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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just asking. I just don't know. One dealer offered $5200 off MRSP over the phone. I didn't know if that was good or not.
    Does Lexus have special promotion like Toyota (Thanksgiving dealer incentive and rebates $6000 off years ago, but sold a bunch of needless options to me). Would of been a great deal without all the extra options at MRSP and extended warranty purchase. Live and learn.
  • I guess that they must have some kind of rebate from manufacturer because dealers are selling cars at $1.5K-$2 below invoice which is new to me.
    I do not think you need to pay for extended warranty. The question is do you want to prepay at lower price for scheduled maintenance?
    I paid $1720 for 5 yrs scheduled service.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    $2000 under invoice is not that uncommon if you play the game.

    Just gotta be firm and control the conversation. Contact several dealers by phone.

    Never buy prepaid sched maintain.
  • Hi,
    I was offered a 2011 RX 350 with luxury package and has 7K miles for $36K before tax. Is this a good deal? TIA.
  • 1) Be aware that 2011 model requires premium gas, while the 2012 or newer
    models take regular unleaded gas.
    2) You need to compare how much $ off from invoice or MSRP. The brand new
    2013 model was offered ~$5K off from MSRP or ~ $2K less than invoice.
  • arvindpopliarvindpopli Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    I bought a 2013 RX350 AWD (with comfort pkg, premium pkg, nav, blind spot monitor, remote start) for $45400.

    $49075 with tax + doc fee $399 + dmv fees.

    Is that a good deal ?

    And does anyone have any experience with good deal for financing ?
    And extended warranty and pre-maintenance packages ?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  • Dealers love buyer like you: buy a lots of options. Here is bottom line:The more options you add to the car, the more $ they make. So there are more room for negotiation. I do not know all details,but your price should be $6K or more below MSRP.
  • The MRSP is $49565 (including options and destination charges), so 6K less would around be $43500 + $500 (for remote start), so should be around: $44000

    I paid $45400, about $1400 extra. But still I consider this as a good deal, as no dealer in the tri-state area is willing to go below $47000 !!!
  • Everything is relative. As long as you feel good, then it's good deal.
    Just do not buy paint protection and prepay for pre-scheduled services.
    If you did, they allow you to cancel deal without charge within 60days.
    have fun with your new toy.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Can You guide us who is giving $6000 off on the 2013 RX?
    I am willing to fly and buy from there, as my dealership is only offering $4000 off.
    Thank You.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited October 2012
    Beware: Some states are require that seller dealer to charge you that's state's sales tax, by you will get hit again when you register in your state.

    The only way to avoid that, is to transport your new car to your state, where you will register, and pay sales tax there.

    Check the laws of your particular state BEFORE you purchase.
  • I dealt with 2 dealers in San Jose and Fremont (CA), and I they offer over phone $5K <MRSP. I bought one for $42K (MSRP $47.05K).
    What I'm saying if you add more options,there are more rooms for negotiation.
    So I suggest $6K is a starting point because MSRP $49K.
  • jrw123jrw123 Posts: 5
    Sewell Lexus in Dallas says they are the largest in the US. They're about a block from Love Field if you fly Southwest Airlines. I live in Houston and bought an 2013 RX at Sewell two weeks ago. Great experience and a great price. Good Luck!
  • premtpremt Posts: 1
    Hello, which dealer did you get this deal from? This was a brand new 2013, and not a certified pre-owned, correct?
  • msymanmsyman Posts: 25
    Who did you deal with at Sewell? Thanks.
  • jrw123jrw123 Posts: 5
    The salesman's name was Daniel. (Edmunds doesn't want anyone to post last names). See my review on Google. Tell Daniel I recommended him. Good luck, John
  • msymanmsyman Posts: 25
    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but how do I find your review on Google? They all show "Google User". When was it posted? Thanks.
  • Northern California Dealership - Lease

    27 Months
    10k Per Year
    $48,109 MSRP
    $1,000 drive off (cash)
    $1,000 loyalty (second RX in 18 months)

    Good Deal?
  • jrw123jrw123 Posts: 5
    Not a dumb question. I've fixed it. It should now be the most recent post, if you google "Sewell Lexus", then click on the map at the right. That should pull up all of the reviews.
  • Never bought a Lexus always have been a Toyota buyer, anyway, here's what I'm dealing with.

    2013 RX350 FWD
    Package Options:(FT, 3T, WU, NV, HS, PA)
    RX350FWD base price: $39,310
    Package Options: $5,274
    Destination Charge: $895
    MSRP Price: $45,479
    Location: Bay Area California

    Realistically speaking can I ask for a $6k off MSRP price? I want to set a price but wanting to be realistic also. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • msymanmsyman Posts: 25
    I found a 2013 RX350 with 2900 miles. Ad says it's loaded w/ nav meaning it should have stickered for around $49k. Dealer is asking $43,900 which is just under what one could expect to buy a new for according to the most recent posts. If brand new ones are going for 10% off MSRP, ($44-$45k) what would be a reasonable price for this one with 3k miles? Can one expect to save enough to make it worthwhile to buy this one? Thanks for your input.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    edited October 2012
    From Magnussens's lexus, Fremont, CA. Matador red, with black interior with only 18k miles. Paid 35.7k + tax + fees. Drives like new car and we are very happy. It is built in Japan, (I don't know if that is good). I really wanted to buy a brand new one with HUD, Parking assist, and blind spot monitor. But decided against it and save that money for kitchen remodeling :-).
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Folks,,,,, Here is my 2 cents on New Car Buying. Been buying online or by phone for over 30 yrs.. Always shoot for Invoice price then minus the dealer holdback or try to get most of it back. Then Minus any Incentives on top of that price. If your a good negotiator add the Doc fee's into the below price. Or try to get them reduced or Taken off. Once you have your below Invoice pricing Email or call about 20 Dealers only Internet managers in your area . You will get the best price buying this way. If any one of the internet mangers cant give you a price while on the phone i suggest 2 things ..1- make him give you his best price before you end your conversation with him...2- Any dealership that you feel are not sellers or wasting your time say good-bye and x them off your list .. this is a fast and simply process. Sometimes out of state may be your best buy. Thats your decision if you dont mind the travel.. Its fast and simply. Weeds out all the bad dealerships. Supply and Demand always play a big part into the game .......Good luck

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    edited October 2012
    In the market for an SUV, preferably a compact one. Right now the Acura RDX is the front runner but since I currently have a Lexus (the 2008 IS 350) and have been happy with it, I'd like to consider the Lexus again. Sadly there is no compact SUV from Lexus, but the RX 350 size is at least at the upper limit of what I would consider - a car like the MDX I wouldn't.

    I've gone to one of the local Lexus dealers here in the DC area twice. The first time was to drive the RX and the RX F-Sport. I didn't even know about the RX F-Sport but after I saw it and drove it, I really felt that was the preferred car of the two. The salesman told me then that most of the RX F-Sports on their lot will come with everything (like Navi). The only extra thing to really choose would be Blind Spot indicator at an extra $500.

    He said I'd be at $51k-ish for it. For the Non-F-sport equipped the same, I'd be at $49k-ish. When we talked price, we were looking at $50k + $3500 in fees (that's the way they divided it up on the paper.)

    Looking at, I'm not sure what the exact likely models on their lot they had, but I know that the 2013 Lexus RX 350 AWD 4dr F Sport configured with:

    NAVIGATION PACKAGE at $2,775 (which includes the LEXUS DISPLAY AUDIO PACKAGE at $860)

    would put me at:

    $47,000 + $3,775 in options + $895 destination = $51,670 before the Tax, Tags/License

    TrueCar's average paid pricing has:
    $44,736 (base) + $3,359 (options) + $705 (Regional Ad Fees) + $895 Destination = $49,696

    TrueCar is saying that my Target price should be $50,411, giving me a Potential Savings of $1,259

    I'm liking what I'm seeing here about $6k off MSRP being what to shoot for, but I don't know if I could aim for that much off on the F-Sport since that's a bit higher in demand? Perhaps on a Non F-Sport RX.

    Is there anyone else considering the 2013 Lexus RX F-Sport?

    I'm heading back there again to see what they would give for a trade-in for my IS 350. And to see how much lower I can push the price. I'd like a number to push towards that's unreachable on their end so I can easily walk. I want to see how low they can go but don't want to commit to anything today. I still want to visit Acura one more time with my trade-in as well (I talk about Acura pricing here if anyone is interested).

    I know the RDX is cheaper and RX is the better car, but I only want to commit to the RX if the price window between the two is at a certain point. OTherwise, I'll go with the RDX.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    I, too, considered Acura when I purchased my new RX350. I love it.

    My suggestion is to call several dealers and tell them that whoever meets your price that you'll buy from them.

    I'd be firm as to your price. Take 10% off the total MSRP. Don't back down and also say No Doc fee.

    You can also ask the sales rep to check the inventory of other nearby dealers.

    From my experience and what I've heard is that you can always get below invoice. For a $50,000+ RX, you should be able to get it for 10% off.

  • I am in the market for a 2013 RX350. I am ready to make an offer to an internet manager for an end of October purchase, but I am wondering if I should wait a few more weeks to see if the December to Remember offers would get me a better deal. Does anyone have an opinion? What is typically offered with the December to Remember sales? The dealership seems to be hungry for an October deal.. Bear in mind, I am purchasing, not leasing. Thanks!
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Try making a low ball offer such as 15% off MSRP. Tell them if they meet your offer that you'll buy now, otherwise you'll come back in Dec.

    Make sure you put yourself in the controlling position. Make your offer to them, not vise versa.

    Good luck.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited October 2012
    I vote to work the manager very hard, then when you have a decent price..wait if you can until that December event, remember the price he offered now, and demand the discounts offered then/or coupons if any. Remember, the internet manager will not give his final price, on line, as you must come in for that, and work for more off. He knows you are shopping with other dealers on line.

    Usually the December event ,as well as other NATIONAL events which is sponsored by the Lexus Factory, means they are making a incentive to the dealers, so that they can offer you a lower price, as they get extra money from the factory.

    If you need the car sooner, then as other said he..go with his ideas now.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out ?
  • slmdslmd Posts: 6
    Picked up my 2013 Rx 350 over the weekend in DC area. FWD, Premium Package, Lexus Display, Heated Front Seats, Wood & Leather Trim, Cargo Net, etc MSRP $44.5K (including delivery). Paid $38.1K plus tax and tags. No trade-in. Lexus Financing is running a 1K incentive for current Lexus owners. So that helped.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,472
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