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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiMember Posts: 84
    Dealer has quoted me $31,000 for an 06 Limited (includes the $580 delivery charge). Tax & license add'l. But dealer also has a few brand new (not Demo's) 05 Limiteds whose MSRP is about $450 less than an 06. Are there risks in taking a car that has been sitting around undriven for a year? And what would a good deal on an 05 be? - I feel that it should be more than the $450 I save on the MSRP, but I suspect they surely won't allow anywhere near the amount that would represent one full year of "depreciated" value. Is $1K less than the the 06 price fair? Should it be much more of a discount than $1K? Any advice appreciated. Thx.
  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    Quick answer: You are correct to ask for a first years depreciation on the '05. Either get at least 6k under the '06, assuming similar cars, or take the '06 model. You might ask for more than that. (You won't get this much off, so buy the '06.) Leave the '05 for someone else...... a year from now you will have a year old car, the '05 is 2 years old, that's a big difference in resale value. :D
  • 2006avalonxl2006avalonxl Member Posts: 2
    I paid $25,250 for 2006 Avalon XL, Black(Exterior)& Grey( Interior)with VSC from Jimcoleman Toyota, Bethesda, MD. Dealer started with $28,998 and i asked for $25,000. I added $250.00 more to close the deal.Finalprice is 25,250 +$100.00 processing fee + VA Tax. No sunroof and vehicle manufactured on 02/2006. I really Appreciate the forum for sharing their experience.
  • tkubatztkubatz Member Posts: 7
    Can someone post a picture of a 2006 Avalon with moldings?
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    tkubatz: i'd be glad to if I had a digital camera. Must be someone out there who's into the electronic age far more thanI am! Believe me, they look great as do the color coordinated door edge guards.
  • sis6sis6 Member Posts: 1
    Can you tell me where in Richmond did you get this great deal, I am in the process of buying an 06 Limited Avalon very soon and your deal sounds like what I've been looking for. Is there any anyone special I should speak to. Please respond.

  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    Does that price include the $580 destination charge? If so, you got it for less than invoice...invoice on XL with dest. charge and VSC is $25,531. Great deal!
  • 2006avalonxl2006avalonxl Member Posts: 2
    Price included destination charge.
  • msd9702msd9702 Member Posts: 2
    Haley Toyota, the new one at 288 and Hull. Unfortunately this forum asks us not to post names. I would like to refer our salesman as we thought he was very up front.
  • bigpapidobigpapido Member Posts: 18
    What kind of prices are people getting in SoCal for an '06 Touring or Limited? Can you get one for close to invoice?
  • dickh2dickh2 Member Posts: 9
    Hey...has anyone out there talked to a dealer who has confirmed what changes for 2007 are going to take place. I have read here about the 6 speed but what else?
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    as I posted above. My bud got a Touring OUT THE DOOR for $30,500

    That is in east Ventrua County. JBL Sythesis, spoiler, floor mat/first aid kit package

    Think invoice was around high $28K - low $29K
  • bigpapidobigpapido Member Posts: 18
    That sounds like he got it for under invoice before taxes? Do you know which dealer?
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    I never saw all his paperwork - so I am just going off what he said. 1st St Toyota Simi Valley
  • dave106dave106 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a touring for $ 29,381 in Appleton Wi
  • bishoppairbishoppair Member Posts: 3
    I found the postings of others helpful, and wanted to share my recent (March 06) price experience.
    Avalon Limited $$33,965
    VSC $650
    Bluetooth $299
    Mats $219
    Toyoguard $699
    Destination fee $635
    Fuel surcharge $23.35
    Total $36,490

    Actual purchase price for above $33,600
    To this the dealer added normal tags fees, tax, and a $599 "service and handling" fee. Plus sales tax, of course.
  • mikekrupp1mikekrupp1 Member Posts: 1
    New 2006 Toyota Avalon 4 Door Limited Sedan, Automatic

    Voice Activated DVD Navigation System; Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Traction Control and Brake Assist; Dynamic Laser Cruise Control; XM Tuner w/Antenna (Free Activation & 6 Month Service)

    Price $34,909.00 plus tax and tags in Florida
  • ssvp22ssvp22 Member Posts: 4
    Can anyone post recent price for XL with 6-CD in NJ area.

  • gomst1gomst1 Member Posts: 58
    mikekrupp1, I paid a little bit less than the price you paid for a 2006 Avalon 4dr Ltd Sedan, Automatic. I got the following optional equiptment:

    Voice Activated DVD Navigation System; Vehicle Stability Control(VSC) and Traction Control w/ Brake Assist; Dynamic Laser Cruise Control; Remote Engine Starter; Carpet Floor Mats; Trunk Mats.

    Paid $34,229.00 + tax & tags in Bay Area. Invoice is $34,029. MSRP is $38,243
  • jeff42jeff42 Member Posts: 1
    2006 Limited no Nav. no laser cruise or VCS.

    32500 Carpeted mats and Toyo guard free
    299- Delivery fee
    878- Taxes
    16.50-Title fee

    How does this sound? Thanks
  • dickh2dickh2 Member Posts: 9
    J..I am doing exactly what you are doing except with a Limited...The dealer in Fl.told me that the 07 will have a the Limited..and the chrome grill will become an option except for the limited...the nav. may also turn to a touch pricng dollars..There are several other cars I am looking into but at this moment we are leaning to the Avalon...hope these changes help!
  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    Bluetooth? Was this an after market add and how does it work?
  • bishoppairbishoppair Member Posts: 3
    I believe the bluetooth was added by the distributor (Southeast Toyota). We ordered the car with it, and it arrived that way to the dealer. It works great (of course, it requires that you have a bluetooth capable cell phone...). It accepts voice commands. It is located up above the rear view mirror. The only downside is that is takes up the space used in my 2002 Avalon for the sunglasses holder (which I use extensively).
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    thanks dickh2!

    keep me posted!
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiMember Posts: 84
    I have read message #862 about big discounts on this extended warranty plan and my question is whether this plan must be purchased either from the dealership that sells me the car or possibly from another nearby dealer where I could take the car for warranty service - or can we phone one of these dealerships around the country that are offering the extended warranty at a substantial discount, purchase the plan from them, and then have the warranty work done under this plan by my local dealership? Anyone know if that's possible? - and if it might require the prior written consent from my local dealer that it will honor this warranty if purchased from another dealership in some other part of the country? Thanks.
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    gohawaiian: Contact Toyota of Greenfield, Massachusetts--hope this helps--it sure was a great call for me!!
  • stasevichstasevich Member Posts: 4
    I was offered 30,700 by nj dealer in trenton area for xls, with VSC, heated seats+ JBL stereo, mats,wheel logs.
    I belive this is high, anyone know if i can get this car for under 30k?
  • jdre86jdre86 Member Posts: 30
    If I were you, I'd take that and RUNNNN with it. That's a good price in my opinion. Toyota's website shows the Avalon XLS starting at $31,225 before any options are even added. I went to the "Build and price your Avalon" link and added the options that the car has and it came to $33,793. Some dealers are flexible with their prices, but I think that's a very fair price. If you can beat em down some more, by all means do that, but if not, treat yourself to this car.
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    MSRP on XLS with that equipment is $33,987, invoice is $30,215 (including destination charge in both cases)

    $30,700 is a decent price, but not rock-bottom for an end of year deal. You should be able to knock $400-500 off that if you bargain hard. Even if they sell the car at invoice they make 2-3% of MSRP on the deal (holdback). If it were me I would offer invoice and be ready to walk, unless the car is a hard to find color that you have your heart set on. There is still plenty of 06 inventory around.

    Below $30K is not realistic though.
  • sunny_8sunny_8 Member Posts: 10
    Whats the best price anyone has paid in chicagoland, IN or WI for a base 06 XL Avalon, in Blizzard Pearl.

    So far the best I have got is 24998 + Tax + Title + plates.

    Also does paying cash help get the price down any ?

  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Member Posts: 19
    I need to special order a new Avalon Limited due to the color and option combinations that I want. None exist (that I know of) in present inventory. Specifically, I want the built-in headrest DVD system with wireless headphones, along with a bunch of other options. There don't seem to be many on the market in the color and options that I want.

    It looks like the going price right now is about invoice to about $1,000 above invoice for existing inventory. Do these numbers hold true for special orders, or can I expect to pay more than invoice to invoice plus about $1,000 for a special order model?

    I would like to order one this week. I'm in no hurry and expect to wait several months for the exact model equipped like I want to be built.
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    I believe that the last date for 2006 Avalon factory orders was sometime in April, and I think it's too early for the 2007 model.

    Then there's the issue of Toyota and special orders. As I understand it, if the configuration you want corresponds to what your Toyota region has decided to inventory, then you're OK. A dealer will put your name on one, or locate one at a nearby dealer.

    As to a special order, as in a configuration not normally inventoried in your region, good luck. Toyota's advertising slogan will never be: "Have it your way."

    If you play around with Toyota's "Build Your Toyota" feature at their website, and try different regions, you'll see what I mean. Not all options listed for the various models are available everywhere, as their disclaimer makes clear.
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    tpalmer1: Since you're not in a hurry, why not wait until the 07's arrive--by the time you get your car it will be a year old model! Took me a month to get my Limited with Nav (sorry I got it!), Laser Cruise, VSC, XM, body side moldings, wheel locks, splash guards, tinted windows, window wind deflectors, door edge guards and pine stripes. Got Silver Pine Mica--awesome color--glad I got it instead of Blizzard Pearl.
  • gallo2006gallo2006 Member Posts: 1
    In the market to buy a 2006 Avalon. Anyone know of any incentives coming up like a Toyota-thon? Trying to figure out when to buy to get the best deal.
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    That price is right at invoice. There aren't any special incentives running on Avalon right now so I doubt you're going to do much better.

    Paying cash rarely gets you a better deal. In fact, sometimes manufacturers offer incentives to the dealer when the customer uses the manufacturer's captive financing, meaning you can negotiate a better price if you finance than if you pay cash (that is not currently the case with Avalon)
  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiMember Posts: 84
    1) Can anyone comment on their experience submitting claims under one of Toyota's "Extra Care" extended warranty plans? Are claims routinely refused by Toyota if owners fail to demonstrate that they have done EVERY single periodic maintenance/inspection item called for in the original factory warranty, and are continuing to do ALL recommended maintenance items after the original warranty ends? 2) From reading Toyota Financial's web info about these plans, I understand that a car owner has up until the expiration of the original 3yr/36,000 mile factory warranty to purchase an extended "Extra Care" plan from Toyota. If so, I'm wondering why many of the buyers who post messages here apparently have been buying the extended warranty at the same time that they buy the car? Why not keep the money invested for 3 years and buy the extended warranty just before the factory warranty expires? Wouldn't this make more sense, and would also allow an owner to assess how often his/her car had been in the shop for warranty work under the original factory warranty?
  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Member Posts: 19
    I found a few Avalon Limiteds equipped like I want in Texas and Louisiana. Some of you offered great advice that noted some options are not available in all areas. Some of the equipment that I want is not available in the mid-Atlantic region (I'm in Virginia). Specifically, the headrest DVD system appears to be an option in the Gulf States region.

    Any ideas on how to save 1000+ miles of driving to get this car? I don't mind the flight. I have a zillion frequent fligher miles.
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    Do an Internet deal with a TX or LA dealer and have them ship the car to you. Open car carrier shipment should cost around $800 (it's more if you want a covered trailer).
    You don't ever have to visit the dealership if you don't want to.
  • mtucker1mtucker1 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a black Avalon Limited from Boch Toyota in Norwood, MA. Options: stability control, remote start, and floor mats. According to Edmund's:

    MSRP: 35,893
    Invoice: 31,470

    I paid: 31,500 + ttl + 298 (doc fee) = 33,438 out-the-door
  • sunny_8sunny_8 Member Posts: 10
    So far got a dealer that will sell me an 06 XL for $24,599.

    Invoice from KBB is 23921, not sure if that includes 580 dest charge.

    I am looking to get the car Out the door for about 25000 or you think this is possible ?
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    I don't think the KBB nmbers are correct. Most online sources show XL invoice at $24,431 before the $580 dest. charge, $25,011 including destination.

    So if by "out the door" you mean sales tax included, no I don't think $25,000 is realistic. $25K plus tax would be a good deal.
  • dziendzien Member Posts: 4
    Considering buying the Limited for it's extended seat so that it can support a bad knee. Do you find that it would help? Just want the stability controls and mats - possibly the protective moldings. Received a quote of 31,000. for a silver pine mica; however, it has to be ordered because most of the current supply have the navigation system which I don't need.
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Member Posts: 120
    If you can get a Limited for 31k plus tax that sounds like
    a great deal,I was quoted 32.5 about a month ago from a
    dealer in San Antonio(thru AAA).Try checking
    they have hundreds of Avalons in inventory with the MSRP
    and the invoice prices,I live in South Tx,which dealer gave
    you that price? I think the seat extender would not hurt,
    the cooled/heated seats might help that knee also.
  • silva1silva1 Member Posts: 3
    Just bought a 2006 XLS for $30,140, MSRP was $33,987. What grade gas does the Avalon require, I'll be picking it up on Wednesday.
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Guys, I went to Toyota site where they show inventory, I saw Limiteds stickered at 45K with ground effects and under dash lighting, etc extras that rest of USA not getting only from Jim Moran Enterprises (JM) here in the south. I have Bluetooth..from them
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    ...hmmm, sounds like they're selling Avalon pimpmobiles. Are curb feelers and fuzzy dice included?
  • dziendzien Member Posts: 4
    The dealer is in Philadelphia. The only options that I want are stability controls and mats. Does the seat really work?
  • sunny_8sunny_8 Member Posts: 10
    So I ended up paying 24588 was 26400.

    Live in Will did I do ?

    XL base model in Blizzard pearl ?
    Thanks to all..this site really helps.
  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Member Posts: 19
    I just picked up a new Avalon Limited with Navigation, laser cruise control, stability control, body side molding, allow wheel locks and preferred accessory package. I got it for KBB wholesale ($34,126) plus $249 document fee in Northern Virginia (Bill Page Toyota, Falls Church, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C). All cash, no trade to keep it simple and avoid wondering what I really paid for the car. I had to drive 3 hours, but the transaction was very smooth, and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive back home.

    I originally tried to get the same car from a local dealer, but they wanted $2,000 more than I was willing to pay. I wasn't aggressive with them, but was firm on my offered price (wholesale plus $400). However, on the way up to northern Virginia yesterday to pick up the car from Bill Page Toyota, the sales manager at the local dealership (not known for selling anywhere near invoice) offered to match the price and even to reduce it by $200 (below wholesale) and even give free loaner, free oil changes for life and a lifetime engine guarantee. I had already given my word on the car in northern Virginia (Bill Page Toyota), so I politely declined.

    The first lesson: don't give up on your local dealer. If I could do it again, I would give the local dealer the written offer from the non-local dealer and ask them to match it and wait a week or two towards the end of the month. Instead of doing this, I simply told the local dealer that I could get it for invoice at another dealer, but didn't give it to them in writing. I guess the local dealer didn't believe me until I actually was on my way to pick up the new car. I don't know why he didn't believe me. I told him, "I'm a lawyer, trust me." Also, the advice on this exchange about waiting until the end of the month actually works. You can usually shave a few hundred off on the last day of the month. Interest payments on inventory are paid on the first of the month and the salespeople and managers are trying to reach monthly goals set by the owners. This knowledge offers the savvy buyer a little more advantage.

    Second lesson: the dealer I purchased from wanted $1,300 for the 7 year/100,000 mile, $0 deductible warranty. MSRP is $1,650. I offered $1,000, thanks to the many comments on this exchange. They came down to $1,100, but I still declined. Bottom line, don't pay more than about $1,100 to $1,300 for this warranty. Several dealerships will sell it for less than $1,300 and it's good at any Toyota dealership. I'll be getting mine from a Massachusetts Toyota dealership mentioned on this exchange. I usually don't buy extended warranties, as they are often a waste of money. But the Avalon limited has a bunch of electronic gadgets that may fail in the 10 years I plan to own this car. If you actively buy new cars every few years, don't waste your money. But if you keep cars a long time and have a car with complicated gadgets, it is well worth it, especially for only $1,000.

    Lastly, the car I wanted wasn't available. I specifically wanted a headrest DVD for my kids (4 & 3) on road trips, but this option is not available in the mid-Atlantic region. Instead getting a Toyota factory DVD system, I'm getting an aftermarket system installed for about $1,900 that is much nicer than the Toyota option. It will be indiscernable from a factory-installed system. The one I'm getting has a TV tuner in addition to the DVD player; the factory one does not. The place I am getting the DVD system doesn't cut the headrest; they simply swap the headrest for a prefab system that has the same leather as my car. I also learned that many other aftermarket products are available. Many are better and less expensive than some of the Toyota options that are hard to find or simply not available, including the DVD system, remote starter (without the auto-shut off that the factory option has) and back-up camera, just to name a few. Some dealerships, including a local dealership, will put whatever you want on the car using aftermarket stuff and wrap it all into your purchase price with no markup. I'm having the aftermarket stuff put on myself to have better control over the quality and cost.

    In sum, the Avalon is a great car, with many features found on cars costing $10,000 and more, plus having the Toyota reliability is a huge plus.

    I appreciate all of the valuable comments on this exchange that helped me get the car I wanted at an exceptionally good price. I consider myself a good negotiator and make a good living doing deals, but there is no substitute for the practical advice and experiences of the individuals on this exchange. Thanks again!
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    You did great, that's $400+ below invoice. Unless there is some kind of secret dealer incentive going on, the dealer only made a hundred bucks or so (holdback) on that sale.

    What dealership was that??
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