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    I was not aware pics could be posted. How is this done ?

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    to post pics you have to use the html command "img src=" and provide the link.


    '94 was a very good year for many things...not so sure on 2001 though. Either way...good luck.
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    Sorry, don't have a closer pic but yes I do have the Automatic Climate controls all around. Since the truck was built without the roof factory installed, they put the climate control in. Before I had the roof put in, I called the installer directly and asked him about any possible conflict with putting the roof in and the rear auto climate controls. He said that there is NO PROBLEM with doing that, he'd done it before and doesn't understand why GM isn't doing it. He was obviously right as I've had no problems with it at all. I also had the roof installed by the dealer so if I have any problems, it should be covered under warranty as it was a 'dealer installed item'. Hopefully, I won't have to find out. The roof the factory uses is from ASC and while the place that did my roof does install them, he suggested the Hollandia brand instead. I had a Hollandia put in my Bonneville and have never had a problem so I said go with that one. There is also a lifetime warranty on the Hollandia from the installer so that was another plus.

    The roof was put in by a company in Tucker, GA. They do a lot of work for the dealer I bought my truck from. It cost $1095 (about $300 - $400 more than factory but I had no choice, the roof was on contraint when the order finally went through for my truck and it was either wait some more (and possibly not get my Garnet Red) or say the heck with it and have it done aftermarket).

    Sorry for the long post.

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    Out of curiosity, why did he suggest the Hollandia vs the ASC aftermarket sunroof? What's the difference?
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    Switched to Mobile 1 synthetic at 1500 miles on 01 XL 5.3L. Original oil still looked decent. Changed at 5500 miles and oil was pretty nasty. Live in country - not a whole lot of stop and go driving. Surprised at how black it was - will do next interval at 3000 miles to see if any difference.
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    I guess it's just a preference he has. He's installed both and said he'd put the ASC in if I wanted but he seemed to like the way the Hollandia installs. Who knows, maybe it's easier for him to do the Hollandia than the ASC.

    I went with the Hollandia because I had one put in my Bonneville aftermarket (different installer) back in 1994 and have never had a problem with it. I'm sure the ASC is a good roof...heck, GM is using them and maybe they are getting a better price from ASC than Hollandia. I know it would have been about $100 cheaper to put the ASC in my truck.

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    Campo 57 - Sharp Red -What options did you equip yours with ? I plan on ordering one soon. Thanks
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    From the factory it's basically got everything you could order except Sunroof, Running Boards, Autoride, Center Bucket Seats, block heater, optional tires, optional polished wheels.

    It's a 1SD, aftermarket sunroof, aftermarket running boards, LUND Interceptor bug shield, and WeatherTech WeatherFlectors over the windows. In the near future I will be adding Bushwacher OE Style Fender Flares, Husky Mud Flaps in the back, I've got Catch-All floor mats ordered for the front and 2nd row seats (they don't make a cargo tray that goes from the 2nd seat to the liftgate so once Bedrug comes out with their product for the 2000-01s I'll get that for back there) and I will 2 tone it with Gold. I may add a CD Changer, not sure right now.

    If you are going to go with Garnet Red...good luck. I don't know if it's still on constraint or not but I placed my order on 30 May and it wasn't accepted until 24 October!

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    I just purchased a 20001 Suburban about a month ago. We have noticed poor radio reception on FM stations. Compared to our old vehicle and our 2nd car it just doesn't match up. Anyone heard of this problem? I have the AM/FM Cassette/CD player with rear controls. We've had it looked at by the dealer and they said everything checks out. One service tech however seemed to indicate a known problem. Any input is appreciated.
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    I also have noticed the poor reception from the Delco radio in my 2000 Suburban. Though the cd player seems to work well, the tuner section leaves alot to be desired. It is particularly noticeable when taking familiar trips. On this one trip, there is a certain point that I could change frequencies and pick up a new FM station in my other vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner. I have to be about 20 miles further along before picking up the same station clearly in the Suburban. Oh well, at least I don't have On Star so an upgrade will be easier!
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    Does anybody know what changes the 2002 Yukon XL is going to have? I realize it's a little early. Rumors are O.K. too.
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    I'll try again. 3rd time.Coming home from Chicago last week,had cold air coming in on the passenger side of my new 2001 Yukon XL.Had to cover legs to keep warm. Driver's side okay.Took vehicle to dealership for 3000 mile check up and they had to call GM about it.They said that they were having problems like that with some of the vehicles.If they can't pack it from under the hood they said they will have to take the dash out which I really don't like that idea. Was wondering if anyone else is having that problem.
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    HI All,

    Happy Holidays to all!!!

    I'm up here in lovely and very cold NJ. Drove 17 straight hours yesterday (from Columbus, GA including many stops to walk the dogs) and got some decent mileage. With 2 German Shepherds (about 170 lbs worth of dogs) and the miscellaneous gifts, tools, etc. I averaged 16.75 mpg on the first tank (cruise set at 70mph) and 17.2 mpg on the second tank (cruise set at 67 mph). Not bad in my mind! (I was expecting about 15-16 mpg). Now I've got a whole 1700 miles on the truck.

    Hope all have a safe holiday season!

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    Just a thought - my 92 burb. had a flow thru cabin air design to purge any exhaust fumes that might creep into the cabin. This meant that on very cold days my co-polit, wife had cold legs. Had to simply put the heater on and even without the blower motor the problem went away. By design there was always a slight draft .
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    Tried everything Don.Nothing worked.I drove it for the mechanic at the dealership and he had me take it off auto and it was worse.
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    Me too. I have a 2001 Yukon and I froze in the passangers seat on the way to PA for the holidays. On the way back my wife froze. Jtbuff is right nothing seemed to work. Will take it to the dealers this week if possible and post the results.
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    Yes I have the problem too. I posted the following on the Vmag forum today
    "2001 YXL. In recent cold midwest weather the missus complained about cold air from under the glove compartment, even tho heater output was hot.
    Over Christmas trip tp Maryland with son driving I determined: 1) problem is real, 2) mainlly noticeable over 55mph, 3) medium bad in outside air mode, 4) least
    noticeable in recycle mode, &5) worst when air valve is cycling between the two modes.
    I dropped the glove comp while moving and leak appears to come from the interior recycle air door inlet which is located in a bad spot in back of some electronic gizmo
    in back of glove comp. My guess is this inside air door does not shut completely in outside air mode and the truck speed forces outside air thru this leaking door into
    passenger compartment, well ahead of the heater core. Have a trip to the dealer scheduled for Jan 2, but if weather is warm will be hard to demonstrate & they will say
    "could not reproduce". Have any of you adjusted these doors? How do you get to them? Any other '00/'01 owners notice this? Meanwhile I carry blankets for the legs.
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    Thanks for all of your info - greatly appreciated. I thought that I was ready to order a Polo green or Indigo Blue XL until I saw your Garnet Red - decesions!!!

    Anyway, I will be ordering it under the GMO plan around late Jan.. I wanted to get your thoughts on the autoride option. I intend to use the vehicle for light hauling, but was connsidering A.R. to improve ride on roadtrips, etc..

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    Gonefishin,if you find anything out let me know.It was a cold trip from Chicago to Ohio the weekend before Christmas.When I got back took vehicle for 3000 mile check up.Told them about the problem and they had to call GM.GM said they were having this problem on some of the vehicles.I'm not scheduled till the 8th because of things to do around the house.They said they are going to give me a loaner because they don't know how long it will take to fix. Like I said, they told me if they can't get to it from under the hood that they will have to tear the dash out.
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    I haven't driven an Autoride equpped XL but my thoughts on that were...just more stuff to go wrong and costs lots to repair in the future. I used to have a Lincoln Mark VII with the air bag suspension...nothing but trouble after the bags started to leak, cost $120/corner to repair (that was just the cost of parts, I installed them).

    Check on the constraints on the Garnet Red before you decide on that color...I waited 5 months before the order was accepted. It may be different now.

    Good Luck on the new vehicle!

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    Thanks..... When you ordered it under color constraint, did the dealer give you a ballpark as to when it would be off constraint?......or is it a situation where "we'll give you a call when it's lifted and your order is being processed and it should be X months"?

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the Garnet Red(O.K. call copycat).

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    Grogman1... I have a '00 Yukon XL with the Autoride option (1SD, 5.3, sunroof, trailer pkg, etc.) and while the autoride works excellent when towing (32' travel trailer), it really smoothes out the ride and improves the handling. Limits the pitch and sway in turns. Much better than my '96 Burb...
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    on the revised site? The old one logged on at the last message you read. Is there a way of getting this one to work that way?
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    Thanks for your input - so you feel that the AR improves the ride considerably even when you're not hauling anything, i.e. day to day driving? Thanks.

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    It still does for me? As before, only unread messages are brought up when revistiting a particular board.

    But, there is no link to place marks? Are these officially gone?
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    Glad it works for you drb2002, but I'm in the same boat as gonefishin. I can't figure out how to pick up where I left off either. It used to do that automatically, but not anymore. Can anyone enlighten gonefishin and me?
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    What I would do is check the constraints website (don't remember it...I'm sure someone here can post it) and check with the dealer every 3-4 weeks. What GM would do is give a tentative release date so I would call around that time to see if they have pushed the release date back or released it (with mine,it was always pushed back). After a while there was a tentative release and the dealer could order the color if the truck was already sold (i.e. you put a downpayment on the car, the dealer wasn't ordering it for stock.).

    Who knows what the status is might be released for all I know. The dealer should be able to tell you.

    good luck!

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    Here is a link to the Wheels Inc. website that lists GM and others constraints. It is usually updated mid day on Mondays.
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    Thank you for the link !

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    I'm looking for a source for high quality floormats. I know I've seen info on previous posts, but haven't a clue where. We are picking up our new Suburban tomorrow and would like to find something rather quickly, online if possible.
    Also wondering if they are able to closely match specific interiors. Ours is the neutral/med gray.

    Thanks. These Minnesota winters can be pretty sloppy!
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    Can't wait, my 3/4 ton should be done end of Jan. Dealer is Friendly GMC in Oregon. $500.00 over invoice. In previous posts someone had a great new car checklist to use before you sign on the dotted line. Does anyone know where to go to get it? Also how best can we all take care of the paint and have no swirl marks after the first wash? Thanks to all on this board!
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    I am picking up my YXL today. It's a 3/4ton, 3.73 gears, 2wd without auto ride option.
    I would like to upgrade to a larger tire, such as 265's. I've seen many past posts about Michelin LTX's. So, I called the tire store and they said it comes in an AT, AS, or MS model.
    They said it would be personal preference as to which one to put on. As I plan to do almost all street and road driving, could anyone who has these tire models please tell me how they drive. And, did you get the "I" rated tires?


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    I meant "E" rated not "I" rated
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    I bought the Catch-Alls from last year and am very happy with them. They had the best price for the full set at the time. Color matches great and they are molded to fit well and have lips to keep the slush on the mat and not on your carpet.
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    The checklist you are looking for is at Clifford Martin's website.
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    What color interior do you have? What Mfg part # are your mats? I have a 2001 suburban with the lt. grey / neutral interior and the Catch-all's I ordered from Premier motoring don't match very well. What they sent is too tan.
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    Well, today I bought our third Suburban LT in 8 years. The unit that I bought ($500 over invoice) was according to the dealer a Canadian unit. It had the two tone (green and pewter) and loaded to the gills. When I asked the salesman about the headphones for the rear audio he said that they are not provided with the vehicle but he thought that GM might send a welcoming package that MIGHT include the headphones with it. Did any of you get such a package and did it include the headphones. Thanks in advance.
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    The interior of my Suburban is the med gray. I haven't seen the neutral color so I can't say how it compares to mine. The med gray Catch-Alls were an excellent match for my interior.
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    In my 01 Suburban, the panel around the interior light dimmer control gets very hot (I cannot keep my hand on it) when I have the interior lights dimmed most of the way. Has anyone else experienced this?? Thanks
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    In order to dim the interior lights all of that power that normally would have gone to the light bulbs now must adsorbed by the dimmer switch/resistor.
    That voltage drop shows up as heat in the dimmer. I think that this is normal. At least two others have asked about a hot dimmer control.
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    I too have the Catch All mats in my current Bur (2001 White I/gray interior) and have already ordered the mats for my next Bur (2001 Green I/tan interior). The gray mats match perfectly. I am taking my tan mats to the dealer next week to see how they match a Tahoe they have on the lot. The best price I have found is still unless you have a discount code like I did with If you are going to order some, please go to Clifford Martin's web site at and click on the ad banner for This will help Clifford in his ongoing effort to keep up a good web site that we can all use for our benefit.
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    I am debating between a 1500 and 2500 XL 4X2. I would appreciate any feedback and the real world gas mileage of a 5.3l, 4X2, 3.73 as compared to the 6.0l, 4X2, 3.73 final drive.. Any comments pro's or cons to each vehicle would be appreciated.

    Paul O
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    I'm selling the following truck-

    2001 GMC Yukon XL SLT 4X4
    8100 Vortec (new 496 cubic inch big block)
    This motor is almost impossbile to get right now. 340 horsepower, 450 ft/lbs torque
    4:10 gears, locking differential
    CD player
    Running boards
    4 wheel drive
    Cargo doors
    Full tow package (never used)
    Billet grill, dark tinted windows
    I am a private individual, this means you dont have to pay sales tax.
    Truck is red with tan leather and has only 1800 miles. Only 1 month old! The 8100
    motor is a monster. This was my wifes, never used for towing or hauling, never been
    off road, the four wheel drive has never been engaged.
    Price is $41,500 firm. I'm taking a 7K loss in only 1 month. If you are outside Arizona
    (vehicle is in Scottsdale, AZ) I will arrange shipping and will split shipping costs with
    you. If you've been having trouble finding a 2001 big block suburban/yukon xl, here it
    is. Thousands under sticker and no sales tax!
  • cablercabler Member Posts: 3
    Ooops, email address is [email protected]
    Email me if you are interested.
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  • drb2002drb2002 Member Posts: 72
    Dang... 1 day late for free shipping! I guess I need to read the boards at home too :)


    PS. I will be sure to support your site by ordering via your link. I hope others realize the time it takes to create and maintain a web site!
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    CW, (and others) doesn't show Catchalls (5 piece set) for anything newer than '99s? Did you (or anyone else) order these here? If so, how did you select them.

    Also, which manufacturer is the best game in town for bug shields? Does the XL Denali use the same as the regular XL?

    Is the 3M clear bra removable?

    So many questions now that my wait is nearly over. By the way, I lost the 1-800 number to check TPW status when Edmunds changed the software. Can anyone supply it?

    Thanks, Dave
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    I just put 265-75-16 MIchelin LTX M/S (Load Range E)tires on my 2WD 2500 and they are much nicer than the stock Firestine Steeltex tires. I picked the M/S because I do mostly highway and street driving with about half my miles pulling my bass boat around. I had these tires on a previous truck and they were great. So far the only problem I've had is that with the 16 x8 aftermarket wheels I bought the tires rub the inner fender well a little, but it's nothing that a little trimming can't fix :)
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    I also have a 2500 YXL, 2wd and I want to know if the 265's will rub with the stock wheels?
    Also, I noticed that the label in the door calls for a 255/70 -16 tire???? If that is the case, then why didn't GMC put 255's on the YXL instead of the undersized 245's? Does anyone have 255 tires on their YXL's? If so, what make and model?

    Would like to hear from others as to what tire sizes, makes and models you've upgraded to.


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    I am not a tire expert but you need to consider a few things prior to choosing tires for your 3/4 Suburban. The first is how much weight that you need to support on them. Because you have a 3/4 ton it should have come with I rated tires. I rated tires support more weight than a I or I rated tire. If you do not need to carry a 3/4 ton payload in your Suburban you can open up your choices as I rated tires only come in certain sizes. The next thing to think about is changing your tire size (height) as this affects your final gear ratio. If you have the 8.1 Liter you probably will not notice a change in your tire height (within reason). If you have the 6.0 Liter engine and you increase the tire height the truck may feel more gut less going up hills and towing. The tire height is based on the 245 measurement (mostly width and partially height and mostly the 75 part of the tire size. Here are some examples of the height and width of different tire sizes:
    245 75 R16 I 30.47" I 9.65"
    265 75 R16 I 31.65 W 10.43"
    275 75 R16 H 32.24 W 10.83
    275 70 R16 H 31.16 W 10.83
    265 70 R16 H 30.61 W 10.43

    While a 1/2 or 1 inch difference in diameter of the tire might seem negligible it does make a difference in the feeling of how vehicles perform. The last area of the tire ratings to be concerned about are the heat resistance rating. I would make sure that tires are either A or B rating for heat. The Firestones are C rated and have obviously had a few issues.

    I have a 3/4 ton with the 8.1 Liter and I put Michelin LTX 275 70 HR 16. The are HR rated for speed 114 MPH and A rated for heat. I have not noticed any performance differences. However I have driven the 6.0 and I am willing to bet that there will be a noticable difference in performance. If you have the 6.0 I would consider the 265 70 R16. If you want to compare tire sizes go to the following URL
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