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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dxcoquidxcoqui Posts: 25
    Has anybody tried dealers in upstate NY (Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo)??? How was the experience, any help will be appreciated.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6
    Just bought my M35 Sports (w/ journey and technology package, aero kit) last night at Metro Infiniti in Monrovia. What a beautiful car it is. Everything looks like feels like it's carefully crafted and the finish is just perfect. I was getting ready to get the new GS300 on the same day earlier when my wife said she wants to check out the new M from Infiniti bcos our pre-ordered GS did not come in with the combo/color that we wanted, so my wife got pissed... :D

    We got the color/combo that my wife wanted right from the lot. The color/combo that we got was Twillight Blue with Graphite Leather and aluminum trim. We are loving every minute of it. :D

    If any one is looking to buy a new M, (35 or 45), you can give them a call and try to talk to the fleet managers. He's the one that I made my deal possible. They have many cars in stock and is willing to deal. My out-the-door price is under 52k. Just my 2 cents.....good luck dealing!! :)
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Congrats. Looks like you're gonna have to change your username.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6
    LOL, thans for pointing that out. I didn't realize that. :P

    This is my first experience with Infiniti and I am sure I will go back to them again if they can keep the current "performance-first" philosophy. ;)

    Good luck dealing, guys.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Just bought my M35 Sports (w/ journey and technology package, aero kit) last night at Metro Infiniti in Monrovia. ... My out-the-door price is under 52k. Just my 2 cents.....good luck dealing!!

    Title says 45 text says 35 :confuse: Which did you get?
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    The RL is not selling well. Dealers have reduced their pricing close to invoice. Does anyone think this will pressure Infiniti to reduce their pricing which has not been too flexible.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Not while people are still buying them with little to no money off sticker. Acura dealers weren't too flexible in the beginning either; however, the M isn't having any problems moving.
  • maohaomaohao Posts: 5
    I went to the infiniti dealer at Memphis yesterday, test drove the M35, very nice car, the sales rep showed off the VSD and the breaks, almost give me a heart attack:-), don't buy the demo from them, they drove too hard, with spins and really hard stop:-), well, he said he won't come down from MRSP for the M at all. I was looking at the 05 RL, but they will only come down 2K, 48K. But then I saw the 05 Q45, he offered me 51K. it is the base equiped Q, a good price? seems Q45 is such an unpopular car, no one is talking about it, but for a V8, nav, ultra smooth top of line inifiniti, very, very tempting, Can anyone give me advice on that? Thanks.
  • lsucajunlsucajun Posts: 11
    If you are looking for good ride the Q is a nice deal. The M35 is one Fun car to drive. In the South you will pay close to sticker for them.Both these cars are better than the others you where looking to buy.
  • 702702 Posts: 5
    The last post was June 19th, whats going on .
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Regarding to the 05 Q45, offer them $48,000. This car is very unpopular. Since the M came out this year, it has made the popularity worse. There is no way the dealer is going to make money on the Q45. The question is how little do they have to loose. If you are seriously interested in getting the Q, I suggest you offer them $48k and be firm. They will of course decline the offer. Be sure to leave you contact(name and phone #) to them so they can contact you the next few days if they want to get rid of it. Everyday the car sits on their lot, they are loosing money. The car most likely have been there for since last year.

    Personally, I think Q45 is more of a luxury car than the M45. If I can get it cheap, I will go with it. On the contrary, don't expect the Q to have great re-sale value. The fact is they will not compare to the M or LS430.

    Happy shopping!

  • M35, Diamond graphite with graphite interior, NAV, mobile entertainment system, XM satellite, Aero Dynmaic Body Kit, MSRP - $48,580

    42 month lease
    15K miles/year
    Sales Price - $46,000
    $699 per month
    Due at signing - First payment and that is it.

  • jsorofjsorof Posts: 11
    I have been contacting several dealers by email, some based on recommendations from this forum. Without very much back-and-forth, I have a deal on a M35 AWD with Journey Package, Aerodynamic body package, XM, and mats for $44,800 ($1200 over invoice). End of the month seems to be a highly motivating factor to deal, especially for cars on the lot!

    My question is whether dealers will routinely ship cars to you if you request, and if so how much extra would that cost? The dealer is about 2 ½ hours from my house, so it is inconvenient but not impossible to just pick-up the car when I am ready.

    Any experience/advice?
  • How does this deal sound? $550 a month, 39 months/10,000 miles a year(I don't even drive that much), which includes tax and gap, no cap cost reduction, only inceptions due at signing on a M35X with the Journey Package, Exterior Gold Emblem Package, and Pinstriping. I've been to all the dealers in North NJ and NYC, and this seems like a pretty good deal. I got quotes at dealers that ranged from this, all the way up to $625 at the other dealerships. Good deal?
  • jeff721jeff721 Posts: 80
    Just bought the M35X...traded a much loved 2000 A6 2.7T (72000 miles). M35X GREAT SO FAR (124 MILES) but need advce on thier EXTENDED WARRANTIES. They want $1950 for 7 yrs/100,000 miles. Considering all the technology in this car, the extended warranty may make sense. Only have to replace the Nav system or the DVD player once and it would pay for itself. Also since I got the "Wheat" color interior, the dealer offers a Paint and interior "Teflon" treatment for protection from stains, etc. Anyone have experience with either of these extra's??

    I also plan on buying the Tire & Wheel Protection package ($599). Covers the Wheels as well as the tires. Last year in my Audi, blew tow tires and bent one of my alloys. Could have used a warranty like this.

    #37 of 55 Re: M35X Journey, Tech, DVD [lblasetti] by scoop4 Jun 03, 2005 (9:35 pm)
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    Replying to: lblasetti (Jun 03, 2005 10:25 am)

    Check the wording on the tire and wheel protection. Some only cover the original (OEM) tires. Also wheel replacement is only when the wheel is bent so badily that it won't hold air. Scrapes and bends do not result in a wheel replacement.

    Does anyone know of a wheel and tire warranty that covers tires after the originalks wear out and covers wheels that will not hold air? I can't see a compnay insuring against scrapes from curbs but hey if you know of one, I would like to know about it.

  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    For $699 a month you can get $60K BMW 545. Just think about M35 vs. 545 which one you would rather be seen in.
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    I am in St. Louis. Got a quote today for a 39 months, 12k/year, 635 (taxes included) per month. No other fees. Gap insurance included.
    This is for a M35 X with the Journey package.
    This is our first time leasing, so any help would be appreciated. The car was based on a sales price of 48000 with a 62% residual. He came down 1500 on the price of the car. Seems kind of miserly, but supposedly there are few of these cars around.
  • david2udavid2u Posts: 33
    I just picked up an M35X Diamond Pearl, Journey package, mud flaps & Trunk mat.

    12k per year
    No Money down
    39 months
    Paid the taxes & fee up front.
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    In very early stages of looking to get one or the other w/ DVD for kids, Journey Package w/ Sirius in Black Obsidian or Crimson Roulette. Hoping for 39-42 months and 12K-15K miles a year, minimum to no money down. What type of payments can I realistically expect? ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated, as I am looking to make a move as early as July 7 and as late as July 31. Thanks in advance.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Simple answer.....the M.
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