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Lexus ES 350



  • lexcorplexcorp Posts: 2
    If I were you I'd wait for the 2007 ES to bow in Late January/early Feb. That car will definately be a winner!
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    I know that. But what you don't seem to understand is that the old 3.0 had been used in lots of Toyota vehicles previously (previous RX, ES, Camrys, Solaras, etc. That 3.0 was only being phased out after a couple of years of utilisation and that's why it was only being used in the Camry at the end! But the new 3.0 we're talking about has just been built not a long time ago so they're certainly not going to drop it or put it in only car. . .
  • :) i can see them putting a new motor in it but i think they should give you 280hp for the base model and 300 for the ultra luxury model :D
  • :lemon: if they dont make a better desighn i would not consider me in one but i love the ls and new is
  • i got a pic of the lexus HLSimage
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    And. . . What is that supposed to be?
  • Do you have the link... i dont see it.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    I've been away from this board for awhile but I've just read through this thread and see all the folks asking for the picture. Well here it is.

    I'm axiously awaiting this car and I've been watching for spy pics. on a daily basis. The 2007 Camry should debut at the Tokyo Motor Show which opens to the press on Oct. 19th, I suspect the 07' ES350 will also debut there but that remains to be seen. It could also be at the CA international show early in Oct.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    sad to say, but it looks like a photoshop to me.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Of course. It is just a rendering, not a photo of a real car.
    I'm sure the real car will not be that ugly.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    Unfortunately it is a digital representation. This was straight from Mag-X in Japan and I understand they're usually spot on when it comes to future models. This certainly has the L-finesse lines we're seeing on the IS and GS.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I have doubts that is a real car and even if it is, there are many Japanese-market cars roughly the size of an ES that it could be. It could easily be an image of some other car (assuming it is anything other than a total fake).
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    It's not a fake, there is a caption at the bottom in Japanese that discusses production dates and design of the ES. This may not be the final form but it's probably very close.

    I don't know why I'm defending this photo, or why few believe it's authenticity......

    BTW, the color codes for the 2007 ES were posted on another site, which I can't link or mention since the Edmunds Net Nazis will slap my wrists.

    Snaps to Marshallp7 for posting this info.

    The 2007 ES350 will be realeased in March, the color choices are:
    062-Crystal White (same color as on 05-06)
    1G0-Black Pearl (on 06 IS and 06 SC)
    1G1-Tungsten Pearl (on 06 IS)
    202-Black Onyx (same as on 05-06)
    3R5-Royal Ruby Metallic (Hmmmmmm, maybe a Maroon/Burgandy)
    3R4-Moon Shell Mica (probably like Alabaster os Glacier Frost)
    4T0-Amber Pearl (probably a brown)
    4T1-Golden A;mond Metallic (probably a gold)
    8P8-Blue Onyx Pearl (same as on 05-06)
    778-Aquamarine Pearl (Probaly a green)

    The interior choices are
    Light Gray

    All three interiors will have the Red Walnut (NO MORE ORANGE WOOD)
  • most people dont believe that photo *cough* becasue it doesnt really match the spy shots of the '07 Camry. Also those rear lights look to be on a Lexus...even with LF style.

    PS: that picture is deffinately from microsoft paint
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    That is definately not the 2007 Lexus ES. The rear doesn't flow with the new design direction of Lexus products. The rear looks nothing like the 2006 IS or 2006 GS. That and I don't think anyone can design a rear end that ugly!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    that led me to believe it was a photoshop was that the backend was too wild for a car that's marketed towards Affluent Baby Boomers trading in Toyota Camrys...
  • jmnycjmnyc Posts: 6
    I'm not sure, but isn't the whole point that lexus cars WON'T look anything like their toyota counterparts? Besides, just because the car shares basic platform with the camry, don't you think Lexus is going to have to make it so dramatically different from the camry so it will sell in japan as a lexus model? It seems like people are forgetting this simple point.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    the car in the picture looks too wild to be a Lexus ES. The ES has always been a conservatively styled car that's designed to appeal to the masses of affluent baby boomers.
  • jmnycjmnyc Posts: 6
    They're overstyling the tail lights like they overstyled the headlights of the current model.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    THe 2007 ES will get styling features from the new Lexus GS and upcoming IS. We should see very similar tailights, grille, as well as trunklid treatments. The picture posted earlier looks nothing like either the GS or IS. Lexus has made in abundantly clear there will be a STRONG family resemblance in future models, that started with the GS then the IS, next is the ES.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    OK, you guys may have seen these images but I'll post them anyway. I don't believe the one that says it's the new LS 420, I think it's too small, it looks more like the size of an ES. A lexus salesperson on another website said that the new ES would be completely changed except for the head lights. This one has the styling of the IS and GS that maxhonda99 spoke of, just imagine ES headlights.
    The IS as shown came out before the new IS debut, which lends some credence to this image. (if somebody posts that he doesn't believe this is the IS I give's close to the final form OK)

    The other one is a drawing of a potentially new LS 500 and that one I can see for it's size and atributes.

    Feel free to comment, obfuscate or otherwise postulate on these as before.
  • I think that first pic could be the is gt model ;)
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    Edmunds has some photos up now of what they claim to be the new ES. Several of us on another unamed forum have concluded that these photos are only another 07' Camry under testing and not the 07' ES. leftsidenav..2.Lexus*#

    The shape of the car however will be the same. Compare the shape of the windows and the roof line to the first picture I posted, the one that everyone said was a fake.....Pay close attention to the rear door window and the back glass.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    they do look alike.

    Guess we'll never know if its the real thing until Lexus puts out a press release.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    The doors are the same shape too.......
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    new camry will use smaller 3.3L version of the avalon engine according to automotive news
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    What would be the hp on the new engine? I always thought the Lexus ES is under-powered. :cry:
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I am guessing somewhere between 260 and 280 Hp. Should be more than enough. I don't think Lexus is going to tune this engine to produce 300+ HP like the new IS350.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    The ES is a cruiser. 300+ horsepower would be overkill. It will probably have 280 like in the Avalon.

    If the Camry will use a 3.3L based off of the 3.5 in the Avalon, I wouldn't be surprised to see the ES have the full-blown 3.5L.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    Ah, but you're forgetting the new sporty direction of Lexus. Remember, they're going after BMW........ ;)
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    No they are not going after BMW with the ES. The IS and maybe the GS is more in that direction. The ES is for people who want something much more plush, smooth and quiet than a BMW. Not to do stop-light drag races or slalom courses.
  • bluesman3bluesman3 Posts: 202
    They're going after BMW........The whole line up.

    "Lexus will replace every sedan in its lineup by fall 2006 as it battles to close the gap in car sales with BMW and Mercedes."

    "Denny Clements, general manager of Lexus Division, says the time is right for Toyota's premium brand to win over BMW loyalists disaffected by that brand's move toward polarizing design and complicated electronic controls."

    "The current Lexus sedans are aging. Meanwhile, the competition has pounced with a series of new cars, including the BMW 5 and 6 series, Mercedes E class, Infiniti G35, Jaguar XJ and Acura TL."

    I can't name the source cause' sensorship is alive around here.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    They are trying to "close the gap in car sales," not try make every car like a BMW. Some people choose Lexus over BMW because Lexus has the driving feel, interior amenities and ride they prefer.

    It says BMW and Mercedes anyway. Mercedes is usually more sedate.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I agree, but I think they are all going after each other, BMW, Lexus, MB, Acura, Audi, Infiniti etc. :P
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    They are, and Caddy is chasing its own tail :P
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    isn't chasing much of anything.
    Maybe those buyers who are excited at getting a Town Car at the Employee price.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I saw a Lincoln LS with MSRP stickered at $27K.
    Cheap, but it looked no nicer than what you would get if you spent $27K on a loaded Camry V6.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    The Camry, and certainly the ES, are far superior cars in many respects, expecially reliability.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I would also think that my Infiniti I35 (which was bought at far less than $27K) is a superior car to the Lincoln LS.

    Maybe not far superior, but at least I think its a better value.

    Anyways, back to the ES.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The engines that are in the family are as follows:

    4.0L used in truck applications
    3.5L currently used in the Avalon, '06 Lexus IS, '07 Lexus GS
    3.0L currently used in '06 Lexus GS
    2.5L '06 Lexus IS

    To the best of my knowledge, there's not a fifth variant of this engine displacing 3.3L, though anything is possible.

  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    There's going to be a 3.3L in the '07 Camry, I've heard. So I don't think it's impossible that it will be derived from the 3.5L.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    What would be the hp for a 3.5L engine? I have heard that the new Camry might be as high as 260 hp. I always thought that the Camry was under powered.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Doesn't the Solara have a 3.3L engine? And the sportier Camry? Is that the engine that''s going to go into the '07 Camry?
  • Yes the Solara and Camry SE V6 both have the 3.3L engine. Edmunds has said it will be the more improved versions of the 3.3L engine. It should have more than its current 225 or 210 hp. Lets just hope it will have more. We will see it this January before it comes out.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The 3.3L in the Camry SE and Solara V6 models is an iteration of the old, 3.0L that is on its way out and sees duty only in the Camry LE/XLE. I

    f Toyota continues with the new engine family, and simultanesouly continues with a revised version of the current 3.3L, I think thats absolutely absurd- the new engine family is cleaner and VERY efficient while still quite powerful. (Right now, at the Kentucky plant, Toyota is producing 4 engines, which I cant fathom, when it could be fewer by at least one, possibly two *IF* both the 3.3L and 3.0L go the way of the ECHO).

    FWIW, the Camry isnt underpowered, its just not a class leader in terms of power. The SE V6 can hit 60 in about 7 flat.... Nothing wrong with that...

    Re: the ES, I think its most certain that it will feature some variant of the 3.5L engine, probably rated between the Avalon's 268 horses and the IS350's 304.

  • ebbyebby Posts: 23
    Toyota/Lexus has been tuning their engines to different horsepower ratings using different headers/engine control/VVti on inlet and/or exhaust, etc. The current 3.3L V6 used in the RX330, Sienna, ES330 and Camry SE V6 are tuned to different horsepower/torque numbers (although the numbers are close) depending on the target use of the engine. Also note that the 3.5 V6 304 hp in the upcoming IS350 is the same engine block as the Avalon's 3.5 V6 (268 hp). Also note that the 4.7V8 used in the 2005 model year LX470,Landcruiser, 4Runner V8 and Sequoia has horsepower ratings from 235 hp to 282 hp depending on tuning.
  • ebbyebby Posts: 23
    I doubt if the 3.0L engine in the GS300 is a brand new engine (I am yet to check the bore/stroke dimensions). Chances are it is a retuned version of the old 3.0L engine in the Camrys and old Avalons. Spending some extra $$ on tuning an existing engine for more hp is common technology especially in a premium car that is selling for a higher price - I think the GS300 may be replaced with a GS350 in 2007 model year. Remember also that the new 3.5L engine is not entirely new. It is a "shorter stroke" version of the 4.0L V6 in the 4Runner that debuted in 2003. Same engine block with a smart design of piston length or stroke to achieve a displacement of 3.5L instead of 4.0L. In short, the 3.5L avalon engine shares the same engine block as the 4Runner V6 period with different pistons!.

    See some smart cost control here ???
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    You are wrong.

    The 3.0L in the new GS300 is an iteration of the engine family that started off as the 4.0L in the 2003 4Runner which you indeed speak of. This family includes the new 3.5L in the IS350 and Avalon, as well as the 2.5L in the IS250.

    The 3.0L in the GS is in ZERO ways related to the 190 horse 3.0L Camry engine that debuted first in the early 90s.


    The next ES will have a 245 Hp engine. I personally think it will be higher than that considering the Avalon has 268 Hp. Although for its intended purpose, 245 HP is probably more than the average ES owner needs anyway.
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