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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • My dealer is telling me that ordering procedure has been changed to Mondays only. So when do they get their allocation info?

    BTW...I live in the DFW mid-cities area, and have yet to see a Garnet red Yukon of XL. However I am almost positive I have seen that exact color on some Pontiacs. Interesting .....

  • bodie1bodie1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the explanation of the Autoride damping. We have the EazyLift weight distributing hitch that is adjustable in height. I have yet to verify the measurements but assume only a few inches difference between our '96 K1500 and a new K2500.

    We plan to order the 4.10. We want the highest GCWR for the Suburban. Would love to entertain the idea of a K2500 with the Duramax diesel and the Allison 1000. Great torque, better gas mileage than the 8.1L and better acceleration when pulling the trailer. Oh well, maybe next year.

    I am slightly concerned about the 8.1L and the K2500's transmission. I understand that the system will limit the torque output. Not being a car mechanic, that raises questions in my mind about over working the transmission. Does anyone have thoughts on that subject?

    Rick, our current trailer has a GVWR of 6000, with a typical load around 4500. That's okay for our K1500. The next trailer (the next toy is always on the horizon) will be in the 7000 to 8000 GVWR. Thus the reason to be buying a new K2500. A 8000lb trailer should not tax the K2500 with the 8.1L.
  • bodie1:

    Check out some of the postings at There is a fair amount of discussion about the torque limiting controls on first gear by some guys that sound like they know what they're talking about. The 4L80E trans is GM's heaviest trans for this type of vehicle and, in fact, is the same trans they put in motorhomes. I don't think it should be a concern.

    I currently have a 2000 Suburban 1500 with the 5.3 L and 4.10 rear. We absolutely love the vehicle but it falls short when towing our travel trailer with a dry weight of 6630 lbs. We bought the Suburban before the trailer and put too much stock in the 8800 lb towing capacity rating. The 1500 can tow the trailer, but there are interstate grades in eastern PA where I can't even hold 50 mph. I also think the 3/4 ton suspension will give us a more solid and secure ride.

    I have ordered virtually the same vehicle (colors and options) except it is 3/4 ton with the 8.1L.
  • When I open my liftgate, the wiper arm touches the edge of the open garage door in the garage. I have partially solved this by keeping a foam swim "noodle" leaning nearby and place it between the lifgate and the garage door while it's open.

    Love the view out the back.
  • Bigkahuna is right on the money again! Every post is like I am reading from my long lost brother from Long Island. I agree with your assessment on the liftgate. We have had ours a couple of days and in the garage the lift glass is all I have used for strollers, boxes, soccer equipment etc. I like this lift much better than the one on our soon to be ex Town & Country. No more scabs on top of my head. If the T & C sells maybe I can get the video equipment Bigkahuna talks about. Now if can figure out why I can't get Gilligan's Island off my mind.....hmmmmmm, bigkahuna rings a bell...anyway stay in touch kahuna, I enjoy your posts. Maybe publishing is in your future!
  • Another comment on the liftgate. For those liftgates that are hitting garage doors, if you have a deep garage as we do, backing in solves the proplem. This also allows--fast gettaways--:c) The Figomoman
  • but dont't sit in your garage with it running while you wife is in the house looking for her purse :).

    yeah, I know I talk too wife reminds me all the time...hoepfully I can help others like I was helped when I was looking a year ago...people like Cliff Martin and many others helped seems most drop off the site after they get their vehicle because the problems are basically the would figure that GM could get it together after 15 months or so of production...I came back after months away because I wanted to see if GM had their act together...then I saw a few things that pertained to me and as a 9 month owner I figured I could save some people the time...and now I'm like Pacino in GFIII. "Every time I try to get out, they drag me back in!" Seriously I love the postings. Too bad GM is too big and slow to address all the problems.

    Mr. Woodpecker, where are you located? I have to go now, there is a World Series in town that I must attend. I hear the Prez will be there tonite. Anything you want me to tell him?
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    Yuck! I hate the minivan looking liftgate. The barn doors are so easy to open, they have very good detents to hold them in position, you can only open one, and best of all you can open them and step up to wash the last 1/3 of the roof. It look better as well.
    I (my wife's vehicle) have a expedition with the liftgate. In the Exped, you open the thing and all of your stuff falls out. One thing is for sure, if the Exped didn't have a wiper the rear window would be so dirty that you might as well paint it to match the truck. My barn door Burb's rear glass stays very clean in comparisom. Due to better air flow, the GM's don't "have" to have the wiper. Liftgate=minivan Panel Doors=Truck Of course this is my opinion
  • Does anyone's oil guage read high? With engine off, mine still reads 40 or so, if I bump the key it will go down to near 0, then while running - it near 65/70. Actual oil level is fine. Guess gauge needs replacing? 01 XL 5.3 L

  • I want to order a 2001 Suburban with the liftgate. However, the dealer is telling me there is a constraint on that item and so it can't be ordered until the constraint is lifted by GM. Anyone know why the constraint? Anyone hear when the constraint may be lifted?
  • 1) Autoride is aware of trailering (uses the tow/haul transmission mode setting as input to the suspension computer), but does not adjust the ride height because leveling is not required due to the heavy overload springs. It is very stable and corners well. No interference with equalizer hitch.

    2)The torque limiting in 1st gear is not an issue for towing, since you will be in 2nd or 3rd for the steep grades anyhow. The torque in first gear is not bad - even with 1000lbs of trailer tongue weight, you can spin the tires on launch if you are not careful. The 8.1L is very strong on the hills - outpulls the diesels.

    3) The acceleration for the DuraMax is not likely to be better than the 8.1L. In tests, the 8.1L beats every time. In the Suburban, the Duramax will be derated even further and will likely be a dog (but gets good mileage).

    4) The ball height with 1000lbs equalized tongue weight is about 1.5" to 2" higher than '96 1/2T.

    5) The liftgate is the way to go if you can get one. A good compromise between the old tailgate and barn doors. Plenty of clearance for most trailers.

    6) When in doubt, go for the 4.10 ratio. If you get the 3.73 and it is not good enough, it is very expensive to upgrade ($1500).
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    I have to weigh in on the rear doos issue. Had a '97 Sub with barn doors. Grew to like them because they were convenient, however I found if my hands were full, it was difficult enough to open the first door, let alone reach the handle mounted on the inside of the 2nd door and release it. Also, hated the blind spot in the middle of the rearview (hides poles and trees when backing at an angle). However, the old tailgate/liftgate arrangement was a joke! Open the tailgate and you couldn't reach into the back of the vehicle!

    My new Tahoe has the liftgate. It is perfect! A lift of the handle an the gate rises by itself to load. Wiper/Washer mean no need for the deflector my old Sub needed. Ability to open the glass is excellent for light packages or packing the cargo area to the gills. Finally, an unobstructed view out the rear with no blindspots.

    Just turned 10k and except for an occasional transmission glitch as reported in these forums, no problems at all.
  • Do anybody know how to do it using a bathroom scale (250lb max)
  • Place scale up to chin... Lay tongue on scale.

    Just kidding...

    How about using two or more scales to share the weight with some wood blocks?
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    I recently placed my order for a Garnet Red Denali XL. My Dealer expects TPW within 2-3 weeks. He contacted me today to let me know their first Yukon Denali arrived today. Planning to take a peek tomorrow.

    For those interested, it has the factory sunroof. salesman informed me that there are no climate controls accessible to the second row seats and that the rear controls are located between the rear view mirror and the sunroof. the controls are manual with fan and temp controls. The front climate controls are on the center dash console.

    The earlier discussion with bigkahuna 13 and my dealer make it a clear choice to go without the factory sunroof and put in the aftermarket. The aftermarket, which uses the GM sunroof frame and motor is the way to go. You'll end up w/ "true" climate controls in three locations 1) dash for front seats 2) ceiling near rear view mirror for driver to control rear climate controls and 3) an additional controller (true climate controls) for the rear passengers to control. The driver can lock out the rear controller to avoid pesky little fingers from playing with the rear controls. Hope this helps anyone considering a new Denali and considering the sunroof.

    Will update once I get my TPW.
  • ... yesterday afternoon! It is of the more proletarian variety (LS with cloth seats (40/20/40), but it was built to my specs (premium ride, trailering pkg, pwr seats, locker, fender flares, ..) so it is obviously just the ticket.

    Purchased through my employers' fleet leasing program so got an exceptional deal.

    I had the dealer change the LEs to Michelin LTX 265/75R16 before delivery - looks and rides real nice now. did not get much credit for the LEs, but I am happy with the outcome.

    Have been watching this board for awhile and must thank all participants for the excellent information and commentary.

  • Mon 10/23 closed deal on vehicle based on
    guarantee of allocation and immed.
    order entry. Would call with order
    Tues 10/24 no call
    Wed 10/25 no call, finally I called at noon and
    spoke to sales rep who hem-hawed
    around and promised to find out status
    and call me back ASAP.
    Thur 10/26 no call...showed up unannounced at
    dealer and cornered sales rep. When
    pressed he could not produce order
    number. Listened to lame BS story
    about how order procedure "really
    works". I made a few negative
    references to his character, as well
    as my assessment of the dealership,
    yanked my deposit, and walked.
    Thur 10/26 By 6pm had same deal with another
    dealer who appears to have their act
    together. We'll see...
    Spec note; be sure to pay special attention to "adjustments" line on ProSpec printout...they
    vary from dealer to dealer. I found $200.00 diff on one dealers printout.

    New dealer; Freeman
    750/over + 400 adj

  • Krey asked who I was dealimg with in Oregon. It is Ron Roberts with Friendly GMC. Ordered 3/4 ton XL @ $500.00 over invoice no problem. No TPW yet he's estimating only 30 days afte build date supplied to him. Got CA. emmisions at N/C. I will put in american sunroof here in So. CA. I was told at a tire dealer that 18" wheels were not safe on a 3/4 ton vehicle. Anyone else come across this? Do the Axis Vortex come in 16" if I must stick with 16" :(. I will used R.W. in sylmar to put monitors in the headrests, as well as nerfbars.
  • soho52soho52 Posts: 1
    On September 12 I placed my order for a 2001 Suburban LT. Things included - Black, moon roof, trailer package, locking differential, rear audio, and skid plate.To date GM has not accepted my order due to limited availability and constraints. Every Friday my dealer has me call to place order again because he says Friday his the day he gets his allocations. We tried again today but no go ,however ,GM can make a LS with all the same options except heated seats with memory.
    Could someone explain why they can make one and not the other? Are there any other differences? Should I buy or wait? Price difference is around $100. Thanks for your help.
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