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    Been following some of your post and believe your XL was built in Mexico about the same time as mine. My build date was Oct 5 and I took delivery Oct 19. If you could email and let me know what the outcome of your trouble was I would be curious to keep an eye out for the same problem.

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    To ekohler...Dealer you asked about is Alan Young GMC. I have purchased 3 new trucks there, but, it is not the same store it used to be. The people I dealt with are all gone. I had offered 750.00 over inv. which was accepted without further negotiation. I advised sales rep that sale was contingent upon dealer having allocation, and order to be entered next day. To be honest, I don't think any dealer can really guarantee allocations, or the ability to get factory order accepted. I gave this dealer a few days just to see how they would handle. I left because they were not honest and upfront with me. Freeman was no#2 on my geographic proximity map, however, I was pretty sure they would be in the ballpark on price. When I presented them with the same sale rqmts, they advised that, although, they could not absolutely promise allocation, and the ability to order immed., they have been so far receiving all the allocations they need. They are a new dealer, and may be getting a few more allocations due to this.
    Wood/Decatur....850.00 over...(BIG dealer w/lots
    of allocations, and straight shooters)
    Did not directly contact any other dealers, however, sent 3 requests via web services, and got 1 response with an actual price of about 1100.00 over, but did not name the dealer.....?
    I think it will be unlikely to get below 750.00 in this market area, although not impossible.
    Note: many sales in this area have been at very near MSRP.
    Sorry, folks, didn't mean to be so longwinded....

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    Bigkauna, don't be alarmed when I tell you I am from Alabama. I got a laugh from your bits of humor inserted in your posts. Don't take the long lost brother thing personal. I hope you are a Yankees fan and in that case floating on cloud nine.

    We took delivery of our Suburban last Tuesday and I have not been allowed to drive it. I am instead driving the Town & Country with 'FOR SALE' signs all over it. However I can add a little to the liftgate question. The glass requires about 5" clearance behind the bumper to open freely. The whole liftgate requires about 20". The rear A/C controls with our sunroof do not bother me because the kids would just fight over them anyway, but I would not have accepted the Sub without the liftgate. I must admit though the stupidity of something as simple as rerouting wires for the controls does make me wonder what pointy head made that call in Detroit. He/she must have an 8, 6, 4 and 20 month old like somebody I am near and dear to.
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    I had the same problem on my 01 yukon xl with the 8100 vortec.
    Brand new and the problem was the crankshaft sensor.It seems to be a major problem with many yukons.
    Let's try to do something about it,why you guys that had the same problem E-mail me to see how many we are.
    I want you to know that after this problem,my PCM went bad.
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    My 96 sub had a great place for sunglasses with the overhead. Now I don't have anyplace to put them. Watcha guys and gals doing now?? Looking for some good ideas.
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    I ordered a 2001 Suburban, Pewter, 1500 4X4, sunroof, Autoride, skid plates, the whole banana.
    My order was accepted on Sept. 12 and was confirmed by a call to Chevrolet service center. I have a file number etc. As of today, 10/30 they still do not have a built date. From what I am reading here it sounds like it is probably suffering a long list of constraints. Oh yeah, I got the liftgate too. Does this long of a delay seem reasonable? I was able to place this order as a GMO thanks to my dad who retired after 40 years with the big GM.Thanks
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    First, I'm in the market for an aftermarket sunroof for my 2001 Yukon. Anybody have any suggestions and price quotes?

    Next, gbartz, check out the following page and you'll see what your problems are (they change weekly). If you're flexible with some of your options (like the sunroof & liftgate), you can get a TPW almost immediately. FWIW, if you've ordered the LT AND you want to keep the auto-climate control AND the rear passenger heating/ac controls, you HAVE to go to an aftermarket sunroof.
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    A friend of mine picked up his 2001 Denali on Saturday and loves it. He ordered black with tan interior, no options. He said the interior is very nice and the truck is very powerful. The spare is a 16" mounted on an aluminum wheel (the other tires are 17" Michlein Cross Terrains). Has anyone else noticed this problem?
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    For those interested (krey) in an aftermarket sunroof the following site should be of interest.
    American Sunroof uses the same motor, frame and glass used by GM. Interesting enough, ASC's sunroof comes with a six year parts and labor warranty. I have no affiliation with ASC, however I am definitely intending to use their product on my newly ordered Denali XL. My dealer works with a local ASC dealer and recommended them to me. You'll find a map on their site that will identify a local dealer anywhere in the US and Canada. Prices seem to range for the unit used on the Yukon XL from $1,000 - $1,200. I hope this info is helpful.
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    I badgered the service guys into looking at my XL this evening. They hooked it up to the "driveability" station and the computer identified the security system as the culprit. The tech reprogrammed it, checked both of my keys and told me, if it does it again, the security module will have to be replaced. They have had problems with more than one of these. As for it finally starting, I had waited a while before the final try. The technician told me to wait at least 10 minutes after a non-start like that, during which the security system will reset. The nex try, it may recognize the key.

    Security module shuts off fuel flow, which is what it sounded like was happening.

    Doughnuts for the service department next morning I'm not working.

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    Bigkahuna13, thanks for the encouragement on getting the price down on the ASC sunroof. I am going to purchase the aftermarket sunroof (same as yours) through the dealer. He came down $100 from his original quote of $1250 to $1150. He admitted that if my deal was a normal retail deal he would have been able to come down further.

    This dealer honored a GM Supplier price of $42,545 on a 2001 Denali XL (order has been accepted with order # in hand). Given that this price is about $300 under Factory invoice I wasn't going to quibble over trying to get another $150 off the sunroof. By the way I checked with the installer and he wanted to charge me $1295 and would not negotiate.

    All in all the dealer has been fair and I am looking forward to receiving a delivery date.
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    About Sept. 15 th the Helm group said our service manuals would be in by end of October.
    I called them yesterday and now they tell me it may well be January or February before we can obtain GMT01CK8 Service manuals for our 2001 Veh.
    For past two months I check the net at for availability and will continue to do this - will post when manuals are available.
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    Since Edmunds is doing work on this site and it has been up and down a lot for the past few days and is scheduled to be going through changes for a few days to come, I wanted to remind everyone that I sponsor a free mailing list on eGroups. It is a way to keep in touch if the Edmunds site goes down again.

    The list is devoted to the full sized, new body style GM SUVs and is called 'GMSUV'. To subscribe please go to

    Clifford Martin
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    My Yukon Xl 8.1 had a build date of 10/30, I called the dealer to check on the status of the Xl. He called me back and said that is was on time and that they had already begun building it. My question is: how many days does it take to build it? I understand it takes about 17 days to ship it out to the dealer once it is completed. Also, does the 3/4 ton sit higher in the rear than the 1/2 ton? This web-site has been like a bible for me since I became interested in the Yukon XL - I have definitely been educated! Thanks
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    yes, the rear seat higher
  • cwmartincwmartin Member Posts: 89
    rocko7 you might also want to visit my web site for lots of information on these SUVs. The site is at It contains lists for defects and problems that other owners have experienced with the vehicles, as well as links to many other good sites, news and rumors, and much more.

    Clifford Martin
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    Congrats on your new Denali! I was wondering if you could talk about the true color of the interior. Describe the two tone color as to whether the Pewter is a light grey or really a neutral. Are the seat inserts really graphite or a slightly shade of light gray? Also describe the color of the dash and the silver paint. I have one on order with Pewter and am scared that the color will be too grey. Thanks.
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    Please let us know what you paid and what options are included (if any).
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    The Pewter interior trim color is a light grey with darker grey insert
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    Some may remember my previous post. My '01 XL would crank, fire and die, time after time. They reprogrammed the security system to recognize the keys, explaining that they might have to replace the module. Well, it failed to start the next morning and they did indeed replace the module. I got it back today. Unfortunately, they didn't put the ignition switch together properly and a small turn of the switch, even without the key, turns on the red battery light and the gear indicator lights above the steering wheel. Now it has to go back in the shop monday to have the switch re-indexed or replaced.

    For those keeping score, the XL has spent 9 nights in my garage, 7 nights in theirs.

    I hinted to the sales manager that a new set of Michelins to replace the "Deathstones" might make me feel a lot better about my truck.

    More later.

    Steve in Bossier City
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    What is the break in mileage for a new 01 XL? I'll be traveling about 900 miles to pick mine up and I'm wondering what I'll be limited to.
    S. Fl
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    The owners manual says 55 mph max for first 500, no steady speeds, no sudden starts or stops.
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    Today, I received a call from dealer advising that my XL order was entered and accepted today. I specifically asked if there were any constraints, and was told there were none. I plan to drop by Monday and pick up a hard copy of order.
    1/2ton 2wd 1sd, autoride, center buckets,
    QC3 wheels, liftgate, 3.73, black/tan.

    I am reasonably certain that there is a 1-2 week shutdown during Christmas, anybody know how Thanksgiving affects assembly line ?

  • rocko7rocko7 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response.

  • rocko7rocko7 Member Posts: 6
    Clifford -

    I have visited your sight so many times I know it BETTER than the back of my hand. I have actually printed out the sections on defects, the order process, and the checklist when you pick up your new vehicle. I still have the question of how many days does it take to build the truck at the plant. Thanks Cliff for all the information.

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    Seeking recommendations for 20001 Suburban. Thanks.
  • don434don434 Member Posts: 43
    He`s good but not that that good.Sorry - couldn`t resist the chance to kid you on your typo.
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    Just curious, but where did you buy your XL?
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    After more than 10 months of research on the burbs and XL's, I bought one a few days ago. Thank you town hall for all of the wonderful information.
    I purchased a 2001 Indigo Blue LT suburban w/med grey/graphite leather interior; sunroof; second row buckets and liftgate. For people shopping in the So. California area, I paid $37,950. (competitive for this area). Purchased at Showcase Chevrolet in Westminister. There were also deals all w/in $500. at Quality Chev. in Escondido, Mossy Chev. in Encinitas, and even a YukXL at a good price, at Escondido Jeep/GMC.
    I have a question for the "well informed" in this townhall. Can you suggest an antenna for my onstar that will retract at the push of a button? The 'burb fits in the garage. However, I have to manually lower the antenna to pull in.
    I am really enjoying this vehicle!
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    For my 2001 Suburban I purchased a Bugflector II made by Auto Ventshade Company. It is the same color as the paint, Summit White, it fits perfectly, is installed using the existing holes in the vehicle hood in just a short time using only a screwdriver. This product comes in a number of colors to match the color of your vehicle exactly. It blends in with the vehicle so it is not at all obtrusive. I am satisfied with mine and would recommend this product to you.
  • smithscsmithsc Member Posts: 5
    My OnStar antenna kept hitting the garage door so I hinged it horizontally, parallel to the window. OnStar still works great, the antenna is more of a stealth antenna and no more twanggggg on the garage door.

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    Rocko7: I seem to remember someone once saying it took 17 hours from start to finish to build one of these SUVs. Depending upon what time of day the truck begins on the assembly line, it can take from 1 to 2 calendar days to complete it. It then may spend some time in QC, if there are problems noted while it goes down the line, to fix the problems. It could be shipped out the same day it is completed or the next day.

    In summary, if everything goes perfect, I think a truck can be built and shipped within the same 24 hr period.
  • cwmartincwmartin Member Posts: 89
    By the year 20,001, the scientists will have figured out how to eliminate all bugs, so there will not be any companies making bug deflectors.

    For the model year 2001 vehicles, I recommend the Lund Interceptor model bug deflectors. These attach with plastic/nylon clips that fit holes already in the underside of the hood. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and only requires a phillips head screwdriver. For a Yukon you would use model 18064.
  • cwmartincwmartin Member Posts: 89
    I do not believe anyone makes a 'power' OnStar antennae. I too have a problem with the OnStar antennae standing too tall for the garage door. I have my OnStar tilted at a 45 degree angle and it works well even though it looks a little funny.
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    2001 - Suburban 2500 - We have had an intermittent squeak in the brakes, since new, that sounds like the wear indicators that squeak when brake pads are low. Anyone else hearing this sound and have suggestions?

    Also thanks to all for the suggestions on the On-Star antenna. We have the same problem with our garage door and I was concerned about On-Star performance if it was not vertical.
  • curtissilvercurtissilver Member Posts: 11
    Sorry about the typo. Thanks for the replies, comic and otherwise...
  • one4thegipperone4thegipper Member Posts: 24

    I also have the Lund Interceptor installed on my 2001 Suburban. It took less than 10 minutes to install and uses the factory holes in the underside of the hood. It is barely visible from the driver's seat and allows for easy cleaning between the deflector and the hood. I have a picture of it at the website below:

  • henrysbeachhenrysbeach Member Posts: 9
    On the Lund bug deflectors, has anyone tried the clear version as contrasted to the smoke colored?
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    I've ordered from Southern GM. Finally got my allocation. I've been waiting since January.
  • heather17heather17 Member Posts: 1
    We are looking at a 2001 Yukon XL that was made in Mexico. What have been the experiences with Made in Mexico vehicles so far? Should we keep looking for a U.S. one?
  • cliffsurfscliffsurfs Member Posts: 4
    Because all the new cars/trucks have oil sender switches they rely on the ignition switch being on to get a voltage signal. When you turn the switch to the on position it should "0" when you start the oil pump will pressurize the oil sender switch changing the voltage making the needle move. With no voltage the needle may rest anywhere on the gauge. Hope this helps
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    To my knowledge all Subs & YXL's are made in Mexico. My 01 YXL had excellent delivered quality. A GM quality control engineer I know says Mexican quality far surpasses that of the Janesville (WI) plant (Tahoes & Yukons). Don't know about the Texas plant.
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    tspathos, congrats on the new vehicle. Sounds like you got an excellent deal, pretty close to invoice. Any tips on how to do that? I'm in San Jose CA and dealers claim they'll only take MSRP.
  • jtbuffjtbuff Member Posts: 25
    Picked up our 2001 Yukon XL on Oct.17th. It was made in Mexico and have been really satisfied. It's a great vehicle.
  • fellersfellers Member Posts: 18
    Stopped by the dealer to evaluate Pewter on the
    Denali interior. The woodgrain appears to be fake
    with a grey tint to it on the Pewter (Grey)
    interior. Very disappointing. Hopefully
    aftermarket will have an option to replace with
    real wood. The pieces that are woodgrain are the
    surround of the instrument cluster. (Full across
    coming down around the On-Star and Back under the
    steering wheel to the driver door and Up). There
    are woodgrain covers on each of the front seat
    power window, locks, and power mirrors.
    Additionally there is a wood grain strip around the
    cd, trip computer, cup holder assembly on the
    console. If one wanted to replace the wood grain
    pieces with plastic, the only one that looks like a
    unique piece compared to the standard Yuk and Sub
    would be the lower console. I could be wrong but
    these are my impressions. My dealer agreed that
    the wood was fake and even said one of the trade
    rags mentioned the plastic wood grain. To see
    pictures go to I
    hope the natural/sandstone/shale interior has
    non-grey wood grain trim or it will look awful.

    Other impressions: Very upscale vehicle. The 6.0
    engine has a distinctive strong sound to it. The
    transmission oil temperature guage fits nicely in
    the instrument cluster and is on lower left. The
    teal background instrument lighting is cool. The
    Denali I saw had the sunroof with auto-temp control
    for the front. Stereo sounds great and 10 way
    seats are very comfy. The front facia limits front
    ground clearance and might not lend itself to the
    cornstalks of pheasant hunting land. The Pewter is
    definitely grey! The grill is very striking and
    distinctive with lots of chrome! This will be a
    headturner. I talked to one owner who said the
    steering is unique when returning to center. Not
    bad not good, just had to get used to it. Made in
    Janesville, WI. It would have been nice if GM used
    chrome instead of the silver paint like the
    European Dealers have on the console. GM needs a
    GPS option for this vehicle. That's all for now.
  • kitchenskitchens Member Posts: 12
    about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Absolutely LOVE it...Car handles and rides beautifully. Have a little over 200 miles so too early for gas mileage (5.3 Vortec and 4.10 axle) check. Don't see any fit and finish problems. My 'burb is grey 1500 LT with most options except 2nd row buckets and sun roof.

    The oil pressure gage on my suburban also reads toward the high side. Oil level is fine. I will ask about it when I'm near dealership.

    Bought Suburban at Ourisman Chevrolet in Marlow Heights, MD--$300 over invoice...If anyone in Washington D.C. area is interested in buying from my salesman, let me know and I'll give you name so I can get the referral money...

    One other interesting thing I found--was in the autonation website and was looking through inventory of Suburbans. They list the price of the suburbans they have in stock approximately $3000 OVER MSRP--I have yet to see any surburbans with a sticker of $46,000. Then when you click on an individual vehicle, it will list their price as the MSRP and (here's the killer) list inthe savings column that you save the $3000 markup...I think it's unfair advertising...

    Again thanks to all who contribute. Column has been extremely interesting and informative.

    Steve K.
  • fellersfellers Member Posts: 18

    I received some information from a contributor to this site and he indicates that the wood in the Denali is real even though it looks artificial. This info was related to him directly from the brand manager.
  • rcsuttonrcsutton Member Posts: 35
    GMC has Polo Green metallic & Chevrolet has Forest Green. Are these the same colors? Are they built on the same line?
    S. Fl
  • curtissilvercurtissilver Member Posts: 11
    A friend of mine in your area might be interesting in ordering a Suburban or Tahoe. I would like to give him your Ourisman lead. I was unable to contact your email address...
  • don434don434 Member Posts: 43
    In Topic #3260 Post 181 you will find two antennas made by Antenna Specialists Company. Both are low profile antennas. The standard antenna now in use in GM trucks is a 3 db gain antenna. The longer wire of this gain antenna gets most of the vertical wire above the top of the grounded metal of the roof. The shorter 1/4 wave antennas are unity gain so the range may be less unless you have enough height in your garage to mount the new antenna in the center of your roof. Actually directly above the drivers head but centered side to side would be O.K.
    So much of quality of operation depends upon the cell locations in your area - are they numerous, are they local to your normal travel paths or do you frequently travel in between cities and out of cell range. If someone wants more options I`ll ask other manufacturers for info. Just wanted you all to realize there are other antennas available.

    I am a little concerned about operating the antenna in the full horizontal mode. Usually if you parallel a grounded metal surface with an antenna radiating RF power you cause a reflected or standing wave. This action would cause higher than normal current flow in the output transistor stages.
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