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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
This topic is a continuation of Topic 2658....

2001 Yukon XL/Suburban. Please continue these
discussions here. Thanks!

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  • Mike, I live on the west side of town in the motor city and believe me there is not alot of YukonXL's on the lots here. I put my order in on Sept 25th for my YukonXL at a big dealership and I still don't have a allocation. Although about 5 things that I ordered ( 8.1 vortec engine,autoride,assist steps,onyx black,graphite cloth ) are on limited supply. I think that I am going to have to wait along time before I get mine.
    It's nice to finally see someone from Michigan on this site.
  • fellersfellers Posts: 18
    Can anyone tell me what to expect for the interior
    color of the Denali with respect to the color
    "Pewter"? On the 2000 Yukon, Pewter Ultra Soft
    Leather was a Taupe. However, on the Sierra Pickup
    SLT for 2001, Pewter Ultra Soft Leather is a light
    grey. Which will it be for the tone on tone
    seating surface with the Denali. The description on the website is "Yukon Denali and Yukon XL Denali seating surfaces in Flint Gray with darker grey accents and Sandstone with Shale accents." My order sheet, however says Color 922, Pewter. Help, Clifford!

    Also, anyone have any definitive information as to
    whether they are building any Denali's as of this
    writing, presumably in Janesville, WI? My TPW has slipped from 11/6 to 11/13 to 11/27. Thanks.
  • I believe the build location for the Denali and Escalades will be in Arlington, TX., but I will have to confirm this with some paperwork I have at home (not with me while at work). As to the actual color vs. the names, only GM knows for sure what will be what.
  • We ordered a 1500 LT 4.10 axle, with liftgate and sunroof, pewter, neutral int. the first week of Sept. It arrived today and we are going to pick it up now. If it came without anything I will post tonight. The sales manager did not mention any constraints.
  • I just spoke with the dealer and he said that there is nothing for me to really worry about as far as getting the onyx black truck. He said that it is on available on a limited basis which simply means they make a bunch of them then stop, make a bunch then stop. I feel better now. Thanks for calming my fears yesterday. We'll be ordering by Friday.
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    My friend who owns the local Chevy dealership tells me that he (the dealer) has no control ("zero" was his exact word) over the assignment of the factory TPW. He's had "about 10" Tahoe and Sub. customers who've been assigned TPW's in a matter of days, and he said he has "about 4" that have been ordered for over a month and no TPW has been assigned yet. The only difference has been the configurations.

    He tells me that his queries to GM have resulted in finger pointing, as in, "it's all supplier related problems...but don't worry, they're being resolved as we speak." He said that in truth we probably know about as much as he does.

    He did say that if you absolutely have to have a car within 90 days, "tell the salesman to keep his nose in the locator and that he agree to make the customer the same offer on dealer-trade vehicle...and, if necessary, be a little flexible on color and/or some of the options."
  • Tried to order a Garnet Red Yukon XL last week, but was told it was on constraint. Had them try again this week (I was ready to switch colors) and it went through. However, I got an estimated Feb 01 date! Does any one have or has anyone seen a Garnet Red Yukon XL? I've scanned through these posts and don't believe I've seen anyone who has one.
  • bgould1bgould1 Posts: 19
    Did you also order Z55 autoride and rear liftgate?
  • I appreciate all the info. Yes, I agree w/the dealer, I think you guys in this townhall know more than a lot of these dealerships.

    It sure makes it convenient. When I have a question, I just get online, and get an answer w/o the run around or the head scratching!

  • Yes Jerry it nice to see someone from Michigan on this site.
    I was at Pat Moran in Rochester Hills on Thursday of last week and they had 5 on the lot. 3 3/4 ton and 2 1/2 ton units. If I am remembering it right, 1 was a 3/4 ton with 8.1 in blue with the SD1.
    Let us all know when yours comes in and how it looks.
  • Before I took delivery of my '01 Tahoe, I talked to the sales manager who said that it would be built in Janesville, WI. When the Tahoe arrived, it was interesting to see the sticker on the inside of the driver's door that said "built in Arlington, TX". Guess that plant is up an running now.
  • No autoride or liftgate. Details: Yukon XL 1500 2WD with SLT (1SD), panel doors, and a sunroof. We decided on the panel doors because it's easier to open them in the garage. Not sure how I'll like the view out the back and no rear wiper.
  • slpeteslpete Posts: 7
    We ordered ours on 8/7, TPW was pushed back several times, but finally was produced on 10/9 and shipped on 10/12. Dealer still hasn't gotten an invoice and can't give me any real idea of when we should receive it. Said they usually only get the invoice a couple of days before the vehicle arrives. Is this true? I thought they usually got the invoice about a week or so before the vehicle's arrival. Anyway, even though he still hasn't gotten the inovice, he says we'd probably get the Yukon later this week, early next week at the latest. Does this sound right? I'm beginning to get REALLY frustrated.
  • Soudns right. My dealer told me he usually gets invoice 3 days before arrival. When he first told me the TPW (weeks of 8-25) , it arrived around 9-15 -- within 3 weeks of TPW. Guess he was right.
  • What doew TPW stand for? I was thinking it stood for, maybe, tenative production week. I want to know all the lingo I need to know so that the dealer won't be able to tell me anything I don't already know about. Also can anyone recommend a TV/VCP brand. We want a system installed in the headrests and would like to get a couple of quotes.

    I want to close by telling you all that a salesman at the GMC Truck Center in Alameda, CA told me that I was by far the most educated potential buyer he had had in his showroom. He said I knew more about what was on constraint, etc. than he did. That's only because of this site. I've said it before and I'll say it again that those who post here are great and I appreciate all the info I get here! Kim
  • If you look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page of my web site, you will find a list of all of the appropriate abbreviations and what they mean. The web site is at
  • slpeteslpete Posts: 7
    Wouldn't you know, the day I decide to gripe to you all a little bit, the salesman just called and told me that our 01 Yukon has arrived and we can pick it up later this evening. As of yesterday, he still didn't have the invoice, but magically, the vehicle has arrived today. At this point, I don't even care!! Can't wait to go pick it up. Thanks for the info guys - and Clifford, your site has been like a Bible to me since we ordered the vehicle back in August. Thanks for the info you have provided.
  • bodie1bodie1 Posts: 2
    We are just about to order a 2001 Burb, K2500, 8.1L, Autoride, etc. We pull a trailer now with our '96 Burb. I was wondering if the autoride interferes with the setup of a weight distributing hitch (i.e. setting the spring bar tension). Can the autoride be "turned off" manually. This is a great list, very helpful for collecting information. Thanks in advance.
  • just wanted to make a comment based on the barn doors vs. liftgate opinion...the barn doors look terrible, provide a much worse view out the back window, don't have a wiper, and did I mention look terrible?...

    I know that some of you are concerned about opening it in the garage but

    A: mine opens fine (try one at the dealer and you will see that it opens almost straight out...I am 6'4" and can still stand under it)

    B: you can also just open the glass and not the entire door for light/small objects which gives you even more clearance

    just my opinion
  • bodie1:

    Just ordered a K2500, 8.1L with Autoride and 4.10 rear myself. I had the same question. The Autoride is totally automatic and cannot be turned on or off. My understanding is that on the 3/4 ton models, Autoride affects shock damping only and does not include a load leveling feature (available on 1/2 ton models). Therefore, the autoride itself should not interfere with weight distributing hitch setup, however, you may end up with a different ball height with the 2001.

    Out of curiosity, what rear gear do you plan to order and what (weight) are you towing. I've been looking for feedback from anyone who has taken delivery of a K2500 w/ 8.1 L, Autoride, etc., but only saw one or two postings. I'd be interested in knowing anything you have heard about the big block.

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