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  • The local dealer had this on the showroom floor. Very nice install job and the leather quality was very high - nicer than the factory leather in my Pacifica with nearly twice the msrp. The leather really dressed the 5 up quite a bit.

  • Which Rosenthal Mazda did you order from? What is the European version? Thanks.
  • I want to install fog lights in the pre-existing cutouts. (I thought the dealer price was a bit ridiculous). Has anyone tried this yet? I believe I can just pop out the blanks that are there and as long as I have the right diameter lamps, all should be fine. Any thoughts or photos of a do it yourself job out there?

    Also, a word to the wise..I had an unrepairable puncture in the tire this week. When I started checking for replacements, NO DEALER HAD THEM IN STOCK! (3 dealers in my city) I finally begged the dealer I bought my 5 from and they took a tire off of one on the lot for me.(paid $190, plus mount and balance) Everyone said it would take a week or more for new ones to come in. (I obviously wanted to replace with the same exact tire - TOYO Proxes (205/50/R17-89V) I was told TOYO isn't making that tire anymore! AND, after an exhaustive web search of comparable major brand tires, I was pretty shocked to see how expensive they are (avg. $190-$250 PER TIRE!) SO my advice, take advantage of the lifetime tire program offered, and maybe buy a new full size tire to keep in the garage in an emergency. ;)
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    The 17" wheels and tires from the Mazda3s will fit the Mazda5. The bolt pattern for the wheels is the same and it's the same size tires (205/50-17 Goodyear RS-A).

    You can find guys on the Mazda3 forums selling them for around $500

    The 18" wheels and tires from the RX-8 will fit too. ;)
  • m5fan4m5fan4 Posts: 2
    For the most part, we drive our Mazda5 with the back two seats folded down. We purchased a cargo cover (very nice accessory) but were concerned about things to rolling forward between the two middle seats. Unfortunately, Mazda doesn't have any accessories to prevent that.

    Being creative, we purchased Evenflo's Soft and Wide Gate ($35), and it solved the problem perfectly, almost as if it were built for that purpose! (Even the colors match with the black interior). Note: If you don't have the cargo cover, the child gate rods occasionally rattle a bit, but adding the cargo cover solves that problem and hides the top rod.
  • We're interested in switching out the Altezza (clear) taillights for red taillights. I understand that these are available in Europe, and my father-in-law confirmed this by bringing back this picture recently from Europe that he took, showing a Mazda5 with red taillights (see below).

    Has anybody had success in locating and acquiring these taillights in the US?

  • My 5 makes for a Happy New Year, However this is a list of items that will make me ecstatic:
    1] An iron clad answer on where to purchase the "Euro-Rails"
    (The North Am. Tuhles are a no-go, the equivalent of putting a wal-mart backpack on a super model).
    2] No more "myths and stories" on how to connect my IPOD.
    An FM converter in a quiet car like the 5, driven in the NY City area can make you yearn for an 8-track player.
    I'll pay anything - I swear, somebody please, just make it work. Perhaps a call to Steve Jobs.
    3]The way cool Asian feature of adding a rear video camera to the nav system.
    Even Better, find a way to play DVD's on the same screen.
    4]After market arm rest for passenger side. My wife is getting ripped off. And I have to hear it while I enjoy my ride.
    5] A light switch on the dash for the interior light over the second row seats. We have 4 blanks to choose from, left of the st. wheel.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    We drive with the same configuration.

    I bought a cargo net to keep everything from rolling forward.

    I assume that the gate uses pressure pads to hold it in place? If so, what does that do to the interior trim pieces that the pads are pushing up against?
  • I hope it is possible, but I've had no success so far. They are not in the US or Canada parts books, and neither the UK nor the German dealer I contacted was interested in shipping them to the US. If you Google
    spray paint taillights red -halloween -kids
    you can read about spraying your clear ones red. Looks doable tho illegal.

    Please post here if you find the answer.

  • Thanks for the post, pagetuner. I'll let you know if I find anything.
  • Hi everyone,

    We just purchased our Strato Blue Mazda5. We're pretty happy. A touring model with automatic, wheel locks and cargo net.

    We're looking to upgrade to Sirius - has anybody done this and have any tips/suggestions for us? My plan is to go to the dealer and get it done, but I'm interested in any good ways to save money.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hey Dime, I have an answer for #2. check out this site they have a mode that works for $60 and a new one coming out sometime in the future that will add extended abilitities.

    I have one, it works but I am having a problem with alternator whine which I think might be a result of the cable that I used. I had a local shop install it since I have not havd time to figure out how to dig around the interior of the car. I should have a new cable installed later this week and I will post again if it fixes the whine.
  • Has anyone try to put a Hood Deflector on your M5, I saw a Hood Deflector for M3 (CDN $90) but not sure if that will fit.
  • nym5nym5 Posts: 20
    Your installer failed to read Sylfex's instructions to put a ground loop isolater in the audio line out. Pick one up at Radio Shack and it will solve the problem; the best quality shielded audio cable won't. The mp3 kits on ebay also work well, they use the ext cd/sat connection rather than the cass/md conn. They do not require the isolater. I know this because I have both on my 5, one for XM radio, the other for my ipod. good luck :)
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Probably not.

    The hoods between the Mazda3 sedan and wagon is different too.

    The Mazda5 hood is similar to the Mazda3 wagon's hood.

    Where did you find the hood deflector for sale?
  • Look here for instal info and pics of AuxMod installed in my 5:

    I have yet to install a ground loop isolator because I mostly just play a flash drive MP3 and run it off of a AAA battery, not an adapter.
  • The one hood deflector, I think is for M3 Sport (Wagon). Size and shape is very similar to M5. I find it in a store near Hwy 7 & Woodbine, Markham, Ontario
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    As an alternative to hood deflectors and vinyl car bras, I had the 3M stone gaurd plastic film installed on my Mazda days after I took delivery. Check out

    Its almost invisible and it looks great! :P
  • m5fan4m5fan4 Posts: 2
    We don't let pressure pads push into the interior trim at all. The top bar is kept in place by the cargo cover, and the bottom bar is secured by the middle seats.

    One extra plus of having the child gate is when we fold the middle seats down, we just lay the child gate over them. That keeps bigger items from falling between the two middle seats.
  • oidiumoidium Posts: 1
    Hello Guys,

    my name is Jens and I am from Germany, please excuse my bad English..!

    I was reading a message in a german forum from a german guy, living in America and he told me that you are interested in switching the clear taillights into the red.
    If anyone of you is still intereted in doing so, please contact me by eMail...
    Perhaps we can excange some taillights from America to Germany and back..!?

  • Hallo Jens:
    Ihre Englisch ist viel besser als meine Deutsch. Hoffentlich verstehbar:

    Ja, ich moechte gern die rote Ruckleuchte haben. Mir sehen die klare Teile wie Raketen aus. Eine Wechselprogram waere billigste, aber welcher Fahrer will warten, nach er seine Teile ins Post geschicht hat? Oder sagen Sie dass ich soll neue Teile einkaufen, und Sie dasselbe, und wir beiden senden und warten?

    Sie koennen meine email-Addresse finden an meine Resume, bei meine Seite pagetuner wie unten.

    Danke jedenfalls fuer Ihre Anzeige.

  • kev604kev604 Posts: 30
    Purchased a cargo cover last week from a local Mazda dealer. The dealer said I was the first to order and buy one. They didn't have one in stock had to specifically order it in for me. Was expecting a hard cover but it is actually a soft "tonneau" cover as Mazda calls it. Can only be installed with the back seats folded down. Very easy to install just pop the little square cap near the rear seat seatbelt with a screwdriver and slide the cargo cover in the slot. I call it a cargo curtain, it can be easily pulled open and pull shut. Was surprised to find this tonneau cover is made in Japan. Was expecting to find it made in Mexico or something like the cargo net that I also bought. The item looks and feels top quality and fits PERFECTLY. When I first saw it wasn't sure if I wanted it or not but now very happy with it would recommend it to any one out there. I'm not planning to tint the windows and primarily use the M5 as a 3 seater so the cargo cover option works for me. By the way I got 15% discount just by asking the dealer didnt have to do anything special.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Thanks for the info. I'm looking into the 5 and would ahve to get the cargo cover. Nice to know you're pleased with it. Too bad there's no option for the 3 row seats being up.
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Has anyone had a trailer hitch added to their Mazda5? I would like to get one for mine, not for towing anything, but for holding a rear bicycle carrier. Though the manual says the 5 should not tow anything, I wouldn't be. If I ask the dealer and they say no, could I just get an after-market hitch done at a place like U-Haul, or would that somehow void the warranty, and if so, what part of the warranty, drivetrain of the whole thing? Thanks for any enlightenment on this subject.
  • There have been some earlier posts about this subject, thought I forget whether they were in this thread or the General thread. I doubt any dealer would install one for you, due to Mazda not rating the 5 for towing duty of any kind.
    Some other messages posted links to aftermarket class II receivers from various manufacturers. You might want to look for those, or just Google "Mazda 5 hitch" and see what comes up. Most of the mail-order prices were about $100-120 or so for a receiver with no wiring harness. I guess Mazda wants people to buy the roof rack and accessories for carrying bikes, but I prefer to have mine off the rear, out of the wind. Plus, the roof rack bars are too narrow for my needs. I'm waiting for aftermarket support from Thule/Yakima/et. al. for a rooftop box and accessories.
  • I added the hitch. It is very easy to do. You have to enlarge two holes with a drill. The steel is very strong, you will need a cobalt bit. Mazda does not reccomend trailering, but a hitch is useful for many things, bike rack etc.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    What size is the receiver on the hitch you installed? I need a 2" receiver for my bike carrier. Where did you buy the hitch and how much did it cost?


  • Hi,
    I am picking up my new M5 in few days, dealership tried to sell me rust profing and tinted glass options.. I was wondering any of you guys have any sugestions....thanks for your help.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I'd skip the rust proofing. The vehicles have all be rust proofed at the factory. Otherwised, they would have all rusted during the boart ride across the pacific.

    Now, I would recommend getting the windows tinted. Cost will vary by the types of film used. The dyed ones are cheaper, but they will fade.

    You should call couple of the tint shops around your house to see how much they charge. I'd guess around $250 or less.
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