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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    My daughter cancelled her order for a Mariner(Merc)hybrid and bought a Toyota Highlander hybrid.They just got tired of the game playing by the Ford Motor Company.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Too bad. The Highlander gets about 20% - 25% less gas mileage....25mpg vs. 30mpg (on average as reported by owners.) At 25mpg she could have gone with a Subaru or other models that get close to that. Unless of course she needs the seating and space that comes with a HiHy...then she made a good choice. :D
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    She didnt ask me for advice.Not only is the mileage not as good as the Mariner,the Highlander cost approx $10 K more.The loaded versions of both are about that much apart.They just got tired of waiting,and they managed to buy the last hybrid SUV in the state.
    My son in law said that they were averaging something like 30MPG,but maybe thats only on the trip computer.It does definitely ride better than the Escape though.Otherwise the Ford product is a much better value.
    BTW I dont believe the 4WD Escape will average 30MPG,but the 2WD will.
  • dhuang2dhuang2 Posts: 15
    I think Ford should increase the output rate to not to push petential customers away. I believe the Hilander Hybrid is also a nice car, but I incline to 2008 Escape's new styling and better mpg. According to Real Hybrid Mileage Database ( the 2WD and 4WD Escape (2007 and 2008) gets to 32 mpg and 29 mpg respectively. I believe the mpg should be higher (1~2 mpg) for pure 2008 model.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    The online database, as reported tank-by-tank by real drivers shows:

    2wd HiHy (52 participants) 26.3 mpg average
    2wd FEH (163 participants) 31.8 mpg average

    (I quoted 25 and 30 to account for 4wd) Anyway, its a 5mpg difference when comparing apples to apples.

    The HiHy is a great vehicle, it's just not as much of an environmentally friendly alternative - unless it is replacing a Tahoe, a Yukon, Expedition, etc. on the road. Happy motoring. :D
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I visit the same site for my MPG information.
  • It just came in and I was lucky enough to pick it up for 32500C$ plus taxes (which the rebates should more or less offset). It is a FWD with leather, so far over 550kms and still on the first tank...should easily hit 700km. This is with city driving and a trip up to whistler for the weekend (from Vancouver).
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    How many miles is 700km?...$32,500....or is that Canadian money?
    $32,500 would be would be over list.I dont know at what rate Canadian dollars exchange with American.
  • 700km = ~435miles, 32500 is Canadian $, and you cannot just use the exchange rate as the msrp is higher up here the in the US. 32500 was out the door including doc fees etc.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Just out of curiosity,just what options do you have? :confuse:
  • dhuang2dhuang2 Posts: 15
    Yesterday, I filled up the tank (2008 FEH) with 12.7 gallon for 401 miles shown in my trip meter or 31.6 MPG. I do not change my driving habit and always turn on the A/C. For same condition I get 13~14 MPG on 2005 Explorer sport trac and 17~18 MPG on 2006 Honda Odyssey. Happy owner of 2008 FEH.
  • leather, chrome package, upgraded stereo
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    Ordered mine on 07/30/2007. At the time of order I wasn't aware of order delays, and I don't believe the dealer was
    since he told me 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    I checked recently for a status of my order and was told by dealer that all FEH's are on "National Back Order" (whatever that means). Checked 2 days ago with FORD Customer Service who advised that they are presently building June special orders but couldn't give me a time when June orders would be completed.

    Yesterday, I received a call from a different FORD dealer, one that I had visited while shopping for the vehicle I wanted. He says he had just received 2 2008's and wanted to know if I were still interested. Unfortunately, mine has been ordered with a $1,000 Non-refundable deposit.

    At the time I was shopping I only found one available. It was loaded with every option available and some additional dealer installed accessories. They were asking a hefty price along with a $3,000 "adendum" they called it.
    (in other words a $3,000 mark-up over the retail sticker)
    That's when I decided to order at my local dealer.

    The dealer who called me regarding the two that he claims to have is located in Chantilly, VA. I have no idea of their pricing.

    I have been told by a different dealer altogether that FEH orders have been turned over to a FORD division in Detroit and that this usually only happens when the delay problem is caused by suppliers and not by the Ford Production facility. (maybe its the electric motor supplier?)

    I don't have a clue as to how true that is, so I'll just continue to wait.

  • All this stuff has me so put off so much that I decided to keep my 4 cylinder KIA.It probably gets better highway mileage than the Escape Hybrid anyway.Thats the problem with Ford and the rest of Detroit...they build the wrong cars.They just dont read the market.
  • I have the same problem. I am looking to buy a 2008 Escape Hybrid but can't seem to find one here in Edmonton, AB, Canada. The dealer says there is a 4 month delay!

    ps.If anyone knows where I can find one matching the following options please send me a message:

    Options wanted:
    2008 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD
    Black Pearl
    Navigation System
  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13
    Best of luck. I'm actually quite surprised that my 2008 FEH arrived at all given the dismal delivery stories I've seen online.

    Even more surprised given that Bow Valley Ford in Canmore, AB likely isn't a major seller compared to the big city dealers across Canada and the United States.

  • Guess I feel lucky about getting my FEH.. Checked the local dealers here in the KC area and was told that 10 weeks is the average order time and of course no one had any. Did a std internet inquiry and a dealer 25 miles away responded that he had a 4wd black slate one coming in the next day and wondered if I would be interested. Went up to the dealer, gave him my Xplan pin and showed him my trade in and drove away 2 hours later. Window showed 31,105 with Xplan and $500 rebate - out the door at $28766 Not sure if I could have done better, but I was satisfied. (trade in was also fair and reduced the cost another $3000).
    Has not of the options except NAV. Would of likes to have the hybrid screens but don't need the GPS side.. The Escape was built 2 weeks before I bought it. :)
  • I'm so jealous. Ordered mine 6/21 and still waiting in Florida. :cry:
  • oh, does anyone know how the sales numbers are going? By the time I get my car,if ever, I hope I still qualify for a tax deduction. And where'd the $500 rebate come from?
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    TO: kc rusty

    Wasn't aware the FEH came equiped with Navigation as an independent stand alone option. Everything I have observed indicates if you have Navigation in the Hybrid it is coupled with the Energy Flow Monitor (hybrid screen)you mention you wish you had, and also the audiophile am/fm 6CD stero option. As I understand it, the only one of these 3 you can get alone is the audiophile system.

    If you actually have Navigation, are you sure you don't have the other 2? (If you have Navigation alone maybe it was installed as an accessory?)
  • Concerning the non-refundable deposit. Guess what - that is B.S. You are playing their game and being sucked in. If they cannot deliver the product as promised and continue to string you along then you can either let them or take a hike ( with your money ). A car salesman will tell you ANYTHING! Unfortunately, it is not always their fault. They can be misled too. Most are just dumb puppets. I know more about the cars they sell that they do.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    The $500 is a Cash Incentive to purchase. If you go to the Kelly Blue Book site ( and select New Car pricing and then price the 2008 Escape Hybrid with options, you should see one of the selections you can make refers to the $500 incentive.

    Also, buyers who qualify for x plan pricing are offered this $500 incentive in certificate form.

    Only problem is, this incentive ends on 10/01/2007, and the date that is used to qualify is the date the vehicle is delivered to you, the buyer. So us poor souls who may have the $500 incentive but are still waiting on FORD to deliver the vehicle will most likely be out of luck since I doubt we "waiters" will receive our vehicles by 10/01/2007.

    On the other hand, if after 10/01/07 for some strange reason FORD provides another incentive (more than or less than the $500 one) we "waiters" will qualify for whatever rebates etc are applicable on the date of delivery. ( I know this is true for X plan buyers, so I would imagine the same procedure would apply to all buyers.

  • Just returned from Tallahassee, Florida. If anyone's interested there are two 2008 FEH's at All American Ford. One is a 4x4. Didn't fit my order, so I'm still waiting.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    I recently contacted Ford's Customer Service Assistance dept to see if they could give me the date of a week in which I could expect delivery of my FEH ordered on 7/30. I contacted Ford directly because I was told by the dealership that the person who could help me had gone "fishing in the carribean somehere".

    After providing FORD with the information they requested on my particular order, they responded within 24 hours with the following:

    "Our records indicate that your vehicle has been serialized and is awaiting schedule date and estimated time of arrival. There are a great number of variables that may affect production scheduling and delivery: 1. option packages 2. special powertrain combinations 3 delivery delays of components. Other variables that may also affect the delivery date of your vehicle include: 1. Certification and quality inspections 2. Transportation of the vehicle to the specified dealership. As such, it is not possible to guarantee a specific delivery date. Your sales representative at your selling dealership is in the best position to track your vehicle order. We recommend contacting the dealership's Sales Dept for further assistance in this matter."

    Please excuse me while I retire again to "the waiting" room.
  • I ordered a 2008 FEH in late June 2007. I was surprised when the dealer called me in mid-August and said my FEH was sitting in their parking lot. Not sure why my order was filled relatively quick, but I was happy. I love the vehicle! :D
  • Ordered in March while I was living in Mexico. Arrived in September after I had moved to the US. Holy Frijoles that is slow. Got X-plan on it (hope you all like the floorcarpets!).

    Kiwi green
    Chrome Package
    Leather Package

    Paid ~27K
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    Ordered my 2008 4WD FEH on 7/30/2007. At the time there were none to be found on the dealer lots. At the time of order I was told 4-6 weeks for delivery. Also at the time of order, I was given by FORD a $500 cash rebate coupon as an incentive to buy, good until 10/01/2007. With the $500 incentive and the X pricing I was given, I was satisfied with the price. Problem is, Ford didn't deliver the vehicle in 4-6 weeks as promised, and as the 9th week passed so did my $500 incentive that ended on 10-1. FORD delayed delivery until the 11th week. In addition, on the date the $500 cash incentive expired (10-1), they announced another incentive effective 10-2 for a $1000 cash rebate with one catch----IT APPLIES TO 2008 ESCAPES BUT NOT 2008 ESCAPE HYBRIDS. Sooo, one may surmise that it's in Ford's interest to delay the delivery of ordered Hybrids (using whatever excuse they can come up with) until any outstanding incentives expire and don't follow it with another incentive, or if another is offered let it only apply to a different model.

    Some consider this an out right scam. With the method they are using Ford could offer a $10,000 rebate on an ordered vehicle to get customers to buy, and then simply make certain they don't deliver the vehicle until after the incentive's expiration date!

    In my particular case, for them to follow with a $1000 factory cash incentive on 2008 Escapes and not on 2008 Escape Hybrids is certainly demonstrating that it doesn't pay to buy the Hybrid version.-------Thus, "why it doesn't pay to go green".
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I would think that they wont give you a discount on the 2008 hybrid because they can't build them fast enough.They sell them easily with no incentives.The $500 discount was at a time when people were not buying the Escape hybrid.Things have changed.I remember when our local dealer had an Escape hybrid and it sat on their lot for at least a month before it was sold.Now you can't find one to test drive.
  • I ordered a 2008 escape hybrid and when it came the sticker price was $1000 more than my order receipt stated. Good thing I had price protection as these hoodlums would have tried to charge me $1000 more than quoted. And that's on top of the $200 mid year price increase I had to pay.

    Don't even get me started on the bait and switch hybrid tax credit - absolutely ridiculous.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    I agree with your assessment of supply and demand issues at the time, however my point is-----had Ford delivered my ordered vehicle during the time period they promised (4-6 weeks), I would not have lost my $500 cash incentive promised at the time of order. In other words, I got to pay a $500 penalty charge for FORD'S DELAY. This doesn't make sense to me, regardless of the supply and demand issues. The point is FORD gets rewarded for delaying delivery of the order.

    Since Ford could use this tactic again and again at their discretion and regardless of supply and demand, it seems they may be exposing themselves to a conflict of interest charge.
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