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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • troutrou Posts: 4
    has anyone experienced a swooshing noise in their steering wheel. Once it starts it stays for the rest of our journey. Is this a saftey issue?
  • Two days ago my 99 Quest (31k) failed to start. Would not even turn over - dash warning lights came on as normal when the key was turned but the starter did not engage at all. Tried new battery with same result. After many tries, it turned over and ran fine. Shut it off and again same problem. After many more tries it did start and I took it to the dealer. When I left it in the evening in the dealers service line, it again would not start. The next morning, it started fine for the mechanic and he could never duplicate the problem. So now I am driving it around just waiting for it to leave me sitting somewhere. Anyone else have such a problem? I am a pretty good shade tree mechanic and it has me baffled. I did clean the battery terminals and cables - no help. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This is the only problem that I have had with the vehicle so far with 31k miles on the odometer.

  • i've had that one before -- mine was a starter solenoid. Pretty common on Ford products.
  • I also believe it is either the starter solonoid, short in the cable or a ground problem. Just hope that I can replicate it for the dealer before I get to 36K.
  • Message 564 indicated that he would offer instructions to solve the problem at home. At $100 a pop through the dealer I am ready to learn to do it myself. How do I take care of this recurring problem?
  • md_techmd_tech Posts: 84
    What type of gas do you use??? An do you change your air filter on regular intervals??? Your problem is resulting from excessive carbon build up on the throttle plate,which is causing your throttle to stick. How often do you have to do a throttle body service??

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  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Just wondering, what year Quests is this happening in? I have never had a problem with the throttle sticking in my Quest......7 months and 17,000 miles.....or in any other vehicle for that matter. One thing I do is about once a month I get after the van, floor it from a near stop, don't know if that helps at all but I have never had a carbon build up in any vehicle I have ever owned. I did have problems with carbon build up in a 94 Blazer that I bought used, the carbon was breaking loose and sticking in the EGR valve, it stopped after I owned the truck for a couple months. Of course the majority of my driving is highway not city.
  • Is the front passenger seatbelt suppose to lock? Whenever I sit in that seat and I move around and the belt tightens a little then it locks so I cannot get it to loosen again unless I unbuckle the seat belt and then rebuckle it. Is that suppose to happen? Also with the rear hatch why won't it go up all the way in the cold? I have to push it the rest of the way up or I will bump my head. Is that a defect or is it something that I will just have to accept as a quirk on this van? Thanks for any advice you can give me!
  • md_techmd_tech Posts: 84
    The shock problem is something that unfortnatly wont go away. You can blame this problem on the cold weather and the type of liquid shocks Nissan's use...

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  • This is a little off-topic, but I'd be interested in what information anyone has about the next van in the Nissan line-up. I've read where the Villager and the Quest are being phased out this year, but haven't heard what plans, if any, there are to replace them.

    As a point of interest, I have a 94 Villager with about 75,000 miles and am very pleased with the reliability and drive-ability of the van!
  • sopmansopman Posts: 46
    About the rear hatch not going up all the way. See message 548 for an explanation.
  • Max,

    Quest will have a short production run for 2002 and will be back again on 2004 (actually May of 2003 since Nissan is the first to bring in the new cars). It will be an all Japanese Engine and tansmission however the Cabin will be designed by Renault. Renault is expert in space effeciency and they know how to take advantage of nook and crannies. Also the headlights & grill,bumpers will be European. Will have side airbages and maby curtains too like the Mercedes. If you check the Escape URL you will get an idea. Renault Van have done very good in Europe(#1 for 2 years in a row). Sounds like it will be very hot Van when it comes out. Check this site for preview:

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Well, I finally found out why my Quest's transmission has been shifting erratically. It kind of let me know in a not too nice way. I drove my son to school this morning and then ran a couple more errands, after the second stop I headed back out onto the highway and started to accelerate, I wasn't paying too much attention to the van until I noticed that the engine sounded rather loud. It was then that I glanced at the tach and noticed it was running at 5,000 45 mph!! I tried slowing down and going again but the van still refused to shift. So, I used a Ford Windstar trick (yes I used to own one) and stopped put the van in park and shut it off and restarted it. After that is would shift but not very well. Took it to the dealer figuring they wouldn't be able to duplicate the problem, but bless the van's heart it showed Chuck what was wrong. It was the revolution sensor in the transmission and of course they had to order the part. Chuck told me the van is fine to drive and it will probably continue to act up but the part will be here in a couple days. Ah, the joys of a first year redesign.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I've sworn off the internet at work so I can actually get work done. So far it's working.

    What you will need is a phillips head screwdriver, a pair of pliers, an old toothbrush and a can of spray throttle body/air intake cleaner. Make sure it is sensor safe. It will say on the can if it is.

    Start by removing the air filter. This is a good time to change it if it is dirty. Then remove the black rubber hose leading from the air filter to the throttle body by loosening the clamp at the end. You will also have to disconnect a couple of other lines that lead into this using the pliers.

    Then (with the engine off) spray the cleaner into the throttle body while holding the throttle plate open. (It's a good idea to wear eye protection while doing this - is smells vicious! I also wear latex gloves to keep it off my skin.) Take the old toothbrush and scrub inside the TB and both sides of the plate.

    Once it's cleaned up, button everything back up (make sure everything is connected) and start the engine. It will crank for a while, and run rough for a little while, that's normal.

    I've done this about every 10,000 miles on my 99 Quest. It may be related to the fuel we use. We always get gas from the same chain. If there were any ohter station conveniently located, I would switch brands. But PDQ has a lock on this market!

  • Thanks for the info on Nissan's plans for the Quest!
  • sam7068sam7068 Posts: 28
    I do sympathize with you, however I haven't seen anywhere in your posting that you have tried to sell your vehicle? You know if you try to sell it to perpective buyers in your local newspaper you can easily get your money back. I have been driving Nissan for 22 Years and never had any problems and when I sold the cars (Just sold a '91 Altima XE with 111k for 4K.(slightly over retail)allways got more money than expected. Currently I own '92 300zx, 2001 Quest and 2000 crew cab. The only money I have spent so far on any Nissan has been for Oil change and tires. I strongly suggest you try the local newspapers and sell your car and buy another name brand. I am sure every brand has a lemon once in a while.
  • sam7068sam7068 Posts: 28
    I meant I sold '91 Stanza last week for 4K not an Altima!!!
  • Trou, I have 2000-Quest and have the same problem with steering. Dealer is trying to fix it but I am not hopeful they will be able to. I also have a clanking noise in transmission when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. They say this is normal !! Pasanger side sliding door rattles too. Really a piece of junk.
  • troutrou Posts: 4
    I am glad we are not the only ones that feel this van is a piece of junk. I am so tried of the service dept telling us that a problem is "normal". This isn't our first van but our first quest (and our last) we have never had as many things go wrong. The workmanship in our van is poor to say the least. I had molding come off in my hand, molding come off the sliding door. the air bag cover lift, the turn signal doesn't stay down when the wheel is turned only slightly ( I am told this is normal I only hope that I don't have somebody slam the back of this van while I am fighting with the signal to stay down) and of course the noise in the steering wheel. If you have read earlier comments you will know the major repairs to the transmission, axle and motor mounts. Over the last few weeks it has made a intermited noise in the brake area not one you would expect when you need brakes. We have had enough. Nissan has been the worst company to deal with (actually they don't want to discuss . Its their way or no way). Good Luck (you will need it)
  • I guess there are lemons built with every van, however, if you go over and look at the Honda van forum, you will come back and kiss your Quest. S'funny, I have 20,000 miles om my 1999 and NO problems have surfaced. Did you buy a demo orused van?
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