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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have a Plus arriving in 2 months. Is the Audi Care at $ 740. worth it? Seems expensive for filters/fluids for 3 1/2 years.
  • A finance guy at Audi told me that I have to do maintenance at scheduled intervals anyway because otherwise I will lose Audi warranty. He also told me that without buying Audi Care I will end up paying around $1,200. It’s a 4 years or 50k maintenance plan. He said I will pay around $300 for each maintenance visit. There are 4 visits total so it comes to approximately $1200.

    I don’t know how much of this is true though.
  • The dealer told me the 1st maintenance is at no cost, whether you have the Audi Care or not.
    I also heard the $ 740. is negotiable and can be purchased up to the 1st maintenance.. Anyone have more info on this?
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    I just negotiated Audi Care into the deal when I purchased the Q5, AOA paid for it. You too can have it as part of the purchase, it wasn't difficult, don't know unless you ask and press a little.
  • I was really impressed with the Audi Q5 performance and ended up leasing one after getting a rock bottom price.

    Then I was charged for a Lo-Jack but it turns out, the car never had one. It takes them 2 months to credit the amount they overcharged me. Instead of the dealer sending you a check, they keep the money and let Audi Financial deal with it.

    Within 90 days, the Engine Malfunction Light comes on while driving. I'm first told by the lady at the dealership that I probably left the gas cap loose and it should reset in 24 hours (??).

    After that didn't work, I'm told that it's probably the emissions system. The manual says if this comes on it may be a problem with the catalytic converter - which clearly shows they are aware of faulty parts even when the car was first being manufactured!

    After reading horror stories of people dropping their car off at this dealership and not seeing it again for 30-60 DAYS, I asked about providing me with car to drive in the meantime.

    Guy tells me Audi doesn't do that and that any loaner is done through Budget Rental car where they give you a discount on the first day and then up to $35 a day after that. Which is the Sub Compact Rate.

    When finalizing your deal make sure you read the list of things that Audi DOESN'T provide their customers with along with a car purchase/lease. Then look at BMW and other luxury car makers and see what they offer. This can save you a lot of money and headaches.

    Audi = Luxury priced cars with Low grade treatment for the customers who buy them.

    Total Joke
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,915
    Sounds like most of your issues are with your dealer, not Audi...

    So.. which dealer?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Looking for the Feb money factor and residual value for the Audi Q5.
  • I am considering a Q5 - fairly basic configuration - with just premium and nav system. I am curious as to what others have paid or what I should expect to pay over invoice. Thanks for any helpful data.
  • khestkhest Posts: 5
    Anyone with prices in Florida on Prem Plus, 19" wheels, Nav, & Bang/Olufsen??
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 39
    edited February 2010
    IT is true, I just went thru a repurchase, everytime at the dealership I noticed the
    SAME vehicles there, simple parts take weeks to come in, the only thing they stock is oil and filters, I am not exagerating, also tons of people coming in with check engine lights, electrical issues, etc, I drank the Audi " koolaid" , I am glad I puked it up, never will deal with Audi again, I frequented two dealerships, same crappy service and attitude, they act like it is your fault, you have been warned!
  • khestkhest Posts: 5
    Any opinions on purchasing Audi care??
  • I am in market for Q5 and qualify for supplier discount program so don't know if I should push for any extras other than the 6% discount they give you with this discount. Does anyone know if the dealer loses that 6% in their commission, or does Audi refund them this $$. I've read conflicting comments on this message board so want to ensure I dont' get ripped off.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    If you buy, get it! I negotiated it into the price I paid for my Q5, you can too. Services are much less with it.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    it was for a Q5 premium plus.

    anyone think this is a good deal?
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    interent manager i PA accepted my offer of $500 over invoice for a premium plus. no other options.
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    which dealer was this at? so how much did you end up paying?
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    willow grove audi.

    haven't purchased. the internet mgr never got back to me with fees and how he came to invoice price.
  • shin2sx2shin2sx2 Posts: 7
    wayne right? with $500 over invoice, what was the final price?
    the best I've gotten so far on east coast was 43992 for
    dark grey paint + premium plus + nav + all season mats + wheel locks..

    about $1100 over..invoice.. which was at annapolis md..
    I think I'm going to settle w/ this one..?

    Is 43992 bad for those options? anyone think i can do betteR?

    gluck w/ your search though.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    nope. i asked for a quote on a premium plus. he gave me a quote on a premium with ala carte options. be careful.

    of course, the dealer never wants to be transparent and give you the line by line invoice items. buyer beware.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    looks like audi dropped base prices $825 across the board on the q5 from what i can tell. can others confirm??

    i checked kbb and it seems correct.

  • lmariorodlmariorod Posts: 21
    Hi. The $825 is the destination charge. You'll pay that to get out the door.

    As for selling you extras alacarte, you'll pay much more. Each of those included extras of the Premium Plus would add thousands more than just keeping the deal simple with Premium Plus...Got mine in two days for keeping it simple with no trade in, own financing and refuse their extras, except possibly AUDI-CARE @$750. This was however, a purchase and not a lease. Good Luck.
  • After trying to negotiate now for a month with EVERY Audi car dealer in the state of Georgia, I've decided the heck with this Q5 and got instead a Lexus RX350. I'm very happy with my decision -- got $6000 off sticker on Lexus and decided against the Q5 because the salesmen at every Audi dealership I called lied about not being able to come off the MSRP because "they can't even keep them on the lot." The funny thing is that every time I went back in person -- even after a month -- the SAME exact Q5s were sitting there on the lot gathering dust. Moral of the story -- don't believe their CRAP that they can't come off the MRSP -- do yourself a favor and spare yourself some heartache and just buy a different make/model.
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    If it's only about how much you can get off MSRP, then the Q5 would not be at the top of anybody's list. Sometimes there is no choice but to pay-to-play and, to me, true heartache would be settling for driving an RX350 for years just to save a few bucks a month.
  • Believe me, it's more "than a couple of bucks." It's about $6,000 difference for the EXACT same features so approx. $100+ per month. The RX350 nav. is also far superior and driving performance is smoother so I know I made the right choice!
  • lmariorodlmariorod Posts: 21
    Amen tsol. He settled. Had we not gotten the Q5, the XC-60 would have been next. The Lexus RX-350 is so lame with one at every other stop light. We never would have settled for the RX.
    But he says he "CALLED" every Audi dealer. You have to visit them and play their game until you get a fair deal. You may have to go multiple times...I'll bet Lexus jumped on him on his first visit.. The Q5 ROCKS!!
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Posts: 31
    from a dealership in nj

    q5 premium plus (base pkg, no options)
    msrp 42,700 truecost 39,823
    invoice 39,760
    offer of 39,985 and threw in audicare.

    sounds like a great deal to me. getting it under invoice because of the
    free audicare thrown in. this was via costco car buying program.
  • So... I am looking/deciding between the XC60 and the Q5 for my wifey! Now I got a H2 and a Tahoe and the wifey hates both cause of their size and being that we are looking to have kids in the next year or two, it only seems right that the Q5 or XC60 might be perfect choices (and maybe even the SRX).

    What are some prices you guys have gotten for a 36-month lease with 12,000 miles/year and no more than $2,000 drive-off (so down + all taxes + fees).

    Here is the type of car I am looking for:
    Premium Plus
    Rear Side Air Bags
    (B&O Sound/S-Line Package/19" wheels: I wouldn't mind these but don't want to spend a lot for them on a lease).

    Please give me some of your feedback and approx. #s of what you guys have gotten, especially if your in California.

    Much appreciated,


  • rr4mywiferr4mywife Posts: 57
    Hi - Did you ever get a response to this post? I also qualify for the supplier discount program and am in the market for a Q5.
  • jabberjawsjabberjaws Posts: 9
    edited March 2010
    I don't know what your question was -- are you asking about the percentage? If so, it's 6% if you are eligible for Supplier Discount. I've confirmed this with Audi's corporate offices after a sleezy salesman at an Atlanta dealership lied to me and told me it was 3%. When I later told him it was 6%, he wouldn't return my calls -- I guess he was too embarrassed because he was caught lying through his teeth!
  • soobahk1soobahk1 Posts: 2
    Ordered Q5 premium+, B&O, 19" wheels. March 1st at Bell Audi. Good experience. $668./mo., 12K, $0 down, tax included. Also includes Audi care
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