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Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Questions



  • beardadpspbeardadpsp Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 3500 4x4 Dodge Ram Diesel with about 63000 miles. On occasion, decreasingly, I lose almost all power and cannot accelerate - but, the engine keeps running at a low idle. If I pump the accelerator, power is soon restored - this can take anywhere from 2 or 3 seconds up to about 30 seconds. I have changed the fuel filter - the problem hasn't stopped although with passing time it appears to happen less frequently. The check engine light comes on, however, if i stop the truck overnight, with plans to have the truck computer checked - the check engine does not come on and the computer shows no history of problems.
  • tarrantt90tarrantt90 Posts: 2
    I Have a 2002 dodge 3500. Intermitingly the rpm will not go above 1500 especaly on a steep hill. It also seams to surge in the morning (cold) and on the hwy. The surging isn't really noticeable but its there. I'm thinking it's a fuel delivery problem but not sure?
  • Well here we go with all kinds of problems. At about 30,000 door locks kept opening and closing. took to the dealer and were supposedley repaired but truck had no power. complained and complained until I guess it burned out the turbo because they had put the wrong codes in the transmission at this time. At about 68000 kms the dealer replaced burned out turbo. Ran okay but not great. Should say that we put on 30 hp chip at about 7000 kms. Now this spring while driving check engine light came on and had no power. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the lift pump and the injection pump. After about 1000 kms while driving down the road the other day if completely stopped on me. Started right away again and I continued about another 50 kms. I drove it around town all afternoon shopping. On the second last stop when I started was surging. I drove about a block to my next stop and shut it off. When I finished at that location, I went to start it and it died 3 times before it would run. When I did get it started I could only get 40kph out of it. Had it towed 400 kms back to the dealer. They say it had a weird code. What I don't know. They unhooked the chip and say it runs fine. It runs out of warranty in about a I need any advice I can get. Could it be the engine control box? Anyone else had similar problems?
  • Here is an ongoing probelm my dad is having with a 2002 3500. When he gets to about 1/4 tank of fuel it stops and won't start again. He has had the lift pump replaced and about 4 injection pumps replaced. The last fix was new lines to the injectors. It has 129,00 kms on it. He has it chipped...but even with the chip removed he still has the same problem. Any ideas?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I'd say drop the tank and look for a problem there. If it happens at 1/4 tank no matter what else happens or changes, then the computer may think it's empty.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • In the early years, the oil pressure built up and shoewd 40 psi fast on the guage after the engine was started. 230,000 miles later it takes a couple seconds to show pressure build up after the old girl starts up. Now that is from a cold start after she has been sitting overnight. Warm engine even after sitting an hour or so, you crank the engine the oil pressure appears asap. Wear in the oil pump allowing oil column on the suction side to drain back into the pan, losing prime? Any other idea's? Other email address is [email protected] Bill
  • dusted1dusted1 Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    Here is my story,

    I have a dodge 2500 with the cummins desiel, the truck is driven empty
    and gets approx. 200-300km per day, empty. No after market parts on
    engine or exhaust. The truck gets regular service and I have been more
    than pleased with it, good mileage ,good power, starts great, no
    complaints...until, On Jan6, 2007, the truck has 159,225km and I am
    driving home and there is a slight knocking which increases in the space
    of 20 seconds, there is a loud explosion and fire, I get the truck
    pulled over and open the hood and shovel snow onto the fire to put it
    out.............towed to dealership......get call back two days
    later, Dodge dealer, we are sorry the engine has been dusted and ran
    out of oil and seized we refuse to cover the warranty. They removed the
    turbo and head to make this call. NOTE: there is three large holes in
    the block just above the oil pan,where you can see a loose connecting
    rod. They refused to remove the oil pan and simply stated they have
    seen dust in the air intake and they measured the cylinders (without
    removing the oil pan at any time) and have come to the conclusion it has
    been dusted; NOTE: we have had 2 -4 feet of snow since november 1.

    I had the engine replaced at a private dealer and had the oilpan removed
    to survey the damage. We found an oilpan full of oil, we found the two
    bolts which hold the connecting rod on the crankshaft, in the oil pan,
    one slightly bent, threads intact on both. The motor had been using no
    oil previously and the oil had been checked approx. 200km before this

    Can you shed some light on why this happened and has this happened to
    anyone else,
    I am currenlty fighting for warranty,
  • dusted1dusted1 Posts: 2

    I know it might be late, but I just joined this forum, I have a 04/2500 dodge with a 5" procomp lift and 35's, the 35's will rub badly when turning or running on uneven ground if you dont have a lift. The 33's fit nicely and dont rub, I ran them previously and they looked great with a stock truck.

    hope this helps,
  • jfiggs22jfiggs22 Posts: 1
    problem has started recently...while driving the truck will loose controle of the throtle. You can floor it and the truck does nothing. The truck will remain at the same speed that u were traveling, when it started acting up. While doing this if go up an incline the truck will loose speed and rpm at a pretty quick rate. When this happins the truck has no boost and wont build any either( according to my gages.)
    To get this problem to stop, you have hit the clutch and floor the trottle one or twice then let out on the clutch and the truck will take off again. Ive checked the fuel pressure and it is fine. I would extremely appriciate if anyone could share some knowledge and clue me in one how to fix this this problem...
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    That sounds a lot like a cruise control malfunction. With a manual trans, cruise control will do just what you're experiencing when you hit a hill, because the system can't call for a downshift as it can with an automatic. And if it's "sticking" like it seems to be with your truck, it won't change throttle position either.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • I just changed the oil in my new 06 Ram cummins at 3200 miles. I checked the oil at 3600 miles and it seems almost as black as when I took it to my dealer. The dealer response was that there is about 1/2 a quart of oil that does not drain out of the cummins and the new oil looks black coming out of the shop after just being changed. It had what appeared to be a new filter. The Dealer claims this is his biggest complaint in the shop drive way after an oil change on the Cummins. Any one got any good info on this?
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    I am new to diesels. The last 2 times I have filled the tank, the person on the other side of the pump have poured in fuel additives. One fellow recommended Standardyne Corp. additive to compensate for low sulphur fuel now available.

    I own a 2006 Cummins. Does the manufacturer recommend additives, as I was told?

    Comments would be appreciated.

    Oh, I have had trouble finding Standardyne products. Is there another product recommended? How about Red Line?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I only add anti-gel in the winter to my 2005 Cummins, and in the 9 years I had it, I added anti-gel and maybe 3 bottles of STP diesel fuel treatment to my 1996 Cummins. As long as your fuel source (gas/diesel station) keeps the fuel fresh and turned over frequently, and you keep your fuel filter changed per recommendation, you shouldn't need any additives.

    The correct spelling of the product you saw being used is Stanadyne - hopefully you were having trouble finding it just from the misspelling. The other major brand of additive is Power Service. Both products are used frequently in heavy duty truck fleets, but are generally overkill for the average consumer-driven diesel pickup.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • carnut17carnut17 Posts: 46
    Hello dodgejeepm, the oil will probabably keep turning black right after the oil change until you hit around 25,000 to 30,000 miles. At that mileage range the engine should be fully broken in. After that the oil should stay clean for awhile (maple syrup color). Most diesels the oil will turn black right away after an oil change,regardless of mileage. However, the Cummins is the exception. A Cummins will easily go 300,000 miles with no problem but they take a long time to run in, so don't worry. I recommend you Chevron Delo 15W/40W
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Thank you very much for the info. I will not worry about the additive for now .... when Winter arrives, I will give it more consideration.

    Thanks again.

  • My Truck is an automatic but it is doing the same sort of thing, I push the throttle I get no response. It doesn't do this all the time, but from time to time when Im driving this will happen and I will loose all power also when I first start the truck there is usually no power or a delay in power. Im wondering what is causing this bc it is defiantly not a cruise control issue.
  • Thanks for the response. I think I will skip 1 of the free dealer oil changes they threw in and do it myself next time just for my owm peace of mind.I will use the Chevron Delo and a factory filter and see how long it takes. I like the Dealer they are the first folks in 49 years I ever let change my oil.
  • donatldonatl Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel with 90,000 miles. I have had 4 turbo's replaced, and now I took my truck in again thinking the 5th was needed. They tell me this time, my turbo is fine, but I need new catalytic converters, an ew muffler, and new UV joints(i think they said). They are telling me the catalytic converters are under warranty, but not the muffler nor UV joints.

    When I bought my truck in Dec. '03, I was very happy with it. I continued to be happy for a couple years. My 1st turbo blew at 33,000 miles. The 2nd blew at 55,000 miles. The 3rd at 82,000, and the 4th at 85,000. I've gottne to the point that there is something wrong with my engine, and fully expecting the turbo to be blown again, they tell me is perfectly fine, but now the 'new problems', which I previously mentioned.

    I am at the point that I feel I need a new engine, and am completely dissatisfied with my truck.

    What should I do? Am I entitled to anything to get this corrected? Is the turbo related to the catalytic converter, and to the muffler, and to the UV joints? Why are certain things under warranty, and others are not? Why is my truck having so many problems?

    Thanks for any help with this. I am desperate for a solution.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The majority of RAM owners with the CTD have not experienced problems like yours. The need for U-joints at 90K may not be unreasopnably depending on the loads the truck has been used for or how the vehicle was driven. Most RAMs have not had this type of issue.

    I've not heard of a muffler replacement on a RAM of any type. The gasoline RAMs use stainless steel exhaust and the muffler chain stores don't even have a replacement listed for a RAM since they typically last the life of the vehicle.

    Now occasionally I hear of turbo replacements on diesel trucks, but here again mostly Fords. I think I remember a Cummins needing a turbo a while back, but needless to say three turbos in 90,000 miles is not normal.

    The failure mode of these turbos can point to the problem, if you know it. If the issue has been bearing seizure then maybe it is a maintenance issue. Use of the correct oil and maintaining periodic oil changes is very important on a turbo-equiped vehicle.

    Some of this situation cam also be the result of inexperienced diesel technicians. Dealers are not required to send their techs to the diesel engine course.

    Good luck,
  • I did not think that an 04 Diesel had catalatic converters. I had heard that cats are new to diesels for 2007.. and did not exist until the looney green minds decided to ruin diesels as we know them.....that may just be here in Loony CA..
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Cummins Rams have had cats for a long time... my 96 had one (and it was a federal emissions truck, not California), as does my 2005. What's new for January 2007 is a particulate trap filter and a NOx-burning catalytic converter.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    I drive a 2006 2500 (Dodge) diesel .... my first diesel. Fantastic vehicle; great ride; power and fuel efficiency.
    There is no perceptable smoke from the exhaust, however, yestersay I passed a car, and had to step down out of OD. I was surprised by the black smoke that same out. Is this a sign of a problem?
    I suspect diesels are most "happy" pulling and working, which I do only occassionally when I pull my 5th wheel. Do diesels "carbon up" like a gasoline engine, and need to be run hard occassionally?
    Thanks in advance.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Black smoke is not unusual during a hard stomp on the go pedal, but rare on a stock common-rail Cummins. Don't sweat it. (The old 12-valves could lay down military-grade smokescreens when "adjusted".)

    You should occasionally "drive it like you stole it" if you otherwise don't load it very often. You are correct that diesels are much happier when heated up and worked.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • bobe73bobe73 Posts: 2
    I have a Dodge RAM 3500 Diesel that is having an oil leak. The last time I had it looked at the dealer said that the Breather/overflow for the crank case line was clogged. They said they cleaned it out and that was it. This was 7 months ago and it is leaking again.

    Not sure the issue and looking for ideas that might fix this.

  • i have a 95 dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel well i was driving it to work when i just about got there and i had decreased my acceleration for a speed zone i went to speed back up and it was like the truck was in neutral, well if i shut the truck off it would run for about 30 seconds to a minute just fine but then it would do the same thing and again if i shut it off and turned it back on it would run just fine for that brief period of time well i replaced the trans filter last week and it would run at high rpms but with no power and it has problems taking off but i was able to drive it home but it takes forever for it to get up speed and it has no power what so ever does anyone know whats wrong with it? please help
  • do you think it might be that the torque converter is bad?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You probably want to head for the Dodge Ram: Transmission Problems discussion.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • carnut17carnut17 Posts: 46
    Rebelram, It sounds like you have a bad trans fluid pump. You need to pull the trans to replace it, sorry i hope im wrong. Anyway if you can afford it put a upgraded torque converter and valve body. Kevlar bands/clutch plates too. Then it will last forever. The Cummins put out so much torque their hard on transmissions.
  • today i dropped the pan again and drained the fluid and it had a bit more power but now its having problems shifting gears and it still is very low on power
  • :cry: after 13,000 kms on my brand new dodge 1-ton cummins diesel pickup, it broke down... wouldn't go like fuel wasn't getting to the engine.

    towed it to dodge where they said the tank had 66% water and it will cost $18,000 to fix. warranty won't cover it, insurance won't cover it (can't prove vandalism - have no idea how water got in there, could have been churned up in big tank at cardlock where i last fueled up).

    my question: shouldn't a brand new truck have a warning light if there is water in the fuel tank?

    18THOUSAND dollars to fix a brand new truck? i'm not very happy. any suggestions?
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