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    Hi All,

    I know some of you out there have put a CD Changer question is, what brands are compatible with the factory Radio/CD player? I know you can get a Y adapter to split off the back of the factory radio but not sure which changers will work. In the same vein...what is that darn bar code on the radio faceplate for?

    Also, in every car I've owned (except my '67 Impala SS) my steering wheel has locked in some position when I take the key Yukon XL doesn't seem to do that. Has GM gotten rid of that feature for this truck?

    Thanks for the replies!

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    Received word from dealer today that my XL order sent in Nov 3, has been scheduled week of Dec 18. I was surprised, and had resigned myself to a build week of about mid Jan, due to Xmas shut-down. Dealer advised that a short duration constraint on "D" pkg had existed, and were it not for that, build week would have been sooner. That would have seemed a little too quick to me, But that's what I was told. My guess is dealer arrival around Jan 5 or 6. I guess I had better start breaking open the piggy bank.

    Mike DFW
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    Mike, if you turn the wheel far enough it will lock. Im not sure why you must turn so far though. Hey, was that 67 a big block? Do you still have it? Mike
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    Looking at Post 223 makes me think that I may get a nice x-mas present. My order was finally accepted on 11/10 and I have a TPW of 12/4. All after placing my original order back in the middle of July. Did any of you that had your rear windows fail ever try to lube the gaskets or make any other adjustments to the window seal? Thanks to all for the great info.
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    The barcode on the radio faceplate also has some numbers on it, they are the security code the factory set for your radio's theft-deterrent feature. Your owners manual should describe this feature and how to change the code (2001 XL manual section 3 page 31.) I choose not to change mine but removed the sticker and stuck it on that page in my manual.
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    Figoman: Nah...just had a 283 but it was an Arizona car...not a touch of rust on it when I brought it to NJ...gone now...wish I still had it though.

    lahunter: My radio did not have the theftlock activated when I got the number on the barcode had nothing to do with that.
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    Campo57 -
    In response to your question about which CD changer is compatible with your radio system in your Yukon Xl, I am at this moment having a CD changer put on our XL that works directly through the radio controls. It is an Alpine 6 disk CD changer, with a model number of: CHMS 620. The price that I paid was $238.15, including tax. I wanted to put a 10 or 12 disk changer, but I was told that I would have to make some additional modifications, and I really wanted to just go the direct route through the radio. I hope this helps.

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    I am in the process of buying a 2001 Suburban. I won't be doing any towing and am looking at the C1500's. I have seen a couple with the 5.3 liter with the 4.10 rear end. With the 4.10 rear end whateffect with that have on my expected mileage, around town acceleration and freeway speed RPM and mileage? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I chose to change my code so I could get the flashing LCD. I'm no expert on thief psychology but I'd bet a flashing red light in a car would deter them more than nothing at all. well, at least the kids who aren't experts on the security features of the new cars
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    My wife has had a 1500 with 4.10 rear end for a little over a month. Our dealer told us when he has both 3.73 and 4.10 on the lot to compare people overwhelmingly choose the 4.10. When my wife had previously test driven a 3.73 she told me she thought it was sluggish. I thought the 5.3 was a borderline engine for us to tow with using the 3.73 so I told her to get the 4.10. After I have driven it a fair amount and towing with it yesterday and today, there is no doubt that I would have been disappointed with the 3.73. Only if the bulk of my mileage would be highway and with NO towing would I consider the 4.10.
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    I meant to say in the last line of the last post, 'Only if the bulk of my mileage would be highway and with NO towing would I consider the 3.73'. That is what I get for posting while on heavy cough medicine!
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    Just recieved delivery on 2001 Yukon XL 2500 w/6.0 and 4.10's. I ordered this vehicle with 4.10 so we could change to the taller 265/75 tires and have the effect of a 3.90 gear ratio which I fill is the best for our type of use. We asked the dealer to reprogram so the speedo would be correct,so he called tech support to get the info to do this. Tech support informed him (the call was on speaker phone so I could hear)that you could not make the change on this vehicle,but that you could do it on all the other models. I find this very hard to believe as the computer must be programed for either the 4.10 or 3.73 depending on which is ordered. Has anyone run into a problem like this. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've got a 2000 suburban 4wd with the firestones on it and 12,000 miles. The tires are so loud at 45 mph that you would think I had mudders on it. The ride is not rough but the noise is horrible. Think I'll buy my wife a set of Michelins for Christmas!
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    It could be that the RPM sensor is in the transmission and I THINK that the 2500/6.0 might be a different transmission than the 1500. Not sure though. I just bought Michelins 265's today. Ride is a little more harsh (just barely) which I think may be due to the extra steel belt, but of the five tires only one needed ANY weights and all four on the ground tested great at high speeds. My wife feels better about it now! I will post what the dealer says on reprogramming.
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    First was a '99 and I put 24,000 miles on it with the only problem being dealer related--even after three attempts it still pulled to the left. Other than that it was the best (fifth over 15 years of Suburban/Yukon products) vehicle I ever owned.

    I decided to upgrade for a couple of reasons...I wanted the extra size of the XL. I wanted the 4-wheel disks and finally, I wanted the pulling power.

    About three weeks ago I dedicated an afternoon and called 38 (yes 38) of my "local" Chicagoland GMC dealers, told them exactly what I wanted (Black Denali XL, no sunroof, 60/40 2nd seat and lift gate...engine block heater would be nice). Then I asked each two questions--How much over invoice and by what date will I get it.

    35 of the 38 dealers said they needed full MSRP, (Three had it on their floor) and said the price was firm. After which I thanked and hung up on each.

    One said he would go $1,000 off MSRP...Thanks, bye.

    And two said that they wanted three grand over invoice with delivery in late December of early January....

    So then I told them about my a trade-in--a '99 Silvermist Denali with 24,000 miles and in perfect condition with the exception of a quarter sized paint scrape on the rear bumper (from a run in with a rusty old metal truck bumper. I asked both to quote me on my trade. Each gave a tight range of $26k to $27,500 pending verification of my truck's condition.

    I ordered from each with the agreement that if I found one before theirs came in, they would understand and refund my $500 deposit.

    Three weeks go buy and then last Thursday, I decide to re-call some of the dealerships that I had previously talked to see about current price and availability.

    The first dealer tell me they are getting full MSRP--I thanked him anyway. The second dealer says he has a Black Denali XL, unspoken for, that just was just being unloaded off the truck. He describes the other options and it turns out it is outfitted exactly as I wanted. He says he wants MSRP for it. I say thanks anyway and start to hang up and he asks me what it will take to do it today.

    I tell him my deal with the other dealers and if he matches that I will be there tonight! In less than three minutes, he calls me back and asks for my fax number so he can send the a buyers order for my approval....

    I picked up my '01 Denali XL the next morning (they needed time to prep it) at the price I wanted.

    I related this long tale here for a few reasons...
    1.) I thought some might find it interesting--there is a lot here that this group might have discussions about--Did I pay to much, is calling 38 dealers a waste of time, etc.
    2.) I still have the two others, expected in about a month, on order --if any one here would like me to "bring them" (via telephone) to my dealer to see if "your" name could get put on my order--. And
    3.) The Denali XL truck is special...with only 200 miles on it I can literally feel it breaking in...I can feel the motor loosening up and the (still moderate) acceleration improving. I can feel the tires wearing in and the traction improving. I can feel the steering loosing up and the brakes grabbing tighter. And while it may just be my imagination, I can even feel the Onyx Black paint getting blacker!

    (I feel) I am going to like this truck!
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    WOW! What was your buying price? $1000 over? Well...I have a deal for $450 over invoice, but after 6 weeks no tpw. But I also live in small neck of the woods- would have to go far and wide to just come up with 38 GMC dealers! Called DAllas, Tx. and dealers wanted MSRP. Maybe I should call them back to see if I can shake some loose on a grey or red one for me.
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    I am considering the purchase of a 2001
    Yukon XL. (SLT/1sd/Center Bucket/sunroof,etc..)

    A local dealer has the car I want,
    (the other 15 I have called are
    lucky to have 1 or 2 on the lot).

    The dealer has been honest with me to
    the point that he has informed me that
    the car was originally titled in Canada.

    The car is brand new (150 miles). Smells new
    as well ;).

    The dealer will take care of a registration,
    plates, and an application for a local state title.

    Is there anything I need to be concerned with
    in buying a yukon which has come via canada?

    The following are things which come to mind:
    warranty? (he claims it is 3 year/ 36 normal)
    emissions? (I am over my head here)
    resale? (planning on keeping the car, but who
    knows what will happen)

    The other thing that I thought was funny is
    that he has to sell me the car as used and
    not new?

    thanks in advance for any response
  • bosshossbosshoss Member Posts: 4
    I wound up paying $44,500 plus $765 destination charge...That is $3,000 over invoice (also $3,000 under MSRP.)

    I found 38 "local" dealers by expanding my search to within 250 miles of Chicago.

    Like you found in Dallas, overwhelmingly I found that MSRP was the norm on a 2001 Yukon Denali XL.
  • potholepothole Member Posts: 3
    bosshoss: congrats .. I was at my n. california dealer yesterday (purchased Yukon XL last Dec) and they had 1 Denali XL with $2K markup over MSRP. Beautiful truck but out of my price range. Enjoy it.
  • layne65layne65 Member Posts: 12
    We have the destination fee tacked on-I believe everyone ends up paying that. I guess we could expand our search also. Have no time right now to spend an entire day calling dealers. Did some of that 6 weeks ago. Oh well. After the party and company season I guess I will sit down and devote a day to it if nothing has happened by then.

    Would not be so bad if I did not have to keep adding water to my radiator every couple of days.
    Pulled it out and patched it up a couple of summers ago, but back to filling every couple of days. Gets to be a bother. It is a 9 year old van.
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    What size and brand spare tire do you get on a Denali XL? Is it on an aluminum or steel wheel?
  • andyl2andyl2 Member Posts: 84
    My dealership in Austin TX is offering $500 over invoice on any Yukon or Denali (regular or XL). The dealer is located in Austin, TX. The typical advertising fee is added as well. Email me at [email protected] if you want the details.
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    I'm really bummed about the revised reading lights in my new LT Sub. Only the ones in the front seats are the type you can aim. The second seat ones can be turned on individually, but are also blinding, and the third seat one only come on with the overhead dome lights. In my '95 Sub the lights for all three seats are individual and adjustable.

    Does any one know if the old style can be retro-fit into the 2001s? What about after market sites for replacement lights? My kids are in full revolt, HELP.
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    Fred, I agree, Gm blew it on this one. Our last trip we really missed the third seat one. There is probably a strip of metal above the headliner that has holes and electrical contacts that the screws go into(if its like Fords)That would be missing in third seat location on 2000,2001. I don't know if you could retro a pre-2000 eyeball style or not.If so ill bet a lot of people would like to do it. Mike
  • bosshossbosshoss Member Posts: 4
    My Denali XL came with a 16 inch painted rim with has a sidewalled tire to compensate for the size difference.

    The setup is obviously designed to be used just until you get the original repaired or replaced.
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    I would suspect that the reason the vehicle must be sold as used it that US dealers are not allowed to sell Canadian vehicles. MSRP for vehicles in Canada both import and domestic are lower than in the US. This is due in part to a weaker dollar these days - approx 66 cents US, and a generaly weaker vehicle market. I think another issue is that our sales taxes are much higher (17% is what I have to pay in British Columbia when buying a personal vehicle over $22000 US/ 33000 CDN $) so new car prices are depressed as a result. Bottom line is that our list prices are lower and a couple of years back, US dealers were buying the cheaper Canadian vehicles and taking them back across the border. This worked very well and made them a nice profit especially for high demand vehicles which were in short supply so they commanded close to MSRP such as the Suburban. Given the softer market here, Suburbans were easier to come by up here in Canda. And remember the vehicles are identical - built in the same plants and so the quality is unchanged. GM caught wind of it and blocked it's certified dealers from selling Canadian intended vehicles as new. My new XL's sticker for instance had big letters stating "Not for retail sale in the United States"
    I don't know how prices and availability down there in the lower 48 are exactly, and we don't have access to Canadian invoice prices yet, but for your info: I waited and waited for financing deals to improve and just bought a 2000 XL SLT at 0.9% for about 33500 U$. Knew I could wait for prices to come down because both local dealers had a combined total of about 12 2000's sitting on their lots.
    I can't see how the resale would be affected, because the vehicles and options are identical. Only issue would be California emissions which are not an easy fix. As my friend found out after buying a new Yukon in Canada right before moving down to his new job in San Francisco.
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    You did have one option that US did not have and that was the ability to get two tone paint on an LT package. Some people in US myself included would like to have had one. Mike
  • liquidlabliquidlab Member Posts: 23
    I agree, reading lights were much better on my 95 Sub.
    regarding the 3rd seat lack of reading light.

    I removed the light and surprise,surprise, the wiring is a 3 wires connector designed to have dome and reading light like the 2nd seats.
    Gm is really too cheap sometimes, anyways, I ordered another 2nd seat dome/reading light and after 5 minutes of slight headliner trimming I have now a 3rd seat reading light that looking factory installed.
    Luc. 2001 Yukon Xl 8100 Vortec.
  • potholepothole Member Posts: 3
    thanks for info .. i will plan to switch mine out also .. cost on light from gm?
  • volkovvolkov Member Posts: 1,306
    You couldn't get two-tone on LT? Well, don't want to be an [non-permissible content removed] and rub it in, but ours is Pewter/Grey and really looks great. I thought the single colour was just a little too plain. BUT we have an XL SLT - does the colour issue only apply to the Chevy Suburban LT?
  • volkovvolkov Member Posts: 1,306
    All Canadian intended Sub/XL come with standard block heaters. I don't think that's stock down South. So if you are a Southerner, and are wondering what that plug hanging out of your engine is....;-)
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    I just drove a friends 2000 leather Suburban today, manufacture date 12/99. As soon as I exceeded 5 mph, a strong resonance began, sounding as if I was inside a drum. I have heard that this was a problem with the 2000's, but was corrected by GM by changing the rubber body mounts.

    Has anyone had this problem with the 2001 Suburbans, I would like to know before I purchase one.
  • volkovvolkov Member Posts: 1,306
    Yeah, annoying isn't it? I test drove two 2000 Suburban's which were like that. One built in November and the other January. The worst was the vibration when going down a dirt road. It seemed to resonate in my ears like feedback and it felt like they were popping. My understanding is that it was fixed by late March. My 2000 XL was manufactured in May or June and has no such problem.
    As an aside, my neighbour said that he was able to find the exact build date of his Jeep before he bought it. You know, "YIPEEE it's a Wednesday" or "OH NO, I'd better sell it now, it's a Friday before a long weekend." Can this be done for my XL, and if so how?
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    In the US you could not get it on an LT. In Canada you could get a 2000 sub LT in two tone. I for get the name but one of your neighbors posted a picture. Yours is the color i wanted. Mike
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    For some reason GM treats its US customers worse than they do customers everywhere else in the world. For 2000, the LT Suburban could not be had in two-tone in the US but could in Canada. The 2000 SLT Yukon was available in two-tone in both places. Go figure.

    So you may have heard that two-tone paint is not available for either the Yukon XL or the Suburban for 2001. No so. Two tone is not available in the US, that is true. But it is still available for overseas customers. In Saudi Arabia not only is two tone paint available on 2001s, it is available with the new colors such as polo/forest green. And you can get the US discontinued colors from last year (Carmine Red Metallic and Copper Metallic) in single or two tone if you want. And there are other colors available over here that have never been offered in the states, as well as all the colors offered to US customers. I have personally seen these vehicles and everytime I do it reinforces my idea that GM is taking each and everyone of us for granted. Why else would they continue to ship Firestone tires or deny us color choices they offer to the rest of the world?

    By the way, the new dark green (Forest Green on the Chevy, Polo Green on the Yukon) is a knockout with the gold bottom and gold fender flares on the 3/4 ton vehicles. It looks so good that I will have the gold added to my Forest Green Suburban when I pick it up in January in Texas. Too bad I couldn't have gotten it from GM and saved a bunch of money.
  • chorchchorch Member Posts: 10
    A while back someone wrote that you can determine where the Firestones were made by the DOT code on the tire. On my 2001 Yukon Firestone LE's is the code WL 2. Anyone have any idea where these tires were made? Thanks.
  • fredduchacfredduchac Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info re the third seat wiring. What do you mean "a little trimming of the liner"? Is the wiring just a jack that needs to be pluged in to the new light fixture and how does it attack to the ceiling? Would appreciate any help. I'm a good builder, but not much on auto interior work.
  • liquidlabliquidlab Member Posts: 23
    You need to trim (with a razor blade)the factory cut-out in the headliner because the 2nd seats dome/reading lights fixture is slightly bigger than the 3rd seats dome only light fixture.
    Yes the wiring already installed have a 3 wires jack that just plug in the new dome/reading light fixture.
    to remove the light fixture,you will see a small cut-out between the clear plastic lense and the base of the fixture.
    Just put a small screwdriver in it and push/pull the plastic lense down.
    Once the lense is down you will understand how the light is retained to the headliner with 1 plastic tab on each side (lengthwise).
    The best way to trim the headliner is to use some tracing paper and after removing the 2nd seats light,to outline the factory cut-out on the paper and center the paper on the 3rd seat light cut-out and you will see where and how much to trim.
    Don't worry, it's simpler to do than to explain.
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    I just posted a new poll at the GMSUV forum at

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    Does anyone out there have a 2001 'burb w/sunroof and automatic climate control? I was under the impression that "New" for 2001 GM worked the bugs out so that you could have Auto Climate w/sunroof. However, you lost rear air controls. Does anybody know? I recently purchased a "2001" w/sunroof. It does not have Auto Climate control.

    Please help. I need this infor ASAP!

    Thank you in advance
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    I just received my 2001 Suburban last week with all the goodies in Pewter and graphite/med gray interior. What an awesome truck. Lots of comments, even from employees at the dealer. Anyway, even with every extra odered I still got the middle grade air conditioner (no climate control)and no rear controller. I guess with the amount of sales and demand it just wasn't important enough to re-engineer. Other than that the truck is awesome. The "Deathstones" came off on day 2 and were replaced with the Michelin AT.
    Chevy needs to offer these tires at least as an option.
    My next step is the entertainment center. Any suggestions? Also looking for anyone who had modified for performance i.e. dual exhaust, headers, high flow air intake. Any comments.

  • vinnie6vinnie6 Member Posts: 20
    Take a look at Tom Byrne Motorsports.

    He's doing a 2001 Suburban with all the goodies you mentioned. Sweet lookin truck.
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    Gerald, the vehicles you speek of in all colors, are they comming out of the Jainesville and Mexico assembly lines? If so this makes no sense at all. ARE YOU LISTENING GM! I wonder what the constraint situation is with these vehicles. Do they get first dibs on wheelflares, rear audio, liftgates and such? Mike
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    Thats a good looking suburban from Tom Byrne. I see that when they two toned it they did it on the back end like GM should. Are you going to do your gold this way? I have seen a couple of pickups done this way and it looks much better. Mike
  • kalexander2kalexander2 Member Posts: 10
    I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that has an older Suburban. She wants to order a new one and I was telling her about the Yukon XL we have ordered. She asked me if we planned on adding TV and told her we planned on putting one in each headrest. She told me not to do it because the screens get scratched up when your kids get in and out of the truck with all of their stuff. She has two boys that are a year older than mine so our trucks probably get the same wear and tear. She suggested doing a flip down screen and added that she has had to get her screens replaced because of the scratches and fingerprints all over them. Does anyone know if these screens have protective covers for them? I really wanted two screens so no one is fighting over what to watch, but if having the flip down extends the life of the TV system and enjoyment I may have to consider it. Has anyone had an experience like this?
  • vinnie6vinnie6 Member Posts: 20
    I got lucky yesterday. They had moved the two-toned Polo Green/Gold Yukon XL from the backlot to the front lot and placed it at the end of a row in the sun. I took almost a whole roll of pictures of it and as soon as I get them back I will have a friend scan the best shot(s). I will send them to Clifford and ask him to post it on his site and make a link to post it here. (I have no way to post pictures from here that I am aware of.) There are bound to be other guys out there with solid green trucks who might want to spice them up a little bit. And Mike, you are right. Bringing the second color around to the bottom of the liftgate or doors is the way to go, even though GM doesn't do it that way.

    It didn't occur to me to see where these vehicles are built, but I will check it out in the next few days and let you know.

    As for contraints, there is no evidence of a problem here. Every Yukon and Yukon XL they had on the lot (about 20 total) had liftgates. I didn't see barn doors anywhere. Every SLT Yukon and some SLEs had rear audio controls. Every 2500 had wheel flares. There were sunroofs aplenty. I talked to the sales manager at this dealership and asked him if he had any trouble getting vehicles in configured as they wanted and he looked at me like I was crazy. "It's our money", he said in perfect English, "and, if they want us to spend it with them, they have to give us what we want, not what they want." What a novel idea!

    By the way, not a single Yukon/Yukon XL of the 10 or so that I checked had Firestone tires. Guess GM is saving these for the US market.
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    Gerald, thanks for the update. this ought to get a lot of people in the states fired up. It would be nice if everyone in the states could collectively go on strike and not purchase any GM vehicles for two months. Boy would that send GM a message! Of course that could not happen but its an interesting thought. What jumped out at me was your sales managers statement,"its our money", what a concept, PAY ATTENTION GM. Mike
  • figmomanfigmoman Member Posts: 55
    Luc, thanks for the light info. What a cheaply made light. I had barely enough slack in wire to unplug it. Im supprised GM included the hot third wire. What light did you order? My second seat light is mounted in the rear air control console and will not work in the headliner third seat position. Did you order a 99 and earlier eyeball style light and is the plug in point compatible? Thanks, Mike
  • fredduchacfredduchac Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions for the reading lights. Do you remember about how much the light cost?
    Thanks again.
  • liquidlabliquidlab Member Posts: 23
    I have a 2001 with sunroof so no rear ac/heat control.and my 2nd seat dome/reading light is in the headliner.
    Part # for the light is 15 04 43 70 and full retail is $ 35 but I paid $ 25.
    Remember that this part # is for a Neutal color interior,If you have another color the part # will be different (last 2 digits i think)
    Also the reason for the lack of wiring slack is because GM hot glued the wiring to the back of the headliner, put your fingers/hand in the opening and you will fill the glob of glue, just pull on it and you will have plenty of slack.
    My guess as why GM included the hot 3rd wire is because when they designed the truck they were going to put a dome/reading light but some as--- decided that by putting a dome light only GM will save may be $2 per truck.
    Another tip: to turn off the Day Time Running Light, GM said to press the dome override button 4 times, well I have a way of doing it in half the time.
    Instead of pushing the button all the way, just push it twice to about half way to where you can start to fell a slight resistance.
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