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Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram for 2000



  • denispdenisp Posts: 1
    I'm considering replacing my 90 ext. cab SB Silverado with a 2000 Silverado. I have had great luck with my 90. I am trying to be fair and look at all the trucks on the market,including the Dodge. For the Dodge from all the postings: lousy brakes, old engines, love it or hate it styling. I read that the 318 was replaced for the 2000 trucks. True?? If so, does anybody have one who can make any comments on it? The Chevy with the 5.3 I drove was unbelievable.
  • Another question. If you don't want leather seats what's the advantage of ordering the LT package. I don't want heated mirrors, dimming rearview mirror etc. Seems like most other items I want I can get as an option on the LS.

    I have a 2 WD and am considering a 4WD. No, I don't do off road just live on a farm and have lots of snow. How much do you loose in gas mileage and how much more is the maintenance--besides the initial extra $4000 for 4 WD. Thanks for your input. Need info from those that have these types of trucks.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    This would kill our argument...but can we agree that they all do a good job and have their own problems and better points?....and that Dodge is for you and Chevy is for me?


    Is that how it is...oh...what ever ya say boss!


    Yeah the 5.3 is supposed to be more power...but I'm not a fan of smaller engines giving more HP all the time. Those aluminum heads will not make it to 165K...much less 100K. The reason you can't get a 6.0 in a half ton is because GM's CAFE rating sux. That's the system that says the whole GM fleet must get x miles per gallon. GM sells way too many gas hogs and not enough econo's. If you could get a 6.0 in a half....everybody would have one! The 2500 8600GVW is out of the GVW range to be included here. After 8400 or 8500?..(I'm not positive) the MPG does not count for the cafe rating. If you notice..all Sites and literature never has MPG for the 3/4's...even the window stickers. So until it gets straightened 6.0 in a half...unless they come up with some loophole type thingee. I too wanted a went for a 3/'s just a better truck.
    Every LT option is available in an LS....except the leather seats will not be heated or have the 2 posistion memory. The fancier door panels are not available as well in an LS. You can get a slider in an LS though... Basically the LT just adds all the goodies into a package and saves some bucks if you had added them all up. You won't lose any MPG when you are not using 4WD...well maybe a tiny bit..due to extra weight. When it's on it's hard to say...usually not on the entire tank...if hardly any at all. Tough answer.....any body got one?


    Get the Chevy

    Good luck

    - Tim
  • I drive a 98 ram quad w/ 318 and the engine has fine performance when towing a 4000 pd. boat but I have had some spots on the bed area where the tie downs are located where the paint seemed to easily rub to the primer w/ little contact of a rope.

    I must say that this has me considering the GM truck because it relates to other minor annoyances
    that when combined are kind of a pain
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    Welcome aboard the Luxury Liner of Silverado.

    Glad you will make the switch some day?

    Let us know

    - Tim
  • I will be graduating from college soon and will require a truck in the construction field. The need for a truck clearly exists, but the investment is the largest I will have made to date. I'm drawn in four directions. My top priority is reliability. My need for towing is limited. Cab room is important. Off-road driving is expected to be often(construction site, land development, fun). I have done all the research on current Silverado's, Ram's, Tacoma's(haven't really considered F150, but not excluded), and would choose the Silverado. Purchase date will be August '00. Hopefully Chevy's 1st year jitters will be worked out. Friends have all had great experiences with the Ram's, Tacoma's and F150's, and they are great to drive. I've spent most of my time in the Ram and it's beginning to grow on me.
    My philosophy is that the majority of the four trucks are 'assembled' in the USA by American workers(the people that do the leg work). So the idea of purchasing a Toyota isn't a concern. I haven't had driving experience in the Tacoma yet, but have seen them run extremely hard and last forever.
    Objective suggestions and thoughts are desired.
  • Tim
    Yes, the Dodge frame is higher than Chev, about 4 to 8 inches higher, depending on the package the truck is equipped with, and the frame is alot heaver.

    Dodge seem to have built a 4X4 for military use, called the POWERWAGON. After WW-II, Dodge wes the first to offer a 4X4 truck to the general public. Gee, is that a First? The RamCharger, I'm afraid you have gotten some incorrect information. The last year of production (93), only a few thousand were made, otherwise, the USFS has purchased every RamCharger ever made. Two things killed it, Chrysler (poor power and Ram production), and the rep. earned by Chevy and Ford SUVs, as rattle traps, manly due to the removable rear top, but the door rattles didn't help.

    Good comparison, when the Chevy truck little brother (or sister) looks like it does? The new Silverado looks like they didn't know what to do with the grill, so they just did some weird stuff to kind of finish it off. The 2K GMC actually looks better (opinion). What about the door rattles in the new Chevy truck (Tim, does yours rattle?). Our new Quad Cab is tight s hell, even in the ruff stuff (only 2,500 miles though).

    Yes, the 318/360s are old, but they work and last. They do have new heads (Magnums), injection, roller cams, get the point? The Chev 350 is the same proven design. If its not broke, don't fix it. But factories have to tote something "NEW", even if its not better. Take the Z28/TransAm for example, 320 horse, flat power pattern, and pretty good mileage too. I have to admit, that is a WINNER.

    Went with the Pentaliner for the Dodge, You were right, so what if it wears off some of the paint, is still protects the bed, and it can be removed, besides, is was allot less than spray-ins ($185 vs 300-600 for Spray).

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    Lot's of Intersting stuff there...some I knew..some I didn't. I don't have figures mixed up though.....they may have bought all they made...but they didn't make a decent numbers most of the time. Who cares anyway..they are gone.

    My 2000 3/4 Chevy has no rattles in the doors/bed/windows/..anywhere. No shakes or shimmys either.

    Good choice with the liner....I'm going drop in for sure....should have it soon.

    ..and they don't use the 350's anymore in the Silverados..all new breed of engines...

    Those removable tops.....ahh..the original SUV's!
    Before the yuppy's coined the phrase.....My buddy's Blazer (before there was S-10 size) didn't rattle too much...but did rattle. He swore as long as he never took the top wouldn't leak...and it didn't. One day he took it off...and then kept taking it off....soon was a leaker! (Not too bad though)


    - Tim
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Glad I can agree with Wildman about those LS1 engines in the C5's and F-bodys. Same head design for the new Vortecs. Goodbye siamese ports. Hello port injection, revised firing order.

    So far my 5.3L has 12,500 miles. The plastic intake manifold has not melted. The aluminum heads have not warped. With fuel savings alone, could pay for a set of CNC ported heads.
  • Thank you for shutting up Tim with a history leason. I recently heard about the powerwagon and was waiting for old TIMMY to put his foot in his mouth so I could shut him up. You did it before I could.

    is it really that hard for you to climb up into our big Dodges? I agree that Dodges look a little funny with small tires. But so do chevys or any other truck that is purchased with the cheaper packages. If you purchase a silverado with a stripped package, the cheep tires and low stance makes the 4x4 look like a low rider.

    I currently have 33s on my Dodge and love the look and the hieght.

    You are almost as silly as Tim. I have never seen two people so concerned with their truck bed. Damn you purchsed a TRUCK. Some things should be expected. Maybe you should stop using cheap rope to tie down your stuff and invest in some straps or even a cargo net (duhhh). And then you will actually consider changing Brands because of the paint in the bed. I can never respect anything that you have to say.

    I am ashamed of you. Silly....
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    Even after my History lesson to speak...I still have the facts that Dodge never made any trucks in any good numbers for years. Nobody can shut me up....BBWWWAAAHHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

    While it isn't hard for me to climb into any 3/4 Chevy is just fine. 1/2 Dodges look kinda OK...3'4's look insanely stupid..Fully loaded too...Much be those Cheap packages? My 3/4 LT was real cheap. I guess some dolts just don't know anything?...could be?

    Perhaps if you had a nice truck that you paid good would care about your bed also? Until then...keep driving that Dodge.

    .....Am I getting to ya?....sounds like it...
    ..I know I am

    Mission Acomplished!

    - Tim
  • planejaneplanejane Posts: 167
    Keep me posted on your alum. heads, I understand that nowadays they are more reliable anyway. I am leaning toward a 1/2 ton with 5.3.

    Tell me about the CNC ported heads, what are they??

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    I hear a bunch of children crying about which truck is taller and prettier. Hmmmm, time to throw away those childish toys and buy a good, ugly but solid Ford.
    Tim,trucklover,ramming-whatever,et all:This is like a debate about which team is more futile, Cubs or Red Sox? You are debating second place. Go with the truck that has killed all in sales during the past 15? years: FORD.
    Tim-you bash Dodge on sales but let us hear the excuses why Chevy can't top Ford. What??? Huh? Okay. Uh Huh............. ;)
  • viper_gviper_g Posts: 12
    First of all I don't know how any one can deny that a Dodge is the best truck ever made !!!! Take for example the New dodge Trucks the four wheel drives come with a full rear end in the front !! Last time I looked chevy had cv joints the same axles that are put on cars!! I wonder which one is more durable??? I wish i had invested in some company that made cv boots for chevys I work in a garage and if we didn't replace 1000 cv boots we didn't replace one!!!! Second we have been noticing that chevy trucks have been coming in and the last 2 feet of the frame is completly rusted!!!! And on two ocasions we had to weld new shock mounts on 1990 and 1992 chevy pickups because they completly rusted off !!!! And third off all I went to school with two people who recently worked for dana manfacturing who personaly told me that The "new" chevy frame is the worst and weakest frame ever made and won't be any good for at least two years untill the bugs are worked out !!!! And finally don't be fooled by chevys adds for their new trucks Dodge makes the most POWERFUL engine ever made who cares how many cylinders it is It is the most powerful ever made !!! Ohh and wheres the six speed??????

  • viper_gviper_g Posts: 12
    Ohh one more thing for all you guyes that read motor trend and all those other magazines !! General motors has control over most every magazine and when then compare trucks they compare them to their advantage I recall The new silveraldo being compared to a gmc and a ford ahhh no dodge??? And when they have specs you have to investigate closly most of the time the chevy is quicker in acceleration but a closer look reveals that the chevy has 3:91 gears and the ford or dodge have 3:23 or 3:54 gee I wonder what will be quicker ????? Then chevy has their big horsepower my personal opinion is that Gm has very big political involvement on goverment emmision testing they can do what ever they want and still pass when dodge or ford has to pass strict emmisions testing and have lower horse power !!! So don't let chevy fool you just because they are the much bigger company and have way more influence on racing magazines and the goverment!!
    And recentl i have heard comercials that dodge trucks ARE THE LONGEST MOST DEPENDABLE trucks on the road a title the chevy once held but no longer does !!!! And the way things are going in PA there are way more new dodges than new chevys and fords come in second in this area !!! AHH are GMC still around???????
  • mksalemmksalem Posts: 42
    I wonder why they "recently" worked for Dana - maybe got canned because they don't know a thing about trucks/frames/drivetrains ??

    Why does it take two years to get the bugs out of a frame and not three years ? (the frame is built in three sections)

    Does HumVee use a "full rear end in the front" ??
    Wouldn't it drive backwards if you built it that way?

    Where can I get that 3.91 rear end ? Can I subtract .19 from a 4.10 and use that ?

    Why did the frame on my F-150 bend behind the cab in a 15 - 20 mph rear-ender and the fenders not crumple ?

    Why does Dodge use that dweebly looking actor guy (Hermann something-or-other) from the History Channel for their commercials when Ford gets Alan Jackson and Chevy gets George Strait ? Why would anybody believe any TV ad ? (only country music buffs are going to get this one . . .)

    Are the dodges the "longest" trucks on the road or just the most dependable ? What is the "shortest" most dependable truck - A Chevy ??

    Clinton did say he drove an El Camino with astro-turf in the bed - you may be right about the government involvement.
  • It just might take Chevy two years to workout some bugs in a frame. It has take atleast three years to figure out how to incorporate a FOURTH DOORS into their design DUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MGDVHMAN no you are not getting to me. I love this stuff now. Bring it on. Also Tim , you have never answered the question of the fourth door. You have been crying on other sites about not having a door on your driver side. You have only had your truck for what? a month now. How will you feel in a year. Stupid?

    And as far as the bed of my truck goes. ITS A DANG TRUCK!!!!!!!!!! What the heck did you buy it for if you are going to be so pre-occupied with the look of the inside of your bed. I actually use my bed and it gets scratched and banged up etc. ITS A DANG TRUCK SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, you should use your brain and realize that ropes rub and take off paint. SO, buy a cargo net or tie-downs that are rubber coated. Duuu!!! again.

    I spent my money on a tough truck not a little girls toy like a chevy.
  • planejaneplanejane Posts: 167
    Don't believe everything you hear (and read!).
  • Have you ever heard of the Chevy, or Ford owner that buys a new truck every three years because they either get sick of it breaking or they are sacred of it breaking? HUmmmm Timmy?

    That may account for a significant portion of those high numbers. Blind, stupid, loyalty. (Or maybe "hey my dad owned a Ford so I will get one too. Duuh, I can not think for my self yet")
    Small minds tend to take a long time to figure things out. One by one, Dodge will pick off Ford and Chevy buyers. One by one. Sales have been increasing each year.

    Maybe Dodge owners hold onto their vehicles a little longer. Maybe they don't get frustrated over not having a fourth door like you Timmy.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    Longest lasting trucks since when?...1994? Wow! That's along time..Holy Cow! Can Trucks last that long!? geeez wizz!

    ..Sounds like another Dodge owner just can't accept the fact that they are number 3....Wahhhhh!


    Where ya been?

    Where have I said that Chevy outsells Ford? Although the margin is close..They do sell more..No dougbt there. GM is still the largest Company in the world with an overall #1 in sales. Ford must have some Huge fleet accounts somewhere? I don't bash Ford that Much...because they DO make a good Product...just not for me.


    What 4 door question? Where do I cry about a door on the drivers side? Seems to me I said would be nice if it was on the Drivers. As stated before..I don't care if it only has 2 doors...But yet according to Manlover..I am frustrated over the lack of 4 foors? What's with the Rope obsession? Where did anyone ever mention rope? As for buying a new one every few years..what does it matter to you? I know A dodge owner who gets one Every year?..what's the point here? I can afford to buy new every few I do. Who cares? I've kept them for over a decade as well. What's the point manlover?

    Based on your posts....I'm getting to you big time..oh yeahhhh. I gotta wrap this up here...with all The laughter of reading your posts..I can't type no more!

    - Tim
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Will you stop bashing GM? That's not George Strait. Bob Seger sings "Like a Rock."
  • f220swiftf220swift Posts: 103
    Your killing me. Good reply. I'll be chuckling for most of the day. Thanks for the laughs.
  • mksalemmksalem Posts: 42
    We got to get you off that mountain and down for some 02 - George promo's Chevy on the country music stations/tours-concerts/rodeo circuit and Chevy sponsors a lot of those type events.

    Alan does the same for Ford.

    The only thing I ever saw Dodge sponsoring involved sheep and it wasn't pretty . . .
  • tp4unctp4unc Posts: 437
    Dodge is in FOURTH place now. The TOP three are made by Ford, GM, & Toyota. How one ranks the BEST three half-tons is open for debate. No matter how you cut it though, Dodge IS fourth.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    Whatever your theory....Dodge is still Number 3!...or is it Number 4? I hear 5?

    Your desperate hope to say that there are more Dodge Buyers is killing me boss! I've got some real good Chuckle material for the bar tonight - YOU!

    I have come to one more conclusion though...

    ...You must be Dumber than a Box Of Rocks.


    - Tim
  • tp4unctp4unc Posts: 437
    Please keep her in the right lane. Other trucks will need to pass!!!!! Thanks.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    George Strait....Oh...pardon me!
  • mksalemmksalem Posts: 42
    Ok, Ok - I knew I was going to take flak on the country music thing - Yes, I should have remembered Bob S. does "Like a Rock".

    Very nice picture on Daves Truck site - good job with the camera !

    Took and informal poll with the girls today when I checked in on the horses:

    Chick Magnets -

    #1 - Alan Jackson/Ford
    #2 - George Strait/Chevy
    #3 - Awesome Dave40/GMC (way to go big dave!)
    and a real distant #4 . . . Hermann the Dweeb/Dodge
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    More Corvettes are sold than Ferraris. I guess that means the 'vette is a better car? More Z28/TA's are sold than the Viper. I guess that means the F bodies are better? What the hell do sales figures have to do with who makes a better product?! Do all of the big 3 have the exact same amount of dealerships and are they all equally dispersed among higher populated areas? Who the heck knows so why argue about it. If you're going to argue that one is better than the other then start talking capabilities, style, ride, etc. If Dodge was number 500 then who gives a sh_t! Does GM or Ford make a truck with 310 hp, 450 ft-lbs of torque, has four doors, actually looks good, and has a good enough suspension/ride height that I can bolt on 33's and walk away?.....NO!!!!!! You guys keep talking sales and I'll just be happy with my Dodge - whatever place it is in. And for the rice-burners: Toyota doesn't even make a full size (no, the Tundra is NOT full-size by any REAL standards) so go suck up space in a section for compacts. Geezus!
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