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    From what I've read it seems a lot of people like the mpg of the 4 cyl but would like more low rev torgue. The diesel would provide a lot of both. The TSX seems to be a reasonably priced entry point to luxury brands without needing 300hp which is why I'm looking at it.

    I don't understand Acura's thinking about adding the 6 either, nothing unique about that. VWs markup of about 2k for the TDI over the RUG Jetta really just covers the added expense of the D2 engine IMO. It seems to be quite a good deal and I think Acura could have done the same but with an even higher markup(due to the luxury brand mostly) to cover costs and even make some gravy.
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    One thing to remember - the decision by Acura to pull the diesel happened right around the time when diesel was almost $1 more per gal than gas. Now that things have settled somewhat and VW is selling the TDI, Acura could be planning for the diesel - tho I'm not sure about 3 engine choices.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure about the 3 engine choices here in the States but in Europe they have 5 or 6 choices sometimes so it can be done. I think the D2 BMWs might make Acura get off the dime on diesel as well as the success of the Jetta TDI. The Golf TDI is coming online as well and I think the Tiguan will get it too not that Acura really competes directly with VW but the fact that diesel in mainstream cars is becoming more common puts more pressure on them.
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    would be nice to have a better choice in diesel vehicles- We have owned a 1976 Mercedes 300d, 1980 Volvo diesel, 1980 Mercedes 300TD, 1983 Mitsubishi Turbo-diesel truck, and a 1985 Volvo Turbo-diesel. Oh yes a chevy diesel truck (one big P.O.S)
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    I have had the vehicle one month and am very happy with it. true, it is a little different with the unusual nose on it and a little underpowered, but I like it. I have the base model. The buying experience at the dealership was not pleasant but the service dept is great. I traded in a '08 Accord V6 and, frankly, was happy to see it go. I like the TSX much more.
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    . . .'08 Accord V6 and, frankly, was happy to see it go. I like the TSX much more.

    Tell us more.

    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    Yes, tell us more. How were you on the trade in value? I would love to have an Accord V6 or a TSX...lol, what was your reasoning? :)
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    My mom owns an 08 Accord V6 which I drive when I am visiting. I own a 06 tsx. First off-I prefre manual transmission- my car has memory seats, the controls for the trip computer are on the steering wheel. I find my seats to be more comfortable for long distance driving.
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    does the 2009 base tsx come with the ipod interface?
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    I drove the Accord for a little over a year. It had 15 miles on it when delivered. The very first thing was the handling. Wobble in the front end, tires out of balance. Had about 1/2 dozen visits to dealership and there was no fix. They finally replaced the power steering pump. Still, the wobble (low speed, from a stop) persisted and the service tech said it was normal. The second problem was mileage and I didn't like the VCM. I had several V-6 Accords over the years, This was the worst one. Nice styling, an excellent road car but disappointing just the same. My TSX has none of these problems.
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    Its December, Im just about tired of car shopping. I almost purchased a 2009 acura with tech yesterday. The car was a loaner vehicle, precertified and the car fax was clean. Apparently the car had been in an accident and the info had not been reported therefore the car fax was clean. When I took it in for a pre purchase inspection voila it turned out that the whole back suspension cradle had been replaced and the dealer stated they didn't know about it as the person that took the loaner replaced it on their own. Not likely!!! To think I almost made a huge mistake as several websites claim that as long as a vehicle is precertified it does not pay to obtain an inspection prior to purchase. The dealer has now offerred up another r vehicle that I will also take in for inspection. I would just like to know what would be a reasonable offer. I am starting to think that 27k is alot for a car that is used with 6,500 miles on it. I just picked up a used car guide and it suggested 26, 400 is the recommended retail price. Any advice is appreciated. Dealer is Chicago, Ill
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    That cannot be stressed enough! Inspecting a newer car, regardless of low miles is always a MUST! I ended leasing a car that has a troubled transmission. Not bad, but it is there. If I would have tested the car a bit longer for the test drive, then I might have noticed. Dealer has pretty much given up on it. Not only this, but a Catalytic Converter, transmission control module was off too. Might still be. A fuse for windows that would not roll down. All this on an 08.

    You would assume the car would be new and be just fine. But, sometimes a simple drive or look around can make a difference. Worth the money to inspect. Instead of being stuck with a lemon for a few years.
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    I am having a weird problem with my new '10 Base TSX. When I play music through the blue tooth audio, I am unable to skip songs. I tried the +/- buttons on the steering, skip buttons and the selector knob. The only way to change tracks is via itunes on the phone itself.

    However, if I connect the phone with USB, then I am able to use all of the above to skip tracks. Has anybody else faced this problem?

    I have a 3g iphone.

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    I think it might be the fact that the Iphone's software is not currently compatible with either or all devices used through bluetooth. I have new motorola bluetooth earphones and I cannot use the skip option. I have to use the phone itself. Hope this helps.

    Makes it a bit more complicated when your bundled up to run and have to dig out the phone to skip a song. But, better than a wire.
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