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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 0x42454e0x42454e Posts: 14
    Joon, if you get this before I leave for Phoenix (in 30 minutes)... how much were your license fees? I got a contract sent over from Riverside and he estimated a $25 license fee.

    Also, on another note, I have been unable to reach the internet dealer for a few days now, and I'm thinking about taking my business elsewhere.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    Usually the license fee in CA should be about 1% of the price before TTL. I'm not sure about your particular case, since you're going to buy in CA and take it to AZ Maybe the license fee is the AZ license fee? I just checked my actual sale invoice and the breakdown for my sedan EX-4cyl AT is as follows:

    Price: $20,002.56
    Doc Fee: $45.00
    License Fee: $190.00
    Tire Fee: $8.75
    Sales Tax: $1,553.69
    OTD price: $21,800

    As far as the internet dept. for Riverside Honda, as I said before, the only reason I purchased from them was price and convenience. I was not very impressed with their level of customer service. So, I am not surprised they haven't contacted you in a few days. Maybe the salesperson is on vacation, maybe the full service sales guys kicked him out (LOL).

    Good luck.
  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29
    I bought an EX v6 4-door w/out NAV in May in the Boston area for $23,600 (price included destination) and then paid about $284 in TTL/other feels + taxes. OTD was a shade below $25,000 (I traded in a car so the taxes on the sale were a bit lower than on the price of the car).

    So it sounds like you are getting pretty good prices. I think I could have gotten a bit lower price but overall the deal was not bad. And so far the car is great; nice power, smooth engine, nice leather seats, etc.

    I can't speak to the plate holder issue.

    Good luck,

  • lilduke99lilduke99 Posts: 23
    The front license plate can be taken off with no holes showing. I just had mine off two weeks ago (we need the front one here in IL) when I was installing my front grille from grille tech. The plate holder is fastened behind the bumper. You're all set! ;)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    How do you like the grille? We were talking about them over in the accessories (or was it problems?) forum and several folks said they were going to order - but no one reported back.

    Every time I glance at the front of my wife's car I think "Gee I need to order that grill".

  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606

    I'm familiar with Ohio weather; originally from Cleveland but have been living in San Francisco for over 30 years. I don't miss the snow at all.

    Enjoy your new Accord--it's a great car!

  • drum4fundrum4fun Posts: 3
    I'm also close to buying the Accord VP in Chicago.
    I've been quoted $15,800, or invoice -$400, from the dealer's Internet sales manager. There's a $750 factory-to-dealer cash incentive for the '05 Accord. That plus holdback and other Honda chits make a good profit for the dealer.
    I bet you could get them to cough up an extra $500 on your offer. Another local dealer has guaranteed to beat any solid "written" offer by $200.
    Ask if destination is included in your price. I haven't cleared that up with my dealer yet, but when he says he can do it for $15,800, I assume that's including everything on the sticker. Sales tax looks to be 6% in Michigan. You can't sidestep TT&L that I've been able to figure out, so just tote it up.
    As for resale, the VP is just not that different from an LX to rack up much difference 4 or 5 years from now, in my estimation. Others please chime in on this, I could be missing something.
    Good luck in driving home a bargain, as I plan to do this weekend.
  • LX is what I bought, I wanted the A/C which the value package does not have.
    Phil K.
  • pavan_ivpavan_iv Posts: 6

    I paid advance for EX-L 4dr A/t (graphite pearl) today. Dealer Ed Napleton at Oak Lawn, Chicago, il. I live in indy.

    $80(docs+county tax)
    $1296(6% indiana)

    Dealers in indy they could only go to $22,300. I saw a $900 difference and decided to go to Chicago.

    I know its not a bad deal because I have been following this forum since a while and thanks to all for giving me guidance to save money.

    Good luck to all who are planning to buy. I didnt do lot of negotiating. I went with the price they gave me.
  • hbuy1hbuy1 Posts: 3
    The A/C is standard with the value package. Below is the list of what the VP dosent carry from the LX

    CARB Emissions Rating
    Stablizer Bar
    Non-variable vipers
    Automatic mirrors
    Black door handles
    Black window trim
    Power Door locks
    Power window
    Illuminated vanity mirrors
    Electronic trunk release
    No Driver seat height adjust
    4 Speaker system

    Something that i can live without for the price.
  • lilduke99lilduke99 Posts: 23
    I got the race style in black and I really like it. When we put it on, I was amazed how much junk was really getting in there. Not bad for a $50 investment, and it looks good too.

    I recommend installing it by dropping it in from under the hood, instead of installing it externally (I got directions to do it both ways). IMO it looks cleaner and crisper.
  • ollie239ollie239 Posts: 1
    VP for 15800 is a good price. I just bought one for 15900 and also haggled a little
    with a beat up trade in. Some times they get you with the document fee's which
    vary everywhere. I usually pay cash for the car but 1.9% is cheap money!
    Take the loan and invest any balance in a cd or even a GNMA fund paying about 4.5%.
  • drum4fundrum4fun Posts: 3
    Great advice. Thanks for the input.
    How's life with the VP? Any insights, qualms would be helpful. Is it really no power locks?
    I'd like to add a rear decklid spoiler (the small one) and fog lamps, but the dealer wants twice the factory rate.
    Also, as a follow up to an earlier post, Destination fee is $515 is in addition to the $15,800 price from my dealer.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    Posting from Tucson, Az here...

    Just agreed over phone on final purchase price of $19,600 OTD for an LX sedan automatic. I'm set to see the sales rep in 2 hrs for the test drive. If anyone can help within 2 hrs, here's my dilemma:

    How does $19,600 OTD in Tucson compare to a $19,100 OTD quote I received from Cali? The Cali dealer is 450 miles away, so to travel up there and bring it back to Tucson would cost me $50 for one way amtrak ticket + $35 gas (full tank should be enough to make it all the way back).

    So basically, I'm paying a $500 premium to buy the same car in Tucson. I wouldn't really mind the drive back, since I would rather enjoy a mini road trip, but it would put 450 miles on the car to start.

    As for the paying $19,600 in Tucson, I estimate that I'm paying $250 in profit to the dealer -- given all the June incentive ($400-$750) and 3% holdback information I've seen discussed on this forum is correct. Here's what I've calculated:

    $19,034 (invoice for 4dr LX auto)
    - $633 (3% of MSRP)
    -$400<$750 (range for June incentive)
    - $299 (ridiculous doc fee in AZ)
    $19,356<$19,733 (range of dealer's cost)

    So, the bottom line I'd like to hear feedback for: Was my calculation above accurate? If yes, is $19,600 OTD a good deal from a Tucson dealer? Should I wait longer until July or August? (See, waiting really isn't a problem for me. I just absolutely want the best deal possible. But it's difficult to gauge whether asking prices will go down in the coming months. The 2006 should be coming out around Aug-Sept, right?)

    Anyways, reply as soon as possible, please!!

    One last thing: How much should it cost to ask for window tinting from a dealership?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you have the luxury of waiting - you most certainly will get a better deal in August or Sept. And with the configuration you want there should be no shortage of those - unless you want some rare color.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    How much better in your opinion?
  • chuckf1chuckf1 Posts: 19
    I just joined the Honda family earlier today, 05 Accord 4DR EX-L, from Crown Honda in Charlotte,N.C. The car is Graphite Pearl with Gray upholstery.

    The internet sales price was $21,599.00 After my trade-in, which was $8,100.00 for my 2002 Dodge Stratus ES with 24,800 miles, (in line with KBB estimate), and taxes, documentation fee, registration fees, the OTD price was $14, 249.67. Because the Accord was a demo with 5,100 miles, they extended my warranty from 3 years/36,000 miles to 4 years/60,000.

    For those who are interested, I was not unhappy with the Stratus, but it's not holding it's value.

    My financing was for 4 years at 2.9%. Even though the Accord is 4 cylinder, as opposed to 6 in my old Stratus, I'm not sensing any less acceleration power in the Honda. Handling is crisp and the brakes are sure-footed.

    After driving around town for awhile I now understand why there are so many Hondas on the road!
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    I am from AZ and made the trip to CA for my Accord.

    Was in and out of the dealer within 90 mins, one-way-pass and all.

    Spirit Honda in El Monte, nothing but good words from me about them.

    However it will take CA MVD 6-8 weeks to get me my title, paid cash, so I got a 90-day temp tag here in AZ.

    Thats about the only catch, if you will...
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    If you are getting tags with it, then you are getting a great deal in Tucson.

    In Cali you are not getting AZ tags, which cost 340$ for the 1st year.

    U want to run legal here, they have no soft spot for residents running out of state tags in AZ.
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    If the car has already got tint, try to get it thown into the sale.

    If not, tell them you are willing to give $150 for it.

    If they say pay $200, then counter with $180 as a final offer.

    I am having my Accord tinted next wekend by a private guy who comes to your garage. Gonna cost me $140, remember, they have to cut for 6 windows in the Accord, it has rear quarter windows, drives the price a bit
  • Got one for my mom in Iowa today. EX-L V6 automatic, no nav, they already had mud guards and paint sealant on it. We had them put a day/night/compass mirror in. Also it only had 4 miles which was kinda nice.

    I got it for $23,500 plus fees, including those options. OTD 25,036.

    Negotiation went about like this:
    Them: 27
    Me: "I know invoice is just over 24, and you get it for significantly less than that, so don't waste my time. 23."
    Them: Manager... "You need to add destination, plus the options that are on there to invoice: 25"
    Me: "23,500"
    Them: "Plus 320 for the mirror?"
    Me: "No, 23,500 total."
    Them: Manager... "OK"

    Basically I ended up over 500 below invoice (1000 below invoice including destination) with $600 or 700 list price worth of add ons included.

    I think a got a pretty good deal, all thanks to the great information I got over the last few days form this board. Thanks guys.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    hey mark

    I'm looking into aftermkt tinted windows and leather. $150 sounds good but what can I expect to pay for tinted? also what do u think of after mkt leather? and words of advice?

  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    noticed some errors in ur list.

    the dx value pkg has black door handles and window trim(as opposed to body colored handles and chrome trim). more imptly, it does have power windows(but true, no power locks). Also, no cruise control, wireless key entry,auto off headlights,reading lights, and has 2 speakers as opposed to 6. I'm missing some minor items i'm sure....

    trying to decide between a dx value and a camry std or le w/ side/curtain(all camrys come w/ cruise,6 speakers, power locks/windows, audio sterring controls standard). was offered $15722 before ttl for the former. trying to see if i can get a camry std w/ auto and side/curtain for the same price(unfortunately it is mighty hard to find a std w/ side/curtain).
  • lx_steallx_steal Posts: 45
    Just paid $18727.84 OTD

    $17169 Sale Price
    45 Doc
    1334 CA Tax
    171 CA DMV
    9 Tire Disposal

    Was only considering EX-L, but AutoNation Roseville emailed me that they were overstocked, and this weekend only were offering $2000 under invoice. As I saw used '03s going for $18K from some dealers, I thought, why not? I asked Bay Area dealers if this is a good price, and I think they thought I was lying.

    Not the best ride in the world, but good, economical transportation, at a good price.
  • howard6howard6 Posts: 2
    Want to buy a manual transmission Accord LX in Hawaii. Have wholesale price of 18315 less 593 dealer holdback and 515 destination charge. Paperwork is $220.
    Should I wait until August or September? Thanks.
  • hbuy1hbuy1 Posts: 3
    I made a deal with the dealership in Detroit for the VP Accord. I got it for $17250 OTD. It's a grt car and also I can add the door locks and the speakers couple of months down the line. I was considering buying a used car for about $14000 but the pricing of the VP for $17250 is sold me. Also the vp has smaller tires and can cause problems while driving. The VP has a manual A/C and not an auto A/C

    Hopefully I will be picking up my car tomorrow.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    good deal.

    now, what's the diff btw manual and auto air? sorry if thats an ignorant question but ive been driving the same car since '93(a '90 corolla) and when u want air u just flip the switch! so i guess auto air has a thermostat?
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    Guys if u can help me out i was wondering what some in places like socal, atl etc are getting for the DX value pkg? 15700-15800 before TTL is the best price i have seen so far...

    anybody figure what the new factory to dealer incentive is? and aug is still the ETA for the new '06's??? the shady dealer i talked to told me october...when did the '05 accords come out?
  • jhk1jhk1 Posts: 2
    I've got a quote of 18,000 + TTL ( = another $1000) so far. Can anyone recommend a place in the region for a better deal?
  • carepicarepi Posts: 5
    I'm considering an Lx Manual, where can I get a good deal in (Nj,) based in you guys experience?.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    now, what's the diff btw manual and auto air?

    hbuy1 is wrong, only the EX V-6 and Hybrid have auto air. See the honda page here:

    Note that on the link it does not show the A/C in the VP has "air-filtration system" like the others. I would ask about it (have a dealer show you the cabin air filter on a VP, if it has one) if you want this feature. To me the power locks, and cruise, seat height adjustment would be enough to make me want the LX over the VP. I bet it will cost at trade or sell time to have a VP as well....

    With auto air you set it for some temperature, say 72 degrees and the system adjusts the fan speed and blending of air to try to maintain that temp. With manual air, just just crank the fan up and down along with the temp control - you are on your own :-)

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Open Road / Jersey Honda advertise some really low deals all the time on fleabay -so that would be one place to contact.

  • Hey folks, new guy here. I made up my mind to buy a Accord EX and see now the only "incentive" on a buy is a 1.9% rate on a 36 month loan. Not bad but I want more, any input to when the best time of year is? Thanks
  • rajd1974rajd1974 Posts: 31
    I believe the best time to buy the accord [2005] is in September as the 2006 new model year vehicles start rolling in and dealers are frantic to get rid of their older inventory. Expect up to $5000 off MSRP combined with some interest rate deals from Honda for a loaded Accord whose MSRP > 23000. I would welcome anyone who could provide more accurate information or guesses based on prior experience.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 180,701
    Just my $0.02....

    I don't usually see that panic mode selling at Honda dealers... Maybe if they have a leftover LX-V6 in green.. But, if you want a popular color/model, they turn them over fast enough that their won't be that many left to choose from...

    You might find deals $500 lower than they are now.... but, nothing earth-shattering...

    Of course, I'm sure there are exceptions..... but, I don't think you can count on a big fire-sale...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I have an offer on the table - EX-L V6 Sedan with Navi - $25,250 including destination (but not including tax and vehicle registration) - sounds good to me ... any thoughts?
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    Thanks Dennis

    Yeah air filtration is not inlcuded in the VP. I'm gonna have to research this to see whether I can manage w/o it. Wonder if my old corolla had it?
  • jim1975jim1975 Posts: 6
    2005 Honda Accord
    Value Package 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)

    MSRP Invoice

    National Base Price $17,995 $16,201
    Destination Charge $515 $515
    Total with Options $18,510 $16,716

    ..........if you can get it for $15,700 take it, but make sure you don't get it w/o AC and with the manual trans. (just joking)
  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29
    Honda tends not to offer consumer rebates (or at least I have not seen any on the Accord this year). Their dealers do have holdback and factory to dealer (FTD) incentives that they can work with when negoiating with you for a new car. I have found that, depending on the month, the factory to dealer incentives fluctuate a bit. But they are there and you can get dealers to compete for you business and see what they're willing to offer below invoice. If you combine holdback with some FTD incentive being passed on you will see prices well below invoice. I recently bought an EX 4-door sedan V6 w/out NAV and got a price of $23,100 from one dealer and $23,600 from another (both included destination but not TTL). The first dealer screwed me on my trade in so I cut a deal with the second one and got OTD for a bit below $25,000. I paid cash so the financing incenitve - while a nice one - did not apply.

  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29
    This is a good deal based on my experience (got quotes of $23,100 and $23,600 from two dealers in early May for V6 4-door sedan w/out nav). If they have more FTD $ to work with they may be able to go a bit lower; and make sure they don't screw you on bogus fees. I padi about $284 in TTL and other misc fees.

  • Thanks, Mike - yeah, if they try to add any more than $50 for my registration transfer to my OTD price - well then - I am OUT THE DOOR !!!

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The best time to buy is when the incentives are the highest. Honda NEVER gives customer rebates so when the dealer money is up prices can go down.

    They have been running from $650 to $750 to $925 to $650 this year. We don't know what it will be at the end of the model year, but like kyfdx posted I don't think you will save much more than a few hundred by waiting - and (obviously) selection goes down as the 05s sell out.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Honda tends not to offer consumer rebates

    If you mean TENDS as in NEVER then you are correct.

    From an AutoWeek news item about the March incentives:

    Dick Colliver, executive vice president of automotive sales for American Honda Motor Co. Inc., says the automaker prefers to cut production rather than offer expensive incentives.

    "Last fall, when the New York market went flat, we adjusted inventories," Colliver says. "The dealers wanted incentives, but we don't want to get into overstocking."

    Asked if Honda Division would offer consumer incentives, Colliver said: "Never."

    In another news story:

    Honda Motor Co. will try to reduce sales incentives in the United States by freshening the Accord and remodeling the Civic this fall.

    In the current year, which started April 1, Honda expects to spend an average of $480 per vehicle, down from $610 in the previous fiscal year ended March 31. Honda wants to reduce Accord incentives to $880, from $1,050 last year, and to cut Civic incentives to $480, from $690

    So it does not SOUND like the incentives will get MUCH better even at model end. They could bring back cheap loans for longer terms on top of the dealer cash as they had earlier this year - for those of us that are "non-cash" customers :-)

  • markkymarkky Posts: 7
    I'm I just hallucinating or what, MSRP on the 2005 ex-l seem to have been slashed. Abt a wk ago it was 25,265...Edmunds is quoting 24,750 with Destnation charges.... Did I miss something?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Probably has something to do with the configuration you chose or they have a software bug. The next change in MSRP will be for the 06 MY Accord.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Dennis, I had a quote of $312 today in Cookeville to put in the mirror with the compass. Do you know where I could beat this? Also, the fog lights were quoted at $523. Is there a way I can beat that?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    If you go back and read earlier posts, you will see that Honda has been giving dealers incentives based on numbers sold for a particular month. I would buy the car now while there is a good selection. I do not think u will save that much by waiting.
  • carepicarepi Posts: 5
    last night we went to a dealer in the Phillipsburg area in nj, we are getting this deal: 180000+ destination, tags, fees, etc total 19865

    can anybody tell us where to bid this price,? or is this price ok. (we are no getting any extra stuff) .
  • newcartxnewcartx Posts: 2
    My wife and I are looking at purchasing a 2005 Accord Ex 4door 4cylinder with the leather package, sticker is 25,115. I would appreciate any input. Thanks in Advance.

  • nicole2nicole2 Posts: 1
    What is the residual value on a 2005 Honda EX V6? I was quoted $23,200 for the car with a lease payment of $323 (15k miles). Is this a good deal? What is the better financial decision - to buy or lease? Need help soon!
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