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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After scouring thru all the price lists came to this conclusion..


    From the earlier posts gathered the below....


    $38,900 for MDX with Touring and Navi from Davis Acura in PA

    $37,900 for MDX with Touring and Navi

    $40,000 plus Tax and tags -- Long and Short, no hassles no gimmicks got 05 MDX silver w/ black leather, DVD and NAVI. Dealer also installed step rails and body molding for $700. A great deal.

    $40,000 plus 1000 Was quoted 1000 over invoice for a '05 Touring With NAV. Finally paid 350 over invoice. Dealer is located in Hoffman Estates, IL.
  • snowsnow Posts: 2
    Just got a quote from a NY tri-state area dealer for $40,000 for a 05 MDX w/touring and a navigation system. Judging from the last post I guess that's not such a great price. Looks like I have atleast another $1,000 on the table to negotiate with. Am I right?


    Anybody bought around the NYC lately and what prices have you seen? I'm looking for an 05 w/touring and navi.


  • treknjtreknj Posts: 8
    I checked the postings:


    the $37,900 from was for Touring with DVD, not for Touring with Navi - still a good price but much more in line with other quotes.
  • Picked up last week 05 Touring with Navi, Black side steps, wood trim panel, rear spoiler,cargo cover, cargo net and cargo tray, wheel locks and all season mats for $40,200.


    How did I do??
  • toolpictoolpic Posts: 12
    Davis Acura in Langhorne, PA


    2005 MDX Touring w. DVD and NAVI for $40,000

    Sliver / black interior.


    no gimmiccks no nonsense, got 2.9% financing and a great deal on my trade.


    had body side molding and step upinstalled for $700 out the door.


    Started by emailing the internet manager, telling him willing to do deal asap.


    Only driven the car a few times but it is a great car.
  • toolpictoolpic Posts: 12
    Thanks, good luck to you and yours.


    I havent put the second car seat in yet. My son is in a Britax marathon car seat which is larger than most. The second baby will be in a Graco snug and ride, the traditional bucket seat till it is 20 lbs. The TL and MDX have the latch system which makes installing a breeze and the seats dont move. It appears that my wife and both kids could go in the back but it should be ok, with her in the middle and one child on either side.


    Our other opitions were the larger SUV, the lexus gx470, i think and toyota Sequia.


    My wife didnt like the truck like ride, in driving the MDX she felt as if she was driving her TL.


    any more ques, let me know,
  • Hi all! I just started shopping for an MDX with Touring/Navi. You all seem so very knowledgeable! What is the best price in the New York Metro Area, specifically Long Island???
  • Toolpic,


    I tried and am getting "not in stock". Also the guy never returned my calls.
  • toolpictoolpic Posts: 12
    feel free to emailme at [email protected] i will give you the name of the guy if you want, very surprising, they only had one other mdx w/ dvd and navi when i bought it was black and saddle.
  • Hi all,

    I have a price for MDX w/ GPS and Nav, with accessories: spoiler, sidesteps, moonroof visor, door visors, all-season mats and wheel locks. They asked for $43,000. I am not sure if thisis a good price or not, Please let me know.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I;m not sure about the price but why don't you just buy the vehicle and have the dealer install the rear spoiler. All the other accessories can be purchased online and installed by you which can save you some money since its also not financed into the price.
  • I just received an offer from a dealer in the New York Metro area for $39,349 for MDX with Touring/Navi. Do you think this is legit? Can I do better? Thanks!
  • Kenny, THX for the advice.

    Also do you know if the MDX has remote engine starter come with the car?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Don't have an MDX but pretty sure there is no remote start. You would have to go aftermarket, in that case you would either have to carry 2 remotes or buy a complete new alarm with built in remote start.
  • Got my MDX with touring/Navi on Dec. 31st, in South Jersey area.

    Blue with black interior.

    Closed the deal on 39K (before taxes and registration). Added Towing package, chrome side steps, moonroof visor and body molding for additional 2K. Got the 2.9% for 5 years.


    Based on all the above posts it seems that I did a good deal...
  • 1stmdx1stmdx Posts: 1
    Hey, not sure how the TMV is determined, but just got an 05 Touring model for 43,600 out the door. (better than TMV with the taxes and options)


    This price includes:

    Black/Ebony with Navigation and RES

    Addtional Options: Side Steps, Rear Spoiler, Body Side Molding, Moonroof visor, Protection package(all season mat, cargo tray, mud guards), $200 gas card, free lifetime oil changes, taxes and fees.


    Guessing I got a decent deal with the additional dealership services plus 2.9% financing (which at first the finance person didn't even offer, had to call the next day to request it after discovering on edmunds)


    Guess my lessons learned:

    1. Don't let the dealers give you the guilt trip on them making money and market values. 40 G's can buy a lot.

    2. Go shopping towards end of month and near closing time. (less time for them to BS during negotiation)

    3. Don't be afraid to walk away(especially if you know they aren't losing money at above invoice)


    Hope this helps someone looking for a new MDX.
  • I wanna buy a MDX (basic - no package) in New Jersey. WHatz the best deal on invoice !!
  • jrmjrm Posts: 3
    Hello 1stmdx,


    Can you tell me which dealership you dealt with...Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,


    Does anyone have a dealership in mind for purchasing a 05 MDX Touring in Dallas area? Also, does anyone have a good price for extended warranty?


    Thanks so much!
  • Folks.


    Did they stop this incentive? Looking from the posts, they haven't. But, the dealer I talked to (Acura of Peabody) mentioned that they(no body) are not doing this any more.


    Any way, I can get information on this??


    Thanks in advance,
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Rebates & incentives can vary by geographic location, so while the incentive may be available for others, it may or may not be for you. Make sure you check our Incentives & Rebates page for your ZIP code.



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  • My dealer (Southern California) had the incentive end on 1/5/05 but you should check to be sure if this applies to all dealerships.
  • Whatz the best price for this in NJ and can someone give me the dealer and salesman info so that I can talk. This is very urgent. Thanx.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    The dealership, city and state can be posted (no phone numbers) Posting of the names of individual salespeople is not allowed.
  • yemiyemi Posts: 1
    I believe you got an excellent deal.
  • tamu91tamu91 Posts: 14
    I was offered, for any model/option Acura MDX, $800 over invoice. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
  • YES/NO

     That is a good price however if you wait until the end of the month you might get a better deal. Davis Acura internet manager(Langhorne,Pa.) gave me an invoice price if I bought the MDX Touring before Dec. 31-i called him around Dec. 26 You can do better.
  • tamu91tamu91 Posts: 14
    genemachine1, wasn't Acura was running some deal through their dealerships that made your deal possible? Has anyone purchased 05 MDX/touring lately at invoice?
  • I am looking to buy an Acura with the touring / Nav. package. I have not gotten down to the nitty gritty yet but the salesman is saying maybe $3000 discount. Anyone in Virginia or the DC area have any experience on discount level?
  • tamu91tamu91 Posts: 14
    Any positive or negative experiences with Churchill Acura in Dallas? The internet sales manager offered me $570 over invoice for 05 MDX with Touring pkg.
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