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  • I purchased a M5 Sport, but would like to mount the touring models 2nd row flip out tray. While at the dealership, I looked at the both Sport and Touring models side by side, and it sure looks like the tray assembly will bolt up in the Sport model, but the parts folks say they won't - has anyone tried to mount one? (or gotten a better answer from the parts department?)
    I'm also trying to find mudgards that will fit the side-sill-equipped M5's - the factory mudflaps are for the Sport without side sills. Anyone found a generic option or modified the factory ones? I live in Oregon where it rains occasionally (ha!) and I'm finding the wheels throw up a fair amount of debris.
    Lastly, I'm REALLY not happy with the factory roof rack Mazda offered in North America (yet another person who pines for the Euro racks) - Yakima doesn't yet offer a fit guide - another others who have tried to fit a Thule or Yakima rack?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    There have been a lot of compliants about the stock Toyo tires (not enough grip, so-so traction in the wet, etc.). I plan on getting different tires for the Mazda5 when the time comes to replace them, but the 205/50-17's seems to be an odd ball tire size. There are only a handful of tire manufactures that makes a tire in that size and they're not cheap.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    I had to replace one of the orginal tires, and the tire store didn't have Toyo tires, so I got a Federal Super Steel 595 to replace it. It's a nice looking tire, and rides well. I will see how it holds up, and when the time comes to replace the other tires, I will definately consider this tire.
  • 77722777772277 Posts: 7
    Hi, bjerry --

    Do you mind if I ask how much you paid per tire for the Federal Super Steel 595?

  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    Do you mind if I ask how much you paid per tire for the Federal Super Steel 595?

    Right after I hit the post button I realised I'd forgotten to mention that. The tire was $130 plus tax (8.8% where I am). The "z" rating is what does it.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    I've hooked up a 4 channel amp. I went speaker level just to avoid using LOCs and was told Alpines are fine speaker level. I can confirm, there is no audible noise or weakness to the bass running speaker level. I mounted the Alpine F250 under the front passenger seat. Install wasn't that bad, hardest part was running all the wire under the carpet because the floor board is molded styrofoam and has small canals to run wires. Also, I had to figure out which wires were which from the head unit.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    At they've installed the seat covers $295 and rave about them. They are water proof and stain resistant. I would get them, but I like the OEM matching pattern on the two tone and haven't had any issues with them so far.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I don't know how many people on this forum might be interested, but I saw a site which has aftermarket bumpers, side sills, front lips, and rear air dams available for the 5. There were some other parts on the site as well; interior bits, engine stuff, etc. The company is called CorkSport, and the website is CorkSport Mazda Performance--Mazda5/Premacy. If nothing else, you can comment on the looks (or lack thereof) of their available body kits. ;)
  • Hi all--
    I'm zeroing in on buying a Mazda5 and one of my big reasons is that my husband is going to be posted to Europe for a couple of years and we want a car that will fit-in there.

    I read some comments about a Euro-style luggage rack? Can someone tell me what that is? I was going to have the dealership here install the rack, but if there's a better one available, I could wait til we get there.

    Also, does anyone know if the Nav system will work in a different country? Do you think it would be a matter of just buying a different disc? It would be really cool to have a nav system for a different country.

    Thanks -- I love how much you all know here! I hope to catch up eventually!
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    If I were you, I would buy the European version of the 5 when you get there. The European 5's have a variety of engine choices, including a diesel, a roof rack system that works with different rack carriers, available leather interior, available seventh seat, as well as a six speed vs. a five speed manual transmission. Also, you would surely fit in, as it would be bought locally, and you could drive it there for the few years and then either sell it when you return, or find out if you could import it to the states.
  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    no problem, just order a Sport model, the standard wheel is 16 inch 10 spoke alu rim !
  • Anyone know the cost of a replacement key for the Mazda 5?
  • nsorianonsoriano Posts: 17
    I asked that question before i left the lot. The salesman said "you don't wanna know". He did'nt know the exact figure as no one has lost a key yet but said that it probably be a couple hundred.
  • 7red77red7 Posts: 8
    Hey everyone!!! :D

    Just curious to know if there are any other sources online to shop for Mazda 5 accessories...I'd prefer genuine JDM parts, but I'm more than willing to take a look at aftermarket parts (as long as they're sure fit) is okay and they have a great list to pick from and I plan on placing an order with them this week, but I'd love to find other parts dealers to compare available items and pricing...My search hasn't yielded any good results so far...Does anyone know of any good parts vendors???

    Aside from the usual accessories, I'm also looking to pick up a carbon fiber dash trim kit, cold cathode lower-dash mounted interior lighting, update the factory automatic shift knob, sport pedals, HID headlights & fogs, and front passenger armrest...I know it's all out there somewhere, help me out!!! :D


    I'd also like to know if the cassette player kit is a straight plug and play install??? I'm dying from mp3 capability withdrawl and the $130.00 pricetag is a lot more appealing than the $400.00 cd/mp3 upgrade...I don't mind using a cassette car kit and my mp3 discman in its place ;)


  • partsguy1partsguy1 Posts: 19
    My guy told me $275 CDN for the key and reprogramming. The new key will have to be reprogrammed along with the 2nd original key, to a brand new code (in the dashboard sensor).

    Keep the second key in a drawer at home, not on your keychain.

  • partsguy1partsguy1 Posts: 19
    I picked up my car a few weeks ago and the interior of my tailpipe is black.

    My in-laws have a 1.5 year old Mazda 3 and the interior of their tailpipe looks as if the muffler was installed yesterday, clean.

    Is there anything wrong with my M5? I only have 750 KM on the engine.

  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 188
    I'm still flailing around, trying to figure out if I buy Mazda's roof bars for the 5, whether my Packasport cargo box will fit. I still need more tape measure readings, for the bars, and now I can't find any other 5s in stock at Puget Sound area dealers that have bars. If someone out there has Mazda bars for their Mazda5, could you please take a tape measure to them as follows: I want the complete horizontal length of each bar -- with the flimsy locking covers REMOVED -- both for the underside of the bar and the topside of the bar, both front bar and back bar. I think the two bars have different lengths (the car roof surface must be a trapezoid!) Thanks!
  • goatropegoatrope Posts: 13
    Here is what has put on my Mazda5 so far:

    - Strut tower brace
    - Cold air intake
    - IPod Audio Link (works with steering wheel controls). Why this isn't a factory option is beyond me.
    - Dynamat - lots of Dynamat. I agree with Consumer Reports - this car is too noisy for me. It's much quieter now.
    - Illuminated chrome door sills
    - Sunroof air deflector
    - Tinted windows
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    My new Mazda5 came with the cargo cover installed, but no instruction sheet was provided. I'd like to know what the two straps that hang down from the front edge are for. Can anyone help? I'd also like to get a copy of the instructions - can someone scan theirs and post a link to it? Thanks.
  • kev604kev604 Posts: 30
    The two straps have a plastic c shape clip on the end. They clip onto the steal of the headrest height adjustor, so it covers any space between the end of the cargo cover and the seats. Hope this helps. Sorry no scanner, but the instructions don't tell you much other then how to install the cargo cover. I figured out the strap thing myself.
    By the way, how did your Mazda5 come with a cargo cover? Did you negotiate it into the deal? I had to buy mine.
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    Duh! What do I know!!
    Thanks for the info, kev604. I just went out and clipped them in place.

    When I started negotiating I said I wanted an M5GT with automatic tranny and air conditioning, which the dealer priced. Then I said the only other options I had considered but though were too expensive were the cargo net and cargo cover. The dealer said he would throw those in without charge. I also go the free-for-a-year satellite radio (Mazda Canada promotion) and free oil changes for five years (dealer promotion).

  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    Be wary of "free" oil changes. I had that deal with my last car (so did everyone else) Your oil change could end up taking 3 hours to get done! That's what happened to me. The dealership service center was only open after 5pm 3 days a week. It was packed every day!! What you don't pay for in parts, you pay for in your time! I started doing my own oil changes shortly after that and saved my selve 2.5 hours of time each oil change!
  • wa98stratwa98strat Posts: 66
    does any one know if the Sirus Radio deal applies "at signing" or at delivery? I haven't seen anything clarifying either way
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    From the press release, 'Toronto, April 4, 2006 — Mazda Canada Inc. and SIRIUS Canada Inc. today announced that for a limited time, customers purchasing or leasing any new 2006 Mazda will receive a SIRIUS Satellite Radio plug-and-play receiver at no extra charge. The promotion runs from April 4 until May 31, 2006 and includes installation of the plug-n-play device as well as a 12-month subscription to SIRIUS Canada ...'.

    It's not specific on whether the order or delivery has to happen in the date range. If you ordered before April 4 and took delivery after I'd ask for it anyway - you'd end up no worse.
  • partsguy1partsguy1 Posts: 19
    I ordered my car last November and took delivery April 1, the weekend the promo began. I'm getting one from my dealer but had to fight tooth and nail to get it.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    did anyone ever find out if there is a hitch mount made for the Mazda5. The 5 is one of a few vehicle that we are looking at, and would like a hitch for my hitch mount 4 bike carrier.

    Odie's Garage
  • shasta5shasta5 Posts: 7
    We never got ours at signing. At delivery if they had them, back ordered. Picked up our Carbon Grey GT edition a week ago.
  • Can you provide more details about the iPod Audio Link? What brand is it, where did you get it, who installed it, how much was it? Any more info would be appreciated!
  • shasta5shasta5 Posts: 7
    Just picked up our kit, very nice, remote control the works. Where have most installed them in their 5's? I don't want to drill any holes.

    Right now its running in the house and works great.
  • goatropegoatrope Posts: 13
    It's model #AL2005I made by Audio Link and I bought it from SpeedLine International - they are in Taiwan, but they have a store on eBay. The price was $109 + shipping. I paid an additional $40 to have a local pimp-my-ride store install it (they did the Dynamat installation, too). When installed, your iPod's functions can be accessed via the steering wheel controls - but you can't navigate among the playlists. It recharges the iPod as you drive.
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