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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • eawegeaweg Posts: 50
    Hey everybody...I posted this on as well. Just thought I would give my $.02. Don't know if it will help or not!

    First, I am no way a know-it-all on cars...I just love them. I am also on 29 so I have not driven every car on the planet.

    After cruising on interstate 77 in Charlotte last night and driving next a beautiful silver S4, I thought I would reflect on my overall experience so far on my ebony 3.0 quattro 6 spd. I got it 2.5 months ago with ebony leather, sunroof, heated seats, sport package, bose, and premium package.

    So far my only problem(s) have been a new radio, and my gas gauge took awhile to read full after I filled her up yesterday. Hopefully I haven't cursed my self for future problems.

    As far as driving....well in one I am still getting used to six speeds and learning that quite a bit of power is available in 5th and 6th gears above 50-60 mph. Yes, I do concede that the BMW is quicker and I wish I had some more low-end oomph. But, when I turned off on my exit yesterday and took the nice "curves-and-hills" route, the 3.0 simply "went to town". I mean I had no problems blowing through the curves and hills. When it rained two days ago...same result. Flawless handling through puddles and the downpour. It was like giving a milkbone to my dog.

    Gas mileage has been getting better. I usually fill up around a quarter tank (maybe a little less) and get anywhere from 220-265 miles. I have yet to do a long distance journey on the interstate....which will come in June when I drive up to DC for a family visit.

    Despite the fact that I wish it had more low end torque (and maybe I should have waited for the Avant) I love my car and I have no regrets. I did go through a couple of days of "maybe I should have gotten the G35 for the bang for the buck." But there is something about the A4 that I just can't pinpoint...mystique? Sex-appeal? MOJO??? I agree with R&T ...As one editor succinctly put it, "The new Audi A4 is a mini-version of the flagship A8 -- for half the price."

    Well, this may not have been informative but I hope it helps those who are looking at the 3.0 (or 1.8 for tht matter)and for those who are in my boat that have one currently. My only legitimate gripe is that I wish I waited for an extra couple of months so I could have taken advantage of an even better lease deal than what I got (not that mine is bad).

    Thanks for your eyes (and ears?)

  • eaweg, i'm close to negotiating on a 1.8 or a 3.0 (6 cylinder is smooth but is it worth the extra $$?)...can you tell me what i'll be up against on the leasing "deal"? any helpful info you can lend would really help me out.
  • iamwhoamiamwhoam Posts: 23
    markcincinnati- Need any help around the office? I want to get a job were everyone has BMWs and Audi's and winters in Germany! I have now lived in Cinci for 3 years and it seems like the only people who need a 4wd are the ones on Mt. Adams. I've always wondered how the guy with the M3 on the top copes with it. Anyway.

    I have a 3 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee that I might be looking to get rid of, who do you think the best Audi dealer around Cinci is?

    .02 on winter driving from a Buffalo native who learned how to drive in Chicago- I think that the stability programs are that control the yaw may be even better than the four wheel drive. We were driving up I-65 in my wives 330xi in driving snow over frozen rain. We were coming over an overpass only to see stopped traffic ahead. Since my wife was driving I definatlely felt the ABS and the stablity program kick in. I know my Jeep's massive tires, and ground clearance wouldn't have mattered a whit.

    Like someone said, you get in alot more accidents because you can't stop than you can't go.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    i didnt know they made any RWD Audi A4 ?

  • bluetranebluetrane Posts: 67
    Jeez, this place is lousy with Cincinnatians :)

    I bought from Beechmont and had an overall pleasant experience. Mark has been enthusiastic and effusive in his praise of Northland. I liked Northland too; I went with Beechmont simply because they were able to get me an Avant before my old lease ran out.

    On a more general note, the true measure of a deealership is how they handle problems. Anyone can sell you a car, but good service after the sale identifies the pros.
  • eawegeaweg Posts: 50
    The lease deals on the 3.0 are far better than the 1.8. My money factor was .0015 I believe and that was two months ago. I just read on the website that someone got their's at .001 which is about 2.4%! I know it depends on state to state but these deals on the 3.0 are within $20-$30 (if not better than) the 1.8. Put it this way, I was going to buy the 1.8 and then my wife and I drove the 3.0...there was no turning back...even if we did lease.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    We also have a Mercedes E430 and an Infiniti I30 in the parking lot. The winters in Germany have been "company sponsored" trips which were rewards during strong performance periods for either long term or highly productive employees. While we did have a Germany, Audi trip in January 2002, 2001 was -- in our industry and in our state (Ohio) a virtual depression. Even though we are recovering, there will, unfortunately, be no Germany trip in January 2003. The word is "recovering" not fully "recovered." Like everything else, the recession (depression in manufacturing and IT) shall pass. . .the sooner the better.

    We do need help, too. If you are a software consultant familiar with Oracle ERP -- we want you!

    I have no negatives about Beechmont Audi -- I have only positives about Northland. Although Northland was purchased by the Joseph Auto Group, the sales and service and support I receive has been constant since my very first Audi in 1978 (a 5000).

    And, I totally agree -- ESP + ABS w/brake assist (this latter upgrade was added in model year 2002) are great technologies.
  • weppersonwepperson Posts: 9
    I just dumped my A4 2.8 Quattro with the Certified Assurance Warranty just starting. The dealer could not resolve intermittent problems with the Tiptronic failing to upshift manually and with the cruise control failing to take a setting, then deciding to take it 15 miles later when the speed limit was 10 mph lower. On top of that they did stuff like letting me drop off the car for scheduled warranty part replacement and then calling me to say the part had not come in. The final straw was when I made an appointment a week in advance, dropped the car off at 7:30am, returned at 4:45, and had to wait 45 minutes. For an OIL CHANGE! Pitiful. The dealer was West Broad Audi in Richmond, VA. I complained to Audi of America about the inadequate dealer service and they basically said "Gosh, we're sorry". My new Subaru Legacy Outback H6 3.0 VDC sedan is roomier, more powerful, handles better, has better amenities, and cost about the same thing as a two year old A4.
  • 1pierce1pierce Posts: 284
    My 2-cents on this comparo:

    I took long test drives in both a 1.8T and a 3.0. Both quattro w/Tip. I almost bought the A4 3.0 - opted to order a 325i instead, for alot of reasons that I won't bore you with. But the decision was VERY close.

    I would not have bought the 1.8T. Drive both. If you never had a turbo, I think you'll notice the lag between 1,000 and 2,000 RPM (The turbo kicks in around 2,000 RPM, after which it is quite satisfying). The problem is, in most US urban areas, you do ALOT of driving between 1,000 and 3,000 RPM. I always felt like the car had no low-end go at pull out, so I'd give it more gas,...and then it would launch at around 2,000 RPM,...and then I'd have to do a serious lift to keep the speed under control.

    I could have gotten used to it, but it was just unnerving. With manual transmission, you'd probably notice this lag far less. If you can live with the lag, (and the engine is noisier, too), the 1.8T is a "Can't beat it" bargain for quality and features.
  • crashton6crashton6 Posts: 245
    Our 99 A4 was a 2.8 Tip Q. It was a nice car, but the 2.8 just didn't have enough pull off the line. Once rolling it had plenty of power. I guess it was just the torque curve of the 2.8. We had the sport package & I feel the handling was top notch. As for the 02 it's a 1.8T Tip Q without the sport package. The main reason we didn't get a 3.0 was cost. We just couldn't justify the extra cost for the V6. When compared to the 2.8 the 1.8T has lots of low down pull. If it didn't have Quattro I'd be spinning the front tires all the time. Even without the sport package it handles very well. The seat of my pants says that it's as good as the 99 with sport. The reason we passed on the sport was that living with 17 inch tires in the real world looked like a potential problem. We did upgrade to the 16 inchers from the standard 15s. The 99 was a nice car, but the 02 is just a notch or so above it, more refined I'd say. Hope this review helps. Sorry it took me so long to respond to you.

  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Well actually your pants are telling you the facts.....the 02 non sports suspension is the same one as the pre-02 sports supsension. The 16" rims are not a bad choice.....the 15" rims look terrible, in my it gives you a compromise between 15" pkg and the 17" pkg.

  • deedubsdeedubs Posts: 5
    Yay!! I finally got my car!! And you guys were right... learning to drive manual wasn't that big of a deal! I'm still not completely proficient at it, (and sometimes I get a little nervous) but I know that'll just take some time and practice. I drove down to LA (from the bay area) with no problems!
    The day before I went to pick it up, my friend helped me practice for about an hour and a half. I felt a lot more comfortable after that. When I went to pick it up the next day, I stalled a couple times getting out of the dealership driveway because I was really nervous, and I had never test-driven the car (I know, horrible, huh?), so I didn't know how it drove, where the clutch engaged, etc. But after I got out of the driveway it was all good from there. I was driving by myself, and I think that may have helped. No pressure from anyone else. It IS really easy to drive (like y'all say) and very smooth, and I got the feel for it pretty quickly. Later that night I went out and practiced some more on my own too. The next day I drove up to Davis (near Sacramento), and it started POURING!! I couldn't see the cars in front of me very clearly, but I kept reminding myself, quattro, quattro!! and I felt really safe in the car. THEN there was traffic! This was the first time I really, really drove stick by myself (like a normal situation) for more than a small amount of time, without the comfort of after-hours when there aren't many cars out, or a "practice" mentality. I was glad that I experienced traffic though so that I could learn and get better! I also wouldn’t turn on my radio for the first 48 hours because I wanted to get a feel for the sounds of the car and stuff. Anyway, like I said, I drove down to LA without any problems and now things are great! I love it! Thanks for all your help guys!
    And for anyone planning to get an automatic because you don't know how to drive manual... try to learn! It's not as hard as it seems, and it's fun and worth it!
    Now to tackle LA traffic.... :)
  • pengqirenpengqiren Posts: 6
    What r folks hearing abt the A4 rag top? When's it coming? Specs?
  • brick22brick22 Posts: 71
    Great news! After all of that time, you must have done some shopping around. Did you, or did you stay with the original dealer? What did you end up getting exactly? Still waiting for my factory order Avant to come.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,887
    follow the directions and you'll be able to see better next time you're in a heavy rain. Rain-X combined w Quattro makes driving in the rain like a day at the beach....with a safer uv factor.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Does anyone know what the W8 accel time 0-60mph is? I'm assuming it is equal or slightly faster than the posted 6.6 for the 2.7T "tip".
    I also use Rain-X or similar products. I love driving in hard rain w/wipers in the off position!
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Marleybarr-According to Edmunds first drive of the W8 they quoted a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds. I remember reading something on Audiworld about the W8 with manual being able to get to 60 in under 6 seconds but can't recall the exact time.
    Deedubs-Congrats on the new car and conquering stick shift! I bought a stick at 21 ('83 Toyota Supra) and could not have had a better car to learn on with a hydraulic clutch and decent shifter. Once you feel comfortable you may want to have someone teach you some more advanced stuff like clutchless shifting, heel and toe, and then on to trail braking and power slides. But you would need track time for the last 2. If not at least try and learn the first 2 as your enjoyment and mastery of the manual will be that much more fun. Keep us updated on the new ride and your progress with shifting for yourself. Happy motoring! Brian
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Max-- I believe the 0-60 time for the W8 is 6.5 sec.

    Andy-- I used Rain-X years ago and quit using it because under certain conditions where you have to use the wipers, it left a white sheen on the wet windshield. It worked great at high speeds but at times I found that I had to use the wipers and when I did, the mentioned sheen it left became irritating. The people that use it tell me that you have to be committed to not using the wipers at all unless it looses its effectiveness rapidly. I've found that it's difficult to remove once it's applied. Personally, I prefer a immaculately cleaned windshield in combination with well-maintained and conditioned wiper blade rubber.

    Jill-- I saw a brand spankin' new dolphin Avant yesterday and I thought of you. image

    Richard-- AudiWorld has an extensive 6-page article they published on February 10: Click HERE for AudiWorld article. A Motor Trend online says in this article of May 02 that it will only be offered with CVT in the N.A. market: Click HERE for Motor Trend article *sniff*

    Diana-- Congratulations! Yeah, give us some more details and impressions when you can.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Max-- scratch my response.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Brian-- I think I remember reading something about that too but the 6-speed manual with sport package W8 won't be available here for another year. :(

  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Markcincinnati had also mentioned that the Passat W8 would be coming stateside with a manual as well but not until the 2nd year of production which would be 2003 as I would imagine a 2004 model... I also saw pictures of the new Phaeton in Motor Trend. They gave the specs for the W12 and they are pretty impressive but over 70k for a VW? That could be hard to swallow. They might and that is a big MIGHT, compete with Mercedes Benz if the car comes loaded. Maybe 1-3 available options but everything else is standard you just configure the vehicle and that's it. I guess how an S8 comes with only a few options and then you are done. VW may even model the car after an S8 in terms of luxury and standard features. It will be interesting to see. Brian
  • markcinti3markcinti3 Posts: 17
    I believe the 2.7T A6 6spd is (today) quicker than the US 2002 model W8 Passat -- and remember the W8 is an automatic and weighs less. The torque comes on sooner in the 2.7T -- In fact, as I read the "total" Audi brochure, the 2.7T manual is quicker than the S8 and the S6 avant, and of course is quicker than the 4.2.

    With the manual, even the 2.7T in the much heavier allroad is very quick, @ 6.8, compared with the V8's 6.7 (in a "plain" A6 4.2).

    The upcoming W8 6spd should be able to be a little bit better or a little bit worse than most of the current model lineup of Audi in the 0-100kph department.

    The Phaeton,according to Car magazine is not meant to compete with the A8, A8L or S8 (although I have stated my opinion that it seems for a year or three -- while Audi and VW make their market differentiation plans a reality -- that there has to be some cannibalization of Audi by VW). The Phaeton, I am almost certain, is about the same as the next generation A8 (chassis, engine, transmission). The Audi will have, IMO, more refinement toward "sporting" than the Phaeton.

    But, theoretically at least, VW is gunning for Mercedes buyers ("classic luxury") not BMW or Audi buyers ("sporting luxury").

    In cylinder count, I still think that a $50K Audi A6 2.7T with "only" a V6, may confuse segments of the market when they see (soon) a Passat W8 with sport package and manual transmission for $38K.

    Today, I'd still put my money in the Audi brand, but I have at least convinced myself that the differences, many subtle, between the brands are clearly worth the extra $12K.

    The Phaeton -- US bound -- I have read $$$$ commentary which says prices as low as $55K to just south of $70K (with a W12). The next Audi 8 family also will have the W12 (so says car magazines) available and if the current S8 with the expensive alcantara interior is any clue, could easily top $80K -- meaning, that VW is attempting to differentiate (although for a year or three, it is a rather transparent attempt, IMO) itself from Audi by having a slightly lower price point.

    The magazines claim VW 95% of Mercedes at 80% of the price is the GOAL (or is that the target?)

    I haven't the foggiest if they will achieve this on the first serious attempt (the Phaeton). But you gotta admire them for trying.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    An interesting trend: Those of you whom are familiar with my discontent of Audi moving away from including the voltmeter and oil temperature gauge in the A4 --and I suspect they'll also be doing so in the new A6 (the "trend" thing here), know how this frustrates me. But in the photos I've seen so far of both the Phaeton and the Touareg, each seem to have those gauges ...Audi moving away from and VW moving toward including those, IMHO, essential intruments. Exactly what's the theory there???

    If either the Phaeton or the Touareg should be offered with a 6-speed manual here in the N.A. market, I'd seriously be a prospective buyer should I determine that I want to move to upscale vehicles. I'm impressed with both model's list of features and engineering accomplishments. But I'm positive that neither will be offered with a 6-speed here. image

  • deacrefdeacref Posts: 4
    I am considering buying a used - A4 - 1999 w/ 37,000 miles. It drove great, and I'm sold on it, however ---- in reading these discussions - I've read a lot about problems with a number of your vehicles--- especially recurring issues. This will be a vehicle for my teen age daughter that needs to be reliable (both the car and child). Is it too much car for a 17 year old?
    Am I being paranoid about the service or does the car have a lot of issues - in reality?
    Also - the dealer is asking $21,000 . It has heated seats - sunroof - sport wheels - etc. Is that price in line - or should I haggle some? They said it was dropped from $23,000. The KBB shows $21,000.
    Thanks for your input.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Bill-- Can you give a little more info.? 1.8T or 2.8?; manual or tip?; exact options? Generally, what's your location?

    And what are the recurring problems which you are referring to? I know the earlier models suffered from front end problems but I'd be interested in any other drastically recurring problems you've heard of.

    And too much car for a 17 year old? Well, I won't get into my personal philosophical reasons why parents shouldn't "give" expensive cars for their teen-agers to drive but this isn't the forum for that. *lol* (please don't take offense).

  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    ... especially if all the other chix in the neighborhood have a Jetta ...
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Nice to see you posting here again, forgot to mention that before when our paths crossed concerning the W8! I'm with you on this whole upscale VW thing, if they can bring a vehicle to our shores with a 6spd and 4motion on the W8 platform I would not walk but run when new car time comes around again...
    Deacref-The more info you provide the forum specifically about what you are planning to purchase the more informed everyone's advice can be to you on whether or not the car is a good deal. Notwithstanding the issues of late surrounding kids and cars I'd have to say that your daughter must be well deserving and she is lucky to have a father that is able to provide a vehicle for her; a safe one at that! The one thing that I have found lately is trust your gut, if it smells fishy, looks fishy, and it bothers you for some reason then walk away. There are many good used cars out there and when you find a good one with a good price plus all the other intangibles (dealer, salesman, service etc.) the choice will be easy. BTW are you looking at Audi Assured vehicles? Good luck in your search and keep us informed!
    I'd like to share a story with the forum, unfortunately it is somewhat long plus it is late but it is concerning a used car search with my friend. I shall save it for another time.
    Not to get pompous or pretentious but Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day and let's not forget about the troops who are doing their jobs to protect all of our freedoms! Safe motoring.
  • deacrefdeacref Posts: 4
    Thanks for replying.
    To answer the details of the car :
    37,000 miles - Red - auto / power steering - brakes / power windows -door locks / CD Changer / sunroof / Bose system / heated seats / Quattro - Tip / Trip odom and AC --- to name a few things.
    I am in NC.
    Problems that I read about ---
    one poster said -- 'never again' tiptronic failed and the dealer couldn't resolve the problem.
    others -
    -it did seem like dealerships differed greatly in how problems were handled. Some quickly - and others were hassled and problems not resolved.
    - trunk problems
    - speaker blew
    - minor problems - and it took time to take it in to get it fixed. (Our dealer is 25 miles from where I live - so it isn't the easiest thing to get it to them).
    -knocking noise in the front end.
    #3689 - wrote - just out of warranty - and 'check airbag 'light came on. It was going to cost $600 to fix it. "ever since I've had it - fix one problem and another one comes up"
    - leaking oil -- (32 k miles) $3500 to fix it
    - front suspension - $1200 to fix it.

    Just some of the things I ran across. I'm just asking - is this typical or are these just isolated - and the unlucky ones? I did read a lot of very happy / satisfied Audi owners.
    I didn't mention - I have owned 5 Lexus' - and NEVER had one problem with any of them. However - their service jobs are rather expensive, too.

    Anyway - thanks for the advice and I'll look forward to comments to these issues.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,887
    with over 81,000 now I have no problems, love this car.

    I don't like seeing a 17 y/o get a fine car like this. It just doesn't strike me as a "trainer" car(or maybe I'm just jealous cuz I had to work all my life to afford an Audi.)

    Is you are unsure the "Audi-Assured" is worth the extra $$.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • deacrefdeacref Posts: 4
    To answer a couple of you - yes the car I'm thinking about IS 'Audi Assured".
    Plus - I just found out - due to an error by their marketing dept. -which ran an ad in the paper with an incorrect - LOWER price - the dealer said they will honor that price - which is close to $`1200 less than their original quote.
    Thoughts ????????
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