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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • natdmannnatdmann Posts: 21
    For really nice mufflers that are stainless try BORLA. I am thinking of getting their "race magnums" really nice sound on the new OHC 4.6 liter Mustang V-8s, not as "tinny" as the Flowmasters.
    I hooked my Quad up to my 22' Chris Craft which weighs in at just over 4000lbs. The 4.7/auto/3:55 equipped Quad hardly broke a sweat. I am REALLLY in love with this TRUCK. It does everything I need plus more.

    Has anyone else noticed the "rippled" effect the top of the grill has where it attaches to the hood? Look at the top part of the grill from a hig side angle with good light and see if it looks "rippled or wavy". Mine does so when I have the child seat tethers installed I will have the dealer take a look. Other than that what a joy.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Sorry to sound dumb, but do these muffler system modifications affect the warranty?
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    but, as always, the answer isn't simple. DC get very nervous about mods like these because of the potential emissions impact, so the immediate response from DC is - hey that's not under warranty, you made a mod.

    However, as long as you limit any modifications to downstream of the emission control equipment they really can't argue that the warranty can be invalidated - upstream of the emission control stuff and you are on your own.
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    Dear sir,
    The easiest way to remove the stock muffler on a quad is to simply cut it out with a sawzall. The muffler is clamped in place and once the clamps are compressed the pipe is dimpled and cannot be pulled out of the muffler without superhuman strengh and since I am not a superhuman well,,,(I had to use an air chizzle to remove the stubs left behind to reuse the muffler). At the price of the flowmaster, about $67.00 I would be able to replace quite a few before reaching the price of borla's stainless unit. Yes the borla's do sound great and will surly last longer I just cannot coin the initial expense.
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    Has anyone changed tire size and had the speedo recalabrated? I intend to install 31 or 32 inch tires after a lift kit 4.7L auto 2wd. I have heard that a dealer can reprogram the computer but my dealer (5 star) just looked confused and said (We will look into that)
    I found an item from a company called, oddly enough, Dakota digital. It is a speed generator interface unit. They claim it can be installed in the dakota quad and can be programmed to compensate for just about any tire/gear combination. I bought my quad with the 3.92 differential in anticipation of installing larger tires. if you want to check them out.
  • natdmannnatdmann Posts: 21
    Is this gonna happen or what? I havent seen any info in awhile. Anyone?????
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Reprogramming the computer is a no brainer - you just have to find someone with one of the many different types of unit that can interface with the onboard computer. Most of these are not model specific - they don't care what you are modifying. If your dealer doesn't know what you mean I'd be worried.

    Owner's group - I posted an update a week or so back on the two main Dakota topics (including this one I believe). Bonnie assures me that it is going to happen, and it is going to happen soon, although we missed her latest estimate. One reason for the delay is that she is trying to get the Dakota brand manager from DC to take part.
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    Anybody have headers on a 5.9 Dakota R/T

    I am thinking about a couple of mods including Headers, tony d intake, and cold air system.

  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    ...and other modifications.

    towcrazwy, towing isn't the only concern with the dual under-the-bumper exhaust. If you have the big wheels and tires, for most aftermarket systems, you'll have to move the spare to the bed. Some exhaust manufacturers will tell you that the single side exit exhaust actually makes more power than the dual setup because air flows better through one larger tube than two smaller tubes. I have a Gibson exhaust; I was accustomed to the louder Flowmasters but my wife thinks this setup is plenty loud...

    q8740, I've always had good luck with JBA shorties. Exhaust gasket and bolt problems are known header issues but I've never had any with my JBA's. They also have a mandrel-bent Y-Pipe replacement to match the headers.

    My intake is a Kenne Bell. I was impressed with the quality of this setup. I've seen aftermarket intakes that looked as though they were fabricated in my basement and others that looked as though they could've some from the factory. This is one of the better.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    natdmann / all - I've just received another update from Bonnie on the o/g's and I'm beginning to see a few of Edmunds problems in cranking them out. One in particular we can help with: a very few of the Edmunds crew (Bonnie for one) are having to deal with some serious 'flaming' in just a few topics. Serious enough they have to delete and/or kick some posters off for their (crap) posts/topics. One of which was the 1988 topic I alluded to earlier. The way we can help with this particular problem is by NOT answering the 'flames' and getting a topic to become self perpetuating. These problems eat up an inordinate amount of the Hosts / techs time, which further delays (our) owners group facilitation.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Jack, good point. From now on I will try to fight off my feeble attempts at humor in paying attention and answering these bizarre (to me at least) postings. May I not stray!
    Thank you for the update, and the continuous pursuit of "A page of our own."

  • metallianmetallian Posts: 13
    Hey everyone - Is it me or is the armrest compartment extremely tricky to open? Does anyone have a quick fix for this? My wife can't open it at all. Hmmm, maybe I don't want to fix it. Just kidding. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • natdmannnatdmann Posts: 21
    I for one feel this wouldnt be a problem with the Quad owners group. Why you may ask? Just look at any of the MANY posts here in this Quad area and the MANY other Quad links here at Edmunds and they all have one thing in common, NO FLAMING. I guess the Quad has just attracted mature buyers.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Nat, you comment was right on target regarding the level of the people who "haunt" the Dakota posting. It is not only maturity, but it comprises
    a group that is dedicated to "lending a hand" whenever someone asks for help, or when they feel that someone needs help. It is generally accomplished in a friendly but spirited manner. We
    do have fun, but the aura of respect is always present.

  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Wonder what the median age is for "our" group. I've had my AARP card for the last 4 years now.
  • jumpmstrjumpmstr Posts: 3
    First, the Quad boards always continue to impress me. Everyone is helpful without the flaming commonly found on the other boards (read the Tundra/Silverado Wars). For that, my thanks. Second, age does not always determine maturity. There are a couple of us "young-uns" out here just trying to do our thing. Although I don't yet own a Quad, I plan on buying one soon. Errr ahh, that's as soon as I find a Dodge dealer who will sell near invoice plus a couple hundred. Here in Hawaii there is VERY limited selection and unresponsive dealers who only negotiate down to $1000 over MSRP from the $4000 over MSRP asking price. With little or no competition capitalism quickly runs amok. ((off the soapbox now)) I'm exploring buying a Quad in Oregon and paying $800 to get it shipped here. Finally, I love the Quad and don't want to settle on a Nissan or a SportTrak. Thanks again and good luck fellow wannabe Quadders. (Yes, we are jealous of all you full-fledged Quadders.)
  • houtslawhoutslaw Posts: 23
    Mine wasn't doing it for a while; heard it again last night. But the tranny seems to work great and I'll just monitor it too; if anything changes or we get a dignosis, someone please post. Regards to the list. JOHN HOUTS
  • pttaylorpttaylor Posts: 34
    I own a 1998 Dakota 2WD with 15x6 factory steel rims w/235/75R15 rubber. I want to go to a 15x8 split star (Durango style) wheel. Will I have trouble with tire rub? And what size tire is the Max on this wheel? (for the 2wd dakota front suspension) Please e-me as I rarily have time to get to this group. Thank you - PT
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    I would agree with jumpmstr regarding the "chronological" maturity of Quad forum contributors. From what I've seen, the distinguishing factor among QC owners & intenders seems to be INTELLIGENCE.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    is measured not in years, but in experience and approach. Make of that what you will - you would all be surprised if you knew my age!!

    I agree that the 'flames' aren't / won't be a problem in the Dakota groups. However Bonnie and her colleagues are kept more than busy with some of the other areas - an in particular over the last week or so there have been some extremely bizarre postings.

    I am all in favour of us having some fun here (just look at the wife in truck bed chat in one of the other Dakota topics), but the bottom line is we are here to help one another out - if we play fair, then Edmunds plays fair with us - indeed it was Bonnie who suggested that she include a 'Meet the Members' section in the club for a little background on everyone.

    One other thing that is noticeable about the Dakota topics is the number of long termers. Many people come here post for a while whilst waiting for their truck and then go when it arrives - Dakota seems different. Sure a lot of you guys weren't around before the Quads, but look at all of the happy Quadders who are still here to help the waiters and newbies.

    I have been here for quite a while and have heard most of the questions before, but every day I learn something from the people here - even if it is only the fact that I have a greige headliner.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I read once a profound definition of maturity; "Maturity means, enough."

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    If we weren't pleased with our purchase decisions, I doubt whether we'd all still be here. But it seems that the Quad is just such a satisfying and "friendly" truck, its "attitude" seems to rub off on posters here!

    Not that I don't have a mean streak in me... I mean, I'm still looking for one of those decals... Where Charlie Brown is urinating on a Yugo logo.

    All seriousness aside... I'm planning to schlepp on the body side moldings this afternoon... Will post if any problems crop up.
  • profxtjbprofxtjb Posts: 3
    I am trying to decide whether to purchase a Dodge
    Dakota in the club cab version or perhaps another
    vehicle. I have one crucial question which I hope
    someone can answer well: Can one use a child safety
    seat in the little bench seat in back? We have one
    right now that I tried at the dealership, but its
    base was too large; the bench seat is about 12
    inches deep, according to my measurements. I have
    gone out and measured other child safety seats but
    I would like to hear from someone that has used one
    in the center rear. RSVP
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    The kit number is 17278 and it cost me $250 = about $25 in shipping. It is a single 3" and exits in the same place as the oem plumbing. It was pretty easy to install. The most difficult part was removal of the old muffler and tail pipe. I believe that your truck is less than 90 days old so sawing will not be necessary. I too dedided to preserve the original parts in case I wanted to reinstall them. I would recommend that you put penetrating oil on all of the clamp nuts at you next oil change to ensure that they are easy to free. It will be helpful to have two guys to twist the old pipes free. Also, it is easier to place your jack stands under the frame in front of then rear wheels and let the differential hang down. This will allow you to pull the loosened muffler and tail pipe forward in front of the axle. Please be aware that the clamps from the factory are very tight and may have creased or crimped the pipe for the purpose of sealing.

    I would recommend the kit if you are looking for perfomance as well as sound because the tail pipe is 3" in diamater and the tail pipe is mandrel bent. FYI-- the 3" pipe is 20% larger that the factory 2.5". The mandrel bending provides better flow for two major reasons: 1) the curves are less severe and 2) at the bends, the pipe maintains its 3" diaiameter. The oem tubes shrink to less than 2" at a bend! The kit is aluminized and should ber rust resistant. The stainless kits run at least $500.
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    I think an owners group would be great. I would like more info. This group seems to be respectful and helpful.

    What is flaming? Is it verbally criticizing other posts? If so, we do not need it here.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    When I received my Gibson exhaust, I had every intention of installing it in the garage. I got the truck up on the jacks and started running into over-tightened and weathered fittings you mention. Without the aid of better tools, I thought it may taken a little more effort and time than I had available. I called the local mechanic just down the street to see what he wanted to do the job. He installed it for $30. For that kind of money, it wasn't worth scraped knuckles and several hours of vulgarities. For others considering this upgrade, the low-volume independent mechanic is quick, happy to get the work and inexpensive.

    The 3" exhaust is actually 43% larger than the 2.5" setup. The real key to mandrel bending isn't the severity of the curves but the lack of crinkles on the inside of the bend. Without the crinkles, the airflow is less turbulent.
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    How does thw Gibson system sound? Do you have the Single or Dual exit?
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    As mentioned in the other topic where this was posted, I wouldn't think that it would be a great idea - not that I have much experience (and long may that continue).

    Dodge will install no charge child seat anchors - see yourlocal dealer, but the club cab has the passenger side airbag switch specifically for rear facing child seats in the front seat.
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    Well I have been looking and lusting after the Quad for 5 months. Took the plunge last night.

    Flame Red, two-tone paint, SLT, bucket seat, 4.7, multi-speed auto, 3.55, tow package, HD service group, tire & handling, limited slip differential, power everything, overhead console, sliding window, AM/FM/CD/Cassette/Equalizer, fog lights, bodyside molding, leather wheel. Bought it off the lot. Used the Farm Bureau discount. Thanks for that $500 tip!!

    Man on man. Going back to the dealer today to order the fender flares. Its soooooo nice to have a dependable ride and so good looking to boot. I understand the problem all ya'll are having with the heavy foot. Fortunately the dealer filled it up before I drove off the lot. Just got to figure out how to have him fill it up everytime it needs gas.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Prediction #1: After a couple of days, you'll get used to the power, and start noticing the steering preciseness and flat handling.

    Prediction #2: If you've ever had a pickup before, you'll wonder how you ever got along without those four full doors.

    Prediction #3: You'll find yourself lavishing a bit more attention on the the Quad than you have with vehicles in the past.

    Congrats! Enjoy!
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