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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't know what the CR-V market is in NY, but the internet bids I initially rec'd varied significantly in So. Calif.

    You may want to order an invoice online. Very simple, just go to the Consumer Reports website and request a copy for this model with your credit card #; they give you access to the invoice in 5-10 mins. in my case. The invoice (which also shows dealer holdback) only costs $12.00. As of 12/19/03 (last time I checked) the CR-V EX Auto showed a $677 dealer holdback. I believe the invoice is updated on line each week and you have access to any updates for 30 days.

    Go in person for the best price, at the end of the month if you can, take a copy of the invoice, and I suggest you tell them what you want to pay. It never hurts to ask but be ready to justify the price. Let them know you want to buy a car that day (if true) and that you will go to other dealers if necessary. I went to the 1st dealer early one afternoon and was prepared to go to 5-6 dealers that day if necessary. Fortunately the 2nd dealer and I agreed on a price.

    Hope some of this helps. Just knowing what deals other people on this forum got was also very helpful. Keep us posted.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    We have invoice prices here. Free.

    Holdback info too.

    But it's your money...

    Steve, Host
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Once again...

    Holdback is paid to the dealer once a year. It *helps* pay for some of the flooring and advertising costs. It is not, despite what you may hear and read, bottom line profit.

    Dealerships also have this little thing called overhead...operating expenses which are massive.

    It's always the prevailing market that will determine pricing. If it's the middle of July and a dealer has 75 CRV's sitting on his lot, he is apt to let some go with sharp discounts.

    If it's January and it's 15 degrees with snow in the forecast, and he has six on the lot, it may be harder to bargain much on one.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    We would LOVE to fill our lots with CRVS!

    Like all Hondas, they are allocated to the dealers based on how many we sell. I'm sure we would gladly accept 100 of them if we could get them right now!
  • dondada,

    Thanks SO much for your info on Fair Honda -- that's one place I've been dealing with, but only on the phone. I'm going to bounce your 19,710 price tag off them and see what happens.

    One question: I've been told that CT dealers can charge an open-ended conveyance fee, the amount of which can be $10 or $1,000. What did Fair Honda charge you for conveyance? What was your out-the-door price? I'm planning to call the salesperson at Fair Honda and offer her your final price -- less the $485 for fog lights -- and see what happens. The price you paid -- $20,200, including destination -- is more than $1500 less than I thought I'd have to pay for this vehicle.

  • dondadadondada Posts: 15
    I'm not sure about that open ended conveyance fee,however I was charged $179.00 with a $3.00 CT. lemon law fee(both in bold type on the Purchase Order form),coupled with new registration($150.00) and 6% CT sales tax. OTD:$22268.84. I hope that this may help you in your negotiations. Please keep us posted.
    Good Luck.
  • Thanks, dondada, for providing your OTD figures. You got a great price, considering that I was quoted $22,240 at a competing dealership as the absolute lowest price, without tax, conveyance, registration, etc.

    Thanks also to Steve/Host, isellhondas and matthew633 for your input on holdbacks and negotiating. I'd been hearing about holdbacks for weeks now and had no idea what these were! I calculated that with the dealer holdback, one of our area dealers would be making more than $2800 over invoice by charging me the MSRP of $22,240, including the holdback. Way too much, in my opinion.
  • alphajcalphajc Posts: 34
    I just puchased a new CR-V EX Auto Transmission for $21,000 + TTL. I reside in the LA, Southern California region so the sales tax is a hefty 8.25%. They had around 5 for me to choose from. I know these are hot sellers in area as I see them all the time, along with Toyota Highlanders.

    I was quoted $21,770 from another dealership and $22,100 on CarsDirect so being able to purchase it for $21,000 was a pretty good deal in my mind. Originally the Internet/Fleet dept at the dealership I purchased from quoted me a price of $21,300 but without much haggling they came down $300. I know somebody on the board bought this car for $20,700 but that seemed out of reach in dealing.

    I did shell out however another $350 to have a factory alarm installed. I know the price is high, but I've had problems with aftermarket alarm systems in the past and wanted a factory one.

    Happy new year everyone!
  • I spoke with Fair Honda this morning and gave the numbers from dondada's purchase as a reference point for negotiating the price of a new CR-V EX with manual transmission, and my saleswoman told me these numbers ($22,268.84, with Fog Lights) were below dealer's cost. The best this dealership would offer me is an Out-The-Door price of $23,250. Ouch.
    I've since began to research dealerships in New Jersey. MSRP for the same vehicle is listed on the NJ Honda dealer Web sites as $21,600 as base price and $460 for destination, for a total of $22,060. All Connecticut dealers list the same car for $21,750 MSRP with a $490 destination, for a total of $22,240. I just got my first quote from a NJ dealer, and it was still high -- $22,995 out the door.

    Anybody have any great tips for negotating? I'm particularly interested in hearing from folks who have been getting the great deals -- since I can't seem to get a price much under $23,000 out the door.

  • dladybdladyb Posts: 5
    I am confused or being misled. I am trying to purchase a Honda CRV LX AWD. I sent out a request and received 3 quotes. One for $19,775.00 for a CRV LX AWD and one for $19,700.00 for a CRV LX 4WD. The latter salesman told me that Honda does not make a CRV AWD. I used the information from the Edmunds site and the AWDs sell for slightly more. Please educate me. Also, if you go to their National base price for all CRV models is higher than what is listed on Edmunds. Please help me out!
  • I'm looking to buy the extended insurance from curry honda and by any chance do you have the discount email or code?.

    i would appreciate your help,
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 123,000
    Its the same vehicle... I've seen it referred to both ways.. but Honda actually calls it RT4WD.. real time four wheel drive.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 123,000
    When you ask for a quote through the website, they will send you an e-mail with a discount code.. usually its for $75 extra off.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • As I recall the Edmunds invoice price matched the invoice price I also got from Consumer Reports (which cost $12). The Cons. Reports invoice also showed a dealer holdback of $677 for the CR-V EX 2004 back in Dec., but another forum member said you can get this elsewhere for free.

    I would disregard the price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    We have invoice pricing and holdback info here, and our MSRP prices should match what Honda says at the official Honda website. That's a bit strange that they don't, unless there's an update coming here.

    The few I checked did match.

    Steve, Host
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    dladyb: I think also that people are referring to the same model, which is the CR-V LX with 4WD, called RealTime 4WD. AWD drive is when all wheels are driven all the time, like quattro for Audi and the old V8 Explorer (I had a 96 V8 w/ AWD). The CR-V only drives the rears when the front slip so it is a part time 4 wheel drive. The difference is subtle and that may be why some folks use the terms interchangably.
  • As stated by someone else, they will email you a discount code...the one I received was for $90 off the $1040 price for a total of $950. After I entered this code and had the curry screen that showed my final price of $950 for 7yr/100K no deduct, i printed it and showed the dealer who beat it by $55.
  • FWIW, here's a newspaper ad from a North Carolina dealer: 9&pg=49
    04 EX for $21,849, 04 LX 2WD $18,444

    The lowest unsolicited offer I received was $21,549 a month ago for 04 EX.
  • ystressystress Posts: 25
    There are CR-V's always available here in Southern California year round. Generally prices for EX automatics are a bit under 22K including destination. In fact, a buyer will save at least $1,500.00 off MSRP simply by inquiring at the dealers internet site, at least that's been my experience.
  • Hello,
    I live in No. California, and I'm in the market to buy a used CR-V, preferably 2002-2003 model, but the prices the dealers are asking seem high! I'm currently looking at a 2002 Ex with 32500 miles, fully loaded for $19,991. That doesn't seem that much less than a brand new 2004 CR-V. Has anyone shopped around and/or bought a used CR-V, and were you able to talk them down in the price?
  • I went to Autoway Honda in Clearwater, FL today and I put a $500 deposit on a Honda CRV EX Mojave Mist color and they let me take the car with me. Below you will see they deal they are offering me. I need to know if this is a good deal and if not what I should do to make it better. I am going back to the dealer tomorrow to close on the deal. Base price $21,000, dealer handling fee %$499, FL law waste tire fee $6.50, sales tax $1290, County tax $50, Tag & title fee $225 (estimate), Fl warranty trust fund $4. Grand total is $23074.83
    Any comments and suggestion you can make would be greatly appreciate it. I am a little nervous because this is only the second car I buy. Thanks a million.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 123,000
    If thats an automatic, its about $1500 off MSRP. That seems to be a very good deal, compared to others on this board. (I added the dealer handling fee onto your base price to come up with that figure).

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Give me a break, the dealer handling fee is just more profit for the dealer. Thats ok, as long as you consider it part of the price and YOU are happy about the price. It seems like a pretty good price to me.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Anyone have experience putting (aftermarket)leather seats in a CRV? I like the car, but I genuinely dislike the cloth interior (both LX and EX). I know that the side air bags might be an issue, but I'd forego them for the leather.

    -The Mudge
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    We probably should re-open it but try a skim through Aftermarket leather upholstery and the still active Honda CR-V Owners: Accessories & Modifications discussion.

    Since we're focusing on deals in here, please take the leather talk to the Mods board. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • Hi, I live in CT and no one was able to give me a deal except: Courtney Honda in Milford, CT BUT you had to wait 1.5 mths before it was in stock.
    Courtney Honda quoted me the original deal below.

    I just bought a blue Honda EX Auto from Sussex Honda in Newton, NJ. My original deal was $22,273.00 which included 4 yr 60,000 mile warranty with wheel locks and a cargo cover.

    I sat down with the finace man and then they played games with my interest rate. Told me that I qualified with 4.9 but if I bought a 5 yr warranty my rate will drop to 3.74.

    I left there with a purchase price of $21672.87 and they charged me $1100.00 for the contract 5yrs 100,000 miles. So the bottom line is they only charged me an additional $500 for the 5yr exteneded warranty.

    Just call and ask for the internet sales dept .
  • Confusing deal, but it sounds like it cost $500 for an extra year of warranty. $22,273 with 4 yr warranty versus $22,773 with 5 yr warranty. (BTW, are the warranties on top of the regular 3 yr policy from Honda? I've always wondered about that.)
  • Honda gives you a 3yr 36k mile warranty. For $22.272 I negotiated a 4yr 60k mile warranty and got the cargo cover and wheel locks.

    I paid an additional $500 for the 5yr (3yr honda plus and additional 2yrs)
  • Chernan, see my earlier posts. Sounds like you may have already closed the deal, but if not here's my 2 cents. Back in Dec. the invoice for a CR-V EX Auto was apx. $21,302 (which included $677 dealer holdback). So I offered $20,643 and ended up paying $20,794 plus taxes, ect. OTD: $22,640 (includes 7.75% sales tax in So. Calif.)

    You may want to go to another dealer and start with an offer. If you get a better deal there you can always go back to this dealer to see if he will beat or at least meet this offer. Best to wait until the end of the month and take the invoice with you.
  • tw1111tw1111 Posts: 4
    I recently purchased my new 2004 CR-V LX from Gwinnett Place Honda in Suwannee, GA, a suburb of ATL. I did all negotiating by phone & e-mail (it took almost 4 weeks) & never set foot in the dealership until I went to pick up the car. My TOTAL price including tags, title transfer,all taxes & destination charge was $19,500. Also included was the roof rack, mud flaps & chrome wheel covers, all not std on the LX. I chose not to extend the warranty, but instead put that amount of money aside in a money market account in case I would need it for any major repairs. Statistically, this vehicle is very stable & has a good (equates to minor) repair record. That warranty is almost pure profit to the dealer. Why not make money on that money yourself?
    The dealer's Internet team was very professional, honest & courteous. It helps if you know how to negotiate. This was my 16th vehicle purchase.
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