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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • d_nyholmd_nyholm Posts: 74
    Wow! These deals are getting better and better! Now only if the JX would get deals like this. My family grew since we got the G37 and we need a larger vehicle! I'm paying $370 for a 42k g37x and I thought that was good!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 122,892
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  • mxhxrmxhxr Posts: 1
    Good deal!

    Stopped by a Holman in NJ and was presented w/ the following offer:

    2012 G37x Sedan w/ Premium

    List: 41985
    Actual Price: 38900
    Residual: 31908.60

    1799 down (incl 7% tax, DMV, etc)

    Total payments: 9600.02
  • Ill repost more specifics once I close it tonite.
    2012 G37xS Sport, Navigation, Premium MSRP 44545.00
    449.00 a month for 39 months with only 449.00 down, includes all fees and MD state taxes. Killer deal?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    The money factor I am seeing for G's right now is .00001 which equals a .024% interest rate. Save you cash, let Infiniti loan you the money for the tax, DVR, etc for free. Don't pay more than the first months lease payment when you drive off the lot, and in reality you don't even need to do that.
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    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

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    2018 QX60 RWD
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    I am about to do this deal on Long Island:

    2012 G37X Sedan
    Premium and Nav
    18 month lease
    15k annual miles
    $ 360 per month (including everything).... out of pocket first month and DMV fees

    I think this is a pretty good deal? I welcome other thoughts and comments
  • astuffastuff Posts: 8
    Infiniti of Cerrritos is advertising a 12 k/yr 18 month lease with $0 down for $269 a month. First payment, license, title, and bank fee at signing. It's on their main page.
  • OK signed on this deal last night:

    2012 G37xS Sport, Navigation, Premium, Illuminated Kick plates, Carpeted Trunk Mat Trunk Net & First Aid Kit, Sport Splash Guards
    MSRP 44585.00
    10Kmi a year
    39 months
    449.00 a month all inclusive of DMV fees and MD sales tax
    I paid only 1st month down.
    Good Deal?
  • sand529sand529 Posts: 39
    Seems rather high. I've gotten 12k miles/ 18 months. $269/month with $1704 down (which includes 1st, bank fee, and sales tax at 8.625%). What is the residual percentage at 15k vs 12k?
  • I cant find any reliable information on this issue. My local dealer says its only $1000, while edmunds shows up to $3K. And are they offering anything extra for current infiniti owners?

    Anyone know?

    FWIW, down in Atlanta, I was just offered 77% residual, .0001, 12,000 miles for $297+tax, zero down.
  • amyaleamyale Posts: 2
    OK, here is the latest from the dealer I have been working with...Think it could be much better based on other posts I have read, but unsure (actually not sure I am understanding all of the figures they mention at the bottom either). I appreciate any feedback and thoughts on where there is room for improvement, also suggestions on term of 24 vs 36 vs 39?? Thanks!!

    Here are the new figures for the 15K/year, 39 month, lease that you are interested in:

    MSRP: $41,445
    Sale Price: $38,531

    Money Factor: .00022
    Residual: 56%

    Total Down= $1,799

    Payment at 39 Months would be $440/mo

    Bank Fee= $700
    DOC Fee= $399
    Monthly Payment= $440
    Reg= $170
    Tax= $69

    No Cap Cost Reduction at all.
  • cellicecellice Posts: 38
    amyale, you can do much better. Dealership in MD offered me a G37x Sedan with MPRP of 41,405 for $33,905 on lease
  • gavkoolgavkool Posts: 1
    Which dealership ?
  • mjopprumjoppru Posts: 18
    I stopped by the dealer yesterday.

    It is now listed as $229/mo with zero cap cost down!


    12kmi, 18mo, G37 sedan
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    What's odd about that is that it is one individual dealer advertising this rather than being an official regional or national lease deal.
    Makes me skeptical that it will be a bait and switch scam that they won't really go through with. "One at this price" "Sorry, the ones for that deal are all gone" etc..
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited July 2012
    I wonder what made Infiniti decide to make this lease deal term only18 months? So strange.
    They could have cut the down payment or monthly payments a bit lower at 24 months and it still would have been plenty short of a term so that you would have paid little on maintenance or wear.
    Even 36 months isn't bad and you would be under warranty even on a 15K per year lease.
    At 18 months, in states with high registration fees, you would have paid a few hundred dollars to renew the registration and only get 6 months of use before you have to replace the vehicle and pay registration again on a new vehicle.
    People who lease for 18 months will have to find another vehicle again in 18 months around January 2014 when they would either get a 2014 model that would not be discounted much that early in release or else a 2013 that would only be one model year newer that the car they're returning.
    Just seems weird to have this odd, short lease term.
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    Legacy Infiniti in Lynbrook

    Did the deal monthly payment including ALL $355
  • sentientsentient Posts: 4
    You guys seem to be pulling some incredible deals. I definitely had to negotiate for this one.

    G37 Journey with Premium, Navigation
    MSRP: $42,000
    Agreed Value: 37,300
    Term: 39 months
    Miles: 15,000 per year
    Residual: 55%
    MF: 0.0002 or 0.48%

    Other fees I paid:
    Acquisition: 700
    Title Tag: 130
    Dealer Doc Fee: 150

    Plus Taxes.

    I shopped around for different quotes. I got several that seemed like they were being derived off of a sale price of $37,500 and a 0.00041 money factor. For my deal, it looks like they found the money by knocking $200 off the sale price and $500 off the rent charge. I'd read that the buy rate money factor was 0.00001 but it doesn't seem like anyone would give that to me. Every dealership was universally marking it up. Still $500 interest on a $42K car for 3 years is ridiculous.

    One last thing, I didn't have any special incentives. No loyalty or conquest on this. If that was even applicable, I don't know. I didn't bother checking because it didn't apply to me.

    I'm happy with the end result. I thought I would take the time to post here because this community has been so helpful to me. Feel free to offer thoughts.
  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Posts: 98
    edited July 2012
    Ok I went to the dealer today in the bay area. Looked at two sedans. One was the g37 6mt sedan and the other was g sedan with premium and navi. They told me they would. I'm looking for 15k miles and 18 month lease. They said there was no $3000 dealer cash and it was only $1000 on a lease with 3000 on purchase only

    Numbers are for the sedan with premium and navi.

    Price quoted was 1500 invoice with 15,000 lease.
    MSPR 42145
    Selling price 37261
    15,000 miles
    18 month lease
    400 out of pocket and

    Total with tax 400. Does this sound high for this car?
  • astuffastuff Posts: 8
    edited July 2012
    Actually most dealers in the area can do it. I think South Bay has a G37 with Navi for $252/month. The $269 at Cerritos show 5 at the price on their website. Plus, it seems like mjoppru stopped by the dealer. I leased a Premium with Navi last week in San Diego. See my previous posting for details.
  • rad484rad484 Posts: 22
    Just did a deal. This is my second Infiniti lease. I thought I got a good deal the first time but I think this blows it out of the water. Mind you I qualified for the 1k loyalty so that definitely helped...

    G37x Sedan w/ Prem, Nav, Sport, Tech, Interior Accents, Illuminated Kick plates, trunk mat/first aid, Sport splash guards.

    MSRP: $47,585
    Sale: $40,621
    Added to Cap: $2238 (Tax: 3.17% of Sale Price, Acq: $700 and Tags)
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $42858
    MF: .00028
    Residual: 78%
    Payments: 18 months at $341 w/ all fees rolled in
  • jonnyk2jonnyk2 Posts: 2
    Where did you get this deal? Currently looking and I'm getting terrible quotes on leases.
  • dbg8dbg8 Posts: 2
    Closed a deal with a SoCal dealer I thought I'd share.

    G37 Journey with Premium package, illuminated kick plates, First aid kit, and carpeted trunk mat and net.

    18 month/10K
    MSRP $40K
    Gross cap cost $35,845
    Cap cost reduction $376
    Down $1.1K (includes first months, DMV, doc fees, registration)
    Monthly $249 (including tax)

    I think I was given the loyalty cash even though not previous Infiniti owner. Was offered $259/month with tax for 12k mile lease which I probably should have opted for.
  • rad484rad484 Posts: 22
    Northern Virginia Area. Be firm and go to a large dealer that's more about volume than profit per vehicle. That seems to work.
  • dbg8dbg8 Posts: 2
    I hear its cause they want to take advantage of the strength of the used car market. At the end of the 18 month lease terms, they'll have a large offering of low-mile used G37s, which apparently there's more of a market for. This will help dealers clear out their current stock of new G37s while Infinity reduces production of the current model G37 to make way for the 2014 redesign.

    Not sure if that makes sense.
  • mjopprumjoppru Posts: 18
    I stopped in at Cerritos. It is actually better in person - $229 instead of $269

    G37 RWD Sedan, Prem, no nav - MSRP $39645

    18 mo, 12K lease

    $1400 drive off (no cap cost reduction, first payment, bank fee, title/reg fee)
    $229 plus tax

  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey rad484,

    I'm actually shopping the same market. the car you bought, is the SAME ONE I want. Can you tell me the dealer you were working with? I've been dealing with JBA infiniti. I really appreciate your help. You are allowed to post dealers name here...just not sales person. THANK YOU!
  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Posts: 98
    Ok guys, looking to close a deal on a 2012 G37 Sedan 6MT. Im doing the 18 month lease, dealer quoted me the following residuals, arent these low? what is everyone else getting, is the 6MT?

    12k lease they quoted 74%
    15k lease they quoted 76%

    Please help looking to close today

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    I know for one thing they are backwards. Residuals are lower the more miles you are leasing. Not sure of the accuracy of the individual numbers.
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
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  • urirx98urirx98 South FloridaPosts: 51
    edited July 2012
    Also looking to cash in on a new 2012 but heres my situation. I currently have 10 months left on my 2010 G37 navi and my dealer ( in Florida) is calling me to trade it in for a new one. I currently have low miles ( less then 23k) but need new tires and have some scratches/ chips on side of car and have been offered the same model (g37 prem navi) for the same price I am currently paying ( 477 tax incl) for 18 months. What do u guys think. The dealer is saying I have alot of negative equity but its them who want my car, not me trying to get out of it right now. THanks for the help
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