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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pk2949pk2949 Posts: 6
    Pinnacle agreed to invoice for G 37, plus the shipping costs for out of state shipping. I did not end up buying from them as they did not have the exact car I wanted.

    Infiniti of scottsdale, was ready to match their offer also.

    Also, go to the and you will see more info about what folks are paying for the cars.

    Good Luck :shades:
  • Has anyone installed a remote starter in the G35?
  • I've recently started shopping for a G35X in the Chicago area. Three questions:

    1. How much above (or below) invoice should I expect to pay if I purchase in the next month?

    I'm looking for a G35X with premium and nav. Visited one dealer this weekend and he quoted me $36,800 (without any haggling from me other than saying that I wasn't paying MSRP). I didn't negotiate with the dealer (was only trying to decide on a color) but I assume he would go lower. Invoice on the car is $36,069.

    I'm hoping to purchase at or within $100 of invoice. Is that expectation realistic?

    2. How much is a reasonable doc fee? I've seen some posts on this board referencing fees that seem quite high. Is $50 a realistic expectation?

    3. Has anyone had good (or bad) experiences with any of the Chicago-area dealers? I know the dealer in Lisle has a large inventory but don't know much about Barrington, Fields, etc.

    Any help is welcome.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Any competent alarm/stereo shop should be able to do it - in an automatic transmission G. It looks like here that no custom transponder is available so you have to use the generic one which costs you the use of a key. They stick the key in this little box and hide it under the dash, then when you trigger the remote start the key's "signature" is used to let the car start.

    What you could do is find out from a dealer how much they would charge to add a key to the car, then buy a blank valet kit BUT DON'T PAY TO HAVE IT CUT. Just have the dealer code it along with your original 3 keys to the car, then have the installer use the coded but not-cut key for the hide a key. Then you still have all 3 original keys and if a thief got hold of the hidden key, it would be useless.

    At some point, they should make a custom box that can "copy" an existing key so no key is sacrificed to do the remote start.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Folks are reporting getting sedans and coupe for close to invoice, but I don't know if there are any reporting that in the Chicago area. There should be enough dealers within 1 or 2 hours driving time to generate lots of competition for your business.

    Anything over $0 is too much "doc" fee for me. Just be sure when you get quotes from various dealers you include the car, destination, and the fee. The sum of the 3 you compare from place to place to get your best deal. You don't care if the new has a $0 fee or a $500 fee, if that is the lowest price. Most of them are set and they can't (or won't) negotiate the fee, so those that have high fees have to give you a lower price to earn your business.

    I would contact the "Internet sales department" or similar at each dealer in the are and tell them what you want and ask for their best price including fees. Keep expanding you search until you get a price you can live with.

  • I was in the market for a G37, but have discovered through numerous visits to dealers and e-mail exchanges with internet sales associates, that Chicagoland dealers are unwilling to deal on this vehicle. On a daily basis, I have checked the inventory of Infiniti of Lisle and Infiniti of Orland Park over the last month, and have concluded that the inventory is not moving. In fact, the inventories have increased with recent allocations. The buyer should have so much power in this market, since supply far out exceeds consumer demand. Despite this fact, dealers are unwilling to deal on these vehicles, i.e., invoice. How many people are buying G37 coupes in January? Not many! Are we in a recession? Sure looks like at these Infiniti dealers. Check the aforementioned dealers' inventories and see for yourself that the G37 is not as hot as they want you to believe. Caveat Emptor!
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    They are probably hoping you'll settle for a leftover 2007 at invoice!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Online inventories can be terribly out of date, so I don't know if I would base my "scientific study" on those :D .

    Just run by and count the cars or something, I guess, would be more accurate.

    Some folks are saying they are getting near invoice for the coupes and I know VPP is now available for coupes and that gets you within $300 of invoice.

    Often dealers will decide something is a hot seller (in their minds) and will not deal until they later wake up and realize that if they don't deal we will not buy.

  • I have a VPP number, so what does that mean for the bottom line of the car? Is it really that great of a savings? Let me know...
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Which plan do you have? A, B, C, or D?

    On a G35 or G37 C or D VPP is $275 to just over $300 over invoice (depends on the invoice of the car you choose). You do also have to pay the dealer's normal doc or prep fees, if any. You also have to pay for any dealer installed accessories. Plans A and B (employees and there immediate families) is less.

    So the key is finding the car you want at a dealer that accepts VPP and has little or no doc fee.

    Some folks are reporting getting invoice or under for G sedans and coupes now, these may or may not include the dealer fees. I think it depends on where you live, how many dealers are in the area, and how well the model you are looking at is selling. The VPP gets you a nice price with no hassles or haggling, but you may be able to get a little better deal but probably not by a lot.

  • Just curious, when you guys say "invoice" are you using the Monroney sticker?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    What is printed on the sticker is MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price). Invoice is the number printed on the dealer's invoice for the car - in other words what the dealer is invoiced for the car. Technically, the invoice amount is just for the car and factory options and does not include the destination charge. The destination charge is also on the MSRP sticker with no markup and is part of the price of the car. So when we say "invoice" we mean the invoice price for the car plus the destination charge. The total of the two (plus any ad fees on the invoice) is what the dealer is invoiced for the car.

    Dealers get hold back, incentives, etc to make extra money so the invoice price is not really what the dealer will have to pay for the car in most cases.

    For our purposes, we take the published invoice including destination (as shown on Edmunds, KBB,, etc) and subtract any known dealer incentives and we have "dealer cost" (under most circumstances the dealer will not deal down into hold back). Any deal under this cost is a super deal, anything at cost or a little over is a great deal, more over cost is not as good a deal.

  • Thank you for that very well-explained post. It is much appreciated!
  • I just received an email from Fields Infiniti for $3500 off sticker for a car with an MSRP $40,575
  • Same here. Makes you wonder how much more room there is.
  • erving6erving6 Posts: 16
    Anyone have any inkling if the 3.9% financing incentive will be extended through February?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Who cares what the "discount" is off of full MSRP, how much is their price over/under dealer invoice? How much is their doc fee?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Ask me around the 4th of Feb and I will let you know :D .

    Seriously, no one knows - maybe not even IFS at this point. They will get the final Jan sales numbers and look at them and look at the "days supply" they have on each model, then decide if they need to carry incentives/discounted financing forward to the next month.

    I don't think this will get any cheaper and could go away, so if you are financing I would get it done this month. The lease numbers on the various models could change also, but they could be lower or higher for next month.

  • Hello,
    I am looking at a G37 coupe with an invoice price of $37500. It appears that a lot of G37 buyers are getting cars at or close to invoice. I am also eligible for the $1000 customer loyalty rebate. Do you think a deal for ~36500 ($37500 minus loyalty cash) is attainable? Or should I consider the loyalty cash as part of the invoice deals that I have seen on this forum? (meaning best deal is invoice, $37500).

    Also what is the likelyhood of getting dealers to waive the $799 processing fee? I appreciate your guidance. I want to be prepared, but not unreasonable when I contact the dealers. Thanks
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It could be that some folks didn't know about the "cash" from Infiniti. There is $500 for non owners and $1k for owners. So when they got an invoice quote it was actually $500 over, then when they signed their paperwork one document was the form assigning the "conquest cash" over to the dealer.

    Also I don't know how many folks paying "invoice" also included the dealer's doc or prep fee, since most all Infiniti dealers charge $500 or so in fees.

    Your dealer charges $799 for a doc fee? Holy cow! I would find another dealer ASAP. No sense beating your head against the wall getting a good price then having them add $800 back onto the deal.

    My dealer has a $0 doc fee. For $800 you may can fly in and drive a new coupe home :D. Seriously, my dealer may not be quite is low on price as others due to having no extra fee, but the NET of the car, destination, and fee may be less. That is the number you compare about when comparing multiple dealers.

  • Dennis,
    Thank you for your advice. I will keep looking to see if I can find a dealer with a lower dealer fee. I figured it might be hard to get the dealer to waive the fee completely.

    But you do think that a deal at invoice minus $500 is attainable? (given the current $1000 rebate for current G35 owners)

    Thanks again!
  • Is this $500 for non Infiniti owners, or $1000 for Infiniti owners only for the G37? I checked Edmunds and they had it listed for the G37 but not the G35.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would think so, but you have to find the right dealer. If you have a VPP claim code (friend or family works for Nissan or your company does biz with them) you can get a coupe for $375-420 over invoice (plan c or d) less the $1k or $500 cash back.

    Where are you located? Maybe someone can step up with dealer suggestions if they know what part of the country you are in.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Coupes only right now on the cash and only through the end of January, unless they change or extend it.

    They had $500 in loyalty cash for the left over G35 coupes in November, then upped it to $1k in December and added $500 for non-Infiniti folks - again only for G35 07 coupes. Then in January they changed that to G37 coupes and dropped it for the left over coupes.

    Strange that they never had dealer money on the left over 07 sedans though.

  • Dennis,
    I live outside West Palm Beach, FL, and I found two dealers in my area who would do invoice minus $1000 deal today. I guess business is pretty slow. One dealer also said he would waive the dealer fee, but I had to do the deal TODAY. I could not make it to the dealer so we will see if I can still push for that deal later this week. I find it hard to believe it was a "Today Only" deal. Thanks for the tips.

    BTW for all other readers, I would be happy to share the dealer locations that I spoke to today. Let me know if you are interested.
  • If one of these dealers is Sawgrass, be very careful about hidden fees and surprises at the end after you thought you had a firm deal, even if it was in writing. Feel free to PM me for details. Definitely avoid the guy whose last name rhymes with "Winer."
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    We know that sales must be slow and/or supplies high as Infiniti put the $500/$1000 customer cash in place. The lease rates for the new coupe are down as well and they have 2.9% and 3.9% financing deals - both can be combined with the cash.

    If you live where there are lots of dealers in a short driving distance that seems to be the key to getting a cheap price. Folks in sunny CA seems to have lots of dealers to fight for their business. I have one dealer about 30 minutes away. one 2 hours away, three 3 hours away, and several more 4 hours away. Not exactly in the heart of the Infiniti sales concentration :D .

    The dealer locator shows 6 within 100 miles of West Palm, Put in an LA ZIP code and you get 19 dealers within 100 miles, 24 within 100 miles of NYC. I wonder where you get the best deal, a location where there is 1 dealer or 19 or 24 dealers :D ?

  • I have a VPP claim number with Plan D. Does Infiniti charge a marketing fee (Line 7)? I called an InsideNissan Representative, and was told that these fee is no longer charged. However, when I went to purchase the vehicle, a $100.00 dollar fee was added into the price. Dealer also tried to add other items in Line 4?

    What are the fees associated with a vehicle purchased in Illinois? Is there a license plate fee, title fee, doc fee and county, state and city taxes? The fees one is charged is daunting?

    Is it better to finance a vehicle for 60 months or 63 months? What is the difference?

    The final price for my vehicle will be close to $100.00 under invoice with the VPP plan? Could I have gotten a better deal without the VPP? Was this purchase with the VPP a good deal? I don't want to get burned with new financing and incentives for February?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018

    Started looking at coupes last June, switched to the new sedan (loved the new design interior and features), had trouble finding a 6mt loaded, dealer found a car but it was hail dinged, ordered a new 08 sedan, came in in Oct with horrible lease numbers, waited for better rates, got better rates and could not (again) find a 6mt sedan loaded anywhere near, waited more and FINALLY got a good lease deal on a G37 coupe. Picked it up on Saturday. Worth the 8 month wait :D .

    It is G37 sport 6MT Liquid Platinum w/Graphite leather with premium/nav/tech and (unfortunately) splash guards, trunk mat, and cargo net. $43,175 MSRP with an invoice of $39,316 and my price was $39,628.19 (VPP plan C) less the $500 in customer cash made my price $39,128.19 ($187.81 under invoice) with $0 (gasp) dealer doc fee and no other add ons. Free wheel locks too! I DID have to pay to have the car hauled from the dealer where it was located (I said the 6mt cars in the colors I wanted were hard to find), but the haul charge was far less than the stocking dealers $500 doc fee! My car was new with 12 miles or something on it rather than having been driven from dealership to dealership, and the stocking dealer was 2 hours further drive (round trip).

    I picked it up from Harper Infiniti in Knoxville on Saturday and everything went smooth. We did all the numbers via the phone and e-mail, so I just showed up, checked the car over (perfect) and test drove it (perfect) then signed the paperwork. After going over all the buttons and features I was back on the road to home. My salesperson and the F&I person were both first rate.

    Awesome car, awesome stereo, awesome features - "laser cruise" and backup camera my favorites. Biggest worry: my 17 year old son will steal it and never bring it back :D . 2nd Biggest worry: bending a rim (really low profile tires) and/or having to buy a new tire - $223 each front, $266 each rear plus shipping from TireRack.

    Can't wait for the very long break in period to be over.

  • A follow-up message on my Chicagoland search for a G35X.

    I have an agreement with Fields Infiniti for a platinum graphite G35X w/ graphite interior, wood, premium, nav, and cargo net. (Dealer included wheel locks which seems to be standard in this area.) I plan to pick up the car tonight.

    Here's a recap on my experience for those looking to buy in Chicago.

    Test drove the car at Gold Coast Infiniti. Didn't get a good vibe and decided I would do my price shopping elsewhere.

    Started at Infiniti Lisle because I had heard good things. They quoted my $800 over invoice. The also didn't have the wood in stock but that wasn't a dealbreaker. The salesman was nice enough but refused to move on price even as I got better offers. One other strange thing--I kept asking him to email a breakdown of the out the door price and instead the salesman insisted on leaving voice mails. It made me nervous that I couldn't get a quote in writing.

    Barrington Motorwerks was the next dealer I worked with. They told me they would do invoice on the car but when I saw the breakdown it included a $90 charge for "supplemental warranty cost recovery." He told me it was standard but I hadn't seen it at other dealers. The car they had in stock also didn't have splash guards and he wanted to charge me $185 to add them (invoice is $114).

    The splash guards and the warranty fee effectively made his best offer $161 over invoice plus $150 doc fee and TTL. (The $150 fee was the same at each dealer I spoke to in Chicago. No one would budge on the fee.) He told that was his final offer. The dealer was friendly and professional throughout.

    I was tempted to take this deal but decided to give one more dealer a call. As has already been mentioned on this board, Fields Infiniti has been sending out Jan. specials with pretty good prices, particularly on cars with the tech package (which I was not looking for).

    I called the internet sales dept and he confirmed that they are pretty aggressive on pricing through the end of the month, particularly on the tech cars. I was able to reach a deal over the phone in about an hour. Here's the final breakdown.

    $36,378 purchase price ($79 below invoice)
    $150 doc fee
    plus TTL. (Taxes are brutal in Cook County)

    I was able to get out the door for under $40k, which was my goal all along.

    Received a call from Motorwerks late in the game and they offered to match but I told them I was sticking with Fields for meeting my price. I probably could have squeezed a $100-200 more by further haggling but at some point enough is enough.

    I was a bit hestitant to deal with Fields because some (on the board and elsewhere) have mentioned their high-pressure sales tactics. But I had none of this in dealing with the internet sales dept. They were professional and pleasant. I hope this carries over to our pick-up tonight. I will post a follow-up after I get the car.

    Thanks to everyone on the board for their help.
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