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Jeep Liberty Diesel Maintenance and Repair



  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    maxorata, I normally hear the whistle of the turbo when I give a bit more throttle than needed. Typically when the engine is cold and the transmission doesn't shift rapidly I can hear it mainly in the 1st and 2nd gears. Otherwise with the engine warm going down a long hill the truck can do "free wheeling" for a while and maintain it's speed; accelerating slightly then produces the whistle.
  • Thanks Caribou1,
    The problem is that now I can't hear the whistle at all. Never.
    This is a variable geometry turbo, right? Is it possible that it could be working as a fixed geometry one, if this is at all possible? The easiest way for me to find out would be taking the car to the dealer for a diagnostic test, but I did that once, and to tell the truth I don't want to look like an idiot that does not know how the car works.
    I really love this vehicle. I'm from Europe, we are used to diesel vehicles there and we love them. When I came to this country I was a little bit disappointed by the fact that there were not many diesel vehicles available here, so when the new Jeep CRD came out, I rushed to the dealer and bought one. I haven't regretted it a bit.
    Thanks for your reply.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    maxorata, there is one thing to look for:
    - behind the air filter box you have a solenoid valve that allows the turbo variable vanes to change position. There is a small filter element there to make sure particles don't penetrate into the vacuum line.
    Remove it for a short period of time to make a test: if this filter is clogged the turbo will take a long time to respond. If you hear the whistle again this would mean your filter was obstructed. If it doesn't make any difference you will have to try something else...
    In all cases put it back on after the test.
  • They offered me a new Jeep with a higher note not even a lower note because they want to add the extra mileage and whatever else that car has worn down. I'm going this weekend again to another Chrysler Jeep dealership if this one can help me then I'm guess I'm stuck financing the car or going to another dealership and having them take it off my hands and start fresh with a Honda or something more reliable.
  • crdfan, they offered a buy out. Mine was w/ a greater than or equal to value. You know as well as me there was not going to be an equal to. That was fine w/ me as I wanted more options, satellite radio, sunroof, heated seats etc. I went from $29 to $31,000. It was a sub of collateral so there was no financing or re financing involved in my case. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who they make this offer to. Maybe suggest to your dealer calling Chrysler or maybe even call your bank whom your car is financed through and talk w/ them. When you bought your crd you should have been given a lemon law handbook. I found the name of a firm online that will handle your claim and if they can't get the results you want for you then you pay them nothing. If you are interested I can give you their number. I talked w/ them and even told Chrysler that if they did not work w/ me and replace my vehicle I would proceed w/ the lemon law attorney. They don't like that because then you get out of the car for nothing. As it stands I had to pay mileage as I was at 23,000 on 11 month old car. If I did not love this car to no end I would have had them buy me out right which is also another option you can express you want, which means they give you MSRP subtract usage fees. Either way they get you. They got me as I'm sure they get everyone. Oh well, guess thats the world we live in and the price we pay for freedom? Let me know how it turns out w/ the other dealership! GOOD LUCK :P

    P.S. I have had my new CRD for about 3 weeks, took it to Key West last weekend and it did great! Still trying to figure out all the new buttons though :)
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    crdfan: Bet they did not change the PCM did they? The PCM controls the EGR and if the EGR goes bad the PCM is is most often the reason. After 4 EGR's you would think they would have wondered what was the root of the problem. Have them change both this time.

  • Thanks for the tip caribou1. I'll do that this Friday. I hope the filter is causing the problem, it would be easy to fix.
  • samf36samf36 Posts: 2
    I am sorry this is long and somewhat rambling. Just wondering if anyone had any issues like I am having.

    I have a Jeep Liberty CRD 2005 with 8500 miles on it. I got it in May with 7000 miles on it. Was told previous owner had heath issues and could no longer drive. I drove it happliy for 6 whole weeks till it blew a fuse. Engine control fuse. Luckly I was turning on to a side street at the time . It was dead in the water. Took it in right away to dealership. It was a sat so they could do nothing. They replaced fuse and we went home. Blew again that evening. Had dealership pick up. They had it for a week doing who knows what but declaired it fixed. 3 weeks later fuses started popping again. This time in a busy intersection. Got it to the edge of the road and replaced fuse , blew 2 more times before I got it home. Once agin dealership picked it up and I told them I would not endanger myself or others again by driving it till they found out what was wrong. They drove it around a week before the fuse blew for them so the put inline fuses in the wiring harness thinking that if one of thoes fuse blew they could figure it out. Now 3 weeks later and after dh dicided to have a little talk with them out buying the thing back they decided to replace the wiring harness.
    So after all that anyone else have a fuse issue?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    sam36: Hey rambling is what we all do, glad you feel at home to do so! I have noticed there have been a small number of posts that have had to have wiring needing to be replaced. Some problems present one problem, that covers up the actual cause. I honestly believe the wire issues might be related to fast handling, or wires getting pinched. When you consider how many people that have touched this engine and wires from the factory in Italy, to the factory in Toledo, Ohio to then be installed, that's a lot of hands that have been placed on this engine and wires. It only takes one little mistake to cause such a problem as yoursJ
    We have 18,500 on our Sport CRD and no real problems except a PCM which was replaced last June at 14,500 miles.
    These engines are not only tested before they leave the factory, they are broke in as well, and oil drained and cleaned out. So you have a good engine. This engine is not new, but well proven and Chrysler has bought over 500,000 diesel engines from V M Motori.
    Where owners go wrong in my observation is; using oil higher than 5-40w synthetic oil, and using bio fuel above B-5. I change my oil every 7,500 miles. I drive it just as I would any other gas Liberty. That's all it takes.
    I think you might give serious thought to finding a better 5 star Jeep CRD certified dealer, as this one seems rather inexperienced. They should have found your problem long time ago. Hope you get to enjoy your CRD.

  • Thanks for help. I still haven't visited the dealership. I was away on vacation. I just received a letter in the mail from Chrysler Headquarters in Texas to please contact them regarding my lease which is up in November. They want to discuss my finance and lease options. Should I tell them truth about the car issues I have and the over mileage? Or should I just listen to my options.
  • I have been studying the posts, finding the forum informative. I am trying to assist my parents with their Liberty Diesel and the infamous CHECK ENGINE LIGHT/EGR problem. This is the third visit to the dealer with the promise that when the EGR is replaced everything will be okay.

    My question: Has this problem with the Liberty diesel really been solved? My impression is that the dealership is pacifying my parents. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • crdfancrdfan Posts: 10
    The problem wont be solved by putting the same part back on it. DC does not want to admit there are problems with the engine, I have been fighting with them for almost a year now with mine, after 4 EGR valves replaced and other problems they still refuse to buyback the Jeep saying they have fixed it. Good luck.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    JOHN72R5: This is such an issue that has a pretty easy solution, but the Tecs don't read all the readouts that come out on these V M Motori engines. Makes me real burned up. If the PCM was not replaced at the same time it may well happen again. I am sure you have read of some having the EGR replaced 4 times! There is just no excuse for these repetive replacement of EGR's.
    The EGR is controlled by the PCM, and if the EGR goes bad it's primary cause is the PCM.
    Should ANYONE doubt this call YARK Jeep in Toledo Ohio, the main CRD tec is DAN, speak to him. Yark sold more CRD's than anyone, and they even were helping the factory when there was a problem. Dan is one very sharp, kind, and willing to talk to you. I can not post the phone number by the rules of the Forum. Go to Jeep.cpm and go to dealer search. This advice is free, and hope it helps not only your parents but others who are having EGR problems, or those who don't really know what to do.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    crdfan: Your dealer is typical. Replace just what's broke! The reason you are having to replace the EGR 4 times is they never replaced the PCM ! That's what controls the EGR. See my post just above this to john72r5. That will explain it all. I am positive this will take care of the EGR issue. Have the dealer pay for your wasted time and mileage with a couple of oil changes.

  • samf36samf36 Posts: 2
    I am still waiting on the wiring harness install. They told me today I am on the list!! This is a 5 star dealer. I will not let them touch it next time I will have it taken some place else. They tick me off . We told them in July the 1 st time we took it in it was wiring.
    We always use synthetic in our diesels and recommend it's use in the engines we service ( we own and operate a semi diesel repair shop). I would love to have bio diesel but it is only available for ag use where I am at.
  • I bought my new 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport diesel almost 14 months ago. I have approx. 42,146 miles now. The two problems I have had with it was at 8600 miles, my EGR valve was replaced after the engine light came on and at 39,000 miles a senor was replaced after the anti-lock light came on. I an very pleased with the mpg. It is because of it that when it is time to replace it, I am looking at the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel only because it is larger.
  • 2006 CRD with 7200 KM

    I recently got a recall mailer to reprogram the TCM (Transmission Control Module) the mailer said this should take about 1 hour. I scheduled this for Tuesday, Sept 5th. They called after a few hours and said the module failed and they had no spare. The replacement that took several days to come was the wrong one. I'm still waiting for another hopefully correct module to arrive.

    Anyone else had this experience?
  • Howdy folks,

    I have an 05 Liberty diesel with 26k miles on it. I bought it used with 24k.

    It ran fine initially and I love this little Jeep. I am averaging 24-26 mpg.

    Last month the check engine light came on and I took it into a dealer in Nv. as I was in the area. The vehicle was there for a week and then they called and stated that they had replaced the #4 glow plug but could not get the code to clear (check engine light still on).

    I took it to a local dealer and they "flashed" the computer and declared it fixed. I left the dealer (Fri at 5pm) and within five miles the check light was back on. I spoke with the service manager on the following Mon and he stated that they were not sure what the problem was and that if they couldn't find it on my next visit I would have to take it to a dealer with a trained tech (Ca. did not sell the Liberty diesel and therefore supposedly does not have trained techs).

    Does anyone have any insight as to why the code would reflect an issue with the glow plug and yet they replaced it so it should be ok?

    Also, I have noticed two other issues...

    1. The temp gauge surges to almost red intermittently. (The dealer claimed there was a TSB for this and re-flashed the ECM to resolve it, yet it still does this).

    2. Occasionally I notice the Liberty feels like it is surging or bucking. Is this an engine issue or a tranny issue? Anyone else experience this?

    Thanks for any replies.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    17crd: This could indicate many issues. Most of us on this CRD forum can only guess what your problem might be. You really need a trained tec who knows their stuff. Some of the CRD tecs know only to R&R parts, and hope they find the problem. It might be well to call the selling dealer, and other dealers to find a 5 Star dealer who knows their rear end from a wheel. Lets us know how you come out.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am weary from hardly ever getting to stop while driving. I use 3 of PS Cetane booster quarts per 20 gallons of diesel. We are getting 34mpg in town and 46mpg on the road. We stop every three hours and it only takes about 4.5 gallons and that's hardly worth stopping for. That is not the worst part. We wait our turn in line at the Flying J truck stop, and when we fill it with $11.88 the truckers get rather upset because we are in their way. But the fuel is 5 cents less a gallon. We have a special attachment which allows for the bigger nozzel truckers use. But it's sure hard to fill without spilling some.
    Do you believe this story? Of course it's not true, but neither is some of the stories you may read sometime in these forums.

    PS. We really get 22 in town and 26.4 open road.

  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    Tell the tec to make sure the the glow plug harness is not in backward. If it is the PCM will sense the #1 & #3 glow plugs as the #2 & #4 glow plugs. The lazy tec is not checking the plugs individually. It sounds as if the tec is going only by what the code indicates. He should be Ohming out the glow plugs to see which one truly is defective and change that one. Codes only indicate where to check. What your stating tells me that the tec is shot gunning the problem because he only get .5 hours for a glow plug change.
    As for the bucking, change your fuel filter and make sure your buying premium diesel from a good source. Also have the dealer check your battery and charging system. Weak electrical systems will cause problems.
  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    Tell them to overnight the TCM or give you a loaner car.
  • HI! I have recently bought a 2005 jeep liberty 2.5 crd with 6500 miles. Problem:growling noise from towards front end when turning steering wheel left or right, mostly when decelerating on light load and at slow speeds.Dealer replaced driveshaft(I think)and problem disappeared for a time but has returned.Has anyone got a suggestion please?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi irishjeep,
    How were you able to find a 2.5 CRD?
    For the growling noise I would check fluid level first, the tension of the serpentine belt and the power steering pump. On mine the dealership wanted to replace the power steering and I refused. That was 3 years ago already.
  • We have 16K miles on it and has been running great so far. Once in while it would run a little rough for minute then clear up. But this friday it starting missing then just died. I thought maybe the fuel filter was pluged. I unscrewed the filter and dumped out the fuel. It looked fine. Nothing floating in it and no gunk visable in the can. I placed it back on and pumped the primer. It started back up but ran poor and missed. The jeep would start and run for a minute then die. So we had it towed home. I got a new filter from a dealer. But I figured if the filter was clogged I better drain the tank. I disconnected the line into the filter housing and hooked up an electric pump. It spit a little fuel out then nothing but air. I tried by-passing the fuel pump relay to get the Jeeps electric pump going, but nothing but air. Hmmmm??? Gage says 1/4 tank.

    I added 4.5 gallons of fresh fuel. Pumped the primer. It started up and ran fine. I drove it to the fuel station and added 13.5 gallons more. That's 18 gallons total. So it should have had 2.5 gallons left in it when it died.

    Anybody got a diagram of the fuel tank assembly?
  • HI,

    I was wondering if you have ever got the check engine light solved. My light just came on about three weeks ago. The TECHs got two codes: 1. EGR Deviation Flow and 2. Turbo under boost code. My service TEch suggest us to replace two hoses (Charge Air cooler). After reading these forum I think they were wrong. My Jeep had about 38000 on it when the light came on.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    f250sd73: we have a 05 Sport CRD with 22,499 miles on it. We have had the sending unit/fuelpump/fuelfilter in the tank replaced 4 times. The gauge has been the reason. Once the gauge said 1/4 and it took nearly 19.7 gallons. On another unit it said 1/2 and it took 8 gallons to fill up. On another unit it said E and it 6 gallons to take it to 1/2. I think the latest unit reads ok.
    It might be that the electric pump is somehow to high, and will not pick up that last 2.5 gallons. I would take it back to the dealer. Hope this helps.

  • I'm wondering if I am cursed or just bought a lemon. Purchased my 05 Liberty new, have had transmission / electrical problems since new. 1 tranny rebuild, 1 replacement tranny, wiring harness in the pass frt door, 2 BCU'S and just tonight looks like I'm due for another tranny. This Jeep had so many warranty failures in its 1st 20k of life DCX provided a 5/70 free of charge. Little solace, just means I will have piece of crap at 70k (that I have to pay to repair frequently) instead of one startefor which the $$ pain started @ 36k.

    Just curious, am I a rare case?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,457
    My wild guess is that you are probably in a group of 3-8% of owners. So kinda bad luck but you aren't alone.

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  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Rather interesting issue. There is a low fuel light in the instrument cluster and I have yet to see it work. I have run the tank down to 1.7 gallons left and the light did not come on. Rather unsettling.

    According to the owner's manual, on page 174, it states the low fuel light should come on "when there is 2.3 U.S. gallons". :confuse:
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