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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Depends on where you are, but you can probably get it for around $21,500 give or take a few hundred.

    I picked up an 4 door EX auto without leather for $19,900 + TTL in Houston, Texas at the end of May. Sticker was ~$23,500
  • newcartxnewcartx Posts: 2
    Thanks - I'm in Dallas
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    For an 05 I4 DX, VP or LX?

    Handa (H&A) sells them for $220 or $180 for V-6 or older cars. The instructions for an LX are here:


    and it looks like a lot of work. May not be hard, but might take someone like me a bit of time to do it. If they will do it for $92 then you can decide if that is worth it or not.

    The fogs are $238.80 and the instructions are here:


    This involves more work including cutting the fascia of your car - not for the weak :-)

    Through the Honda OwnerLink "e-store" you can get quotes from a few area dealers for these things. Reddell in the 'boro shows $441 installed for the lights, but $372.40 for the mirror. Waltrip is a little higher on both than Reddell. I checked on these for my wife's 05 LX I4, so your prices may be different.....

  • buffalo93buffalo93 Posts: 5
    This forum provided some useful information while I was preparing to buy my new car. I wanted to return the favor and provide the details of my purchase for those that are interested. I live in Denver area, but bought the car at Markley Motors up in Ft. Collins last Saturday. I dealt directly with the Sales Manager, who was courteous and very efficient. Did the whole deal on the phone and only had to spend 30 minutes at the dealer when I picked it up. I bought the car for 23,650. I talked to every dealer in the state and this was by far the best price I was able to find (by 400). I believe this was due to the level of dealer incentive Markely received relative to the level of the other dealers. I realize that some folks are getting this car for an even lower price in other states (I talked to a dealer in Dallas who would go down to 23,200), but this was definitely the best I could get in my area. I also got the sense that these V6 EX models are selling quickly, so those that are waiting, I would not wait too long as the inventory is shrinking. 1,000 under invoice - not bad - I feel satisfied. Any thoughts on my deal?

    Also, I am interested in a Honda Care extended warranty. However, I intend to follow the advice on this forum and purchase the warranty from one of the low cost internet providers at 23 months. Thoughts?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Also, I am interested in a Honda Care extended warranty. However, I intend to follow the advice on this forum and purchase the warranty from one of the low cost internet providers at 23 months. Thoughts?

    Yes, just wait. I traded cars this weekend and got a quote for the pro-rated refund on my HondaCare and contrary to the WORDS the rep said the math backs up what I have been saying - buy later and get a larger refund.

    I will post details in the Honda warranty forum when I have a minute to type it up.

  • tdartdar Posts: 4
    My Dealer told me today that the 36 month residual is 14,976.... I think your $323 is good....Honda is running a 249 special thats a 4 cyl and it's only 12K miles. So you've moved to a V6 and 15K miles for $74 a month....What's your cash up front? The Special has a LOT of up front cash....
  • Hi -

    Just about to pull the trigger on this deal:

    05 Accord EX 4cyl 5 spd Manual - 19000 incl dest charge.
    + 6% sales tax - PA
    + DMV

    Final price - $20,271 OTD

    Any feedback is highly appreciated. TIA
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Invoice including destination is $20,534 and the carsdirect.com price for the ATL area is $19,634. So getting it for $19,000 plus tax looks like a smoking deal to me!

    I guess the MT cars are slow sellers so they are giving you this one :-)

    Go get it!

  • Hi everyone. New to the forum. Am getting out of a 2000 Mazda Millenia S (for dozens of reasons). Am looking at one dealership that has 6 or so '02 SE's between 21k and 35k miles. All are listed at $13,990--was hoping to get it for 12k. Is this a reasonable expectation? Kelly Blue Book says trade value for the car is between $11-12k. And if there are current '02 SE owners out there, what are your overall thoughts on the car? Am considering an '01 Altima SE as well with 29k miles.

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks

  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thanks Dennis. The price is different according to the model. He gave me a higher price for the mirror--I think 350 or so. Then he said you have the Ex; the price is 312. Thanks for the heads-up with Reddell on the fog lights. Did you get either one of these? Did you install the fog lights? I am not sure I want to take these on.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Not me! My wife can do without the fog lights - I would pay the (high) price for the lights if they were easy to install, but I don't think she needs them at the installed price (even the Reddell price). The instructions on the fogs and the alarm both look like a lot of trouble to me :-) Read the door edge guard instructions too - tap them on with a hammer and one of the "tools" is touch up paint. No thanks.

    I ordered a cargo net for my S2000 back when I first got it. I figured it just hooked in or something, it was cheap, and I was ordering other stuff from H&A. When I got it and read the instructions that I was supposed to drill out 8 holes in the trunk I said forget about it. I read the instructions before I order now :-)

  • Thanks Dennis,

    My wife and I are trying to get the guy to budge a little on some accessories - door edge guards, leather steering wheel cover, and leather shift knob all installed for $150 + tax considering the cost to buy these online would be $128.00 (with self installation). Do you think that is a reasonable offer considering the price I'm paying for the car?

    Also, with regard to financing through AHFC, can I use that as leverage and say if he doesn't do it that I will just pay cash? I used to be in the business (in F&I) and made money off of the interest rate. However, that was years ago and I don't know if the salesperson gets a cut of that too.

    Thank Dennis - and everyone else on the forum. It has really helped us a great deal.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The guy in KY said he could do $15,700 for the VP - including car, destination, and dealer fees. Around here, I don't think it will get much lower that that - unless they raise the incentives in July :-)

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Dealers usually make something on getting you financed, so that can be a bone to throw them - get them to give you a cheap rate and then see if that will help with any extras you might want added.

    I have said it before, and I am still guilty of it - most of us worry too much about the last dollar in every deal. If you can pay cash for a new car, then $100 or $200 should not make much difference to you. If you are leasing or financing run the numbers - it will not change your payment THAT much. While we would all love to get the best possible deal, try not to beat up the dealer or ourselves too much trying to squeeze the last drop out of the deal.

    That said, I am shopping for a new car for me and the lease deal on it ends July 5. I was trying to get an expensive accessory thrown into the deal (which was already hot) - so then I said "I may have to wait until after the first to pick up the car. However, if you throw in the stuff for free I will sign the papers before the end of the month". He wanted the sale for the current month, so he went for it. :-)

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    Really...I won't say what I'm thinking... :)

    Just be aware of thinning inventories as time go's by. If you wait too long in your zeal to "save" as much as possible, you may find slim pickins on models and colors.

    Then people actually pay MORE! The silver EXL Accord the shopper HAS to have isn't available anymore except at one store! The manager KNOWS it's the only one left in the area. Do you think they would need or want to cheap sell it?

    Just something to think about. I see this happen every year.
  • I purchased a Honda Accord from Norm Reeves Honda in Temecula California yesterday. The internet sales manager there gave me a SPECTACULAR deal. I was very impressed with the car and the quick and efficient service at Norm Reeves Supergroup. I was in and out within 30 minutes. The internet manager also mentioned that they are trying to make a push to sell more accords by the end of the month, so if you are planning to buy now is the time to do it. They were willing to take just about any deal! Thanks to everyone for all the great advice.
  • lx_steallx_steal Posts: 45
    Good comment from Norm Reeves Honda.

    Don't forget the "dealers" are here.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    I think Isell is correct. It's been long observed that prices fall toward the end of each model year, but can increase if customers appear to be bidding up the prices of a few, scarce leftovers. At that point, it's not worth being such an eager buyer.

    Unless you're in a hurry, it's probably a better idea to wait for the 2006 Accord which, if introduced at the same time as last year and the year before, will be available in about 6 or 7 weeks (I bought my 2004 EX-L sedan early in the last week of August, '03).

    The Accord will be changed more for 2006 than in prior years of the current body cycle, but the car will be much the same and in its 4th year; there will be no line of customers fighting for the '06s. The new Accords won't be as heavily discounted, but they will be discounted enough from their MSRPs so that you'll still get a good deal on a great car.

    You might have to pay close to invoice, but you'd enjoy the newest model for a full year instead of just a few weeks :D .............Richard
  • Got it today for what they said they would give it for -

    19000 incl dest
    6% sales tax
    total OTD 20271.00 + 90.00 for door edge guards. Splash guards added for "free". Got the 3.9% financing for 60 mos. Not sure if I will keep that or pay it off, but it's a nice rate nonetheless.

    Decided not to go with the leather wheel or the leather shift knob since he wouldnt budge on those (cant say i blame him on this deal). Plus they look easy to install so I can just pick them up online for about $50 each including shipping.

    Isellhondas is correct though; I had no choice on my color, and the fact that I wanted a 5spd manual made it even harder to get what I wanted. I ended up with a graphite pearl, which would not have been my first choice (gold would have been). I have to say though that now that I have it, I absolutely LOVE IT. So I have no regrets at all.

    So if you really want to save, you have to weigh color choice and maybe even trans choice into your decision.

    Again though - thanks to EVERYONE on the forum. Good luck to all who are going to buy.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I also looked at those directions for installing the fog lights. There is no way that I am getting into that either. I did decide to get the mirror. I had Cookeville order it today. After you told me the price, I knew that they were being fair with me. My wife's car has this type of mirror and I got used to it in the Suburban I had before the Honda. Not a necessity, but I like it.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Dennis, Out of curiosity, what kind of new car did you get?
  • pavan_ivpavan_iv Posts: 6

    I need a suggestion from you all. As I told I paid advance for Acccord EX-L A/T for 21,600 a week ago. the dealer is not able to get a car before end of this month. he said mostly in July.

    I just wanted to ask if dealer is playing/waiting for july so that he will get more incentives for the same car as he is getting closer to 2006 year models??? :confuse:
  • Well, we finally did it!

    Paid $23,750 + Tax, this also included a trunk liner, mud gaurds, and the auto day/night mirror, but I installed them. We got the car in Wichita, KS.

    Also just found out that McDavid Honda in Irving, Texas is offering $1800 under invoice through today, it was $1500. All their cars have the 'protection package' which will add a minimum of $400 they said.

    The accord is a very nice car. This is our first Honda.....but it won't be the last! :)

    BTW, I thought the mirror was easy to install, but not quite as easy as that trunk liner. ;)
  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    I am looking at new accord coupes with v-6 and live in the northwestern Pennsylvania region. Currently I am thinking either an LX se v-6 (adds moonroof, alloy wheels and some other things to the base lx) or an EX v-6 w/o nav.

    The price I'm being given for the coupe lx se v-6 is 23600 (including dest but not ttl) which I see some of you getting an EX v-6 for. The dealer claims an accord challenge is going on so really what should I be looking for? Also I know I want the add on bodyside moldings, and maybe the regular spoiler in the back (not the wing). I also should mention that currently I don't NEED a new car, just would like one if the price is right. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!
  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    Anyone have recent experience with buying a 4-cylinder EX-L automatic in the DFW area? Been getting quotes online (not through Edmunds) and they vary quite a bit. The deal is always "good for today only." That is, of course, until the next day when it comes down even more.

    What is a reasonable expectation for out-the-door price?

    Thanks in advance.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    Is anyone informed about this one: For how long are newly built 05 Accords going to continue to roll out from the factories? I want to get one in a specific color that's pretty rare where I live (there's only one each in the two dealers here). I absolutely don't want to buy one that's been sitting on the lot in the scorching heat for months. I'm also not desperate enough to buy one for anything more than the absolute best price I can get just for the sake of getting it sooner rather than later. I'd appreciate any informed replies. thx
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I doubt any Accord sits on any lot for months. Only a dealer would know the MY05 ordering cut off but I'd venture to guess it has already passed - although they will still come off the assembly line for another month or more. You probably won't get a better deal ordering than getting one on the lot. To get the best price you may want to expand you search area, shop around and go in at the end of the month.
  • usagililyusagilily Posts: 1
    I got a good price from a dealer in MD on the accord 05 sedan ex leather(auto) with nav for $23440 out the door (which includes the accessories + any processing fees and va sales tax of 3%+tags), the coupe was $100 more. :shades:
  • Just posted on the honda.com website.

    Mr. Opportunity......2005 Honda Clearance begins...July 18th!

    No other info yet on the website...will keep my eyes open.

    Chicago Car Hunter :mad:
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    The longer you wait, the slimmer the inventories. Happens every year.

    Also, the heat won't hurt your car!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sounds like a recipe for disappointment to me:

    1) Picky about the color - only a single color will do
    2) Picky about how long the car has been on the lot (this really does not matter)
    3) Picky about getting the "absolute best price" (I am with you on this one)

    It is like that old saw: you can have it done fast, cheap, or correct - pick two.

    Anytime you can get an Accord for under invoice (as you can now) is a good time to buy one.

    The dealer money has been running $600-925 for several months, I would be surprised if it went up much more than it is right now.

    If each dealer has the color, then why not make the best deal you can while they still have them?

    As I have said before - if you can pay cash for the car, saving another few hundred should not matter ($100 is 1/2 of 1 percent on a $20k deal). If you run the lease or finance number that extra $100 does not add much to each payment. So waiting for a better deal is not likely to save you a lot of money - really.

    With you wanting just one color, get it while they still have one - or hope they carry the color over for 2006 and wait until half way through the NEXT model year to see if they put huge dealer incentives on the 06 cars too.

  • shop around..if you are near a major city area...there are plenty still out there. The dealers will try and tell you don't wait or you will run out of choices...I don't buy that for a minute. They all need to get as many 05's off the lots before Septembers roll in of the 06's. Shop around...I check every major dealers website inventory and then follow up with a phone call to the internet sales mgr to double check before I proceed. I also have them send me an internet quote for the exact car I name in the inventory. Also be careful of the overzealous dealer just trying to get you to come in by promising really low-ball numbers. Make sure you get your quotes in writing (e-mail). This doesn't always stop the shifty dealers, but at least you can walk right out of the dealership knowing your dealing with a bunch of jerks if they pull a bait and switch. I'm waiting until July 18th..to see what this "clearance" sale really means. I'll take the chance.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    desseekingcar, i just tried searching for the posting you referred to on honda.com and could not find it. can you provide the specific link to it if possible? just'd like to see for myself. thx
  • Here's the catch of how to find it...

    Log onto honda.com

    When the pictures of cars come up, in the bottom left hand box there are adverts for things like..Win a civic on the Maroon 5 tour, New ridgeline truck and 2006 Civic promos...

    If you refresh your page until you see the honda accord car, the bottom box will then change to show a cartoon man saying....Mr. Opportunity is here....then wait for the second box to switch itself...it will show the July 18th date.

    Try it..

    P.S. Called Jacobs-Twin Honda in Chicago, told them I'm looking for a honda accord 2005 Lx model auto...for 18000.00 include dest and fees and they flat out told me "no way". Wouldn't even talk to me...which is funny, because another honda dealer sent me an e-mail with specs and price of 17500 including dest... thats pretty close to 18000 with doc/trans/fees (no hidden fees) but without tax...They must not be to hard up for business at the beginning of the month....I bet they change their tune by the end of the month though...hmmmm..
  • amitnallaamitnalla Posts: 4
    I picked up my Accord LX Graphite PEarl yesterday. $19,100 OTD.

    On my drive home I realized the power
    door lock (on the driver door) and stereo controls (like scan, tune,
    etc) are not illuminated. Is this standard or is there a way to turn
    them on/off. I tried the dimming wheel in the dash to the left of the
    steering wheel but it didn't seem to change much.

    Any ideas pls.


  • If you bought an LX (not spec edition) then those are NOT standard features.

    Illuminated contols on the steering wheel are, but not the stereo or door locks.

    Here is the link to honda about all specs of your car...scroll down to "interior, comfort & conveinence" then look at the column on the left until you see the ones marked...Illuminated power window switches...and one lower marked..illuminated steering wheel-mounted controls...this should tell you NO for the LX except for the cruise control on the wheel..Hope this helps

    http://automobiles.honda.com/models/specifications_full_specs.asp?ModelName=Accord+Sedan&C- - ategory=5
  • amitnallaamitnalla Posts: 4
    Thanks desseekingcar. Missed that.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I bet they change their tune by the end of the month though...hmmmm

    Well, you just sailed right past the end of June. If you are a dealer and have 31 days now to make your number, are you going to want to give away cars? Nope. The lease/finance incentives may still be in place until July 5 - but the factory to dealer incentive may have run out with the end of the month - and the new plan may not have been announced yet.

    I would not waste any more of your time trying to hammer deals out of dealers. You will quickly learn which will deal and which will not. If they will not, just cross them off you list and move on. I sent e-mails and faxes to all the ones in the area with my bottom line price. Most (nearly all) didn't even bother to reply. Very little effort involved and quickly gets you to the ones that WILL deal.

  • Oh Dennis wise one...I am not a very picky person, albeit patient. I have nothing but time on this one....barring any unfortunate accidents...getting hit by a bus, stung by a killer bee or contracting mad-cow....I will patiently sit by and let them do the work for me.

    I do agree, however, that the despairity in responses via the internet continues. Out of 22 e-mails sent, only 7 replies (all taking more then 24 hours to reply mind you) and prices ranging from obvious low balling (to get me in person) to unimaginable heights (really over 20,000 for an LX auto)...come on.

    I think I have stumbled upon a gem here in Chicago though....if my instincts serve me right....don't want to give away any info yet...haven't had the full experience to really form an opinion at this moment.

    Funny but true...sat on the phone with a Honda dealer....didn't believe me about the honda.com webiste with the july 18th sale date until I made him go on the website over the phone with me! He was pretty surprised..probably hadn't had his sales meeting yet.....does anyone look at that site?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    When you said you had called them on the phone I was worried you were putting too much effort into it :-)

    Check your SPAM filters, the dealer we ended up using I almost didn't see due to his reply to a web quote getting snared as SPAM.

    Around here they all have high doc fees. I love it when you talk to a "country" dealer and ask them what their "doc fee" is. They say "what? You mean they charge you just for doing the paperwork?" Then you know you have someone that might give you a fair deal :-)

  • thanks for the concern...I think I make the calls for a bit of "sport" now and then... ;)

    Isn't a "doc fee" covered by medical insurance...hahahahahaha

    I think I'm slap happy with all this knowledge...
  • jpgolf55jpgolf55 Posts: 34
    I just picked up my Accord LX with 5 speed manual for $17115 including destination (plus tax & title) I also got the Honda finance rate of 2.9% for 48 months. I think this is a fairly priced deal.
  • buldagbuldag Posts: 2

    I am in the same boat. Which dealer was it? I am trying to get one in my preferred color and they all seem to be backing off.

  • sboosboo Posts: 1

    I was quoted $21,783 including destination (no tax/tags/doc) on an 05 LX SE V6 in MD with pin stripe, door edge guards and fender well guards.

    I spoke to several MD dealers who quoted me virtually the same price or would have matched that price for an in-stock vehicle without bargaining. This really seemed to be the going rate in MD. This was at the end of April, you're nearer the end of the model year now. Keep shopping and good luck.

    (I was also quoted about $24,500 for an EX V6 coupe with destination, no tax/tags/doc).
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    new guy in this forum. Will sell my 99 Civic EX 2dr since we just had a kid. I was looking at the 2005 Civic EX Auto w/Side air bags, but somebody suggested I look into Accords (LX 4 Dr Auto), insurance is cheaper and obviously I get a roomier car.

    Any good experience with dealers in Chicago? What is the best offer you got for an LX like the above?

  • hey nash,

    I'm in Chicago and in the same boat. Have had really up and down experience with dealers. All internet quotes have been really different. I also posted my dilemma in the Questions for a Dealer forum, which is kinda funny. (Seems like a thread for dealers to express their anger more then anything, I guess they deserve a place to vent as well!)

    Are you on the north or south side...me...north side...let me know...I tell you what I have so far...
  • dmbst68dmbst68 Posts: 50
    My e-mails to several local Honda dealerships resulted in being quoted invoice for a Graphite Pearl 2005 Accord EX-L automatic w/ NAVI sedan from a dealer near Pittsburgh. No such luck on below invoice in this area (about 1.5 hrs east of Pittsburgh). However, Alvin's Honda, the dealership that's 5 minutes away from me, said they'd price match. When I went to the dealer last Saturday, I expected to be there all day. However, there was no red tape...the price was matched without question, they did a "dealer locate" since my configuration wasn't on their lot, I chose my accessories, got approved for 3.9% financing for 60 months, and was back home within 50 minutes. Since I just finished a lease through AHFC, I was already preapproved for a $26k loan, so that expedited the process.

    - Here's the breakdown:
    $24,449 (invoice) + + 6% sales tax + $1,400 +/- (includes the 6% sales tax) in accessories (Wing Spoiler, Fog Lights, Auto dim mirror, stone guards, and cargo net) + $125 for new plate. NO Document Fees either!! (I've seen crazy numbers on here for typing a few papers up.)) Alvin's Honda gives free lifetime inspection & discounts on service.

    I didn't get it below invoice, but I'm happy w/ the deal. XM & NAVI rock!!

    If anyone's interested, just e-mail me for details. I'd be glad to pass along necessary info. An excellent experience w/ the salesperson...zero pressure, which is the way it should be.

    Good hunting!
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    I am up by Andersonville, close to Carr's. I am talking to FJ too, that is where I had bought my first car. But I have not talked to them about Accord at all, so far I had focused on a Civic. I have to test drive the Accord sometime this week.

    Thanks in advance for the response.
  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    I went to my local honda dealership today and checked out the EX v-6 coupe. He quoted me a price with destination of 25,263 which seems high. I want body side moldings included in the deal. What do you think a counteroffer should be?

    I'm thinking with destination 23,800. Is that a good offer or am I being absurd?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I am by Foster/Sheridan, not too far away. I'll do some homework this weekend and get back to you.
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