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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • Trou,

    I read your message on other board that you were trying for Lemon Law protection. Any luck? I am trying the same. Can we get in touch over email?
  • have a 2000 Quest and is 5 months old, Nissan offer me Security+, at $1000, I can have a 6 years/75,000 miles Silver Protection Plan.
    Have anyone have trouble with Silver Protection Plan from Nissan?
    Are there any other better deal?
    Should I go for 7 years?

    Thank you for those who gives me comments.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Isn't there a 5 year, 60,000 mile manufacturer's powertrain warranty already?

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  • Hi! I have a 95 Quest and have had a problem that no one can diagnose. On 3 seperate occasions my engine has just turned off on the freeway. The first time was at about 10K miles and we had been driving in the heat, air on for hours, climbing altitude, etc. The 2nd time was about 90K mi later on a VERY hot day (116 deg) and the air had been on for 2.5 hours. The last time was just recently but it wasn't too hot (only about 80 deg) but the air had been on about 1.5 hours. The engine just dies. If I wait a bit, I can restart the car and drive a few miles until it dies again. If I let the car completely cool down it drives just fine. This problem hasn't left a code and the service people can't duplicate the problem. Any one out there had a similar problem? If so, what did you do? Thanks in advance!

  • This is an old problem with a lot of cars. Either the fuel filter is clogged or your electric fuel pump is defective, it should be simple for the dealer to find. have him check fel\ul pressure and flow. Since the fuel pump is buried in the gas tank, they do NT want to relace it.
  • An unusual thing happened to my van today, shortly after parking it, the passenger side window shattered, seemingly on its own. It made a loud popping noise and then crumbled into thousands of tiny pieces. The window was fully rolled up and a car was parked closely next to mine on the passenger side, thus I'm almost certain nothing hit it.

    Has anyone ever had a similar experience or know what could cause such a phenomenon?

    Thanks for your input.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I have heard of similar instances, with lots of different theories as to why they self-destruct (side windows, front windows, rear windows, etc.).

    Anyone else?

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  • All curved modern window glaas is under internal tension...part fo the manufacturing proces and the making of the glass and layer inserts. I have seen this happen once and saw the aftermath of it a number of times. The stress gets too much interior to the glass and it replacement companies are very familiar to this scenario as well as any insurance company.
  • tika2tika2 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of a center console that can be added to a Quest that's not a TV/VCR console, especially one with a trash container?

    I have just joined the ranks of Quest owners, having just purchased a wedgewood blue 1999 GLE with 21,000 miles for $12,600. Before buying it, I read through the messages posted here (all 600 of them!) so I know some of the things to watch out for: As far as I can tell, my middle bench seat does not shake noticeably. And according to the Nissan customer service computer, my wiper switch and tail light assembly have been replaced. I paid a Nissan dealer to give the vehicle a complete check-up before I bought it. Except for some very dusty rear brakes and loose mud splash guards, the mechanic found no major problems to be concerned about. (Those could be explained by the fact that this vehicle started its life in Arizona and Texas.)

    I picked the Quest because I like how comfortable it is to ride in and to drive. I test-drove all 10 models of 2 to 3-year-old minivans before I picked the Quest, and I fell in love with its feel as soon as I drove it. It feels much more stable compared to the Odyssey and Sienna, which both feel like riding an elephant on a rollerskate the way they sway back and forth on quick curves. I also picked it for the removable seats and 4th door. (I had to spend a bit more to get a 1999 to get those features.) Since my husband and I exhibit at lots of trade shows for our business we need to haul a lot of items to furnish our booths. (No kids yet, but now with a van we have room for some.) We are planning a second honeymoon next August -- a repeat of our first one 10 years ago -- driving from California to Wyoming and through 8 Western states. We hope our new van will give us a great trip.

    I also have a message for Dave (dhoff #502) regarding the horrid smelling A/C. There is product made from natural herbs which can be sprayed into the system to disinfect all the "yeasties and beasties" living in it. Works on window A/Cs too. Let me know if you would like more information.

  • I built my own console for my Van. I even put carpet on top so my little dog has a place to sit. Works good too. Lid lifts up for storage.
  • tika2tika2 Posts: 3
    Thank you cookie22, but I'm actually more interested in buying a pre-made console than in building one myself. I'll see if anyone else has any ideas here. If not, I might be asking you if you are willing to share your plans.
  • Some are available at JC Whitney on the internet. I see them at Costco ansd Sams -- about $49 - $69. They are around just go out to look for them. The internet may show ypou a lot more places.
  • Hi Tika,

    I purchased a console at Costco (I'm fairly certain) for my Quest. It's been great! It comes with 2 cup holder, a little flip up place for glasses, a deeper console for trash if you'd like (I put CD's and all kinds of stuff in it) and a few other little odds and ends holders. It fits perfectly between the 2 front seats. I've tried to transfer it to my new Caravan but it is too loose. I worry about it coming loose and hurting someone in the event of an accident.

    And, thank you mrperfect for your input about the fuel pump. I asked the Nissan guy about that and he said that if it was the fuel pump it would be acting up more frequently. However, it is possible there is something wrong in the electronics part of it that acts up when my car heats up. Who knows?! I have it in the shop right now (getting that check engine light to turn off) and I'll call and have him do a check with the fuel pump and see what he comes up with. We are getting ready to sell the van and want to get this problem fixed before we hand it over to anyone.

    Thanks again!

    Carrie (proud new owner of a Dodge Grand Caravan)
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I like the sound of this herbal remedy. Is it available at any auto parts stores?

    Regarding the center console, I was at Big K earlier this week and saw one there that looked like it would fit perfectly. It had a storage compartment in the top with a door. It was even a gray color that looked like it would match the interior (if that's what you have). Didn't look at the price.

    Cutnfun, it's either a fuel delivery or electrical problem (just call me Mr. Obvious). Too bad it didn't store an error code when it quit. Just to help narrow it down, does it jsut suddenly die or does it sputter or miss a bit before it cuts out? If it's really sudden, I think it would more likely be electrical. Let us know what happens.

  • Has anyone heard about the Marketing Assistance - MA line item on a dealer invoice. The Sales Consultant is saying that Nissan is charging the dealer this cost and must pass it on. He even faxed me the invoice with the charged circled. Has anyone encountered this before?


  • srg3srg3 Posts: 2
    Thanks to dc52 for posting #557 Dec 16, 2000. I too was fighting this intermittent stall problem (first drive of the day usually). I've a friend who traded his van and I've read numberous posts here and elsewhere over this same condition . I too had many of the same things replaced or suggested to replace (I addressed these in other postings...electrical, fuel pump, fuel filter, idle air valves, knock sensor etc) I followed your advice and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. The stalling has ceased!!! Nissan had told the dealer to check this previously; by inspecting the vacum hose that connects to the regulator and looking for "gas" that might have passed through a pin hole in the diaphram. Nissan's thought was the engine's heat might cause a very small pin hole in the diaphram element to self seal after the engine warmed up. The dealer said everything was OK and I too checked it, but obviously not OK. I'd also recommend if you have a reliable mechanic, have em do it. I did the repair myself...looks simple, but because of the orientation of the part I ended up removing the fuel rail and a few other things..real pain for my and my fat fingers. Thanks again and as you said - Definitely worth taking a shot for the price.
  • Hi! This is my first time posting here. I've been researching information on my 95 Nissan Quest. I too have been having this same stalling problem with my van. Hot temperatures seem to make it worse. I've brought it into the shop several times over the last three years and no one can pinpoint the problem! I've called Nissan a dozen of times to talk to a service rep. about this, telling them the problem and leaving my name and number. I've never had a returned phone call. I also had a male friend call, thinking this would help me to get a response, but, still nothing!!! This past week, it was only about 75 degrees, and I was stuck in traffic because of an accident and Here we go again!!! It killed on me and the engine light came on. I let it cool off and could drive a few blocks more and then the same thing! I left it parked at a friends house over the weekend(thankfully it stopped close to someone that I knew) until I could get it to the shop and when I went to pick it up, it ran fine! All the way to the shop, no problems! They have been having it 2 days now and they can't seem to find the problem! They have been running it non stop to see if it will act up and guess what? Its not doing anything wrong!!!

    Can someone please help me with this? Is there a recall or something out there that I don't know about? If other people are having the same problem with the same van, same year??????? If so, then something must be done! If anyone knows anything about this or how to find out about these kinds of things, please let me know!

    I would love to sell it and get something newer, but my husband just bought a new Nissan Frontier, so I really don't want to have two notes to pay. I really need to get this problem solved!
    Do you think Nissan is covering something up???

    Thanks in advance for any responses!!!!

  • Failure of these items can drive you nuts. The mechanic that said it would fail more often is dead wrong and so could you if it fails in heavy traffic or an emergency manuveur. I had a friend who actually traded in a car that had interrmittent stalling. I used to be a passenger of his on the way to work --- we even stalled in the middle of one of the Philly bridges. When he took his new car in for its first service, he noted his old car was parked in back by one of the mechanics. When he laughed at the mechanic, the mechanic justs chuckled and said -- fuel pump.
    I also had the same intermittent problem a few years later and had to tell the Pontiac dealer what to replace. Have seen caddys, Lincolns, Mazdas, also with the same problem. It is a bear to convince half-trained mechanics what to replace. Even if you have to pay for it yourself, fixing the auto is the primary thing -- who cares why they fail. Many ford products have the fuel filter clamped to the frame under the rear of the car -- talk about out of sight, out of mind.:-)
  • Has anyone heard anymore about a dampener kit being developed by Nissan to respond to the shaking mid-row captains chairs. There was some discussion some time ago and my service manager had commented that Nissan tech-line had confirmed this.
    My full load '99 SE is about 15 months into its warrantee - seats still shake miserably - still as far as i'm concerned a potential safety issue.
  • Has anyone had this happen on their Quest?This doesn't happen EVERY time I go to start it. You turn the key like normal and the engine spins over like normal and then just before it starts there is a loud BANG or KNOCK and then it starts and runs fine. Like I said,this doesn't happen all the time but when it does,it is aggravating!!If you don't know what I am taking about listen to your engine when you start it you might hear it sometime.

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