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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Lt-Driftwood, 4.7L, 5 sp, 3.55, LSD, 4x4, 4W-ABS, T/H package, bucket seated Quad. What a ride! You can immediately tell you've got the "Power" to be "bad" if you're in the mood. Now on to bedliners, real fog-lights, etc.

    One thing - I had a concern about the headlights after reading some posts on either dim or the poor coverage. I'm happy to say that I'm pleased with what I saw. Because of the height of the truck, low beams do cover from road to the top of most on-coming cars (feel a bit sorry for them) and on hi-beams, there's nice distance plus this big rectangular "hot-spot" as well as good peripheral lighting.

    Only problem was that I had the salesman specifically write on the order "No / Do Not Mount Front License Plate Holder" (holds a dealer logo plate - no front licenses required in PA). Guess what - got the damn holes drilled in the front apron anyway. Signed a form that the dealer will replace because of error. Wanted to keep the front "clean" besides the dealer has a logo decal on the tailgate and a logo license plate bracket. Think the guy watches too much NASCAR.

    Again, congrats and many thanks to Ernie.
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    4Daughters - I had a very distinct whine in one of the rentals I wife heard it too...seemed only to occur when letting off the gas...coasting...almost like a standard trans. when you gear down and the revs raise. Don't know the cause but it wasn't really loud, just a little unusual, as this truck only had 700-800 miles on it.

    Saw a Durango (I know this is a Dakota forum) today that had very nice chrome nerf bars that had the rubber steps built into them. Hugged the frame very close so as not to lower the look of the vehicle too much. I read comments earlier about the nerf bars coming in Chrome and Stainless. Also that the Chrome can peel over time etc...Anybody able to elaborate on this for me. I really like the shine of the Chrome with the shiny accents of the SLT Dakota. I bet it would look sharp. I thought I would get the black ones because when they ding, you just repaint them flat black, but this has me thinking twice.
    Appreciate any advice on type

    Andy - Ontario is reaping the whirlwind right now.
    While there are some fools in our nations capital , have you heard about BC's
    "Fudge-it Budget"? Now our provincial gvt is in court for having fudged the numbers to show a surplus...Sounds like some car salesmen I know.

    Thanks for the input all.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Craze, if you are considering chrome and are worrying about pitting, this may be of interest. This is copied from Smittybilt's web site. This allows the use of stainless without worrying about the yellowish cast it takes on after exposure to the elements. To access Smittybilt, click on this: Hope this helps. Also, stainless bars are only .30 thick versus .90 for painted and/or plated steel. Read on. "After analyzing the stainless market, we found that most products had a dull, yellowish tint right out of the box. Our salt spray testing also revealed that unplated stainless does in fact rust. Although the rust doesn't occur in the traditional way, the finish becomes chalky and pitted. Once tarnished, the consumer can never bring it back to its original luster. In keeping with Westin's tradition of industry leadership, our engineers developed the "Platinum CPS chrome plated stainless steel" Step Bar which offers the durability of stainless with the lifetime brilliance of chrome.

    We feel our surface preparation and plating expertise will move our step bar product significantly beyond conventional unplated stainless, both in appearance and durability. These new step bars will offer 100% rust-free performance, and the chrome finish will retain its brilliance. Another plus, the chrome finish will match our other non-stainless products, so the look of our products on the vehicles will be consistent."

  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    crazycanuck I put the Westin bars on my quad but they are black instead of chrome or stainless. They look great and are easy to install. They do not protrude past the tires and on the 4x4 with the big tires they make it easier for the wife and kids to get in and out of the Quad. You might want to check out the availability at or
    There are lots of good pictures on these sites as well as pricing, etc. I am not sure about the hassles of buying across the border but I'm sure these folks can help. I bought from Atlanta Auto and they were very quick on shipping and the best prices I could find plus most importantly they had the items in stock.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    Quad is in Twin Oaks PA (s. of philly) as of 5/1 and awaiting a truck ride to dealer - meaning it will pass right by me on I-81. Am guessing the hold-up now is some whacky guy (Bookitty, who lives in the general area), who is currently installing double hitches on every Dakota he can get his hands on.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Tim, I'm working on your truck as fast as I can. It's not easy installing two of everything. Just use spike50's truck for the weekend and stop your whining. Spike will not need his truck this weekend. I believe that my truck is in or nearly in Twin Oaks having disembarked from Newark, DE. Here's hoping for both of us. Spoke with Ernie earlier, and wished him luck (again).

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Off today getting food for the boy scout trip and dropping off bee hives at a friend's place, etc. First daylight run of the new Quad and I'm starting to notice people always looking at the Quad. Never been what I call a "peacock" kind of guy. Hell, I still can't figure out how I convinced a female to marry me and have two sons. Anyway, if you just want to blend in, don't drive a Quad. Passerbys will point at you. 80 miles and the gas gauge is starting to come down.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Just for humor; I got my Dakota Club work vehicle at the end of March (V6, Auto, 2wd, ordered before Christmas) and while it was getting prepped in our shop, somebody backed into it and dinged the tailgate. After enjoying it for a week, it goes to a local body shop for repairs. It took them 2 weeks to fix a little ding. The fun part is that when I got the truck, I filled the tank. When I got it back, I had 81 miles on the trip meter and was on fumes. I put 19.7 gals in the thing. I think that I qualify for the worse mileage in a Dakota. And yes, I have made comment to the appropriate people.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Hey it's Friday afternoon - I'm allowed.

    I got the best mileage - 40 miles, no gas!!!

    I put 5 gallons in my truck the other day on the way home from work - when I got home I hadn't used a drop of it.

    So I lifted the cans out of the bed and I now have enough for the lawn tractor for a while

  • ron35ron35 Posts: 134
    I picked up a tip from the Dakota Mailing List. Someone advised of grabing the filter (after you loosen it) inside a plastic bag (the kind you get at the store all the time). I tried it and it worked pretty well.

    Ron 35
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    Bookitty and Ozark....thanks alot. Lots of info
    on those sites....I appreciated it.

    Would love to see those bars on your Quad Ozark.
    If you could scan a photo or send me one I would really appreciate it ....just like to see what they look like on a Quad. Must be great!

    One question now, which do you guys feel is more maintanence free and durable? Does the chrome peel after a while or chip? I think the stainless
    is more durable maybe but wouldn't black painted ones be the easiest to repair...just retouch with black paint. Any thoughts?

    Thanks again!

  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    I just sent you some pictures of the Westin nerfs. I think they will give you a real good idea of the look.They were sent to me by "Chad" we have the same rig.I thought I'd pass them on.Hope you enjoy!
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    Anyone w/ a 2wd V6 Quad,

    How does the V6 work for you? I'm especially curious about performance when coupled w/ the 5 speed. What kind of mileage are you getting? I'm not concerned w/ payload, towing or hauling [non-permissible content removed], just hauling the family around.

    (I know speedfreaks, I've read the comments...the V8 is too cool!)

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    mailman54 - bugs. Yep, we see a lot of em here in TX. I got the billet upper and lower grilles for $125 off the net, painted em black to match my black Quad Sport'ster' and voila! No more buggy radiator! Coolant is exactly the same temp even with the 100+ degree weather here lately.

    a_j - I missed the ferrys (fairys?) thing I guess. Hey, e:mail me about the owner's group when you have a minute (or an hour)...

    bookitty / tpmiller1 - I am NOT looking at any more $@%# trains. Yours should show up there at any time now, thank you very much.

    bookitty / crazycanuck - Another real problem in the 'stinky' oil patch is the H2S (hydrogen sulfide) in the air. It literally eats stainless steel round the clock. The acidic nature of the stuff, when mixed with water, is something you DON'T want on your truck's lower areas! Nasty.

    ron35 - I think I posted a couple of months back that I use the heavier Ziplocks with (Mechanix pit-style) gloves so I don't burn my hands when doing this. A definite 'watch for' is that you get a VERY tight grip on the bag or it will cause you to dump hot oil down your arm! Yucky.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Yaquiro Taco Bell!
  • 4daughters4daughters Posts: 24
    iowabigguy, thanks for the information. I will look at the ground strap tomorrow. I'll try to remember to let you know the outcome.
    On another note for all to hear. I put the Quad in 4wd Hi to check the feel of it on the road, (of course now I know that it is not recommended to drive on dry pavement in this mode after reading the manual.) A problem occurred though when I turned fairly sharp in 4wd. I lost the ability to move major time as if the "clutch" was slipping until I straighted the wheels out. I did this a few more times in the parking lot at work with the same results. I will be setting up an appointment with my dealer for this could be a major safety problem if I am in true need to use 4wd.
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    hope the pictures that allen sent you will work. I have not yet added a scanner to my pc. New accessories for the Quad using up all disposable income. :-) Anyway my truck is the same color and could be the twin except for the Leer tonneau.
    I went with the black for appearance but also for the ease of touch-up you mentioned. Be careful with chrome (or so I was warned by several) because of the tendency to peel, need for frequent polishing, etc. If you like the SLT look most folks seem to reccomend the stainless.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    I'm no expert, but it sounds like what you experienced was normal for a part-time 4x4 that was turned hard on dry pavement. You just can't run them that way. Others may know more, however.
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    Here's a must-have new vehicle inspection and preflight checklist. Hope this helps.
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    Obviously I'm computer illiterate. From the web page click on Technical then technical index. Scroll down to New Vehicle inspection.
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    Thanks very much Bigal31.....really appreciated
    those photos. Perfect look that I wanted.

    Could you ask your friend if I could put those on
    my web site for others to see? I could add an authors note etc.. for I didn't take them etc....


    Ozark - what a nice looking rig. The bars match the black bumpers really well and tie in perfectly. Now I think I might buy the sport instead of the SLT just to match the bars!!

    Thanks....I think.


  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    What is your web site? I'd like to check it out..
    I e-mailed Chad about the pictures,I am sure he'll love to see them on a site.
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    This week I purchased a K & N air filter. The speedshop owner claimed that I would see/feel about 5 add'l horsepower. That is probably about right. It did add a little additional pep. Unfortunately, the scientific field test required my right foot to be heavier on the gas, which translated into more fuel usage.

    I also ordered a Flowmaster single 3" inch cat-back exhaust system. It is currently being produced and has to be special ordered. I should have it in about 3 weeks. When I get it installed, I will pass on more field test results.

    I am trying to locate an air intake, but it is too soon for the aftermarket to produce. I heard from two product rep's that on the 4.7l they are experiencing great problems passing California emissions and may switch back to the 5.9. Has any one heard anything like this?? As such, the aftermarket vendors are choosing not to invest the R & D into performance items as they fear the the 4.7l may go away. I am hoping that it was just sour grapes from vendors who did not have the product, or were blue oval or bow tie guys. I got the impression that the 4.7 was an interim engine until the new Hemi is ready for production.
  • gallen1586gallen1586 Posts: 33
    I have the v6 auto, it has plenty of power
    for normal driving. The last two tanks of gas I
    have got 18.25 mpg. I am very satisfied with the
    v6 engine. I suggest you test drive trucks with
    the differnt engine/tranny combinations, then base
    your decision on that. I orderd my truck in NOV.
    the only one I could find to test drive was the v6. It had a lot more power than the 4cycl Nissan
    truck I have driven for 15 yrs.
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    Update from central massachuesetts:
    i am still waiting for a new fuel tank sensor (2 weeks now)and also need to have my whole headliner replaced due to a tear at the factory.
    but i still love this truck...
  • 4daughters4daughters Posts: 24
    Thanks for the response. I personally do not have the experience to say one way or the other on whether this slipping is normal on dry pavement. If anyone else has input, I'm listening. My ignorance on this will most likely lead me to the dealer for an answer but I'd rather have it here. Thanks again lmeyer1 for yours. The topic in question is #76.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Quite the contrary. D/C has poured half a billion into this engine, the new 4spd auto and the Quad. I would tend to believe they would not walk or creep or be forced away at gunpoint from that kind of money. No, what I think we're experiencing here is 'turbo lag.' We have us a 'turbo' of an engine here, and the market is 'lagging' behind but trying furiously to catch up on aftermarket products for it. An outfit in Houston is readying several performance enhancers for the 4.7 engine. Airaid currently is ABOUT TO SHIP (Airaid) part#
    300-117 for the Quad's 4.7 liter install. And others are sure to follow - and very soon. I've heard rumors that expanded production will begin on the Dakota Quad line in August - and that 7 of every 10 engines shipped for the Dak / Dur is the 4.7 engine.

    Don't know anything about emissions type problems in Calif. (don't think anyone really does). I DO know that the 4.7 was built specifically to address three areas: (1) lower cost per unit, (2) more mpg and (3) vastly fewer emissions - than the 318 cid engine it replaces. True, others are coming, but for different 'replacements' and price points, I'm sure. Hope this soothes your fears...
  • houtslawhoutslaw Posts: 23
    From a stop, drop it into reverse or drive; takes a second to go in and while it does, there's this nasty whirring sound; then it's ok; this on a 4.7 auto trans. Anyone else have this problem. Sounds like it 's coming from the back of the engine, front of the trans. J.
  • houtslawhoutslaw Posts: 23
    This is the URL for a definitive article on the 4.7; it will be here forever; it is a great engine and the new computer mgt coming this summer will add a bunch of power
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    For those who missed the address....

    It's not much, but it can give some idea of
    colors etc...some different dakota looks....
    plus one cool mutt.

    Hope ya like!

  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    If anyone would like their photos of a Dakota put
    on my site...(sounds kinda pretentious), I would
    be more than happy to do that. Just email them
    to address is in my user file.

    The site can only get better with more photos.

    I don't know how much space I am given, but I
    would love to use it up.....

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