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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mhowleymhowley Posts: 5
    OK fellow Honda owners and shoppers, I need just a few things this time around. I just got the call that our friends Altima is finally dead and must buy a car this week. Since I just helped her husband buy his 04 EX-L a few months ago, she thought I could do the legwork and try and make this one as painless as her husband's. You have all been such a help to me in the past, and I did my part by posting all the specifics about that 04 I helped on here on this board. Yet, as things change from month to month I need to know if there are any special financing offers on the Accords or Civics and what incentive dollars are being offered to the dealers from Honda. It looks like the only thing available might be $500 from Honda to the dealers to help them move the 04 Accords. My friend is most likely in the market for a LX 4 Dr. 4 Cylinder, so this vehicle should be readily available. Thanks in advance for those that answer my request for assistance. Mike
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Honda ended the Accord special financing on July 6th. They are running special lease deals though. You are correct about the $500 dealer cash.

    The Civic has 1.9 for 36, 2.9 for 48, and 3.9 for 60 if I am not mistaken. I think the dealer cash is $400.You can verify all of this info through the incentived and rebate section in the new car area of Edmunds.
  • mhowleymhowley Posts: 5
    I was quoted $18,240 (including destination) for a 2004 Accord LX/Auto/4 Cyl./4 Dr./Side Curtain Airbags from my favorite dealer in Burlington, NJ with no haggling. To this number I would add 6% tax, $125 Processing and $107 for Tags. OTD price as it sits now would be $19,566.10. How does this compare with anything that has been either purchased by someone very recently or to what has been posted here recently?
  • oldgoatoldgoat Posts: 5

    I am buying a 2004 Accord LX/Auto/4 cyl./Sedan with side airbags also.

    Your deal sounds very similar to the deal I was quoted: $18,107 + $279 dealer fee + $75 doc fee. I thought the "dealer fee" was high so I got him to throw in free window tint (a nice option in Florida!), mudguards, & door-edge trim.

    I am happy with the deal, I got my 1st choice for color and really wanted the side airbags.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    I just want to make sure you know that the LX does not have side curtain airbags. It does have side airbags in the seat but until 2005 the curtains can only be had in the EX trims.
  • oldgoatoldgoat Posts: 5

    I am buying a 2004 Accord LX/Auto/4 cyl./Sedan with side airbags also.

    Your deal sounds very similar to the deal I was quoted: $18,107 + $279 dealer fee + $75 doc fee. I thought the "dealer fee" was high so I got him to throw in free window tint (a nice option in Florida!), mudguards, & door-edge trim.

    I am happy with the deal, I got my 1st choice for color and really wanted the side airbags.
  • mhowleymhowley Posts: 5
    I just wanted to thank anonymousposts for bringing to light the fact that the side airbags in the Accords are in fact only side-curtain in the LX and deployed via seatback on the LX model my friend is considering. This is the type of information I really appreciate and continually find on this site. As long as each of us or at least some of us keep contributing (keep it two-way folks) this site will continue to be the go-to place for assistance in purchasing a vehicle. Thanks again, mike
  • carmidcarmid Posts: 5
    I was given a quote of $18,760 out of the door for a 2004 Honda Accord LX AT with side air in Virginia. I am trying to figure if I am in the range most people are getting quotes now. I would go either with an Accord LX with side air or a Camry LE with side curtain air bags.
  • musicboymusicboy Posts: 66
    mhowley> I was quoted $18,240 (including destination)
    mhowley> for a 2004 Accord LX/Auto/4 Cyl./4 Dr./Side Curtain
    mhowley> Airbags...add 6% tax, $125 Processing and $107 for
    mhowley> Tags. OTD price as it sits now would be $19,566.10.

    At the end of January 2004 for the same car (CM5644EW) I paid:

    Selling Price $17,262.33
    Destination $ 490.00
    Total Price $17,752.33

    Processing $ 100.00
    VA Tax (3%) $ 535.57
    Tag & Title $ 93.00 (included MD Temp Tag - I am a VA resident but bought from a MD dealer)

    TOTAL $18,480.90

    Now this price was obtained via a competitive bidding situation using multiple emails and/or faxs to dealers. It was also obtained before the $500 Mfg to Dlr incentive.

    For a more complete version of my experience read my messages posted on this forum from my first message #3825 to the present.
  • jkwtradejkwtrade Posts: 18
    The following internet quotes were received from 4 dealers in Milwaukee, WI for a 04 Honda Accord LX sedan automatic, 4 cylinder no side airbags. The prices include the destination charge ($490) and the service fee that ranges between $89-$99 but DOES NOT include tax, title, or licensing. $17,485, $17,606, $17,694, $17,728.

    I also received an online quote from a dealership in Joplin Missouri, Roper Honda, they initially quoted $19,500. I emailed a copy of the lowest quote from Milwaukee and he said he could meet it if he had the model I wanted in stock and didn't have to obtain from another dealer.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    Being sort of new to the Honda marketplace, I'm wondering what usually happens in August and it likely they'll continue with the factory-to-dealer incentive they've had recently?

    I should have gotten going earlier this month, but was so insanely busy at work that I didn't have time to car-shop. Now, it seems that the inventories at my local (upstate NY dealers) are getting kind of picked over...which makes me wonder if they'll feel less need to blow things out with some kind of incentive.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Honda had already done away with the special financing they had on the Accord so it's hard to predict what they will do in August. I think the deals will still be pretty good because they want to move the 04's before the 05's start arriving.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    It's back...

    1.9% / 36 mos
    2.9% / 48 mos.
    3.9% / 60 mos

    Inventory is disappearing quickly. People who are waiting for a "better deal" will find few cars to choose from.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    My bad. It's not listed on Honda's website so I assumed it was over.
  • mhowleymhowley Posts: 5
    Fellow poster,
    I know you have been a constant contributor to this site and for that I personally thank you. Now as for the financing you speak of, is this for the Accords as well as the Civics, because I have not seen any mention of the special financing from American Honda Financing for the 04 Accords? I am sending out the email to 6-8 dealers today as my friend intends to purchase within a day or two, so your information is very timely. Obviously I await your response as I try and look for this information here on and on Thanks again, mike
  • mhowleymhowley Posts: 5
    I just called around to a few dealers and looked on this site for specifics regarding incentives for the 04 Accords. We all know the sites are saying Honda is kicking $500 back to the dealer to move the '04s, yet nowhere is it listed that the Accord qualifies for the aggressive financing I have seen in the past 6 months. Calling the dealership's Internet Managers confirmed this, so until someone can show me where they are seeing the financing specifics I am going to have to assume this is not the case. Also I must say that when asking for and then talking to the 'Internet Manager' about their email address for a quote request; most just give me the pricing with delivery factored in. As someone who has purchased a Honda or helped others purchase a Honda, this makes me feel like there is more room to move - they were all so quick and willing to give me the price. Unless it is just the way some of the more contemporary dealers are handling price requests when a potential buyers states they are using the Internet as a tool. I don't know but when I help my friend this week I am going to try and go back to those dealers and get below the easily offered price - even if it is only a few hundred dollars I feel I must try and make that happen. I will post my findings as I go through this and after the purchase.
  • ober0nober0n Posts: 4
    Hi all, I was looking around but couldn't find quotes in this message board for a 2004 Accord LX, AT, Coupe (NON-V6). I have a low quote of $19,100 out-the-door. I live in the Bay Area (CA, Alameda County to be exact). What do you guys think of this price?
    Thanks in advance.
  • hampster5hampster5 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a new 2004 Accord LX, Manual 5spd Sedan (no side air bags) last night for $17028.00, for a total of $18176.35 OTR. According to a Consumer Reports new car report I ordered the day before, the invoice price for this car is $17864.00, and the wholesale price is $17285.00.

    I was quoted a little bit lower price of $18000.03 OTR by another dealer ($176.32 cheaper yet - <$17K selling price), however I took the slightly higher deal because it was from a dealer that's a lot closer to my home (No. MD), and most importantly because it was my preferred color (Satin Silver instead of "beige" - I assume Desert Mist Metallic).

    The local dealer said they didn't want to match the straight $18K OTR price because it was basically "at no profit" and they had a policy of making at least something off of every deal - even if it was $176.32. Whatever - the $176.32 was worth it for the convenience & the color. Plus, the car included floor mats & locking lug nuts, which I've read other dealers supposedly charge extra for. Of course they tried to sell various security & insurance package add-ons, but I didn't go for them. However, after a $2K downpayment, they did provide 4.19% financing on the balance through American Honda Finance Corp. - which was fine with me, since my local Credit Union that I've used in the past only offered 4.5%.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    The financing applies to Accords as well as Civics.
  • My dealer guy who has always been very straight with me says the dealor incentive on the EX-6 expires the end of July (Sat).

    They have the car I want and might be trying to motivate me to decide. I have wait for the 05's even if sell near sticker at first. But by the end of the year more bargains should be available again.
  • twizard27twizard27 Posts: 9
    Sounds like your dealer is trying to motivate you in buying the car. According to Edmunds, the dealer incentives end on Monday, Aug. 2 for the EX-V6.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    I think you're smart to wait for the '05 which is what I did last year when I bought an '04 which probably hadn't been in the dealer's inventory for as long as a week.

    There will be no line forming to buy '05 Honda Accords. They are GREAT cars but they'll begin the 3rd year of their 5 year cycle and they're as common as belly buttons. No, the discount won't be as much as the reduction in price you'll enjoy if you buy a 2004 car, but the '05 will be a FULL year newer and will include whatever advantages the new model might bring. And you'll still get a discount.

    In my case, I bought the '04 Accord EX-L AT in August, '03 for just over 91% of the sticker price--invoice plus $238.

    That was a good price at the time and you should be able to do just as well. Good luck!........Richard
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Anyone get any good prices on one of these in the Washington/Baltimore area? What dealership? Thanks.
  • gatrhumpygatrhumpy Posts: 126
    Back in January, I got my Graphite Grey 2004 EX V6 with navigation for $27,300 OTD. I got my car for invoice minus $200. I got it from College Park Honda.
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    He is probably being truthful (technically). Yes, that incentive package will probably end when he says. Then, guess what, a new one will start!! So, he is not lying - just not telling everything - typical car salesmanship and tactics.

    In Memphis there are about 70 EX-V6's between 3 lots and I guarantee you all incentives and more will continue until they are gone. I am trying to decide if I keep my '98 EXL for 2 more years of very low cost driving or if I go get a new '04 EX-V6. I am leaning towards keeping it.
  • iluvhondailuvhonda Posts: 6
    rbell2, r u in Memphis. I just bought a EX V6 in Memphis. Had a bad experience with the dealership (Wolfchase), but love the car.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    So far I have solicited a pair of offers from dealerships and another from on the 2004 EX V6.
    One dealer and Carsdirect had the same quote - $24,243 before TT&L while another was close, at $24,299 before TT&L.
    Looking at Edmunds, the first two are $1 under invoice, but that's to be expected given the $500 dealer cash at the moment. Does anyone think the dealer cash will increase, as even up to $1000 would be nice?
    I like the power of the V6, but realistically think the 4 cylinder would do me fine and save me around $2000 as well.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    You should buy a 2004 well below invoice now because it'll be a year old in a month. Consider waiting for a 2005 which you can surely buy for less than $500 over invoice and it'll be a FULL year newer.
    If there is any question about your choosing between the V6 and the 4 cyl., be sure to test drive the 4 because it will amaze you--very smooth and quick......Richard
  • albanyalbany Posts: 2
    Looking at a brand new '04 EX-L, with satellite radio but no navigation system. Any recent quotes or buying information would be appreciated.
  • hi ! I'm looking at the accord ex v6 with L and navi- could someone guide me about the prices I should be aiming at ?
    What would be considered a great deal on that ?
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