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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



  • I am looking for a new Cayenne S in Philly - which dealers were most competititive? Did you Buy or Lease ? The best I got was 2% on MSRP from Conshohocken.
  • I am in the process of finalizing a deal on a new 2011 Cayenne S Lease in Philly, PA.
    MSRP = $77275, less 2% discount on MSRP, with 0 down, and 52% quoted residual value.
    $ Monthly Tax TOTAL DOWN
    $1,287.60 $115.88 $1,403.48 $2,594.64

    Anyone know of better deals or what should be bargained/negotiated ?
    Cayenne S is well equipped with Bose/Convenience Package/Panorama SunRoof/Lighting package/Walnut interior etc.

  • mapcmapc Posts: 2
    Would love to know where the dealer was that will go to $10K off of sticker on a Hybrid. I was about to order at nicely optioned base and am getting $3500 off of sticker but if there is someone who will do $10K off of Hybrid, I will go for the hybrid.
  • I'm also looking to get a nicely optioned base (~65g for the v6), can you tell me where you got offered 3.5 off sticker? so far i've only got 2...
  • rafal77rafal77 Posts: 1
    In December I placed an order for a 2011 Cayenne turbo. The car has arrived to the States and I'm ready to pick it up. The MSRP has changed by $800. I'm not sure if the invoice price had gone up as well. The dealer and I agreed on a sale price that was certain $$$ amount below the MSRP, we've signed papers and I left a deposit. Am I responsible for that increase? Or I should get the car for the original sale price.
    Any advise would help
  • olimolim Posts: 3
    I got a quote for a 133,000 MSRP turbo worked down to 127,000 for 2585 a month before taxes and 2500 down on a 36 month 12k milleage lease. The money factor used was .0027 and the residual is 47%. According to him the residual is off a figure of 117,000 which is used as their max figure for the cayenne.

    I have outstanding credit....but I feel like this is not a good lease....

    Anyone have any other dealers that would beat this ?

    thanks for any help
  • Just took delivery of a 2011 black/black V6 last night. Vehicle stickered for $61,900 and I ordered it over 2 months ago...production date was March 25th. Purchased through Porsche Exchange in Highland Park, sales rep was Dave McCann.. I have done a lot (too many) auto transactions in my life and truly loathe the arduous game...My experience with Dave McCann was truly the most professional and enjoyable transaction I have ever made and has truly drawn me in to the exceptional brand that Porsche is. He not only took a tremendous amount of time helping me understand the value and attributes of the product, but helped me put together my order to truly suit my individual taste and needs. I cannot speak more highly of the buying experience I received from McCann and Porsche Exchange. The vehicle is magnificent in every way...I have spent hours today just astonished by the quality of materials and fit/finish. For about 12k more than a loaded MDX, this vehicle is truly special.
  • n1g1fln1g1fl Posts: 8
    Anybody done a ED for cayenne? Do porsche discount ED vehicles?
    Any info on ED pricing?
  • jongainesjongaines Posts: 6
    Spec'ed out a CS to with quite a few options. MSRp around $83K. Dealer is offering Invoice plus $5000. Is this reasonable considering the demand for this truck?
  • kenkwkenkw Posts: 1
    I live in the bay area in California and am looking for a base model Cayenne 2012 or 2011 but was told by several dealers that they don't have any in stock and I need to order one, wait 2 months and pay MSRP. Is this situation normal? or because it is in transition to 2012 models? Am I better off waiting a few moths to get a better deal? These dealers told me it is pretty much the same all year round which I thought was hard to believe.

    Please advice.

  • n1g1fln1g1fl Posts: 8
    Had the same experience
    No inventory. Ordered my CS july and delivery expected in oct/nov
    Seems very hard to get anything more than ~1k off MSRP
  • olimolim Posts: 3
    Taking delivery of my 2012 Cayenne Turbo in a week and a half and negotiated more than 6% off msrp
  • Curious if you went through a local dealer, or a dealer in another town. Seems around Dallas the wait to order a car is ~ 3 months, I could wait to order but had hoped to get ED and perhaps save at least the airfare. Some other brands seem to not take the ED sale out of the dealer's allotment (which means they do not lose money on a sale), does Porsche allow this?

    Follow on question, if the warranty is good at any dealer, maybe I could purchase through a dealer who wanted to sell another car, not work with a dealer who does not even have a demo locally, who says cars fly off the lot. So did you purchase through the local guys, or did you work the deal through a dealer who could not sell all their cars? Looking for a V6 or V8, no hybrid or turbo. May be that any discount on a less expensive car would be a lower percentage. Thanks for the help!
  • I ordered my Cayenne v6 back in August in the southen california area. Last time I call the dealer to check the status, they say the car is still in manufacture status. Does anyone know anywhere on the web to check vehicle status on factory orders?
  • What was the MSRP on the car vs how much you paid?
  • jcf4jcf4 Posts: 39
    $98500 GTS: ZERO off MSRP (crazy in itself)

    72 month @ 4.99% = $1,692 with $2,500 down
    75 month @ 4.99% = $ 1,634 with $$2,500 down
  • Ordered 2013 Cayenne Diesel, (moderate configuration) from Northeast dealer, and got about $2000 off MSRP. I think we should have tried for more, since it's not known if diesels will sell well. No trade-in or other financials. Not much recent sales on this forum unfortunately.
  • krajkraj Posts: 4
    Any experience with Barrier's Porsche ? I am interested in buying a Cayenne 2013 model.
  • Hi Car Man,
    Can you help me to read the Vin# WP1AD2A2XDLA74###
    Vin# WP1AD2A24DLA74###

    both in Dark Blue Metallic

    The 10th digits "D" it means year 2013, But whats the different that between "2X" & "24"

    Thanks much,
  • Im also in the market to purchase a Cayenne Diesel. On Edmunds, I checked it provides an Invoice price, as well as a MSRP price. How do you get the invoice or discount off MSRP.

    Do you negotiate it down with the Dealer. Also, do you bargin better if paying cash or use credit.
  • gosox1gosox1 Posts: 17

    [Sorry for the slow reply, as I don't check this email account often.]

    I think you are asking how did negotiate a discount off MSRP? We ordered the car and waited about 8 wks. Back in the Fall, there were not discounts shown on Edmunds. And their diesels were brand new to US. I see now that TMV is lower than MSRP. My memory isn't so good, but I think i picked a discount % similar to a left over previous year model (different engine though). But now, I would look at and edmunds and negotiate closer from invoice as the starting point, rather than from the starting point of the MSRP. We did not finance/credit, so I don't have perspective. Good luck.
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