon. In Florida you can only buy it from Southeast Toyota for $1650. I have tried all the same dealerships and it is the same price.

    Any thoughts?


    Tampa Gator
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Do a search in the 2005+ forum. Several contributors report buying it for $985 from a Dealer in rural (Greenfield) Massachusetts. You can do the transaction over the telephone.

    Yes, it is the same Toyota warranty. Some (who paid a "discount" price of only $1300) were doubtful, so one person posted a scan of the document.
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    We just picked up the 7 year 100K zero deductible Toyota Warranty for $985 with a phone call to Midwest Toyota Superstore in Hutchinson, Kansas. We live in Michigan but bought from them for the price and their excellent customer service. You can buy the warranty ANYWHERE so make a few phone calls.
    Hope this helps.
  • Just purchased the following:

    Silver Pine Mica Limited '06
    Brake Assist
    Traction Control
    Mud Gards
    Sirius Sat. Radio ( no head unit, intergrated w/radio)
    Laser Cruise Control
    Carpet Mats and trunk

    OTD (Car, Taxes, Title & Doc.s) $36,900
    Central FL. Toyota
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    I finally got my new Avalon Limited ordered today.
    There are a lot of prices out there; looking at seven dealers in my area, excluding the folks who want MSRP, I found more than $2000 difference in quotes on the same vehicle. Here is the vehicle I requested quotes on:

    2006 Toyota Avalon Limited (3554)-----Base MSRP 33815
    Vehicle Stability Control (VS)--------------------650
    Special Color (Blizzard Pearl) (PC)---------------220
    Five Piece Mat Set (CF)---------------------------199
    Destination Charge--------------------------------540
    -------------------------------------Total MSRP 35424
    I will not deal with "invoice" prices here as every dealer seems to have a completely different story (lots of apples and oranges here!!).

    The price I paid for the above vehicle was $32024+TTL(all TTL is at actual cost) plus a $35 doc fee, no dealer prep fees or any other fees. After a lot of shopping (mostly by internet), I feel I got a reasonable price for my area.

    The dealer purchased from was "Heartland Toyota" of Bremerton, Washington. The purchase was pleasent and painless without the normal "games" I have come to dread.

    Now it's just sit back and wait for a "build date" and "simmer" over the 8.7% sales tax we have to pay on everything but groceries in this state. (Ya, Right, No state income tax here!)
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