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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    myonenickel, the forum rules say no naming specific salespeople here which is why I am reluctant to give you the name here. I would be happy to send it to you via email.

    Going through my emails, I discovered that I had made an error. The Obsidian that I got the spec sheet on was from Westport (maybe the car they sold you because it has a black interior and has the 44090 MSRP), and not IRA. So many contacts in a few days, it is hard to keep everything straight. If IRA has agreed to sell you the car for 38K I am sure they will do it for your color also, if they have it or if they have one coming in.
  • me21379me21379 Member Posts: 18
    10k/year 36 months might be south east regional only
  • firepumpfirepump Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2010
    What are the down sides of leasing? What kind of interest rate is Lexus giving on RX350?
  • me21379me21379 Member Posts: 18
    Anyone have dealings with/comments about Nalley or Hennessy in the Atlanta area?
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    I'm also of the "if it's too good to be true, something is up," philosophy, but I can't find it (with Lexus of Watertown). As mentioned, I called Lexus corporate and was assured that the VIN showed the car was fresh out of the factory. Watertown faxed me the contract, and the numbers are right (41525 + 369 for doc fees). That's it - no sneaky numbers in there. And the car has to be what it says it is as long as the car that arrives in my driveway is the VIN they're telling me, right?

    They recommended a shipping company, and the company told me it would be $700 to ship and said that they work with Lexus of Watertown "all the time" so that is reassuring also. A search of BBB and other sites shows that this dealer had a lot of complaints about 5 years back, but very good reviews recently and what seems to be a reasonable number of BBB complaints for an auto dealer (and almost all the complaints were about the service dept.)

    I'm also figuring that if something does come up (which I'm getting less and less worried about) there's always Lexus corporate to turn to.
  • alanw4alanw4 Member Posts: 2
    I'm very familiar with Nalley Lexus (both locations) and they have excellent service departments. About 3 weeks ago I inquired about an RX 350 (MSRP = $44,090 and I was able to get $4K off very easy. While I'm still in the market for an RX, I'm waiting to see what they may do later this month. It appears from the recent post's, that people are getting 12% to 13% off MSRP which is very good.

    This forum has been an excellent source of information for price guidance. Does anyone know when the 2011's may actually arrive ? I keep hearing Sept, early October !
  • funguy123funguy123 Member Posts: 94
    They are listed on If you go to new car and choose Lexus RX 350, you should be able to see if there is any dealers cash back. This is also different for some regions. Currently we don't have any in my region (mid west). But I am thinking they should have something in August (assuming the 2011 will arrive in Sept).
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    OK - having a moment of panic here. As you can see from my above posts, I'm about to sign on the car today, but it's a big purchase for me. I did more reading on-line last night, and found some sites where owners were really unhappy with this car. Most of the comments had to do with the way the Nav system worked, the "luxuriousness" or lack thereof (leather vs. plastic parts), and the center console. Some complained of wind noise. Am I making the right decision? Consumer Reports loves the car; editors of various sites love the car; but there are some people out there who feel they made a mistake. Am I? Can anyone help me psychologically?

    The way I decided to buy it in the first place is that I wanted a small-ish SUV, then I looked at Consumer Reports repair ratings to narrow the list, and then test drove this, an X3, and an Acura. I liked this one the most (by far). I've only owned 2 Toyotas, both of which I've been very happy with (a Corolla and a Sienna). Maybe I should take the attitude that no car is perfect but you take the bad with the good and there's a lot of good to these (i.e. never being in the shop, lasting a very long time) that are more important than whether or not one piece of trim is leather vs. plastic? Thoughts?
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    tbartman, I had exactly the same thoughts. Did the same research and everything, read the reviews, complaints etc. Finally decided I didn't want something as big as an MDX. We liked the car when we test-drove it. We've had a Sienna for 10 yrs and it has been trouble-free. I don't care much for leather/wood trims (I would've preferred not to pay almost 300 dollars for the little piece of leather/wood on the steering wheel and shift knob but they had no cars without that option) and the car is luxurious enough for me. So I've sent in my money, and expect the title etc to show up today. If you've compared the alternatives and you still like this one, then go for it.
  • rick9194rick9194 Member Posts: 50
    Whats up B-Man

    I had the same feelings before I purchased.

    I notice that previous Lexus RX owners are the most critical. I guess they were expecting more improvements from previous models. Some even say they liked their older model better. Thats happened to me before on a different make car .... I bought the newer model for big bucks and kind of wished I had kept my old car ... that feeling pasted in time .... I think the big bucks is what gave me temporary buyers remorse.

    I read all the complaints in the reviews. Just remember there are thousands that are satisfied for every one thats not. I recently had surgery on my back ... everyone I knew that had back surgery got a bad result .... so I thought. When I started asking around, I figured out, that just wasn't true. The people that had a problem tell everyone they know for the rest of their life .... the ones that had a good result don't talk about it unless you ask.

    I'm very sensative to the wind noise. I didn't notice excessive wind noise during the 3 test drives .... and I was listening specifically for that. Thanks goodness the car we bought doesn't have that problem either ... same with the tire noise. The "soft paint" issue .... I don't know. Lexus does use some different paint system, different than some others makes. You don't see the "orange peel" effect on the lexus like you can find on most other brands. The paint looks awesome, we got the starfire or whatever .... white. We do lots of highway driving and get a good many chips anyway .... will that be worst with the Lexus .... I don't know . I think the complaints about the nav are related to limited functionality when in motion ... I think thats a safety thing or possibly a legal thing. I've heard other some other cars are the same way .... I'm not really sure. I guess to much messing with the nav while in motion would be similar to texting and driving. The mouse thing is really cool and easy to use ... thats a feature the wife and I both like.

    What else did I read about .... oh yeah ... the soft windshield. I don't believe that one ... all windshields are built to exact federally mandated standards.

    Take a long test drive in the actual car you want to buy .... go on the highway ... run it up to 80 for a minute. Be in tune to these reported problems. If the wind noise is excessive drive another and see if its the same ... who knows ... maybe its a fit issue on a fender or something. Anyway ... you get the idea ... check out all the stuff you can prior to giving up the cash .... look the car over real good in the sunlight.

    Good luck B man .... my wife loves hers .... its really nice looking. That "soft" paint looks awesome with the "noisey" 19 inch wheels .... my wife is smiling so big I can't tell if I've got a chip on the windshield or not
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    Thanks guys, your replies really help. I have been trying to think that probably what rick9194 said is true: the people who are unhappy are going to be MUCH more likely to post on websites than the ones who aren't, so while some message board may look like 50% of owners are unhappy, in reality it might be much lower. At least in general (I can't tell if it is true for 2010) Consumer Reports says that RX owners have the highest "I would buy this car again" rating of anyone - something like 75% (which is tops) whereas for the X3 it's around 33%. No car they had was higher (again showing that no car is going to be perfect for everyone).

    Thanks again!
  • rick9194rick9194 Member Posts: 50
    B Man

    Have you found a good deal? What options are you getting?

    The vented seats are the bomb ..... just a little cool air on the [non-permissible content removed] is very nice this time of year. I really like the 19' 7 spoke rims ... they give the car a different look. I got premium, comfort, nav, towing, 19 inch wheels and the $300 leather thing ... I think thats it.

    Get one and enjoy
  • myonenickelmyonenickel Member Posts: 19
    Congratulations on your car. 2 questions. I've read that you shouldn't pay for your car until you have it. How does it work with having the car shipped? Also, can't decide, navigation or not. Is it worth the extra money? Will I have a hard time selling my car without it? Like a cell phone, I keep thinking the more options, the more opportunity for things to go wrong. Am I being overly cautious?
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    My specific deal is:

    AWD, Cerulean Blue, Gray Leather
    Comfort Package (Bi-Xenon headlamps, adaptive headlights, heated/cooled seats)
    NAV system with 12-speaker premium sound system
    Premium Package (moonroof, heated outside mirrors, power rear door, etc.)
    Tow prep package
    Remote engine start
    Wood/Leather steering wheel
    Cargo net package
    Cross bars

    The MSRP is $48,259. The invoice should be around $43,000. The price is $41,525 + $369 doc fees. I'll pay $700 to ship MA to OH.

    Maybe the only thing I would have liked is the parking assist. The car I test drove had sensors telling you when you were about to bump something. Is that what that is? Or will my car still have that (is intelligent parking assist something else)
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    The steps were as follows (I hadn't bought a car in a long time, so I was confused too, but I'll go through it in detail):

    1) I found the car I wanted and they emailed me the window sticker with the VIN and told me the price. I gave him a credit card number and they charged $1000 (refundable) to hold the car for me.

    2) I called my car insurance and had it added (they needed the VIN). They said if the deal fell through, they'd remove it and charge me nothing

    3) I went to the bank for the loan. They wouldn't give it until I had the proof of insurance. They gave me the check made out to the dealer. They said if the deal fell through, I could return to them with the uncashed check and I wouldn't be charged anything.

    4) I called the dealer and gave him the leinholder (bank) information. I faxed him the proof of insurance and my driver's license.

    5) He prepared the bill of sale and overnighted it to me. I also had him fax it so I could see that it was correct faster (he hadn't changed the price or tried anything tricky). This is where I'm at now.

    6) I will sign the bill of sale and overnight it back to him with the money (the bank check and a personal check to cover the difference).

    7) He will then prepare the title and overnight it to me.

    8) I will take that to my local DMV to pay my sales tax, get the car registered, and get plates.

    9) I will overnight the registration and plates to him. Simultaneously I will arrange for the transport company to pick up the car the day after the plates will arrive at the dealer (I already have the quote from the transport company and gave them a heads-up about the expected date).

    10) The car will arrive at my house 2-4 days later.

    So, yes, there will be a lag, but should something go wrong the bank can always stop checks, etc., so I'm not too worried. Also, the bank owns the vast majority of it, so if something happens I know that their lawyers will be gangbusters to get the vehicle or money! I think everything is going smoothly thus far. I first talked to them about the car Monday, the bill of sale comes today, I expect to have the car in my possession by the end of next week.

    He said if I wanted to send him the money first, he would put the bill of sale and title in one mailing, so I could have cut out some steps (and maybe 2 days), but this made me nervous, so I opted to do it stepwise.
  • marabuntamarabunta Member Posts: 24
    I posted last December when I purchased our RX350. My wife did not want a new car because she was very happy with her 2006 ES330. After 7 months, my wife loves the RX350. The only thing that I noticed is that the seats in our ES330 are a little more comfortable than the seats in the RX350, but this is not a major concdern. However, with that said, I am a car guy and at age 66 have owned over 100 cars in my life time. I currently own a 2003 Corvette convertible and a 40 Ford convertible street rod which I use to drive a lot on weekends. Now we drive my wife's RX350 on weekends. The RX350 is the best car I have ever owned (not counting a 1969 Chevelle Malibu SS that I ordered new in 1969. I sold it three years later and have never forgiven myself...but that is another story.) Based on everything I read about the RX350's I did insist that my car was built in Japan. I have had absolutely no complaints about the RX350 and would not hesitate to purchase it again.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    Guys, I don't know what's going on, but I got a message today from Watertown offering me an even better deal. Too bad I've already paid for the car at IRA, but they said they will give it to me at $1000 below the deal we negotiated earlier, which would make this $3000 below invoice ($700 better than my current deal). This sounds unbelievable even to me (and I have it in an email from them) but if you are negotiating with them, use this as leverage. They must be desperate to move those vehicles. Nothing like buyer's remorse.. arghh,.
  • bostonsrirambostonsriram Member Posts: 6
    Hi Group
    I am buying a new 2010 LEXUS RX 350 Truffle Mica + Beige Interior with same specs as mentioned by tbartman. I bought same car in Nov 09 - was involved in an accident in june, the insurance company totaled the car and buying one again.

    I m buying this one at 44,500 All inclusive including SIMONIZ. (car + Sales Tax + Doc Fee + Registration transfer from my old car + SIMONIZ). This is about 700 -750 $ less than what is mentioned in tbartman's note. I am not sure if this the BEST deal but i think it is better than most of the other dealerships.

    If tbartman or anyone else wants more details about this, feel free to email me at nsriram73atgmaildotcom
  • cap58cap58 Member Posts: 32
    tbartman -
    Where in Ohio are you? I am in Cleveland and the best deal I've been able to negotiate thusfar on Nav, Prem, Comfort (MSRP around $48000+) is $43997. This is still over invoice and I haven't sensed either of the Cleveland dealers hungry to negotiate further. I found it interesting that you went out of state to MA. My glitch is that I would have a trade - I really don't want the hassle of selling it on my own. Would be interested in knowing your experience in OH.
  • svofan2svofan2 Member Posts: 442
    rick8183, this has to be the best message I have read in a while. I am also ubdecided about the RX350 but you put it all in the right perspective for me since you touched in all the points that have doubts about...
    Enjoy yours in the best of health and thanks for a well thought out and written opinion about all the RX 350 "problems".,..

  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    I am north of Cincinnati. I asked the dealer here, in Dayton, and Northern Kentucky for their "real" best price because I wasn't going to jerk around back-and-forth. I said "give me only one number, you've got one shot." They were all much higher than what was reported here by sqb, so that's why I persued Massachusetts. The dealer in Dayton went as far as to say that anyone who said they were buying below invoice was lying (saying everyone here was a ruse).

    After I got the number from MA, I went to the local dealer one more time, and he said no way he could match it and if he were me, and if the offer were real, I should take it, so I did. He was very forthright about it.

    I emailed the Dayton dealer today with the VIN and price and said "there you go!"

    I don't know why it's so different out there, but even with the shipping, it is still WAY less than I was going to get here. There's the slight riskiness to it also, but I've been careful and figure I always have ways of remediation if I need them.
  • funguy123funguy123 Member Posts: 94
    Are you serious? 3k below invoice?
    I don't see any cash to dealer for Lexus RX350. I wonder how are they doing it.

    If this is true, I can't imagine what will happen next month and the month after!!!!!!
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    I don't know how they're doing it up there in Mass. I wouldn't belive it either. How they make money selling below invoice (even with dealer holdback) is beyond me. But I'm not asking and just accepting that I'm getting it $7000 below MSRP and about $1800 below invoice).
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    I am completely serious, but I won't have a way to test it, because I have already bought mine (the paperwork came in today). That would've made it $7200 below MSRP on a 44.7K vehicle - a 16% discount.
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    Right. My discount (from MSRP) came to exactly 14%. The fedex didn't arrive today; maybe they sent it 2-day so I'd have it tomorrow.
  • misscuemisscue Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2010
    Ok so, my husband and I have been saving for a couple of months now. We're looking to buy a 2010 RX 350. We won't be ready w/ our down payment until about September. But I was looking online on Carmax website and found a 2010, exact color, package options that we want. The price is 38,998. Only thing is the car has about 9,000 miles on it, and it's about 3 hours away from where we live. I talked to a sales rep he says it was a puchased vehicle, not a lease and is in brand new condition. So my question is, is this a great enough deal to not pass up? We don't mind the miles, it's the payment difference. The only way we figured to get the payment to what we want is to finance for 72 months instead of 60 but we'll be putting 5,000 down instead of 10,000 as opposed to if we wait til September and cross our fingers that we can find the same one with an msrp of 47,000 and get it for 42, or 41,0000. I know we can always refinance the loan or send more to get the loan down, but I hate the sound of a 6 year loan. I'd appreciate all your imput. This is what the car has:
    2WD,Premium Pkg.,Nav.heated front seats, so I believe it comes with comfort pkg, also has walnut trim on steering wheel, and shifter
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    There are two questions here:

    1) Dealing with the cash flow / monthly payments - obviously you don't want to end up with a loan that you can't make the payment on and end up bouncing checks, missing payments, hurting your credit rating, etc. You mention (correctly) that one way to do this is to get a longer loan.

    2) The total interest paid - the longer the loan and the more you borrow, the more total interest you pay. You can use a calculator (like to put in numbers and figure out the monthly payment as well as the total interest paid (if you use the "Show/Recalculate Amorization Table" button).

    You may find (especially with lower interest rates) that changing the amount or length of the loan does not affect the total interest paid that much, and you can save more on the car to make up the difference. For example, I had also hoped to have more cash down by buying a car in a few months - not because I can't handle whatever payment, but because I knew if I borrowed more I'd pay more total interest. But the deal on the car was $2000 less than I could find around here, and borrowing the larger amount only increased my total interest payment (over 48 months) by about $200, so I came out ahead borrowing more for a cheaper car now than borrowing less for a more expensive car two months from now.

    Also, you have the option of prepaying the loan (knocking many thousands off of the principle) whenever you want. While this won't change future monthly payments (they won't get recalculated), it will shorten the loan and lower the total interest paid. So one option is to get the monthly payment as low as possible (by taking out a long loan) - that gives you cash-flow protection - and when you have extra money around send it in and your 72 month loan may actually get paid off in 60 months or less.

    Hope this helps. Play with that calculator (it even has an option to put in an extra payment at a time you choose to see what it does to the amortization table).
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    Unless you really really want the nav package, my suggestion would be to buy a new 2010 without it, instead of the used one that you mentioned. Given the prices that I am seeing, you will pay less for it than the one you mentioned. If you can be ready in August, chances of finding a 2010 would still be high because 2011 ones won't show up till September. Further, since the 2010 new ones are getting discounted, there is a reasonable chances that you would find another 2010 pre-owned one at a comparable price later on, if that's the route you decide to go. As for the rest, tbartman has provided very good input.
  • just_boughtjust_bought Member Posts: 1
    First off, Thank-you all for providing the information that allowed me to walk into Meade Lexus of Southfield (Michigan) on Wednesday of this week and make an offer of 43,000 plus tax, tags and title. The vehicle is a Truffle Mica 2010 RX350 Nav, Prem, Comfort (MSRP 48,125). Wednesday night we were $630 a apart. Went back yesterday with my husband and they agreed to 43,000. We pick the car up Monday. By the way they were willing to do the same offer on a Starfire Pearl same specs.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    I got a call from a local dealer that I had been talking to, and he said he would beat my current deal by $500. This guy was more than $1000 off last time I had talked to him. Apparently there is a new lexus incentive this weekend (which is what Watertown was also saying). Again, doesn't help me much at this stage.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44

    Just curious. Did you have any luck renegotiating the price with Westport?
  • sunshinegrlsunshinegrl Member Posts: 2
    Hi! This is my first post on this forum... I just made a verbal agreement with the Watertown dealership to buy a RX 350 AWD with the premium package (B) with Nav, rear camera, remote engine starter, and heads up display – It’s in white (starfire pearl) with parchment leather trim and brown walnut accent. Total MRSP comes out to a little over $49K, but I’m getting it for $43,425 plus doc fees.

    I’m really excited to get it!... also kind of wary because of all the posts here (my boyfriend encouraged me to take a look at the forums before I signed the dotted line)… but from what I can tell, Lexus of Watertown has honored all their prices so far, and I really liked my salesperson over there – he walked me over the whole car, he addressed consumer reviews that I wasn’t even aware of, which I thought was weird but really appreciated… The clincher was that he convinced me NOT to opt for some options that probably would be increased his commission, because I really would not have used them (ex - roof rack: “do you have a roof rack on your car now?”…”yes”…”how often do you use it”…”never?”… “well definitely your call to get it or not, but it you’ve had one all this time and don’t ever use it…”)
    Pretty cool that he did that. It’s nice to have a good experience at a car dealership for once.

    Anyway, I did my homework and shopped around with my boyfriend a bit last weekend at the other stores – we went to Herb Chambers and Ira, and we even drove down to Inskip Lexus which is in Rhode Island (btw, complete waste of time/drive). Chambers was pretty good, but they couldn’t match the price… and kind of gawked at us when I told them how much another dealership was giving it to me for (…in hindsight they probably just thought I was just making it up). Ira couldn't move from their “best deal” either. So Lexus of Watertown it is I guess... Has anyone had a deal fall through with them?

    I agree with Tbartman, I also read a bunch of reviews from years back that were really bad for Lexus of Watertown – but in the last two years, especially lately, their reviews have been really good. (Maybe new management? Whatever, I’m getting a fantastic deal out of it so no complaints here.)

    I’ll post when I get the car, but so far so good! Any suggestions for me before I signed the dotted line?
  • laujohnlaujohn Member Posts: 1
    I’m reading a lot of good things about Lexus of Watertown (in terms of deals people are getting), but I live in Tauton (which is about an hour away from the Watertown dealership) – Chambers is much closer and I’ve heard they’re decent. Anybody that has shopped both dealerships? Is it worth my drive? I’m definitely willing to make the drive out if I can get the best deal possible from them, which it seem like I can from the deals people have saying they’re OFFERED, but has anyone BOUGHT the car from Watertown.

    Just anxious to make sure I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck! Thanks for any help!
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    sqb2009 - how long did it take for your paperwork to arrive? Watertown faxed me a copy of the bill of sale on Wed so I could check it, and they said they "fedexed" it the same day, but as of today it hasn't arrived. I thought "fedexed" was synonymous with "overnighted" but maybe they picked ground or something? I have a call into them to tell them the papers aren't here yet. I was hoping all traffic would be overnight so I could finish this quickly!
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Member Posts: 44
    Mine's from IRA, not Watertown, so don't know how that compares, but they mailed the papers overnight on Wednesday and I got them on Thursday. I would be surprised if they did it fedex ground - they don't want you changing your mind either.
  • cap58cap58 Member Posts: 32
    I see on the Lexus website that the annual Golden Opportunity event has begun. One of my local dealers emailed me that there is a $500 incentive from Lexus. Doesn't sound like a lot - think they are trying to hold back some of it?
  • misscuemisscue Member Posts: 3
    Thank you tbartman- for your great info and reply. I dont see the car on carmax's website anymore:( Maybe it wasn't meant to be. But it seems like you're pretty knowledgable. I just joined this forum.I was wondering what is the best deal you have seen this model go for purchase with these options: or anyone who knows??

    2010 Lexus RX350
    premium package
    comfort package
    backup camera

    (price out the door incl fees.)
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    I called them Friday night. Apparently they had it ready to go Wed, but after the fedex pickup, and they said fedex missed Thurs, so it went out Fri and will arrive Monday (they gave me a tracking number). Can't wait to get this done. It's like a kid before Christmas!
  • tbartmantbartman Member Posts: 24
    I don't know much except for the deal I got (many messages above). You can certainly get the idea of the trend. Looks like most are getting offered about $1500-2500 below invoice, and you can find that on the other part of Then the only other costs are "doc prep fees" which will range from $200-$400 or so, sales tax, and the state costs (registration, plates, etc.)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,458
    they said fedex missed Thurs

    Ahh... yeah... that's what everyone says that doesn't get their job done... ;)

    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bostonsrirambostonsriram Member Posts: 6
    Hi Sunshine girl, i am buying a similar car from the same dealership
    pls read my message #3736 of 3759 .
    The list price of the car you and I are buying is 49300$, I am getting a base price of 41,000$. You have finalized it at a much higher price. You may or may not get 41K but you can certainly get 42k $ as base price. Just let them know that you are getting the car at 42K from another dealership and you want to go with them. they will be all over you and start negotiating. Just make a counter offer and walk away, then the managers will call you several times just accept your offer in the 2nd or 3rd call if you hold your nerves in the 1st and 2nd call.
    reach me at nsriram73at gmaildotcom if you need any help
  • valueguyvalueguy Member Posts: 208
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    I believe a few of the blogs are listing a $750 cash incentive right now on the RX350.
    This is a factory to dealer incentive. My hunch is that the incentive is at least $750 or more right now and may climb a bit higher by mid September. This incentive is why dealers can now sell below invoice and still make a profit; plus, they get volume incentives for moving cars.
  • funguy123funguy123 Member Posts: 94
    Edmunds used to be fast in reporting these new incentive but these days they are very slow, sometime it takes them 2 weeks or more... - Not up to the par for sure
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Member Posts: 104
    Wow. you got a great deal! That is what I will be looking for. I would like to get the red colour for the exterior and the beige seating, with all the options you have mentioned. As I live in Canada, I will have to find a dealer in the northwest or even in the southwest that will be willing to deal with me. The Canadian list on the same vehicle would be in excess of $57,000. I was considering waiting for the 2011 models to come out but If I can save 6-7K on a 2010 , then maybe that is the way to go. Hope you enjoy your new ride.

  • rick9194rick9194 Member Posts: 50
    Mr. Fun

    I agree ....Edmunds ... not what they were. In addition to the issues you mentioned, their TMV prices are usually higher than what you can make a deal for. Years ago the TMV price was good info to use when making a purchase. My last 2 or 3 purchases, before I bought the Lexus, were at prices much lower than edmunds TMV price. I had a couple of Lexus dealers tell me "we can give you the car at Edmunds TMV price ... are you familiar with edmunds", I thought wow ... edmunds is a tool for the dealers now. I bought a Honda, maybe 3 years ago, for about 10% under TMV and the diff wasn't due to any factory money.

    The forums are the only good source for final price and then you have to sort through the BS. I love the forums but I'm very disappointed with Edmunds in general.

    Prices seem to be improving overall a bit. Did you break down and buy one yet??
  • rick9194rick9194 Member Posts: 50

    People were posting they were getting killer prices in California a couple months back .... much better than most on east coast at that time. Prices should be even better there now. Look back a couple months on the forum and get the details.

    Good Luck
  • funguy123funguy123 Member Posts: 94
    Hi Rick,

    I completely agree with you, their TMV prices are a joke. Forums are the best way to find what people are paying for the same car. As for my purchase, i have not. Still waiting for a bit better deal :D
  • tresianatresiana Member Posts: 3
    3 year lease. 10,000 miles per year.
    Dealer finally called me today AFTER I had to call this afternoon to get the decision on my pre-qualification (it should have come in 1 day, it took over 6, 5 full business days).

    I let him leave a message and will call him back this week. :)
  • rlhjrrlhjr Member Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I need some advice on what would be a good price for the RX350 FWD. I live in North Carolina and noticed that Lexus is now having a golden opportunity sales event. Last week (before the Golden Opportunity Sale), the dealer quoted me $42,500 which was $500 over invoice. The MSRP was $47,385. The car had nav, premium, comfort, 19" wheels. With the Golden sale going on should I be able to get a better price...maybe $1500-$2000 below invoice? What's the benefits of the golden sale?

    Any help/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Member Posts: 104
    Who did you deal with at the Santa Monica dealership? I called them today and am waiting for a phone call. Thanks?
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